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Lush 101 // Bubble Bars

After the first Lush 101 went down well it's about time I do my second, this time I moved onto the all important Bubble Bars, my personal favourite. Who doesn't love a good bubble bath. As soon as I purchased my first Bubble Bar I was hooked, wherever I travel to, one always comes along with me.
What is a Bubble Bar?
Bubble bars are just a solid version of bubble bath. This way Lush need very little packaging, just a paper bag to put them in and a sticker. If you want the thick, creamy, luxurious bubbles that are always in the movies then grab yourself a bubble bar. They've been around since 1998 in various shapes, scents and colours.

What type of bubble bars do Lush sell?
Along with the ordinary bubble bars, Lush also do Bubbleroons, they're still fairly new, they're the bubble bar of Macaroons. They're two bubble bar halves held together by a creamy filling. Bubbleroons are a favourite of mine to use, they leave your skin feeling so smooth. Each bubbleroon will do 2-4 baths. As well as bubbleroons Lush occasionally bring out limited edition Bubble Bar Wands. I've had every single one and they're great, no more cutting or crumbling, you just swish the wand around to produce bubbles. Each wand will give you at least 8-10 baths. Christmas bubble bar dupes found here.

How do I use a bubble bar?
Simply start running your bath and take your chosen bubble bar and crumble under the running water. You add the bubble bar to running water so that it creates bubbles, where as bath bombs, you chuck in once you've ran a hot bath.

Can I get more than one use from a bubble bar?
Lush tell you to use the whole item or for their bigger bars to use half. Now this is just a case of getting you to use them faster and buy more. When I first started going to Lush I'd use the whole thing, now I feel like such an idiot, I wasted so much product. Depending on the size of your bar, will determine how many baths you get. Most bubble bars will give you 4 baths, bigger bars such as The Comforter or Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds will actually do 8 baths. Just break your bar into chunks, depending on the formula, you may need to use a knife, some bars are creamier than others. 

I don't get that many bubbles, what can I do?
If you want to get more bubbles, then make sure you crumble your bar finely under warm running water. You could hold your desired amount under the running water, it depends on your areas water. Some people grate their bars, but that's a bit too far for me. Lastly, just swish the water, this is what I do if I want extra bubbles and you'll be amazed by how any bubbles you get. You'll save a lot of product and still get creamy bubbles. Swishing is your best friend, just look back at my reviews and you'll see.
Where an earth do I start from the collection?
Start with what bubble bar attracts you, if you're new to bubble bars then I'd suggest buying The Comforter or Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds because they're the best value and so huge. They're the biggest of all the bars. The Comforter is a sweet, fruity scent that every girl loves, while Blue Skies is the perfect unwinding scent. Each retail for £4.15.

I have dry, sensitive skin what do I buy?
I'd recommend Creamy Candy, it's incredibly creamy. They dress it up at Christmas time, but I always think it feels creamier when it's not dressed up. It's the perfect girly vanilla scent, moisturising, gentle and relaxing. I've lost count of how many I've had over the years, Creamy Candy retails at £2.45. This bubble bar started off as an actual bath melt.

What products would you suggest for relaxing after a hard day?
If you want a bubble bar that will relax you, then you've got plenty of choice with Lush. First up you have A French Kiss, this is one of my favourites, I've always loved this, it's a purple and white bubble bar shaped like a Hershey kiss, with a stick of lavender to finish it. Next we have Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds which smells of patchouli and looks like a giant Swiss roll. Lastly Karma, Karma is the bar I always take on holidays with me, it's a mix of patchouli, sweet orange and lemongrass. Of course there are more to pick from.

I'm a girly girl, what shall I purchase?
Creamy Candy is the perfect girly scent, it's one of the first bubble bars I purchased, along with The Comforter. Sunnyside is another fun girly bubble bar because it's completely covered in gold glitter and is citrus heaven. Lastly, my favourite bubbleroon, Rose Jam. It's really not one of those typical, horrid smelling rose scents. 
Can you use a bubble bar in the shower?
You can use them in the shower, you can take a small chunk and rub it onto a shower puff, however I never do this, I think it's a waste. You might as well invest in one of their shower jellies. I do however use them when I have a foot soak. My favourite for a foot soak is Sunnyside. Just take a smaller chunk and use the same as a bath.

Can I mix a bubble bar and a bath bomb together?

Can I eat a bubble bar?
No, why would you want to eat a bubble bar? It's basically soap? I've heard about dares that go on with the Lush staff and it's vile surprise.

The shop smells far too strong and the staff are pushy, what should I do?
It's your money, you decide what you spend it on, the staff will try and sell you products regardless of your needs just like any beauty counter. You can easily say no and if your purchasing, why not ask for a small sample. If the scent is too strong for you then shop online, I'd recommend reading blog reviews rather than the reviews on the Lush site.

Reviews of some bubble bars are already on my blog, I review weekly with the Go Lush yourself, tag. I've again answered the most popular searches that I get on my blog. What would you like the next 101 to be about?
What's your favourite bubble bar?

Disclaimer: Not sponsored. All items are my own or borrowed from my Mums collection.
Photos are ick, bad bad weather hating brights :(


  1. I love lush bubble bars! Great post :)x

  2. Bubble bars are my favourite lush products! my fav is the comforter it smells delicious :)

    1. They're the best, much better value than a bath bomb.

  3. I love Lush bubble bars, Creamy Candy is certainly a staple in my bathroom! x

    1. I love it, I have a few candy mountains left, rather have the actual creamy candys :(

  4. I've never tried one of these, they look amazing though, and good enough to eat.
    Mel x

    1. Haha, they really do look good enough to eat when freshly made! :D

  5. They're so pretty and colourful, and pretty and colourful. And pretty and colourful! X

    1. Hahaha!! :D I love the glitter and flowers they decorate with :D

  6. Love your lush 101! So helpful, definitely need to try the comforter I've pretty much brought it for other people as presents but not for me yet aha! xxx

    1. Thank you, this one doesn't seem so popular ;D maybe people are sick of me and lush.
      Comforter is amaazing :D


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