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Follow Up // Removal of Contraceptive Implant

With two previous posts proving to be a success on the topic of my contraceptive implant, I promised to follow through with my account of the removal and if I were to get a replacement. You can previous posts where I share a little history, the decision process and updates along the way.

With an implant to run out at the end of November this year, I decided to ring ahead a few months and book in for it to be replaced September 22nd. The expiry for my implant would be the 29th November. This time, I was told my surgery only fits them in the mornings and at the sister surgery as this requires my doctor, a nurse and the surgical suite. Booking my appointment was much easier than before, with only a 5 minute phone call compared to the 6 month run around they put me through before. There have been times where I've debated trying a new method, though with my periods now manageable and regular to 11am on the dot each month... I'd be silly to risk ruining everything. Its pretty incredible to now have periods a 10th of what they used to be. They can range from 3-5 days, with only the second day being my 'worst' and the 'worst' being a 10th of my olden days worst.

On the morning of my removal I decided to panic despite getting on fine with my first implant. Once in the room I did feel a little more at ease, though this time around I had both the Doctor and Nurse. When on the bed you need to place your arm behind you head for them to feel the underarm to locate the implant. Your arm is then numbed with local anaesthetic which causes a dull burning sensation as the liquid enters. This is all the pain you feel though. Next the nurse quickly cleans the area as I'd started to bleed - we aren't talking buckets guys. Then comes the removal and replacement. The Doctor cuts your arm with their little tool and lifts/pulls the implant out before injecting the new. They warn you may feel some 'tugging' and the first time around I didn't feel a thing. This time around I'm questioning if the anaesthetic was even working because the first time around we sat waiting, chatting about fashion and then I didn't feel a thing. This time I did feel a little 'pain', nothing worth screaming about. It stung as she cut a small line on my arm, then comes the warning of tugging where they use teeny tiny tweezers as they pull the implant out. Only when it left my arm did I let out an OUCH but once I'd OUCH'ed it was all over with and the new implant was to be injected it. It takes longer to explain the procedure than it does to do it - especially if they don't wait for the anaesthetic to kick in. Another short sting and the nurse was then sticking on paper stitches, the small cut is just a little bigger with a removal. Along came padding and a bandage while she let down the bed - totally unneeded but....The doctor then filled in a new card which you carry around which turned out to be a sticker which I stuck over my old card keep in my purse incase I'm ever rushed to hospital. 
an image of contraceptive implant bruising
Once over they mentioned they'd had a few difficult implants to pull out recently and were relieved to have such an easy one. Joking, it must have been because it has nowhere to hide in my tiny arms, I was on my way to grab some breakfast & hit Newlook for a few pieces I'd regretted not picking up. I'd happily go back for a removal in two-three years without the panic this time. It's not as pain free as the original fitting, though it's nothing to get worked up about as it's just like getting more injections. On my way over to Newlook my hand started to tingle due to the anaesthetic which I'm guessing decided to kick in late? My arm ached, though not as much as my first implant. I kept ordinary painkillers up to avoid a dead arm, along with keeping the bandage and dressing on until Tuesday while it healed as I'm quite the wriggler in my sleep - waking to a few twinges in the night. Wednesday I switched for an ordinary plaster, amazed at how tiny the cut is again and how much more bruising you get with a replacement. I will add that Monday evening I felt quite sleepy & unwell, which we all think is to do with the anaesthetic despite being just a local. I also had it fitted while on my period, which has ended as normal if not better.

Lastly, did I have any effects with my first implant? None, apart from occasionally smelling an item that wasn't at all present. My moods were sorted and the sickness no longer came each month. I could eat breakfast in the morning compared to a single bit of a cereal bar. Acne is controlled, I very rarely breakout. Headaches only appear when I'm overly tired or days with too much computer use. Weight. Weight is always the deciding point in contraception right? I don't think I've put any weight on and I hope I don't with my new implant. I have to battle with my body confidence every second of the day. At the time of getting my implant I'd started to lose weight, weight I didn't have to lose and went too small. I've now remained a 6-8, I've probably put a little back on from the early days due to eating better by not skipping meals & eating some absolute rubbish - so no effect of the implant. Pain is also a big decision to why I've continued with the method. I have no need for prescribed painkillers, only my pink Period Pain Nurofen's which despite views work well and faster than regular Ibuprofen. If you're debating trying out the implant I'd highly recommend it, if you don't get along the removal is just as straight forward. Like my previous posts; feel free to comment or email any questions. Lucyy x

February 2016 Update - I'm still using the implant, my removal and replacement were fine, I've written the blog post about it if you've followed along. At the moment I'm torn between getting it replaced with another implant or trying something new. I feel as if my body gets used to methods after a while and don't work the same. Last year was very stressful, none of us expected to lose my Grandma in the space of a few months. DR neglect, months in hospital, life saving surgery, cancer diagnosis and then moving her home for her last days.

What I'm trying to say is it was very stressful and some months I'd have two horrid, horrid periods. December, January and now February they've calmed to just one a month though they last a week and are heavier than the original implant. I'm still better than I was without any sort of method, I don't feel sick and my moods aren't as bad as they were - again stress makes us all cranky right? When I get a replacement OR try something new you can bet on a follow up post.

FOR NOW please check out Mia's blog post about her Implant Experience Csi beauty blog.

March - fast forward and after a battle with the receptionist I managed to get a telephone consultation where I have been prescribed Cerelle (similar to Cerazette) for 3 months to 'top up my implant'. My DR assured me this was the case though to come back at any time to see her for help, replacement or alternative method. I'm on my last month of cerelle, which I've only had one period on. I do feel quite sea sick though.

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