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Lush // Northern Lights Review

an image of northern lights bath bomb review
an image northern lights bath bomb review
an image of northern lights bath bomb review
an image of northern lights bath bomb review
an image of northern lights bath bomb review
You're right to assume that I've been living in my bath tub since both the Lush Halloween & Christmas collections arrived. With Bonfire Night earlier this week there was no better time to whip out Sparkler bath bombs sibling Northern Lights bath bomb £3.50 - who's also staying around until the end of the year. I wasn't expecting to like Northern Lights as much as I do, I thought out of the two Sparkler would be the one for me. Like the gold infested bath bomb, this is another long bath bomb compared to the round balls we're all used to. Though inside you'll find they differ a lot.

Once Northern Lights has entered the tub, the most incredible show will appear in front of your eyes with the waters transformed into a winter nights sky, complete with twinkling stars. While the purple outer casing starts to fizz, froth and spin around your tub it's not long until the surprise centre reveals blue & yellow streams followed by stars that eventually dissolve. If you're already a fan of the bath bomb Sex Bomb you'll love Northern Lights as they're very similar, if not the same. Both carry fragrances using seductive Jasmine Absolute and the sweet, yet floral Ylang Ylang oil. I usually find Ylang Ylang to be quite heavy and found paired with musky scents but I've truly loved in Northern Lights. Northern Lights has the perfect mix of fun while carrying such a pretty, relaxing and seductive fragrance that lingers on the skin & around the house for hours after.

The only negative I can find for Northern Lights as well as Sparkler bath bomb is the lack of secure packaging when ordering online causing as lot of breakages and dampness in my first couple. Obviously Lush like to keep packaging to a minimum though the sugar scrubs and past Xmas item Cracker-snap bath bomb arrived in moulds. Have you tried either of the bath bombs yet? Lucy xx


  1. Oh I do love Northern Lights bath bomb! The pictures look amazing! :)

    Emily x // EmGrace

    1. Thanks Em and for your comments each post <3 Northern Lights is SO beautiful x

  2. This looks so pretty! X


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