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TOWIE // Love Addict Review

How does a deprived TOWIE fan survive until the next season arrives? She reviews their latest fragrance. I sadly had to miss the launch because Mr train man wanted to rip me off. However the lovely lot over at TOWIE beauty sent me a bottle of Love Addict! I know what most of you are thinking but you'll be surprised.
Even as a rather big TOWIE fan I'll admit I didn't have extremely high hopes for the scent, let alone staying power. I haven't smelt a single fragrance like Love Addict and I own a ridiculous amount. To me the scent can be worn day or night, it's not overly heavy. As for the actual description of this fragrance I'll share the description, it's one you'll have to smell for yourself. 'This fragrance has a woody oriental accord, opening with notes of lemon anise and raisin on a floral heart to keep the passion alive.' I've had three others smell this and we've all agreed it smells slightly of chocolate, along with the description, not the sickly chocolate, it still remains in the 'sexy and seductive' fragrances, though I've not gone as far as to test this. Lasting power is brilliant, for a cheap scent you'll be smelling great all day long.

The packaging is exactly what I was expecting, there had to be some glitz and leopard print, it's TOWIE! This shiny purple diamond shaped bottle is topped off with a clear plastic diamond and leopard print bow. Wanting more leopard print? It comes packaged in a big purple leopard print box!
A 100ml bottle of this perfume will only set you back £18.49, it's currently £17.99 from The Fragrance Shop. Boots also stock the TOWIE perfume along with it's partner, Platinum VIP, the for him fragrance that was also launched. From reading about Platinum VIP I'm sure it smells as good as Love Addict. If you like to keep your perfumes in smaller sizes, there's also a 30ml bottle that retails for around £12. The 100ml is much better value for money.

I'm impressed with this latest TOWIE beauty addition, have you smelt Love Addict yet? Love Addict makes a great A/W scent.
Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.
Disclaimer: sample


  1. interested in the scent! Hate the packaging though, but yes, what I expected!

    1. Definitely a scent worth checking out, as for the packaging it's packaged a lot better than most others in its price range! Just no Vera wang.

  2. I'm surprised by how beautiful the bottle is! xo

    1. It's pretty isn't it, I like it for a cheapy, when you compare to the same size of So...? This looks much higher up in the market.

  3. I absolutely love the packaging of this. I wasn't sure on the scent at first but after a while I fell in love. I was so shocked at the staying power. x


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