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Adventures with Harry // #4

I can't believe it's actually been four weeks since getting Harry, he's now 12 weeks old and getting so big! To be fair most of it is his crazy amount of ridiculously soft fur but still...he's not the little teeny puppy I placed on the kitchen floor four weeks ago. 
Harry started the week off with another vet trip, this time for his Kennel Cough vaccination. We were proud as punch when it came to waiting for the nurse to weigh him. Harry now weighs almost 4kg!? Thank god he is starting to 'walk' round, with his little legs he prefers to run or lie flat on the pavement. He started off so well at the weekend on his first proper morning walk...he made it the entire way round before later on he preferred to be carried on his two others. Seeing different vets have had different opinions on how big Harry will be, the latest is that he'll be as big as his Dad which by the looks of how he's growing must be true. The thick, silky fur is crazy next to a shaved Westie but come winter he'll be in his element. I'm sure he'll have his first fur-cut when we've found a suitable place. Right now his growing fur is too adorable, especially after waking up. Above photo's show him feeling sorry for himself after the vets...despite getting into the flower pot..
He's a pretty well behaved puppy most of the time, he's ended up ripping my Dad's trousers twice in a matter of days and has started to pull off Dan's socks. Usually Harry sits by the gate when he hears a dog coming, they say hello if it's a chatty owner or a Westie they come up the drive and will only bark if they don't notice him. There Harry sat with Billy the JR on the other side, chatting away while they enjoy their dog biscuits and along comes a huge husky....Billy starts barking because that's just Billy and low and behold Harry has now caught on from Billy and actually barks at it constantly. Needless to say they didn't come up our drive. His little girlfriend down the street keeps appearing at the gate, she can't walk by without saying hello either.
While out in the garden Harry likes to creep back inside if the doors open (above showing the opposite) and then proceed to close the kitchen door over and stand up showing all through the door. When my Dad's due home from work - after we've had dinner, Harry will still sit by the gate with his toy sheep and wait for him.  Back inside the house Harry pulls his blanket off his crate...the first time he did this was a nightmare but the second...he just wanted his lead. Little footsteps came to find me where he sat with the lead in his mouth waiting to go out for a walk...we'd only been in an hour from the last, but off we went. The largest mission of the week has to be the attempt to climb in the large flower pot, we've had to move pots around again so he can't climb into one and get in the next. My Dad's even put the big plant pot on top of bricks so he can't climb in.  Harry seems to have caught on we eat off plates and now won't eat out of his food he now has small plate for meals. 


  1. so cute! x

  2. He is adorable. They grow up so fast. I love reading posts like this, I could talk about my dog all day!
    Water Painted Dreams

  3. OMG!!!!!!!!! He's adorable - I actually squealed looking through your pics, I love him. I have a westie called Daisy and I know she'd love Harry - what a beautiful boy xx

  4. Glad to hear that Harry is coming along well. When we first started trying to take our Westie for a walk she never used to really understand what she had to do or seemed that keen. She just wanted to be cuddled or to stop and investigate things rather than walking. It took her a few weeks to understand what she was meant to do when she had her lead put on. Now of course, she can't wait to go running off as fast as her little legs can carry her. They are such daft dogs!

    Lucy x The New Northerner

  5. OH MY GOD. He is soooo cute! I miss my westie so much :( She was just like this as a pup and I can remember she used to skid through our kitchen and couldnt get up or down our stairs for ages! She was a super protective dog though and hated the postman haha! She also loved tearing things up and pulling at socks so must be a westie thing!

    He's adorable, I cant wait to get a dog!


  6. Eeeek such a cute westie! I have one called Monty who's 8 this year, I love it when he has his long coat but there's nothing like seeing him come out of a groomers looking like a puppy again because he's half his usual size lol xxx


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