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While food shopping in Sainsbury's I decided to make yet another probably not needed home purchase. Browsing through all the aisles I came across a section that matched a previous purchase in Next. I'd originally purchased two grey washed trays that I keep essential bits and bobs in around my room. You'll have seen them in blog posts such as favourites and Glossybox reviews. With a growing stash of products to review I wanted to get organised because since my wonderful fluff ball Harry's arrived home along with migraines that keep on appearing (humid for anyone else? It's vile here) I'm not getting enough to time to plan and prep - I could sleep A LOT. Matching in with the grey/white washed accessory theme and Parisian/shabby chic vibe my room follows I grabbed two....they were 25%'d be rude not to.
a photo of sainsburys heart baskets
a photo of shabby chic dressing table and storage
The boxes themselves are pretty large, holding a lot of product. They fit neatly away on my shelving unit and sat on my dressing table, my room now doesn't look so much of a bomb site...though with old man Chester now living in my room he's partial to chucking out a pile of shavings every so often. At the moment one houses my favourite polishes, which all need to be found a new storage nook - I think I've found a way. The other holds, as mentioned the products I want to review or feature in combined blog posts. It's tempting to grab another for all my cables to live in but heck I may as well stick to the hidden away cable drawer, all they ever do is tangle up over night. If a time comes and I don't need them, they stack into each other perfectly. They worked out at £7.50 each, a complete bargain in my eyes and my store has plenty left.
a picture of how i store opi polishes
a picture of blog storage


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, I want to grab another couple for around the house or carting stuff up and down!

  2. I can't help but buy things for my bedroom either! I might have to take a look in Sainsburys though, because these boxes are super cute :)xo

    1. It's addicting isn't it, you always want to improve the space before long you've ran out of space - I get attached to furnishings. The entire style of this collection is gorgeous!! Let me know if you pick some up :)

  3. I got cardboard boxes from Dollarama (in Canada) and they're pretty and holding a lot as well. They're nice for those things you don't want on display and hide the clutter!

  4. Oh to live in America and Canada I'm forever watching youtubers with cute items that don't hurt the bank!!


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