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an image of M&S Keep Cool & Sleepwell range
an image of M&S Keep Cool & Sleepwell range
an image of pea pod candle & lemongrass diffuser from M&S
an image of pea pod candle from M&S
From my recent interior posts you'll know that I switched over bedrooms, redecorated and now continue to personalise it with finishing touches. The most recent additions to the bedroom have been bedding. All of which take their place in the new bedding range from good old M&S. Keep Cool & Sleepwell features a brand new fibre technology, designed to regulate body temperatures all year round. Each and every item in the range has a smooth, silky feel and soft to the touch due to the sustainably sourced cotton and Tencel. While items needing filling are a blend of soft, supportive Tencel and Polyester for a comfortable nights sleep. It's a range I can't wait to share my thoughts on and one to watch for further additions and shades in the future.

M&S Keep Cool & Sleepwell Duvet Cover*
Since receiving the Keep Cool & Sleepwell range I haven't used any of my other duvet covers. Why? Because I haven't ever found a duvet cover to feel as silky without being silk. This guy is so, so smooth, cool on the skin and the purest shade of white. Having always hated when it comes round to changing bedding I'm pushing the set into the machine first thing in the morning to make sure I can have it all back on for the night. Other colours in the range include Natural, Cream and Duck Egg Blue.

M&S Keep Cool & Sleepwell Pillowcase x2*
Again, the natural fibre Tencel is cooling and keeps my body temperature regulated and balanced. I'm not tossing and turning as much, a bonus when it comes to combating bed hair in the morning. The 200 thread count makes an incredible silky surface for a luxurious nights sleep.

M&S Keep Cool & Sleepwell Fitted Bed Sheet*
Can we all thank M&S for creating a fitted bed sheet that doesn't ping off when you move onto the other three corners!? Usually the bane of my life, I can at last make a bed quickly as well as having such a silky haven to jump into every night. Oh M&S.

M&S Keep Cool & Sleepwalk Pillow*
We've always been a sensitive bunch and buy into the sensitive, anti-allergy pillows, not to mention my liking to sleep with three pillows!? I now have two of the Keep Cool & Sleepwell Pillows, which have an outer cover of natural fibres of sustainably sourced Cotton & Tencel. The filling of each pillow is incredible, plenty of 'squish' but neither too soft or too firm. The Tencel & Polyester blend makes a very supportive pillow for a comfortable nights sleep. I'm definitely less achy.

M&S Keep Cool & Sleepwell 10.5 Tog Duvet*
Available in various togs, the Keep Cool & Sleepwell duvet is my favourite of the range. At a high 10.5 tog, I'd usually find this too much for the time of year and when you account for the warmest bedroom I sleep in. Instead it's been the perfect example to showcase how incredible the Tencel technology really is. Like the pillows, the duvet is supportive, squishy and ever so cosy. I can't wait for winter mornings and pyjama days...if Harry allows it. For reference I have the double duvet as my bed is a Hemnes Daybed - single, sofa & large double when pulled out.

M&S Pea Pod Candle*
From chatter on twitter I always heard great things about the M&S candle range and since then could always be found scanning the home section in my nearest store. Excited to see one of their latest additions in my package I couldn't wait to light up the ever so adorable 'Pea Pod' candle. The porcelain candle fits perfectly into the decor of my room and if you notice how the front sticker states 'peel off' or the insert inside the pot, you'll discover another blank chalk board label allowing you to reuse the pot once all burnt. Oh M&S you think of everything. Single wicked Pea Pod burns really well, very clean and fills the room with such a delightful scent. The description of the candle from M&S couldn't describe the candle any better 'Perfectly green pea pods naturally sweet and bursting with goodness. Is given depth with precious woods and soft musk'. It has me thinking this wonderful candle is the perfect dupe for a certain popular brand's Green Tomato Leaf candle. It's also great to see that the range is completely cruelty free. AND you can also pick the candles up in a larger size at just £17.50 here as well as in a range of scents ranging from Rhubarb, Herbs or Lemongrass. Coming into autumn I really want to purchase the Rhubarb candle in hope it smells like a freshly baked crumble.

M&S Lemongrass Diffuser*
Following from the same style range we have the Lemongrass Diffuser. Now I adore diffusers, I featured a couple of my favourites a few posts previous to this one. If you're heading off to uni and can't have candles in your halls then I urge you to treat yourself...or hint at your family. For £19.50 you get an impressive 100ml to pour into your porcelain bottle complete with matching chalk board labels. Perfectly described as a vibrant and aromatic accord with sparkling citrus and tingling lemon, warmed by notes of ginger and nutmeg, you can understand the love I have for this home addition. Not only does the diffuser scent my bedroom but also out onto the landing and down the stairs - it's not at all over powering either. M&S have easily earned the award for best diffusers with this Lemongrass wonder. I have at least another months worth of oil left until I go to purchase another - which I most certainly am.
Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.

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