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Lush // Rocketeer Bath Bomb review

Hey lovelies, I'm back again with another LUSH review.  Rocketeer is from the Christmas range, but it's got to be the least Christmassy item and smelling. At first I didn't think I'd be impressed by it. How wrong could I be. Again, the postman managed to smash this one!

This lovely product was featured in one of my LUSH hauls, I've only just got round to using it this past week. This sells at £2.75, it's one of the pricier bath ballistics from LUSH compared to the Cinders and So White from the Christmas range. For a product that looks rather 'boyish' and one for kids, since it's matches in with the all year round Iccle baby bot and Space girl, I'm rather surprised I liked this one! It smells Delicious and once in the bath is one of the more 'fun' bath ballistics. And compared to the Magic Wand this one is more for the guys. Why not get your man into LUSH this Christmas?
Wondering what the scent of this bath ballistic is? The unusual product in the Christmas line caught your eye? Well this smells exactly like the candy cane sticks you had as a kid. It's gorgeous. Not sickly. This ones for everyone. And guess what, this one includes a bit of popping candy! You know how much I love Cinders that includes the popping candy. Makes it so much better.
If your not familiar with bath ballistics, you run a nice warm bath, add some bubbles if you don't like a bath without. Once you've run your bath, chuck in the chosen bath bomb. In this case, you'll see this bath ballistic 'take off' around your bath, lie back with a yellow trail fizzing until the blue rocket starts burning through the baths atmosphere followed by sprinkles of glitter and crackling of the candy. This is a bath ballistic to watch and take you off to your adventures while you relax. Now I used half of mine, since mine was broke up.  As for the strength of the scent, this will linger, you will smell this on your skin for ages. So imagine if I'd of used a whole one. As for colour strength, see for yourself, half a bath ballistic, the colours are great! So bright! I love how the froth bubbles look like you've just landed on the moon! 
The froth leaves a thick layer on top of the bath water, with crater like bubbles. For a added treat, why not add a Iccle baby bot, this would be a great night time bath. Iccle baby bot is a relaxing bath bomb. 
With all the stress of Christmas I hope you guys take some time out with an adventure with  Rocketeer. Who's already tried one? Lucy xox
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  1. cant wait to get this one!

  2. Looks amazing, really want to pop into Lush and have a wee smell of this one now haha

    - Allie x

    Allie UK Blog

  3. The bath bombs look so pretty, such a shame to use them really xx

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  5. I love this bath ballistic, it smells yummy:)

  6. Thanks for the great review, I'm so glad you are doing them!! I now know what to put on my Christmas list! I'm definitely going to ask for that gift set that you blogged about a while ago with the Christmas things in, I've even been dreaming about it!! I adore bath ballistics! Great post as always. XxxX

  7. Cant believe i passed this by when doing my Lush Xmas haul!


  8. Congrats on the followers!

    this looks amazing!

  9. Love this post! I am obsessed with Lush especially at winter time!! <3 cute colors too!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  10. Tehe, I thought you might enjoy my little Lush bargain!
    Congratulations on all the followers :)

  11. Oooo I haven't tried this one yet but it makes the bath water look amazing!! I may pick this up on my next Lush trip!! xx

  12. We don't have Lush here, so posts like this will be the reason I'll come the UK. This and the fact that I tried the infamous Snow fairy (a friend sent it to me last year) and I got addicted :p
    Thanks for sharing!

  13. I love the Lush christmas range!! I would love to try this looks gorgeous!! There christmas soaps are my favourite!! xx


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