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Lush // Christmas Kisses review

Hey lovelies, today I have a review of my ultimate favourite Christmas product from the LUSH Christmas collection 2011. When I posted my 'What I had for Christmas' quite a few of you all said you wanted the reviews still. The items I still have left to review, normally come back each year, so fingers crossed, you'll see how good or bad (you never know) they are before the next Christmas flies round. This is one the last 3 to do.

Christmas Kisses. I have wanted to try this item for the last couple of years, but being part of the Christmas retro line, you could only get it online. Now when there's a shop near me, I didn't see the point ordering online for one item. So I never got to try it. But, this year, my Mum ordered me a massive order of LUSH for Christmas, for ease. I have finally got to try this product! Some of you may of managed to get hold of this in the LUSH sale. This was actually one of the last items left, when the sale had finished. Quite surprised. It's sadly, now gone. But the other day, LUSH did tweet mail order still had Christmas items. So, you could still try. 

This product is another bubble bar, my favourite, you get more for your money this way and nothing beats a hot bubble bath at the end of the day. With it shaped similar to French Kiss and this years Candy Mountain, it's a reasonable size. This then has a cinnamon stick, at the top, though mine was short. I always get the products without the stick or barely there. It's bright red colour, can it get any more festive. 

Onto the scent, this product smells exactly like the shower gel Glogg, that returned this year again. Last year, I wasn't a fan, this year, I can't get enough of it. I love it. I used to think, it smelt like cheap coke. But this year all I can smell is a strong scent of Cinnamon and Orange. Oh and a bit of Patchouli is in there too. This is what Christmas smells like. The scent lasted on my skin for hours. The whole house was smelling of this, while running my bath, during the bath and till the next morning. That's why I love LUSH. It made a nice change for me to actually be able to smell LUSH, thanks to winter colds this year, I've hardly been able to smell them or I'm too used to the product.

The actual result, you'll see it is pretty good, it produced a lot of bubbles for a third of this bubble bar. I look forward to the next two. I really didn't want to get out the bath with this one. It was super relaxing and my skin felt so soft. The bubbles stayed for the whole bath, normally the bubbles eventually go. But this time they stuck around. Under the mounds of bubbles, that I guess in Christmas spirit could be compared to a 'Santa beard' your greeted by a pale red water. Surprised though how red the water was, it was brighter than I thought. This one gets a 9/10 from me and I can't wait to use the two thirds I have left. Ordering more of these this year, I nearly wrote next year, still getting used to it being 2012! (Fingers crossed Christmas Kisses, comes back).

Did you try this product this year? Or did you pick it up in the sale and it's sitting around waiting to be used? 
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  1. Great review I love the colour of the bath water it looks so cosy xo

  2. I love lush! You're right, nothing beats a nice warm bubble bath :-) I'm currently loving Rock star soap and 'whoosh' shower jelly!

    Jess xo

  3. oh it looks lovely!!!! I want to jump in! x

  4. Great review, I love anything by Lush!

    That’s So Fletch
    xo, Jay

  5. Oh wow, that's an impressive amount of bubbles for such a small amount!
    I didn't manage to get my hands on any of Lush's Christmas stuff this year, boo :/ xx

  6. I love these i got a few for xmas

  7. Lovely review! I also break the bubble bars into about 3 or 4 pieces because you get so many bubbles it would be a shame to waste it all on one bath. I bought the gingerbread house money box filled with bathbombs in the Lush sale- got 50% off which is really unusual because I've never known Lush to have a sale before. I'll have to post my reviews when I've got round to using them! xx

  8. looks so relaxing xx

    my blog :


  9. I love the bath photos! I bought some bath milk to try but it bubbled & you know I hate bubble bath, to my sister it went! (wasn't LUSH or it'd have gone to you!!) x

  10. i'm you're 500th follower! do I get a prize? :) only joking.
    this looks amazing! so many bubbles! I have one i'm waiting to use- can't wait!
    Love, Rosie x

  11. This looks amazing.. ooh I love lush. The christmas line is to die for, though I really think some of it should be sold all year round x


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