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If you read my previous interior post, you’ll see that I mentioned about a possible room upgrade, now things aren’t set in stone but Dan’s talking about moving back out again…which means larger room for me to decorate. Those dark blue walls are calling for a much needed makeover. It’ll be a shabby chic haven just not so hobbit sized as my room now. With this it’s called for yet more shopping than I would normally do a daily basis. I’m secretly hoping in the New Year < yes I’ve become one of those wishing the year away, that he’ll have found somewhere to depart us for. I’ll add that every place has been disappointing or misleading and I’m not a mean sister really…just someone eagerly awaiting their new project.
This did contain a lot of items but they're sadly long out of stock now.

* Sponsored  collaborated content - did contain, now it doesn't.


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