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When it comes to my fairly larger than average makeup and beauty collection I can rearrange my dressing table to the moon and back. I'm not one to settle on a single arrangement, give it a couple weeks at the most before the Muji drawers are reordered, palettes are switched up in my letter rack and new skincare takes place on my shabby chic dressing table top. Since my room is small, you'll know from previous room tours that I picked a dressing table a lot thinner than your popular Ikea number or beautifully carved, cream dresser I still long for when I get to upgrade rooms - more on that soon. The previous glass jar that sat on my dressing table, next to bottles of Bioderma is too bulky, it may have held a lot of cotton pads but it just didn't have a justified place anymore. I've now donated it to Harry's gravy bone storage.
Live Laugh Love is one of my favourite sites to browse for room inspiration and wish lists, with my new addition being one of their many beauties. They kindly sent over one of their Glass Jar's with White Ceramic Bird Lid and I can't explain how much I adore it. If you've read my room tour posts you'll see like every shabby chic lover I make sure to include the little tweets in and around my room....with them being hand painted on two pieces of furniture. At 20cm high, with a diameter of 11cm this jar still holds plenty of cotton pads, I'm afraid that's as creative as I've gotten storage wise. Though as mentioned it fits nicely on my dressing table with plenty of room for my Bioderma and sidekicks to nestle beside. I really like how well the simple ribbed glass jar pairs with the light cream top, while the bird hasn't too much intricate detailing so softly blends in yet at the same time does stand out on the dressing table!? If I had my own place then I would certainly purchase these to store kitchen ingredients in since they're so air tight but you could also sit them in your bathroom, favourite Lush items anyone? Just a side note if you're worrying about order such delicate items online you needn't worry, Live Laugh Love wrapped this piece so well, in a correctly sized box.
If you aren't familiar with Live Laugh Love I'd highly advise you to head on over to the site, they've a lot of affordable pieces starting from just a couple pounds to larger items that would be the feature of any room. The Christmas line has just arrived - cue Elf Lucy watching the site daily to see if anything else will be added before I place an order....I feel as if I MUST order this particular hanging's a dog named Harry after all!? Oh how I've missed blogging recently <3 Lucy xx
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  1. Very pretty jar - I love anything with birds on, so I'll have to check out Live Laugh Love :) x

  2. Such a cute arrangement, mines set up pretty similar haha. I love using glass ajrs to store things.


  3. Gorgeous jar, how lucky!

    Holly ♥

  4. Love that jar, so pretty. Your desk is so organised, I keep meaning to get round to tidying and organising mine like this.


  5. Love the look of your dresser, jealous:( And the jar is lovely! xx


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