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Lush // Fairy Dust Dusting Powder review

an image of Lush Fairy Dust review
an image of Lush Fairy Dust review
Dusting Powders always seem to be one of Lush's overlooked products. If it wasn't for a sample a couple summers back I probably wouldn't be so into them as I am now. When you first shop at Lush it's usually the bath bombs & bubble bars that have swept you in. Gradually you move onto their vast range of products. 

Out of all the wonderful products Lush have launched in their 2015 Winter Collection Fairy Dust Dusting Powder £5.95 was the one I wanted the most. I've been getting into their shower/body products more recently due to not having the time to enjoy as many long, hot soaks. Their Christmas line this year has a whole host of shower products to get you in the festive mood. For those of you who don't know what Dusting Powders are, they're a very, light powder which usually contains lustre's - environmentally friendly glitters. You apply a Dusting Powder after your shower/bath, or again throughout the day. Your skin is left feeling baby smooth as well as beautifully scented.

What's so special about Fairy Dust? If you're familiar with Dusting Powders you may remember there once was a powder that carried the Candy Fluff scent, very similar if not the same to Fairy Dust. Fairy Dust is a very light, pink powder which contains the famous Lush lustre's that seem to be in everything - especially as Christmas. You don't have to worry about being turned into a disco-ball with this one though, there will be some 'glitter' though it's nothing out there & perfectly acceptable at this time of year. The sweet 'Snow Fairy' fragrance lingers on your skin for hours after, I'm always having compliments. If you too were saddened to hear Snow Fairy perfume wouldn't be returning to the kitchen this is a product that may *just* make up for that. You can even sprinkle dusting powders on your bed sheets - imagine getting into a bed that's scented with the pear drop fragrance of Snow Fairy!? Heavenly. A bottle also lasts for literally forever too. Other products that will help you to layer up the fragrance are; The Magic Wand, Snow Fairy Shower Gel, Melting Marshmallow Moment Bath Oil & Father Christmas bath bomb. 


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    1. It really is! A must buy for anyone who loves sweet fragrances x

  2. Sounds like a lovely product!

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