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A short while ago there was a call on Twitter for bloggers and any men in their lives to test out Rocker Wax from Fudge. Dan (my brother) was coming home the next weekend, I was lucky enough to be sent a tin for him to test out and for me to joint review on here with him. I know how great Fudge is and he couldn't wait to take it back with him to test out, I may have also pinched a bit out of his tin to try for myself. 
Info: Rocker Wax from fudge, one of the latest releases, with a unique formula allowing you to rework your day time hair into rocker worthy hair for the night. Have great hair whatever mood you're in, with 24 hour hold, it's a long lasting formula. Rocker Wax contains the dark desire scent, sweet and spicy, keeps your hair fresh wherever you are. Work it, flick it, mess it and make it unique.
Though the packaging is aimed at males, I love how they've packaged the wax. The tin was fairly sturdy, the flip top lid kept itself closed with no spillages. It's a nice change from a boring plastic tub or pot most hair products come in. We both think how it's packaged makes it look more expensive than £5.99. It's certainly a product he'd buy.
How to use: 
You use this just like any other wax out there, work through dry hair in small amounts to achieve the style you want. Then rework your hair to go from day to night, without your hair feeling stiff and sticky.
The wax is easier to use than most waxes, styles quicker
Provides long lasting hold to all styles created
The wax does not leave hair feeling sticky or looking greasy & washes out easily
Hair does not feel stiff nor is any whiteness left
Provides plenty of texture to styles while remaining lightweight
The packaging gets a 10/10 for attractiveness
Reminded me of PVA glue at a first glance
Smelt a bit like PVA glue, though did have a slight spicy scent along with
Unless you use it for your fly away ends, it would only suit short/medium hair
Too bulky for a back pocket, that it suggests, I can't imagine anyone carrying it unless your female and keeping it in your handbag
Dan's opinion: 
I'd purchase again, it's hard to find a decent wax to style my hair. I tend to stay away from them nowadays as they take a lot longer than a gel. But this wax was quicker for me to style and washed out easy. During nights out at Uni this kept my hair styled all night. It's not the best smelling hair product I've used, but it's certainly a lightweight wax that I was able to restyle.
My opinion:
Since I pinched a small amount to try before Dan ran off back to Uni with it, I thought I'd test it out on my ends. It smoothed my ends and stopped all fly aways. It lasted all day and didn't leave any whiteness in my hair and washed out fine that night. There was no stickiness or stiffness to my ends.
Disclaimer: PR sample, both opinions are 100% honest.
Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.


  1. Nice review! It's nice to see a manly review (if you can call it that?!) rather than the usual pink girly stuff :)

    1. It really is and despite being manly its womanly uses too :D


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