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Just over a year ago I decided to write about my experience with many contraceptive pills I've had since the beginning of my teen years. It still remains in my top three most popular posts of all time. The post featured heavily around my next step, after deciding Cerazette was ruining my life. To this day I'm sure they changed the formula to make production cheaper, I'll assume it was a male behind the idea. Sorry, not sorry. My implant has been in since November 30th, 2011 and shall be staying in till replacement time comes along.

The decision making - I know to a lot of girls the idea of having a rod injected into their arm is terrifying. I was one of those fussing, however I knew I couldn't keep on struggling every week, with barely any period free days. If you're in an adult relationship you need to be responsible, if you struggle with your monthly you'll do anything to become 'normal'.

Here's my photo of my small bruise and cut - sorry for the quality at the time this was taken on my blackberry to show a friend asking.
How I've been since - As I've already mentioned I'll be keeping my implant in for the duration I have left before having another put in and so on until the day comes for miniature Lucy's. My three periods a month have stopped, I'm back to one period that's a lot kinder than those I received on cerazette or before any contraception. My periods have fully settled and are 90% on the dot, every period arrives at 11am/11pm on a Monday/Tuesday < nature is extremely weird, who would have thought I'd be sat sharing so much on the Internet? I've also recently started using an app called Pink Pad in case I start having problems again, here I can track my next period, mark my period, spotting or any other symptoms. Those trying for a baby will benefit from Pink Pad's offerings too and it's FREE. My first day is always kind, the second day is by far my 'worst' day though nothing more than a very good day when on past contraception's before lasting 4 days, occasionally 6. But anything beats 21 days of sickness, crippling pain and heavy periods. I no longer feel like an elephant, though some of this will be down to my Gluten free diet. I do not feel sick or struggle with extreme period pain. I rarely take a mefenamic acid tablet I stick to Nurofen Period Pain tablets. Long gone are the days of screaming or not being able to move. A hot water bottle, pink tablet and comfy PJ's will do me. I still get grumpy and annoyed easily, but what girl doesn't? Breakouts have reduced, I receive one large spot before on my chin, with a few others occasionally. Oh and no more remembering to take that little pill!!
Additional rumours put to rest - Lastly I do not have a scar, bump or outline of the implant. It does not whizz around your arm. It moves mm's up or down a day, it's expected. It's not at all disgusting to touch, every so often I'll give it a tap to check. Before or on a wet, cold day I find I get a slight ache in my left arm - I guess you could say I'm more reliable than the weather channels. Rejection stories are very few, your DR will tell you, mine hasn't had a single rejection, she's lost count of how many she's inserted.

February 2016 Update - I'm still using the implant, my removal and replacement were fine, I've written the blog post about it if you've followed along. At the moment I'm torn between getting it replaced with another implant or trying something new. I feel as if my body gets used to methods after a while and don't work the same. Last year was very stressful, none of us expected to lose my Grandma in the space of a few months. DR neglect, months in hospital, life saving surgery, cancer diagnosis and then moving her home for her last days.

What I'm trying to say is it was very stressful and some months I'd have two horrid, horrid periods. December, January and now February they've calmed to just one a month though they last a week and are heavier than the original implant. I'm still better than I was without any sort of method, I don't feel sick and my moods aren't as bad as they were - again stress makes us all cranky right? When I get a replacement OR try something new you can bet on a follow up post. FOR NOW please check out Mia's blog post about her Implant Experience at CSI Beauty Blog.

March - fast forward and after a battle with the receptionist I managed to get a telephone consultation where I have been prescribed Cerelle (similar to Cerazette) for 3 months to 'top up my implant'. My DR assured me this was the case though to come back at any time to see her for help, replacement or alternative method.


  1. Thanks for sharing hun, sounds interesting and it's good to know everything is as normal as can be and more comfortable for you now :). I've had the implant offered to me by my doctor, but to be honest I've never had a problem with my contraceptive pill, which is Microgynon. Good to hear from someone who's had an implant though and what it's like etc :) x

    1. Thanks for sharing your post with me lovely, you're very lucky. It seems to be very common at the moment for girls to be having trouble. A lot have had their trusted option suddenly change!? Sneaky companies ruining formulas. x

  2. I'm thinking of getting it. I turn 26 in July and will be off my parents insurance so I think the implant will be a smarter choice than remaining on the pill after that happens. My friend had a bad experience with Mirena so I don't want to do that. Was it expensive, if you don't mind me asking?

    1. I'm glad I managed to track you down. Saddens me how other countries have to pay for their insurance. We get contraception free in the UK. x

  3. I'm so glad you've had a much better experience with the implant than I had. I was put on 2-3 different pills before I opted for the implant. It made me balloon, I've put on far too many pounds and I ended up getting it removed. I'm back on Cerezette now which has been brilliant for 2 years but I think something's going on with it at the moment :-(


    1. Hi Louise, I know it's mad how something that works so well for me can be so bad for others. But I guess it's the dfferent hormones we all get on with and don't. Cerezette still makes me shudder, it's pure evil and I'msure they changed to formula to save money because how can something change like that!?


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