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Lush Christmas Collection // 2015

lush christmas 2015
Tonight saw this years long awaited Christmas collection from Lush launch online, with it hitting stores 10AM tomorrow. By now you'll all know I go a little mad when it comes to Lush Christmas, it's also been torture to see all the shimmering products flood my instagram feed from those who were able to hit Lush Oxford Street - who else predicted right that the store would see the collection earlier than the rest? As usual I like to post an overview post, to see what products you guys are interested in seeing reviewed on LW and which products you may have already ordered. Our bank accounts are going to hate us right? Almost as much as I hate blogger for making the original of this blog post I'd written weeks ago vanish. 

The vast majority of 'bath products' this year are of course Bath Bombs with some very special new arrivals coming our way. For those who loved Yog Nog Soap there is a bath bomb of the egg nog inspired creation with a luxury bath oil surprise centre. I absolutely adored Yog Nog soap last year, in fact the entire family did.  Returning to the shelves is Dashing Santa, last year I saw this little guy and didn't expect much since we already had Father Christmas (who is also back and carrying Snow Fairy's fragrance) but he grew on me! If you're familiar with the retired Satsuma Santa/Father Christmas' original scent you'll adore the citrus explosion this bath bomb gives. Again, Lord of Misrule returned for Halloween and I'm assuming he'll be around for Christmas. I reviewed Lord of Misrule last year where I soon fell in love with the spicy, herbal concoction. Another new comer, Stardust who doesn't look at all exciting though in true Lush style this one has a surprise awaiting for us inside along with a sweet vanilla and bergamot fragrance. It wouldn't be Christmas without Luxury Lush Pud returning, the perfect treat if you're looking for something to unwind and destress with. Butterbear is back!? I purchased SO many in the sales with him being cheaper than his regular appearance Butterball. If you have little ones OR are incredibly sensitive you'll love him - there's even a tin with six in. Golden Wonder is also back, the champagne cocktail fragrance and shimmering lagoon waters are not to be missed. Again, I always stock up on these in the sale for the times I need a true pick me up teamed with First Snow Dusting Powder and Celebrate Body Lotion who all share the same scent. Another old favourite is So White who sadly doesn't have the shower gel accompanying it this year. Cinders is thankfully back, each Christmas I receive and buy a ridiculous amount of the bath bomb. If you're yet to try this bath bomb you need to, you couldn't get any closer to Christmas with it's warm cinnamon fragrance & popping candy. Shoot for the Stars is also back, carrying the sweet honey/toffee fragrance of Honey I Washed the Kids. This is a firm favourite of mine, waters are transformed into the night sky, full of lustre and the most beautiful midnight blue. Lastly, Snow Angel - the half bath bomb, half bath melt has returned. If you adore Snow Cake soap you'll love this one for a moisturising soak.

As for Bubble Bars there's plenty of new comers with Peeping Santa who shares it's scent with the Magic Mushroom. Five Gold Rings consists of five golden lustre covered rings. Bar Humbug, a very large swirled bar which smells of liquorice - probably one I'll give a miss. Holly Go Lightly has returned, I needn't have stocked up on SO many of the Christmas in a bar in the sales. Candy Mountain and Magic Wand, both smell the same with such a sweet fragrance like Snow Fairy. As if one Magic Wand wasn't enough there's now The Magic of Christmas - a spicy infusion where even the wand is a cinnamon stick.

Considering I'm usually much more of a bath bomb and bubble bar fan when it comes to Lush I have to say I'm pretty excited about the new items for this year. Having watched Becki0's video I'm needing a pot of Christingle Body Conditioner in my life. There's so many versions of FUN this year with Snowman returning, there's now also Santa FUN (Christmas Eve scented if I remember correctly?), Magic of Christmas FUN (did someone run out of name ideas?) and Snakes & Ladders. No spicy number for us this year in regards to shower gels but Rose Jam and Snow Fairy have returned. There's a new Shower Jelly, Santa's Belly who smells just like So White while Snowman Shower Jelly is also back. Reindeer Rock soap has had a makeover while Snow cake, Baked Alaska and Yog Nog have also returned. There's also new comer Old Father Time who looks interesting. One product I'm putting in my basket asap is Salt & Peppermint Bark Shower Scrub, it looks so cute. Oh and there's also a Shower Smoothie Roulade - Icing on the Cake.

Celebrate lotion has returned, both versions with alcohol and without. If you want a rich, hydrating lotion to get you in the part mood this champagne cocktail inspired number will certainly do that. First Snow Dusting Powder also shared the same zingy fragrance, while leaving skin with a slight shimmer. The 'body product' I'm excited about though is Fairy Dust, a new dusting powder which smells of SNOW FAIRY guys!? Both myself and my Mum will be stocking up on this fo'sure.

Now, skincare wise Lush finally made another festive face mask, this time being Cranberry Festive Fresh Face Mask! I'll be returning my stash of black pots for one of these asap while stocking up on my favourite Lush cleanser Buche de Noel. Santa's Lip Scrub and the incredibly pigmented Santa Baby Lip Tint have also returned to ensure you have the perfect red lip this season. What products are you guys looking forward to seeing in-store? This years collection is definitely one of their best yet. Lucy x
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  1. Cinders is my all time fave Lush product!!! x

    Christina Marie -


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