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Sleeping Beauty // The Fine Bedding Company & Flint+Flint

an image of The Fine Bedding Company Sleeping Beauty
an image of The Fine Bedding Company Sleeping Beauty
an image of Flint+Flint skincare
an image of Flint+Flint skincare
an image of Flint+Flint skincare
an image of Flint+Flint skincare
Now I don't know about you but life has been a little too crazy recently, all I've wanted is a good nights sleep after all our comings and goings. So when I heard about the new Sleeping Beauty range from The Fine Bedding Company how could I refuse a chance to improve my nights rest. Sleeping Beauty is a limited edition, online exclusive range to The Fine Bedding Company. The range features handpicked bedding that has been designed to act like a 'second skin' and available in sizes single to even super king. What's so special about the bedding included? It's all been chosen because of the special technology and advanced ingredients behind it that will enhance sleep by keeping your body temperate regulated, no overheating, no shivering - make full use of that 10.5 tog duvet. The pillows are medium support, non allergenic (super important if you're all as sensitive as we in this house) and contain the special microfiber blend. Both the duvet & pillows have a polycotton cover, with the duvet designed to drape effortlessly and beautifully. Oh and the pillows are even machine washable! If you're looking for the perfect sleep environment the current offers mean you can even snap up the super king bundle for just £85.

Having tried bedding with similar features before I was intrigued to see if the bedding would really live up to the name of the brand and decided on trying the Pillow Duo from the bundle. I already own a duvet with similar properties and know just how long they last. If the duvet is as great of quality as the pillows I'll be wanting to replace mine with one from The Fine Bedding Company. Until receiving the Sleeping Beauty bundle pillows I'd been waking up with such an aching neck - I don't help myself by being someone who constantly wriggles in the night. Since making the switch the aches have gone, getting up is easier and I look forward to crashing into my bed each night, I feel so much more refreshed. NOTE - my pillow cases are actually ASDA. Who'd have thought it?

Not only do you save a tonne of money if you were to purchase the duvet & pillow bundle but you also receive two free gifts (Eye Hero & Moisturiser 3x worth a total of £79) from Flint+Flint. Flint+Flint are a relatively new and wonderful British skincare brand. I was lucky enough to receive four of their products to try out. I wasn't too sure what to expect when I received the products, my first thoughts being that the packaging was quite masculine compared to other brands I use & love despite the pop of bright colours each carries. With my skin being an absolute nightmare with the seasons changing I've needed a richer moisturiser though still light enough to not cause me any more breakouts. I've loved using Flint+Flint's Moisturiser 3x, I'm left with such a healthy glow & the perfect base for my foundation. With Hyaluronic Acid, Retinol and Malikara Leaf it's no wonder my skin has been left feeling so hydrated & nourished. Another firm favourite of mine has been Lip Hero, just like the name suggests this hydrating balm has been a godsend for my dry lips. Perfect for both men and women, you need only the slightest bit to keep your lips smooth. Lip Hero contains 'Volulip' a natural peptide with Portulaca Pilosa extract which supposedly improved the texture, shape & plumping of you won't end up with lips like Kylie Jenner however a couple of the nurses that visit my Grandma & who work with my Mum have been saying how gorgeous & perfectly plump my lips are. At £15 per tube I'd recommend giving this a try, I can see the tube lasting literally forever. Following on from Lip Hero, I was also lucky enough to try out Eye Hero. I may *only* be 21 but I still make sure to use an eye cream. I've really enjoyed having Eye Hero around, again like Lip Hero you really need the tiniest amount. My under-eyes are left hydrated and brightened, free of fatigue. Who'd have thought I'd had so many late nights, long days and early mornings. Last in my bundle of treats is Flint+Flint's Everyday Wash, I didn't expect much however Everyday Wash removes makeup effortlessly and with 2% Glycolic Acid it provides a gentle exfoliation, leaving my skin smooth & radiant. There's a whole host of products in the Flint+Flint line and I honestly can't wait to try more in the future. The Fine Bedding Company couldn't have picked a better brand to team up with, creating the perfect bundle to improve your sleep. Lucy x
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  1. The bedding print is just gorgeous - I'm really into clean looking pieces with little splashes of colour and that is perfect! x

    flawedfairytale || Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

    1. It makes a nice change from my regular whites! x

  2. Nice photos :)
    Maria V.

  3. That bedding is soo pretty!! x

    Christina Marie -


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