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Finishing Touches // Melody Maison.

Hey my lovelies, so a few posts back I gave you the grand tour of my little 'boudoir'. Today I'm back with a few new final touches, of course I still need my walls to be wallpapered, still working on the man of the house, but I can cope with my pink walls for now. I adore the rest. I had a lovely week last week, a few troubles and finished with a great night at a friends 18th.

Back along I was checking my emails and got so excited when I saw an email from Melody Maison. Melody Maison, the company I got my furniture from, you can see here, if you've missed it. Since they saw my blog post featuring all their furniture, they asked if I'd like a goodie bag. How could I not say yes? We'd spent so much on my furniture and I was eyeing up my next wishes the day after my furniture came.

The first item I pulled out the box and tons of packaging, was this gorgeous sign. You'll either love it or hate it....mind if you hate it you've seriously got something wrong with you ;). This was the item I was most longing for, even my mum was on the site looking at it for me for Christmas. It's bigger than I expected. It's French, it's vintage, it's me. When my family saw all my furniture there was the joke of 'Lucy's Boudoir' and well now it is! It's pretty heavy, but it's up. I didn't want it on my wall, I hate having things on my walls. I don't think anyone will have to wonder what room is mine from now on! 

Item number two is this gorgeous flower garland. Now I was sat on my bed for 15 minutes trying to unfold this! It comes packaged in a circle, it was done up so tight. I was worrying I was going to break the flowers off. Thankfully I didn't. I'm ordering another of these soon. I decided to put this on the side of my bookcase, since the sides are open. When I order the second, both sides will match. I think this really finishes the bookcase off and matches it perfectly. Christmas I'm going to get some fairy lights and wrap round the sides too. There's already the perfect fairy lights I want on MM. Can I just live in your showroom please? 

The third item, seriously how generous were they and how pretty are these coasters. I've looked at their coasters before and totally missed these. Yet again, more french themed. I love them. My dressing table is white, so it can get marked easily. They're wooden and cream. You get four of these in a cute little box. I've chucked my old two that weren't matching. I used to shove them away when not using them, these are out on show all the time. The foam pads also help with not marking the dressing table. 

Item number 4?! How cute is this tea light holder. It's cream and has a bird on it guys! Instant love from me. It's now sitting with my candles and I need to get a Yankee candle tea light for it. Only the best. I love it. Matches my love bird furniture. It's super cute! I'm thinking one of the Christmas Yankee scents, any suggestions?

Lastly is this lovely little heart hanger. I've always looked at these and thought I might get one to hang on my drawer handles. Well Melody Maison beat me to it. But it's a bit big and hangs in the way for my drawers so at the moment it's hanging on the end of my curtain pole or on the door handle, haven't decided yet. When I get a new mirror it'll hang on that. It's simple, cute and matches my room again.

So, a big thank you to Melody Maison for sending me so many goodies, you picked the perfect items and I can't wait to get using the 10% code. I still want to fill the house up with your items and when I'm qualified and have a salon I'd love to fill it up. I'm already planning it. I'm not being paid to say all this, I truly mean it all, such a great company and great customer service. Though I warn you, if you ever look on the site, you will want everything like I do.


  1. Wow, that stuff is sooo pretty, lucky you! That must have been like Christmas opening all that up lol.

    Have fun at Britney too. =p

    ~ Lauren <3

  2. I love the Melody Maison website.
    I brought a cute mirror from there a few months ago and love it! They have such cute things!

  3. I love Melody Maison, the Boudoir sign is just gorgeous, and I love the hanging heart, I have loads of those around my house xx

  4. Ahh you lucky girl ;) this stuff is gorgeous! xxx

  5. How generous of them! I love all of it, so jealous!

    Can't wait to see all that post! x

  6. Ah so pretty! My 'bodiour' is shabby chic themed too so I'm forever visiting this website! Just waiting for that little bit of extra money then I'll be making a purchase!

  7. I LOVE Melody Maison!!

    Your room looks gorgeous hun, lucky you! x

  8. Your room is so cute!! and love all the things you got from Melody Maison. I've had a browse on their website and want everything, but my room is black and pink with Ikea Malm units, so I am limited :( I loved your bird drawers :)


  9. Wow, Melody Maison items are gorgeous!
    What a load of post you have too!

  10. Oo, all your post looks so exciting! Getting post actually makes me day haha.
    Also, that tea light holder is ridiculously cute :)

  11. wow I just discovered your blog and really like it. Think you have great style and am following now! Definitely a new fan! You are very inspiring
    Pop up by my page when you get a chance xoxo Tamara

  12. So many lovely goodies, I love the heart hanger x

  13. That was so nice of them to send you a goody bag, all the items you got are so lovely,
    my favourite is the bird tea light holder and the heart hanger,
    its times like this i miss having my old room, although i could always turn mine and my boyfs room into a boudior :)

  14. All those pictures look lovely Xx


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