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Herbalife Review // Body Wash & Formula 1 Bars.

Hey lovelies, I'm back sooner this time with a review about a few products I was sent by the lovely Lisa at Immediate PR. Altogether I received six products and will be reviewing all six. Here's all three from the brand Herbalife. I had never heard of this brand before so I was super excited to test and taste. 

Herbalife have been operating in the UK for the past 27 years, really surprised I've never come across them since they have so many products with Aloe in, as well as a person keen on healthy eating. Herbalife are global and sell weight management, nutrition and personal care products that in course help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Their products are sold in 75 countries and have two million independent distributors!!

Herbalife Herbal Aloe - Everyday Body Wash: 'Rich foam lather formulated from whole leaf aloe to hydrate and cleanse. Simply massage over wet skin or apply with a cloth and rinse.'

At first when I saw this, I didn't think much, as the packaging is plain and simple. The bottle is clear plastic, has a white press down lid, green logo and green and black text. The text on the back of the bottle is rather tiny and in a green font. This colour font is readable however would be a lot clearer if it was black since the liquid inside is green. The bottle did leak, it was closed as much as it could. So don't leave it standing in a jiffy bag over night waiting to review like I did.

You get a fair amount for the price, 400ml. So comparing to the LUSH shower gels (large size) it's around about the same price and I'd happily pay this every so often since a little does go a long way. This product lathers up so well in the shower. I get areas of dry skin in the winter and I'm still quite sensitive to what products I put on my skin, not so much now I'm older. This is fine on my skin. No problems. I adore using this, it really does make you feel cleaner than all other shower gels I've ever used and without leaving you with that squeaky clean feeling some products do. I felt so refreshed after using this, great when your coming down with a cold/flu as I am. The product doesn't have a a strong perfume smell, hence made up of aloe, chamomile and calendula, which gives it that nice clean scent. 

I'm really impressed with this body wash, I've let other family members use it occasionally this week and they love it as much as I do! I know I'll buy this myself when it's ran out and try some more of the wonderful Herbalife products now winters arrived for my dry winter skin to feel nourished! 

Herbalife Formula 1 Bars - These are part of their weight management  range to keep your cravings under controlled. At around 207 calories per bar. More than my usual 'cereal/health' bars. They have a perfect mix of key nutrients, fibre and protein to keep you fuller for longer and to keep your energy levels sustained, making a healthy addition to your fitness regime. Out of the two bars I was sent, I prefer the chocolate to the berry bar. I thought it'd be the other way round.

The berry bar -  The packaging is your average health bar wrapper, easy to read. When I opened this it smelt like heaven! It smelt gorgeous! You could really smell the berries, very sweet smell. The bar was nice a golden colour, plenty of berries to be seen and the yogurt was intact, I hate when you open one up and it's all crumbled. It hadn't melted like some yogurt bars do. It looked so appetising and delicious. The whole bar isn't too hard, a bit to sticky when trying to break. But however nice the bar looked and smelt wouldn't be enough for me to buy a box of these, I really didn't like the taste and texture. A couple bites and I felt ill! It didn't taste sweet like it smelt, the yogurt felt powdery and the bar felt gritty and reminded me of a medicine I've had. I gave the rest to my mum to try, thinking she loves most things I hate, No, she didn't like it, she had less than me.I know these are weight management bars, but the price for 7 bars is rather too much! I couldn't pay £15.30 for a box. 

The chocolate bar -  What girl doesn't like chocolate especially when it's on a health bar! This was the bar I prefer overall. Rather than a yogurt coating on the bottom this has chocolate and small chocolate chips instead of berries. Same size as the first bar. And has the same texture as before. Smells not so nice as the berry bar, what could beat the smell of berries! I managed a few more little bites of this before I gave up and gave it to my mum to try as before. She agreed that this one was the better tasting one if we had to eat one. I wouldn't purchase this flavour either. It still had this weird taste we can't describe and still a gritty powdery texture in your mouth. I think I'll be sticking to my Cadbury's Brunch Bars. They're less calories and taste better.

These bars aren't for me, if they had tasted as good as they looked I still wouldn't buy. £15.30 is ALOT to pay for 7 cereal bars. After trying both of these bars I was left feeling quite sick. If your into your health bars similar to these then give these a go, you'd no doubt like them. The bars weren't winners for me but the body wash really was!
I'd like to thank Lisa for sending these 3 products and the 3 hair products I'll review next! I'm really impressed by them! 

Have you come across Herbalife before? Have you tried any of the body products they do? Or have you tried any of the formula 1 bars? Comment down below I'd love to know your thoughts or if you'd try them.

Items sent for review consideration. No Payment has been received.


  1. Ooooh those bars look so yummy!!! I hope you feel better soon :) xox

  2. That herbal product looks really good and 400ml is a good amount for the price!!
    and those chocolate bars look heavvvenlyyy!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  3. Aww, those bars look a lot more tastier than they sound!

  4. never heard about herbalife!
    omg those bars looks yummy! sweet blog!

  5. I've never heard of them before!
    Looks great though, I love the fact you didn't just get food but something for your skin too!

  6. I've never heard of them till now :)

    great review of the product and them bars looks amazing!


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