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My Halloween Weekend // Incoco&Birmingham.

Evening lovelies, bit of a different post from me, still plenty of beauty in it, photos and cute cupcakes for you. Halloween weekend posts are popping up everywhere and since I've had a pretty different weekend to all of them I thought I'd join in.  This weekend has been pretty hectic, I'm feeling it now.  The next post will be back to normal, for you who don't like these, I personally love them. I hope everyone had a lovely Halloween weekend too and Halloween tonight! :)

Hasn't Joe got hot?!?!

Saturday: Hairdressers - so happy I didn't need much taken off, shopping - may of purchased 3 Christmas decorations, only three there, I felt like I had to. Paprika chicken, creme brulee - my favourite, baking cupcakes and X factor.

Sunday: Britney day. Back along, I won tickets for Britney Spears, I got the Birmingham tickets, it's easier to drive to there, rather than London. Just a bit further than London. Traffic there was a bit worrying at times. We got there on time. Wrist banded up and finally food time, I was so hungry. Then time to stand around and wait for it all to start. Catch up with my friend who I haven't really seen in ages. The first support act was so bad, it was hilarious, nobody knew who the hell they were. Poor things. Thank god they only did 3 songs, which only 1 was their own. And wearing ridiculously ugly outfits. Stylist Lucy needed there I think. 
The second support act, Joe Jonas, I went there hating Joe, I thought he was still Mr curly haired Disney nun. But no, Joe has well and truly improved. He is hot. He loses points for not chucking roses at our end however. Then a long 30-40 minute timer came on the screens to wait for Britney, she's had an extra hour to get ready yesterday!? God. 
Britney time for the non Britney fan and my friend. She was pretty good, for someone who doesn't know any of her lyrics. Mix of old and new. People near us started to smell at this point, I felt like I was gonna be sick. It was really awful. Oh and Mr peanut head getting elbowy. Thankfully I have boney elbows. 

I wanted to do a outfit of the night but I had no time, I basically wore, my super skinny black gap jean jeggings, coral-red sheer sleeveless top, shoe boots, Paris style bracelet and ring. Oh and a spritz of my Britney Spears - Midnight Fantasy - fitting for the night, don't wear it that often, I always get asked when I do, pretty cheap, but gorgeous. 

Followed with my nails that have been receiving so many comments on twitter and people I know. I'd like to say I drew all the leopard print, truth is I can do it, but nail wraps are the way to go. Mine are from a brand Incoco. But they aren't shipping to the UK just yet. Basically the design 'Femme Fatale' is what Britney's tour is called, they fitted the night. I was lucky to receive them. You can find some of them on Ebay, hopefully they will ship to the UK soon. My favourite nail strip brand now. Taken over my Nailease love. Thinner - easier, though go extra careful not to rip. Beautiful designs. You get the nail file and cuticle stick and 16 strips. The pack has done my fingernails and my toenails. The six that were left I cut in half minus the two for the big toe. Result for having small toenails. No heat needed. Lasting well, I know it's been two days, but its been hectic and out lasted, Britney, cooking, washing up and pumpkin carving. 



  1. My mate was working backstage for the britney spears concert in birmingham yesterday :D

    I love those nail wraps, I still havnt tried them yet I am trying to grow my nails before becasue I think they look better on longer nails.
    I love that pumpkin too aha, hope you enjoyed yourself at the concert!


  2. Good to see i'm not the only person that isn't a huge Halloween fan!

  3. Lovely post Lucy!
    Joe is looking rather well isn't he! Haha :)
    Love what you did with the Pumpkin!! I'm not a big fan of Halloween either but I took part by carving two pumpkins today for the sake of my cousins ha! :)


  4. Im not a fan of halloween either!!! xxx

  5. joe jonas is beautiful haha love this!!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  6. Sounds like you've had a fab time, I love the pumpkin!! x

  7. Aww your weekend sounds fab :) loving the nail wraps and britney :-) xx

  8. Love the pumpkin :0 Xx

  9. sounds like you had a fab weekend! :) your lucky streak continues, I think you should go buy a lottery ticket :P xox

  10. Looks like you had a great weekend. I love your nails and your pumpkin is so cool! XxxX


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