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Hey lovelies, I've just hit 230 GFC, thank you so so much! I've been blogging for almost 3 months now crazy! Thank you to everyone who comments, I love reading every single one. So as long as I continue to shop every week, I'll keep these posts going, they seem pretty popular! & I love sharing with you guys. I've picked up some bargains this week which is always good when your feeling crappy. I've got quite a few 'exciting' posts I'm sure you'll love coming up in the next week or two! I'm thinking of doing a give-away when I get to 300, since I did my last at 150. Oh and planning my Christmas series.

I've got some more goodies to show you guys, but I'm saving them for future posts. Because they're that amazing they deserve a post of their own. The amount of A/W clothes and shoes I've purchased lately, I think I'll be starting a A/W OOTD's series if anyone's interested, I know quite a few requested some back along. Now onto the bargains, I always ramble.

Photo from Dorothy Perkins site, bad lighting.
First clothing purchase this week is this sheer sleeveless blouse from Dorothy Perkins. Now you should know by now I love sheer shirts, my wardrobes getting pretty full of them at the moment. I think they're great pieces you can dress up and down. I was looking on Style Compare, saves looking on every single site individually. I found this gorgeous shirt for £10!! & they had smalls left! I had to order it. Just hated paying the delivery...£5 for delivery for a tiny, weightless shirt. They do put samples of beauty products in though, well one. Anyone else hate paying delivery at ridiculous prices.

Now I sort of went shoe crazy, in Matalan. I'd say they're getting cheaper than a lot of similar stuff in Primark at the moment. So many great deals, a few items over priced. I ended up purchasing three pairs of shoes!?! I sort of needed them, well two at the least. In a few posts back I said I was selling some heels, I've worn them once, still need to get rid. They're too big and I don't want peep toe shoe boots for winter. Matalan had these lovelies for £18. Cute black snake print around the tops, not very noticeable and had plenty of size 3's. Perfect. They're cheaper than Newlooks and actually fit. I'm sure I'll be able to walk miles in these thankfully if I need too. Anyone on twitter had a sneak peak. £18 you can't go wrong, they're padded inside too. So comfy. They do these in a taupe colour too.

The second and last pair of shoe boots are these, a bit hit and miss, you'll either love them or hate them, I'm a bit undecided. I do like them, but not sure about the tassel and fringe part. They were in the sale for £4.50!?! from £18...& they had size 3's left. Either way if I only ever wear them a few times it's worth it for the price. They're such good quality and a complete steal. I've wanted some brogue style shoe boots for awhile and now I have some! Complete bargain you'll all agree. They're from this years winter collection. Matalan are mad, selling these off.

Last pair of shoes, as you know, the last two pairs of winter boots I've purchased lately have been brown, when I originally wanted black. Well I've finally found some okay black boots. For £10!? bargain. I fit in the teen section still in Matalan, only because I stumbled across the same pair of shoes from the adults in the kids section for half the price!? Since then I always look here! They had no 3's. It was £1 more for size 4 and 5. Still can't go wrong. But I fitted into a size 2!?! I have such diddy feet! They're not too long, I like my legs, so I don't want to go covering them up with boots. The zip goes right down to the bottom and they're so comfy. Matalan are really winning this month for shoes, cheaper than Primark again. They had a lot of other boots in the teeny section, I suggest if your up to a UK5 in shoes to check them out.

Last purchase from Matalan, one pair of jean jeggings, my Juicy Couture jeggings have become too loose now. I always have trouble with them not being skinny enough. And as I don't want to pay another £40-£50 in gap for a blue pair, I tried these on. They had a brown, mustard colour, but not my size, they fitted perfect, just didn't do up. They were Age 11 though. I love these and if your a short arse like me, fitting into the teens section is great. They go up to age 13 or 14. So any girl up to a UK10? would fit into the kids, which is sort of crazy. These were £14. They're nearly as soft as my gap jeggings! So comfy and fit perfect. The zips aren't 100% perfect on them, but I usually have a top to cover. Even on the hangers they weren't right.

Senza, but there's zilch room for it, so Boots was calling. The new rimmel mascara looks amazing so I picked one up. I picked another of my favourites up and the waterproof version of another. Rimmels on 3 for 2 at the moment. The other offers were shoddy to be honest. Superdrug had the same deal, but I prefer boots. You get more points Oh and No7 Vouchers. They gave me another! Don't they know Aspirations of glam already thinks I need to go to rehab for them ;) I didn't spend it this time, withdrawal symptoms now :P
  • Rimmel London - Volume Flash, Scandal Eyes - Black
  • Rimmel London - Day 2 Night - Waterproof - Black
  • Rimmel London - Max Bold Curves - Black
I use the Max Bold Curves everyday at the moment, I was using Day 2 Night, I went off it, but waterproof mascara's seem to hold longer, so I'll try this one again. And Scandal eyes is new out, haven't seen any reviews of it yet, the brush is huge!!! Can't wait to test it out a few times and then I'll always do a review about it, if anyone wants one.

Lastly, Monday I spent the day with my friend Tom, I've known him since I was 4. All day we made cupcakes for my friends 18th, I say  all day, we really started at 1ish. And I say we, I mixed, I put in the cases all but 4 and I put in the oven! My friends obsessed with One Direction hence the design, so not many people will be able to say they've eaten them 24 times over. We aren't the best at decorating. Especially with one piping bag between two that cracked!! 3 Boxes of cupcakes, 2-3 hours of decorating and a balloon, some funny looks walking to hers. 

Hope everybody is okay and loves some of the items I purchased as much as I do! :)


  1. OMG I love those shoes!! They are so nice :) I think I've gone abit crazy with autumn winter clothing too, but I swear its the best time for your wardrobe haha!!! I think its really nice you guys made cupcakes for your friends bday :) xox

  2. Those £4.50 shoes are amazing! I cannot believe you got them that cheap, so jealous!
    I'd love to see some OOTDs from you.
    Love the cupcakes! x

  3. The brown brogue heels are lovely with the fringe bit on! some thick tights and a mini skirt, very sexy! love them. xx

  4. looks like you found some lovely things! especially the shoes! Xx

  5. I think the brogue heels with the fringe are awesome! I totally want them. You got some awesome deals. :)

    xx Jessica

  6. I love those dark brown shoe boots , they look cute
    Those cupcakes look yum! xx

  7. I really like the ones you're undecided about. They're so nice and I personally love the tassle and fringe part. ;)


  8. Ahh you've made me want to go shopping again now. Love all those boots!
    I currently have an Autumn beauty giveaway on my blog so when you get a bit of spare time come and check it out!

  9. Gosh! this is such a lovely post, unique blog by the way ;)

    Still one thing, could you please please do me a favour and vote for me by liking my photo on this link :)

    It really means a lot to me :) puss puss and huggs from <3 <3

  10. seeing your mascara buys reminds me that I have run out of mascara and I forgot to go shopping for a new one today ahhhhhhhhhhh noooo :( x

  11. thanks for another lovely comment! WOW, i've been blogging for years and you have nearly the same number of followers! i'm just rubbish at being consistent i think :p
    and great buys! MUST buy mascara today eeek xxxxx

  12. the cupcakes loook amazing!! Love one direction!! haha, i love the boots you bought xoxo

  13. Great stuff :) I love Matalan you can find some really great stuff in there x

  14. You picked up some fab baragins here :) loving the 1stpair of boots with the snake skin edge, i'm so jealous of your teeny feet, i have huge feet 7's so its always an advantage in the sale, its normally 3's left and 7's so we have that in comman :)

    i still need to try the day to night mascara, you should deffo do a review on the scandal eyes mascara so i know its not just me who thinks its not amazing as it looks!lol!

    them cupcakes are so cute and look really yummy!i could just eat a cake now!damn!!!:(

  15. p.s i forgot to add that spotty shirt from peacocks is gorgeous!

  16. Great choices on the mascara!! I have tried almost all mascaras, and I have, like, 2349230432 tubes of it.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  17. Love the blouse & the first shoe boots - I'm a total postage fee hater too, £5 is pretty ridiculous!x

  18. I wish I could buy boots like these in Ottawa. Unfortunately, they'd only be good for fall. And it snows early and like crazy here. FML.

    That's OK though, I have my wedge boots to tide me through until it starts snowing. Then it'll be shopping shopping shopping! For actual snow boots!
    and I have no idea how actual snow boots look like haha.

    Mad love,

  19. You have picked some great things. I love the boots. They are all so classy.

  20. Wow! Love all of the shoes :) I've deffo gotta go and check Matalan out ASAP! Love the first pair of shoe boots and the gorgeous polka dot blouse :) those cupcakes look YUM too :) Glad you had a nice time!


  21. i love hauls.. and i like those shoes.. lovely!
    i know you're doing great .. happy for you!

  22. I love the boots! I need some over the knees boots or even some thigh high ones... so sexy!

  23. Wow the boots are all such great bargains! The £4.50 are amazing, I really like that style. Love the Dotty P's top too, great style and another great bargain! xx

  24. Haha your like me booted up to the max. Prepared for A/W now then girl, well done on the bargains. I love the sheer blouse sleeveless designs!


  25. omg them boots are AMAZING!!!!! :) xoxox


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