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Lush Christmas Gifts // Under £10

When it comes to gift buying on the run up to Christmas I always wish I had more Lushies to buy for. This year Lush out did themselves in the packaging department, every budget has been met with a few classic sets appearing while the more daring knot wraps and large party popper style gifts will see the year out with an almighty bang come bath time. Here I have two of the more affordable gift sets that are perfect for stocking fillers or secret Santa's without having to break the budget.
an image of lush christmas gifts 2013
an image of baby frosty contents
Last Christmas saw the arrival of Mr & Mrs Frosty in which quite a few Frosty's decided to take shelter in the LW household. I'm happy to see that Lush have added to the Frosty family with a new addition Baby Frosty, consisting of just two products rather than the three that form his 'snow parents'. Leaving the bubbles to his parents Baby Frosty contains two bath bombs, one of which is limited edition while the other Butterball, was no surprise to be included since it's recommended to those with young children and sensitive skin. Butterball has received countless mentions on LW thanks to it's soothing and hydrating cocoa butter formula and sweet vanilla fragrance. Following Butterball's raving review comes Shoot for the Stars, a new addition for Christmas 2013 and one I hope comes back for 2014. Once the bomb hits the water you'll be greeted with deep purple waters, shimmering silver lustre and white edible stars while the entire upstairs of your house is overpowered by it's uplifting Bergamot Oil and comforting honey scent it shares with Honey I Washed The Kids Soap. This bomb alone retails for £3.25, one of the larger bombs that really does deserve the slightly higher price tag having purchased it myself in my previous Lush haul found here. Lush haven't left the pre-knot-wrap gift sets there with another four ranging from £18.95-£37.95, I have a feeling that the knot-wrap to fill our household this year will be Santa's Grotto, due to my mum and myself both eyeing up the perfect contents.
an image of lush i want candy
a close up of candy mountain
an image of lush rock star soap
I want Candy will always be one of Lush's classics to me, this small and affordable gift set has been purchased multiple times over the years for friends, family and received by myself too. Containing two calorie free treats to indulge over the festive season your receiver will be glad to know that both items are actually available all year round. Candy Mountain has returned for yet another year, I'll admit I still miss the days it appeared as a candy cane, it was far easier to make the most out of your product with three baths compared to the two I get now. Lush added a little glamour to my old favourite creamy candy/candy mountain with a shimmering outer coating, though not as noticeable once crumbling into your warm waters. Rock Star soap again, a product that seems to be a popular stepping stone into the Lush waters. It's creamy sweet lather is enough to win anyone over. Fitting to the name Rock Star appears as a star in each gift set with a 100g piece waiting to sparkle.
an image of i want candy contents
Lush gift sets are priced higher than buying the products individually however would any of us be able to purchase and wrap flawlessly as Lush workers do? I can't believe how quick Christmas is coming, the last few Lush orders will be placed this week for last minute gifts and retro purchases. Now we're at the start of a new month Lush change up the festive additions to the retro section, my favourites always reappear in December with Christmas Angel, Superstars and Snow Showers shower jelly at the top of my list to Mumma Writes. What are you hoping for? <3

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  1. I love their Christmas boxes! :D

    1. They make receiving such lovely treats even nicer don't they!

  2. Awww! That baby Frosty is so cute! I love your Christmas posts so far :) x

    1. He's adorable, I've wrapped one for my Mum this year! She'll love him just as much x

  3. That wrapping paper is lovely! I wish I had a lush near me. I think I'd be in there every day!! x

    1. I adore the classic candy cane wrapping, I hope they never change it! Shame we can't hide lush round the tree this year with having Harry. Haha, it's such an addiction isn't it.


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