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Fit That Thing with Sugru // Mouldable Glue

Yes. You read that title correct. Out of all the topics I branch out to on LW I never expected to go into such detail about glue. It's certainly different to most emails I have ping in each and every day but after seeing the amount of uses and handy DIY's this stuff can be used for I was pretty intrigued. Sugru is the worlds first mouldable glue that turns into rubber. It all started with a small team in London with a dream of fixing and modifying items.
an image of sugru mouldable glue
an image of sugru mouldable glue
an image of sugru mouldable glue
The patented silicone technology behind it is unique with Sugru feeling just like regularly play-dough and yet bonds to every single surface and cures by air for a secure and strong bond, from anywhere from the freezer, shower, home and outside. Able to stick to ceramics, glass, metal, wood, fabric and plastic you'll not have to worry when it comes to your next breakage. When it comes to needing to use Sugru simply shape as much as you need, seal edges and leave to cure. After 24 hours your Sugru has now turned into rubber and stays stuck unless you remove it of course. For speedier curing place somewhere warmer. Sugru won't fade in the sun and works in all weathers as well as sea water.

I was sent a Classic Colours eight pack £12.99 which features White, Black, Royal Blue x2, Sunny Yellow x2 and Classic Red x2. You can buy Sugru in various other packs including a pack of just white and black as well as singular colours and three packs with silver grey, wood brown, pink and green available. There's magnetic kits, tins, posters and t-shirts for those who really get into Sugru. Each pack comes with instructions, ideas, basic info and safety notices. So far I've used Sugru to repair my many broken iPhone cables. I'm either taping them or ordering new ones. Thankfully at last I have something flexible, yet durable to save those pesky cables Apple refuse to sort. We're always breaking items in this house, my Mum being the worst. I'm sure we'll be making use of Sugru over the next few months and ordering more in the future. Lucy x
Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.

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