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Christmas Gift Guide 2017 // For The Dog

No matter how small of a pet I've had (okay I've only had fish and hamsters until the dogs) but you get the gist - we've always spoilt them. Maybe not the goldfish though they did appreciate the occasional pea dropped into their tank. Seriously though - even when I had hamster after hamster I would still make them up a stocking of little treats for Christmas morning, or be found picking out toys & new treats on the weekends. The stocking would contain a carrot, festive bed and novelty gnawing blocks because as cute as the little guys were - weren't they bar chewers! However since owning dogs - I have two West Highland Terriers for those who don't know, I thought it was well worth sharing what we've slowly been picking up - though I definitely need to grab a few more distractions and treats for the big day. It's my little way of saying thank you for all the snuggles, licks and wagging tails greeting me every day - not to mention the comedy the pair of them provide & social interaction - you don't realise just how many people come into your life when you get a dog and socialise it. So without delay - here's what I've picked up for my little furry friends for Christmas 2017 - with a beautiful hamper I was so kind to win a few weeks ago from a brand we shop with online. They've been strutting the streets in style thanks to Urban Pup. 
an image of Christmas Gift Guide 2017 For The Dog
an image of Christmas Gift Guide 2017 For The Dog
First up - a true treat for Harry, he doesn't get these very often. We used to always pick up the Munchy Bones from Pets at Home when their seasonal ranges came into stores. However they've changed their mix up and we aren't comfortable for him or Mollie to have these, whilst in The Range we noticed they actually had some more like what we used to purchase - shredded rawhide compared to solid rawhide. They also didn't have too much colouring, so we were more than happy to chuck some in the basket to keep our little man happy over the festive period. Though they're never any trouble when it comes to the big day - they love a roast dinner and a relax - only opening their own gifts. Mollie being as diddy as she is, struggles with most large chews - despite going through a phase of breaking all of Harry's favourite toys when she first moved in. However they actually stocked smaller, shapes of gloves and hats - we're hoping this year she manages a few of these before Harry cottons on and steals her treat too.
Next up - one item we picked up to go with someones gifts that have a lot of dogs and another for our neighbours dog. Bakers and Pedigree both have great treat tins out - perfect because they're such great value and the owners get a useful tin for storing the open packets in. Bakers is the most popular between who we're buying for so we decided to go for those. The All Sorts always smell so good - I never thought I'd find dog treats to smell nice but you have to hand it to Bakers.

Back to our little monkeys - whilst at The Range, we noticed they had a couple toys our two would adore. The first being an emoji poo - they'll love squeaking this and it'll be pretty funny to see them wrestle over it. We also grabbed the bottle snowman as Mollie loves anything that makes a squeaks, crunches and crackles.
an image of Christmas Gift Guide 2017 For The Dog
an image of Christmas Gift Guide 2017 For The Dog
As mentioned, both Harry and Mollie have been treated this Christmas early - when I won the Urban Pup Twitter Giveaway. I only had to answer a question about what they stocked and to retweet. I was lucky enough to be chosen - great when you never win anything and also shop with the brand already. The prize was their Christmas themed hamper which retails for around £60 - with a contents worth well over £100. Inside was a red collar, red lead with little charm - I've actually decided to give this to another little cutie because why not share? Plus our two have plenty of back up collars and leads in the drawer. My favourite item of the box has to be the White Ski Puffa Jacket that Mollie will be strutting down the streets come the cold, dryer days. It fits her perfectly and it's really important we keep her hip joint warm and protected from the colder weather since she had her Hip Replacement last year. We also received a red mesh harness - we were planning on buying two red harnesses to match their Christmas Jumpers - therefore we only need to get Harry one now. There was also another Christmas Jumper in the box - perfect for Mollie and a Christmas Hoodie which Harry's been wearing.
an image of Christmas Gift Guide 2017 For The Dog
Other items I'm planning on picking up this week are - more of their favourite healthy treats, new antlers or bullhorn's to keep them busy over the festive period with all the comings and goings, not to mention fireworks that'll be going off. There'll be a few more toys and again - Harry gets a new harness. They're very well looked after and shall be enjoying plenty of turkey dinners over the Christmas and Boxing Day period. What do you buy for your pets? Or are you not so crazy as us? Lucy xx
Disclaimer: all own purchases apart from giveaway prize which I opted to share, no affiliated links.

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