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Christmas Gift Guide 2017 // For Him

Well today marks the day I finally share my last minute gift ideas for the men in your life. The one great thing about Christmas being on a Monday this year is the fact you do gain a few extra shopping days if you're lucky enough to have some time to book off work or happen to have the weekend off - plus there's those handy extra days for next day delivery and don't get me started on the food shop - have I just aged a whole lot? I suppose that's what happens when you always help out at home when it comes to Christmas. I absolutely love being the household Elf. Whilst gift guides are usually pretty long - I've decided to keep mine fairly short and sweet, covering a few little treats, healthier style treats - not to mention a few fashion, lifestyle and one deal I was really over the moon to get hold of during the Black Friday/Cyber Week offers.
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First Up - you can't go wrong with fragrance and Boots have come top this year with their fabulous deals each week. A classic for my Dad is now Chanel Bleu - you'll see it in any male gift guide since introducing him into it last Christmas. Whether it's for your Dad, Brother, Boyfriend or Grandad - it's an incredible scent and there's usually some great deals floating around. Also picked out - Calvin Klein Obsessed - after receiving the samples of both female and male fragrances in this line, my Dad took a liking to it - watching for deals a few weeks ago we snapped this gift set up and can't wait for him to enjoy a new scent. Popular scents I've also grabbed for my brother are some more Ralph Lauren Polo numbers - again always seem to feature them in gift guides & Boots had yet more weekly deals. Keep an eye tonight and tomorrow - as I believe more deals will be appearing early.
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A stocking filler idea if your guy likes a little Lush are their soaps - my Dad again, is always running into my room asking for a new bar when he's finished them at work. SO I've gone a little mad since these photo's were taken and have actually purchased a lot more for him. Baked Alaska, Shooting Stars, Salted Caramel and Golden Pear are sat in a box with all his other gifts. If they don't love the store that can be smelt from miles away - other affordable stocking fillers and new for this year are the Lynx Shower Foams and new body sprays - that follow the women Impulse additions and come boxed. Crazy Rumours Lip Balms can be picked up from Holland And Barrett's - with Christmas flavours readily available in my local. Nobody wants chapped lips greeting them Christmas morning. Lastly, a fantastic gift set from no other Label M - I always give their products to my brother each Christmas. He raves about their products - so with this one kindly gifted to me, he's got an extra present coming his way this year. The Trio Gift Set* Featured here is on offer online at plenty of places but can be found on All Beauty for just £19.95 - £5 off here - with time for delivery. Inside you get a pair of socks, shampoo, conditioner and a pot of their amazing Deconstructor.  
an image of mens christmas gift guide 2017
an image of Christmas Gift Guide 2017 For Him
Stepping away from the 'beauty', we have shoes and hats - which we picked up great deals and purchased A LOT of hats from Millets this year, which opened in my tiny town not so long ago. As keen walkers my Dad has new shoes/boots winging his way and another hat not pictured as he had one given early & the one featured here is for my brother. They're lined so well and who doesn't love a pom pom.
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If all fails food gifts never fail to go down, fill the stocking with their favourite treats and wrap up some delicious chocolates. Here I can't help but feature the mixed box of Monty Bojangles which Boots have in their 3 for 2 deals. Chocolate Monopoly as my Dad loves playing this over New Years and we might even get to give this a go Christmas Day as it's only the four of us and dogs - no extra family dropping in. I found this in The Range for £5 - a third of anywhere else. GO GO GO. Sloe Gin is always fitting at this time of year - I can't recommend Hayman's Sloe Gin* enough - whether it's drinking or used in recipes - note one is up tomorrow at 9am using Hayman's. Grenade Bars always fill my feed and with my brother wanting to be healthier and working his butt off being the best damn law person/trade mark guy in his solicitor firm he'll love these on the go and whilst he gets back into his exercise and running. The flavours sound insanely good in this selection box - Jaffa, Brownie, Cookies? Need I say more, get to Holland and Barrett for fabulous offers. AND for the Dairy and Gluten Free amongst us - Nakd Bars are found in Holland & Barrett, every supermarket and online from their website with delivery still available where you can buy massive boxes and starter packs. Not to mention their 'sister' brand Trek. Christmas Pudding was on sale earlier this month as a one off - so sadly you can't get any but the other flavours are faultless and equally delicious - especially if you warm them for 20 seconds. Head to Aldi for a dupe though - 49p Christmas Pudding Bars are found on their checkouts and are insanely good. 
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Other items that always go down well are gift cards - get them Amazon, Spotify, iTunes or their favourite restaurant? Tech wise - you've always got cases, headphones and such but how about the old school Sega Megadrive's popping back up. They were on offer over Black Friday and we got the last one really late at night thanks to my Dad eagerly checking our local who had none left earlier that day. My brother is home for the week, without his PlayStation so this will bring the whole family together as we all grew up playing the Megadrive. Other little gifts are films - Wonder Woman featured here, perhaps Bad Santa 2 and Office Christmas Party? We can't forget a bit of Harry Potter either - with the amazing colour changing glass to carry on the tradition I started with Dan. Lakeland have plenty in their stores for just under £9 - the best I've seen this priced this Christmas. Don't forget Primark as they have so much Harry Potter merchandise - I picked up three Harry Potter hoodies at £10 each last week, two for gifts and one for myself. They start at XS - perfect for all ages and perfect for me. They're so so soft and well made.
an image of Christmas Gift Guide 2017 For Him
an image of Christmas Gift Guide 2017 For Him
What have you wrapped up for the man in your life this Christmas? Do you have men who have everything? Who don't stop buying for themselves before Christmas as we're told to do? I'm always giving them ideas for us - but never given any ideas for them. If you've purchased anything exciting leave it in the comments because who knows who might take inspiration from it? I've tried to keep the majority of items in this guide to be available from the high-street stores and next day delivery as I appreciate I'm a little late with sharing ideas this year. Have a wonderful Festive Week - I hope you manage to get everything you need on time and if you don't? Heck it's not the end of the world - there are more important things than what's under your tree - even if we all do love to be treated from time to time. Love Lucy xx - don't forget to keep watch for my women's gift guides coming today - fingers crossed AND tomorrow I have a double posting of a very tempting recipe and a pet gift guide.
Disclaimer: * items marked were sent for review - no payment received or affiliated links used

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