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Lush // Melting Snowman Review

Hey lovelies, I'm back with yet another Lush review. Today while Christmas shopping, this little chap popped in the basket. I made sure I picked the one that was the biggest, better looking..though he's not the prettiest item...and has all his eye balls intact. For some reason, I thought this item was much more and hadn't bothered to pick him up, since he's so small. As soon as I realised he was cheaper he was in the basket and I hope I get many more of these before Christmas is over. 
The Melting Snowman, is a bath melt which then turns the water into a creamy, very pale colour. Sounds boring, but does wonders for your skin. This ones for all those with dry or sensitive skin. Anyone remember the bearded lady, from last years range? Well, this seems to have replaced it, Bearded lady was a bubble bar, but contained similar ingredients, had a different scent though and was all about moisturising your skin. To me this is even better. Now for £1.95 you can't complain. Tonight, I ending up cutting him in half, so I have another lovely, relaxing bath with him.

I can really smell the scent on my skin, it smells amazing and goes with two of my favourite Christmas products and a favourite scent of mine this year. I haven't always loved this scent, this year I think I may actually pick it over Snow Fairy!?! What's going on. I've used more of the Snowcake scented products than the Snow Fairy scented at the moment. 

The 'body' of the snowman contains bicarb of soda, which softens the water, plenty of cocoa butter and Shea butter. So as soon as this chap hits the hot water, he'll start melting away, to give you the most relaxing and creamy bath you've ever had. I can't explain how truly soft and smooth your skin feels after him! The snowman, does include chocolate drops as his eyes and buttons, these won't mess up your bath, they won't colour your bath water a weird colour, they simply just melt and dissolve away, vanished. Will you be treating yourself to a Melting Snowman this year? Lucy xox
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  1. aww this snowman sounds perfect for me, i have dry skin and could do with some moisturising, i saw your twitter status before about having a bath and i thouhgt "this girl has alot of baths" but if i was using all the LUSH products you have been using my water bill would be going up!lol!
    He's an ugly little man but I love the ugly one's no one else wants, i would of picked him up to :)

  2. I love the melting snowman he's so cute and smells like yummy marzpain and he is so moisturising I've brought 8 far I can't get enough of him :) x

  3. I think he's quite cute. Bless haha Poor wee snowman

    - Allie x

    Allie UK Blog

  4. I spie this little fella in Lush and bought him for my sister for Crimbo, if I'd known he was this good I'd have kept him for myself :D I love the smell of marzipan and we all need a little help with moisturisation in the Winter Season x

  5. I didn't see him on my last trip to Lush...I'll definitely be on the look out for when I'm next passing though - he sounds amazing :)

    I tried the Abombinaball ballistic...definitely a new favourite :D xx

  6. This is definitely on my wishlist if it's super moisturizing!


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