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Weekly Haul // Boxing Day Sales Part 2

So, yesterday I braved the freezing cold and went into town again to check out the sales. I went back to Boots to see if the sets I'd put back were there, nope, they'd gone. So in the end I didn't get any more in there, I'd just be buying and cluttering. So next I hit Newlook, I am a walking advertisement, everyone was picking up my winter coat and trying on and looking at me, not good, now every where I go I see at least one person wearing it, makes me sad. I like to be different, but then shopping in Newlook won't make me different, though usually, I never see anyone with my clothes etc on. Though everyone says the coat looks better on me, how lovely.. ;).

Newlook time, seriously how much do I buy in Newlook these days, everyone moans about Newlook never having anything, are you crazy!? Mines amazing. Though sometimes a little over priced, why someone would pay £30 for Newlook boots in the sale is beyond me, it's Newlook and they looked like they'd fall apart too. However, while looking at the shoes I remembered the 915 range goes up to a size 6. I'm a size 3 usually. Now I suggest you check it out, shoes are always the same or similar and for half the price. 

These are the boots I've been waiting to find all winter! I didn't want any heeled boots, I still walk a lot, so conscious of putting weight on, so I walk most places. These boots have a tiny heel, but not an actual high heel, thin heel, waiting to snap. They fit around my legs a bit better, there's still a fair gap, but that's chicken legs for you. They have the right amount of buckles on and finally a pair of black boots! They only had size 1 or 2, I'd tried Bear Paw boots on in a size 2 Christmas shopping and they fitted, so I gave these a try. PERFECT! Grabbed them. And oh did I tell you how much...£10!? Yes £10, compared to £30, that the same adults range ones were selling, so check your local stores and online, they go up to a 6! They're better quality than the 'adults' boots and softer lining. I finally got a bargain.

Next up, they had new designs in on their mix and match and with La Senza being rubbish and Ann Summers is just cheap looking and over priced I just grabbed 3 pairs of these, even though I'd purchased some before Christmas and had 9 pairs for Christmas from La Senza and a few Newlook. The first pair, coral lace and leopard print, I picked the button version up, just for cuteness, don't normally like cute underwear too much. But the lace balances it out. Next up, a red thong, it's gorgeous! The lace has little hearts in. They've won compliments before (I'm sure that will come across as not what I meant :P ) and finally the same in cream, I picked a pair up before and I love this shade! 3 for £7. Cheap.

Then I popped into WHSmiths, which I have posted about today, showing my makeup collection. It's the drawer sets they sell, but in a new pattern. It's gorgeous. Not perfect. But it looks pretty and holds all my makeup. I love it and this was half price - £12.99 instead of £25.99. It's really strong too and the ribbon handles are cute!

Lastly, Superdrug had epilators on sale or reduced, everywhere does. Last one in store. £27.99 pretty damn cheap and it's also a shaver, but I'd rather wax, cream and epilate. Though this thing is loud. Christ. Doesn't hurt though, warnings of how much it kills, well it's nothing. Waxing hurts, this doesn't. I've looked at this range before because of the pattern, it's sparkly and has a purple swirly pattern. Perfect for me. I may even review it! So far I'm impressed! 

What have you managed to pick up in the sales?


  1. Really like the underwear,, haha sounds a bit strange! :/
    Stacey x

  2. love the epilaor i have the pink one only hurts on the bikini line i fine other than thats its good :)


  3. Will deff be checking out the 915 shoes in new look!

  4. Great boots, and I love the make up holder! I managed to pick up a few sales bits today, have just done a blog on it! XX

  5. Fab haul :) The boots are gorgeous, you must have tiny feet! x

  6. Those drawrs are nice, they look great for sorting a makeup collection out - I may have to check out WH Smith now, I browsed the Ikea website but couldn't find anything!

    Phoebe x

  7. I couldn't bring myself to brave the sales, so did all my sale shopping online, but it looks like you got some good deals :)
    The drawers look like great storage, too xx

  8. love the underwear xx

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