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Weekly Haul // Christmas Time & Gift Guide.

Hey lovelies, as you know I've been shopping crazy since it's Christmas, rather than doing one for every time I shop, or super long ones, I've decided to put all my favourite items I've 'collected' purchased over the last 2 weeks together. Today was pamper day, went into town, got my eyebrows tinted and waxed as usual, so they're perfect for Christmas & New Year. Then shopping followed. Only a few items, the only decent clothes shop in my town is Newlook. Their sale is so crap. I guess they're saving it for Christmas Eve again.

So for today's items.

Item number one, this gorgeous sheer floral shirt. You know by now I am obsessed with any shirts that are sheer or peter pan collared. I have wanted a floral shirt in ages, but never find them, despite bloggers featuring them. They did this in several floral patterns, this one being the best, the others were what your Great Grandma would wear if she was being 'fashionable' They were awful. Luckily they had an 8 left! Guardian Angel returns, it's a bit big, I'd rather of had a 6, but, it's just the shoulders, it fits my wrists perfectly. Diddy wrists, always mean sleeves don't fit properly. The back is open, it has one button at the top and one at the bottom, bonus of being a bit big, I can just slip it on and off without undoing. Newlook are getting a lot of nice sheer shirts lately. This came at the rather cheap price of £16.99. Looks so good on. OOTD coming soon.

Item number two, bargain time, you will of all heard and spotted Nail Rock nail wraps in many shops or online. Well Newlook have these for £3! for 24 wraps, they aren't my favourite brand, the more you use them, they do get a bit better. But for £3 you can't complain. These will do you twice & a few extra for nail art designs. Or three times, using 8 each time and having an accent nail on each hand. There's loads of ways when it comes to nails. I hate doing nail art, so these are a life saver. I picked up, furry cheetah. They had the stripes, a lot had in their Glossy boxes or they had the gold giraffe I've had before. I think these were on sale since the new Nail Rock range, Gold by Giles is in stores. I have some of them to show you too. With these half price, they make a great, cheap, Christmas Stocking filler.

Item number three, I don't even know why I'm putting this on here, but I'd ran out and this smells gorgeous. Everyone should of come across the brand BAYLIS & HARDING this Christmas. Their gift sets seem to be everywhere this year. I didn't even notice it was by them in the store, just picked it up because it's on sale for £1. This is the Lemon and Mandarin scent, with added Vitamin E. Smells yummy and it's the perfect size for handbags. Reminds me of the Bath & Body works.

Item's from the last week or two. These items are either for me or for Christmas presents. You've seen one item in an outfit of the night. My leopard print sheer sleeveless shirt. It's gorgeous. I've worn this to death since getting this. I've dressed it up and dressed it down. It's so soft and comfy. Favourite top of the month. For the cheap price of £16.99, you can't go wrong. 

Another set of Nail Rock nail wraps, these are part of the new range they have. Gold by Giles. I love the 'crazy' patterns they have, Animal prints in bright colours and not one set pattern, in a set. They did these in blue also. I picked up a set to put in my Mum's stocking. I love doing my nails, especially using nail wraps. Life is made easier. These were £5.99. As normal. They do 6 patterns in this range, my store had 5 of the 6. These below are mine.

The Melting Snowman, bath melt, that I have reviewed already. He's gorgeous and works wonders. The best bath melt out there. You won't have to moisturise. My body still felt moisturised the next morning. £1.95 and you get two uses from him. I love LUSH. 

Now onto the last of this 'Haul'. Stuck on what to buy your Mum or any female in your life? Well here's what I've picked out and is now wrapped under my tree for mine. She's going to be pampered this Christmas. I hope she doesn't read my blog, or I'll have to take them all back to the shops ;). She doesn't think she's getting the big Sanctuary set. It sold out in store and online, then went back up to the full price. It may be back online, not sure. My store literally has one left. So I think she's hoping it stays there for the sale. She'll be happy she loves this brand. Followed by more Sanctuary products. The set of Nail Rock, Gold by Giles, nail wraps, bracelets, just every day ones, chocolate, her favourite. A jumper she's wanted for so long. New PJ's we always have new PJ's for Christmas. More makeup, it was better to buy it in a gift set. Poppy King for No7. Her favourite perfume. The famous MUA heaven and earth palette. She loves mine. A few nail polishes. The Boots Cranberry set. Bonus of being 3 for 2. & of course LUSH. And anything else I've missed and not pictured. I've ordered a few more little bits for her, hoping they arrive by Christmas. Royal Mail take the biscuit. I'd rather pamper my Mum because she does a lot for me and the boys won't.

So, what has everyone been buying? These are my favourite items and a mini gift guide to help you if your stuck. I've been helping so many guys on Twitter and round here for Christmas ideas. I should start charging. Have you used the Boots 3 for 2 offer and gave yourself a treat this year? 



  1. I love the sheer shirt you got, its so pretty. Your mum is definitely going to be a happy woman on Christmas day, you've bought her some amazing bits!

  2. I've been buying really boring apartment stuff from ikea - nothing to treat myself too at all!

  3. great haul. the 3 for 3 in boots at the moment is amazing! Your mum seems pretty easy to buy for!! mine is a disaster haha.x

  4. I feel like I've spent way too much this month and have little to show for it haha X

  5. I've not tried the nail wraps, might pick some up tomorrow when I'm
    In town! Xx

  6. Oh nail wraps for £3 are so good, I'll definitely keep an eye out for them when I'm next in town.

    Also your mum is so lucky that she's got the Sanctuary set for Christmas! I'm so jealous of her!

    Love the post!

  7. Hi new follower here. x

  8. The sheer shirt is so nice :)! Aww your mum is gonna love all those presents! :)xxx

  9. thanks this has really helped xx

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