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5 Stocking Filler's For Christmas // 2011

Hey lovelies. Now the best thing about Christmas for me still, is waking up and before dragging myself out of bed is having quite a lot of little items for me to open in my rather large stocking. Some how years ago my Mum found these giant stockings and she's now stuck filling them up every year, which is pricey when your daughter is obsessed with trying the latest makeup. I don't think you can ever get too old for Christmas stockings, we all have one in our house and I plan on having one in 10 years time when I'm nearly 30. Whoever the lucky guy is, better carry this on. ;)
So if your stuck on what to get a family member, if you also do Christmas stockings, or your a guy who's stumbled across my blog in hope of some answers of what to buy, I hope this is some help to you. Or simply that you want to treat yourself in the Christmas season.

Item number one on the Christmas Stocking list, the Hello Kitty Liberty Nail Gift Set, I'd been eyeing this set up for a long time, now this set has a well deserved place in my nail polish storage. This retails at £10. Which for what it includes is great. This set contains, 3 nail polishes and 1 nail file and packaged in a gorgeous tin. Now I'm not the biggest hello kitty fan, but this appealed to me when all the gifts arrived in Boots. I'd be happy with this in my stocking, so would any other nail polish lover or Hello Kitty fan! Alongside any of the other Hello Kitty sets, there are a lot of really reasonably priced gifts. Not only is it a great price, but it's in the 3 for 2 offer. So if you have your eye on this yourself, pick it up as the free gift! Only thing, the picture on the Boot's site shows the caps of the bottles patterned matching the tin, where as mine are just plain gold. The tin will look great out on anyones dressing table and once they've used the products up, they have a pretty tin to use as storage. 

Nailease - L & C. Incoco - R
Item number two, or how ever many sets you want to buy of these, I've reviewed these lovelies on my blog already and included in my first OOTN. But you don't have to buy this particular brand, it's just the brand I have in my room at the moment, I also have a couple from another brand and have also reviewed more. So my top brands I would purchase from for nail wraps. 1. Nailease, they do amazing quality wraps, but not so many patterns as my next. 2. Rebel Nails, popular with the celebs but wont empty your bank account. 3. Incoco, for the Americans and limited UK patterns, if you hunt for them. I was informed they are in Selfridges, well Incoco are missing from the site and I've seen zero bloggers post about them. Nail wraps are a massive craze and are the perfect item for any girls nail collection or a cheats way to nail art. Here are a few examples of nail wraps. Search my blog for reviews and my latest OOTN. You can even pick them up in La Senza, they've started their own for Christmas. Or there's another popular brand Nail Rock, very popular with bloggers, but not with me. 

Item number three, an affordable brush set, can't afford mac or sigma, or can't wait that long for sigma to arrive, mine is still somewhere in the US, Atlantic or somewhere lost in the UK. I can see bad things happening, I'm so unlucky. So I've been using these brushes this week. Why I didn't try them sooner? I didn't bother last year, hate brushes with double ends, but how wrong am I, they're amazing, I went shopping the other day, I had texts flying in of 'I've just saw you, you look great' I thank these brushes. My makeup has never gone on so amazing in my life. Full review on these for sure! So for the perfect staple of someones makeup kit, or for someone starting out, pick these up! They will love them. I adore the foundation brush and eye brushes! 5 double ended brushes, so 10 brushes for £16. Plus they're in the 3 for 2. Fearne Brush Up Your Image, is a winner for me.

Item number 4 of my top 5, notice how I haven't mentioned LUSH yet. Another item I have received this last month. One of the Strictly Come Dancing sets, now I'm not a fan of the show. I'm a fan of this though, not my every day colours, but I can use these over Christmas and my Mum's even eyeing this set up. The lip products inside are pretty great quality. But the eyeshadows, the smoothest eye shadow I have come across and so pigmented. Perfect for a dance fanatic. I have the Strictly Stunning Look Book. You get three shadows, three lipgloss' and 1 blush. Along with the mirror, helpful pull out tips and mini applicators, that aren't that bad, if your on the go, they're fine. No fall out. Gorgeous colours, I love the blush. These retail at £10. For 7 products, it's pretty good! Very good quality and there are other sets, for those who don't like the blue shades in this set.
So that was my top five stocking fillers for this Christmas. I hope some of you enjoyed this. I have more posts coming soon, I just feel exhausted today. Even this post took me twice as long! Do you still have Christmas stockings?

Items sent for review consideration. No Payment has been received.
Disclaimer - I was sent the 3 items from boots, after pr seeing my review on the Sanctuary gift set, that I purchased two of. It is up to me to review these and I'm amazed at how well chosen the items were. Thank you. I had no idea what I was being sent, surprised and very thankful.


  1. aha we all get stockings in our house too. i'd be pretty annoyed if i didn't get one, they're so cute :L:L Some great ideas here, pity i had all my xmas shopping down ages ago... x

  2. The Fearne brushes look cool! Have always wanted to try something from her make-up range. Might have to take a look at these :-) Xx

  3. Those snowflake nail wraps look amazing, I really want some of those to wear on Christmas!

  4. Great post I love the little hello kitty set. My stocking gets full to the brim with sweets hehe xo

  5. The Fearne brushes look great! A new set of brushes is first on my list this year. Great post. :)

    xx Jessica

  6. them brushes look great :-) think ill treat myself to some xxx

  7. Fab post, I'd love to have all of that in my stocking!
    I'm 26 and still have a stocking. My partner always says he isn't doing me one but he knows that I would make his life hell if he didn't.
    He ain't stupid, he does what he is told! xx

  8. wow lucky you for these stocking fillers :)
    i've been eyeing up the pink ferne cotton make up brushes!
    i love anything pink and i clearly remember pointing these out to the boyf!
    he best of took note!
    The hello kitty nails polishes are gorgeous!

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