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Baker Days // Letterbox Cake

Last weekend I had a tasty surprise come hurtling through the letterbox at 8am with an almighty bang - cheers Pat. All was forgiven when I came downstairs to see the mail box contained CAKE!?! 'You can't get a better wake up than this.' Letterboxes are Baker Days latest addition to their various sweet treats with over 400 designs and the ability to customise your cake entirely. When you first think of cake being sent in the mail you'll automatically assume it'll come damaged...we all know what Royal Mail are like, mark fragile and they'll shake it a million more times. The cake sits perfectly on a cardboard cake board with a plastic wrap/pocket around it before being placed in a cute tin. They then post your cake in a perfectly sized posting's not moving anywhere even inside the tin. Along with the embossed tinned cake Baker Days place a small package of candles, balloons and party blower. Each letterbox serves 2-4 perfectly.
I'm not normally one for the 'Keep Calm' phrases, I usually roll my eyes every time I see item after item plastered. But after a week from hell for all of us the phrase and cake couldn't have been more perfect. 'Keep Calm the best is yet to come'. There's no point in moaning about the past week when the next will be far better - which was true. Of course there's ridiculous amounts of designs that you can customise with text and your own photo's before choosing your flavour of cake. I received chocolate, we all couldn't get over how delicious and moist the cake stayed through being sent to me, I didn't have many chocolate chips, which I've only just found out were.. Icing was spot on, I'm someone who peels it off but I loved it, not too thick or sickly. The dyes didn't run through transport or in and out of the fridge. If chocolate cake doesn't take your fancy there's; Madeira, Gluten and Wheat free or fruit!
I think letterbox cakes are a great idea, with family all over the country this would be a great little extra to send whatever the occasion. It's impressive how Baker Days are catering for everyone with a gluten free option and slimmer options to come in the near future. At £14.99 with the ability to reach anywhere in the UK with a delicious tin of customised cake it doesn't get much better. For someone who tends to bake and fatten everyone else up, rather than eating the goods....I ate most of this cake! Lucy xx
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  1. Wow! They off gf cakes at no extra fee? Do you know the size if the cake? Was it quite small to fit through letterbox?

    1. It's great, have a look at the site when you have time!You'll on there for ages. They're 2-3, four would be more than enough. I had smaller slices each time I fancied some over the weekend.

  2. This is such a great idea and I adore the cute tin and party popper! x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life


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