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La Roche-Posay // Hydraphase Intense Masque Review

Hydration masks are an essential item in many of our skincare routines when battling with dry skin, I know I've used my fair share. Having been formulated for those with sensitive skin Hydraphase Intense Masque leaves skin hydrated, calmed and silky smooth. The gel formula is enriched with La Roche-Posay's very own thermal skin water and hyaluronic acid that infuses with water for optimal hydration. Like all La Roche-Posay products this Intense Masque remains hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and paraben free.
During my first few uses I was set this product wasn't for dry skin and that it suited someone with an oilier complexion. However I was determined to stick it out and after a few more I can't recommend the mask or La Roche-Posay enough. I apply a generous layer weekly while in a relaxing bubble bath before washing off 20 minutes later. The scent is just as relaxing, it's so fresh and luxurious reminding me of many holidays despite being 'non perfumed.'
Hydration masks are usually associated with dry skin but I'd recommend to all, as it hydrates without leaving a heavy film on the skin.
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Elizabetty Spaghetti Nails // Review

I was recently contacted by Betty who runs an online business (Elizabetty Spaghetti Nails) selling hand painted false nail sets. If like me, you struggle creating intricate nail designs you'll love what Betty has to offer. Not only does Betty provide on trend nail art she can also complete custom designs and offers worldwide shipping.
Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.
The two sets I received were the amazing hand painted Galaxy nail art set which retails for £8 and the very festive hand painted Red & White Fair Isle Christmas Jumper nail art set, which retails for £10. I can't wait to apply the fair isle, I go crazy each winter, I seem to be accumulating many reindeer items this week. The galaxy print nails remain my favourite, they're just perfect!? I'll be applying these for the weekend, if they matched today's outfit they'd be on now! As for fit  the smaller five are perfect. Nail of the day's will certainly follow and many instagram's. Both sets are just beautiful!?

Wild Party Trio // Batiste

I recently featured this wild trio in my hair Christmas gift guide as along with the three mini cans of dry shampoo, each pack comes with a chance to win a new wardrobe from Motel Rocks & 20% off. I don't know how Batiste do it, they're always creating new brightly packaged cans and fragrances to match.

If you know your Batiste then you might already own Wild in full size, however the two limited edition cans are Savanna & Mamba. Out of the two it's Savanna's flirty floral cocktail that has me wishing for a full size can to be made available. Mamba remains warm and sexy, though the usual Batiste base lingers. However Mamba definitely has the best can in this trio. All three do a fab job at refreshing hair and providing voluminous results.

Wild Party Trio* retails for just £4.99 exclusive to Boots, making this gift set the perfect little treat for yourself and a great stocking filler. 
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Celebrate 21 Years // Burt's Bees // Natural Lip Balms

Yes, you really are staring at a giant Burt's Bees lip balm. This year Burt's Bees natural lip balms turn 21 so they've created this limited edition gift set containing 9 of their lip products. What a perfect Christmas gift for someone!
I received some strange looks opening this package and pulling out a giant lip balm tube, most thought it was actually a giant lip balm, can you imagine how trying to use that. Inside you'll find the original tin of their Beeswax lip balm along with the Beeswax Lip Balm - Vitamin E & Peppermint, Honey Lip Balm, Rejuvenating Lip Balm with Acai Berry, Refreshing Lip Balm with Grapefruit, Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil, Nourishing Lip Balm with Mango Butter, Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm with Kokum Butter & Ultra Moisturising Lip Treatment.
I've reviewed a couple of the balms already on my blog, the Ultra Conditioning balm is an essential for winter. I always carry one around with me, I actually gave a few away earlier this year. The refreshing grapefruit remains my favourite from Burt's Bee's purely because it smells and tastes amazing. I also have the pomegranate balm open right now, although red in the bullet I don't get any colour pay off, just a subtle scent while hydrating my lips. Another stand out product in this gift set has to be the new Ultra Moisturising Lip Treatment, it's a cheaper alternative to the Balance Me lip treatment and personally provides faster and much better hydration.
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Lush // Ponche Review

Along with the many bath products Lush create every year for the ever so popular Christmas line I always look forward to the shower products. Most years I can't wait to get my hands on Snow Fairy but it's all changed this year. While shopping one evening I grabbed a bottle of Ponche shower gel and chucked into the basket without smelling. Surprisingly over the last few days I've popped the cap, jumped into the shower and guess what!? I'll be replacing my years supply of Snow Fairy with Ponche. The last few days haven't been great and this has been a complete gem. If you happen to be in the market for a cheery shower gel to get you going in the morning you'll love this tropical cocktail of orange, plum, cinnamon and tequila. Don't worry you won't come out smelling of booze, but you can definitely smell the tequila in my bottle! 

Go Lush Yourself // Rub Rub Rub Review

Rub Rub Rub has been a favourite of mine since the days it came packaged in the Lush shower gel bottles. Thankfully the days of unblocking the cap or unscrewing the cap are over and Lush now package it in their regular black pots. At £7.95 for 330g this is one of their more affordable shower scrubs compared to my old and retired love, Sugar Babe. 
When it comes to using Rub Rub Rub it's pretty simple, you take a small handful and scrub. If you're after a gentle scrub use under the shower, however if like me, you prefer to really scrub away then use on dry skin all over your body. Rub Rub Rub is great in a foot soak if you want something rougher than Stepping Stone. It's suggested to also use as a shampoo, just like Big Shampoo for volume, I'm yet to see results from either for volume but the times I have trouble with my scalp it's a miracle. As a body scrub Rub Rub Rub is fantastic.

Lush // Twilight Shower Gel Review

I recently posted my festive Lush haul with enough goodies to get me in the festive mood...not that I need any help, I went to get sick supplies for my Dad and ended up in the B&Q Christmas section!?  A few days before the postman delivered a surprise bottle of Twilight*, an item I've been eyeing up in this years collection as the Twilight bath bomb is one of my most purchased and loved products from Lush. 'Lushies' may already own a bottle as Lush did create Twilight shower gel before for a forum party.
Twilight isn't going to be a product you use first thing in the morning, if you're anything like me you need all the help you can get to feel awake. After a long day Twilight is great for jumping into the shower with or used to run a hot bubble bath complete with the matching bath bomb. With lavender, malt and ylang ylang...some silver snowflake lustre you'll get the best nights sleep. I'd love to see Twilight become part of the permanent collection just like Rocketeer did because the shower gel selection definitely lacks a relaxing scent in my eyes.
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Lost Beauty // Ravi Famous

Skull Jumper | Ravi Famous | One Size |Beige* | £20
Legging Jeans | Gap | 25W 32L
Brown Boots | Newlook | 3
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La Roche-Posay // Cicaplast Baume B5 Review

In my last favourites I featured the La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume B5, a Soothing Repairing Balm to you and me. After my little accident at Dan's graduation this product was quite the miracle product.
Cicaplast Baume B5* is a multi-purpose balm providing immediate comfort to skin with it's soothing and repairing powers for irritations such as dry lips and eczema to minor injuries. This thick white balm is suitable for the whole family, including babies. It can be used from head to toe, including the face and lips. Other uses are burns, cracks, nappy rash and sun burn. It's completely paraben free as well as fragrance free.
The balm contains Panthenol 5%, which is great for calming and soothing irritations and redness, it's a form of Pro-Vitamin B5, which is also found in a lot of foods such as beef, fish and egg. Panthenol helps moisturise, improve hydration of the skin, reduces water loss and helps skin elasticity. Shea butter is also found in this balm making it incredibly nourishing to healing skin, while Madecassoside helps with faster aesthetic scarring combined with copper, zinc and manganese to reduce bacteria and speed up natural healing. We can't forget La Roche-Posay's thermal spring water for it's soothing and softening properties.
My first application had results the next morning, I applied before I went to bed and woke up to see both cuts had finally started to shrink. In a matter of days the cuts were healing, one leg has already healed over, with bruising shrinking rapidly. My left leg was the worst of the two, using twice a day it was took awhile longer before my leg healed. Since then I only have a tiny red mark on my leg, that will vanish eventually, it was a pretty nasty fall. Before I started using Cicaplast Baume B5 Sudocrem was not helping at all. If you struggle with dry lips, I can't rate this enough especially as the weathers getting colder along with eczema sufferers, I personally think it beats any creams prescribed by Dr's.

Disclaimer: a PR sample that couldn't have come at a better time.
Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.

Lush Christmas Haul // 2012

In the last week I've ended up popping into Lush twice, believe it or not I actually hadn't stepped inside a Lush store since just after my birthday, late July, early August. I think there may have been the odd cheeky online order though. I popped in to grab a few Christmas items after a Nando's with friends.
This year I haven't felt the need to rush out and buy every single Christmas item. Quite a few of the new items are scents you can buy all year round and the Lush nutter I am can pick out dupes for the others too, prepare for a 2012 Christmas dupe post. Though I have picked up a fair chunk of the Christmas line, along with my stash of Snow Fairy from last year and a few others.
The item I went in specifically for was Bubblebeard, the moustache bubble bar wand everyone is going crazy over since it's 'Movember' though he's not really associated with the charity, just Santa's beard. Bubblebeard retails at £4.95 providing lots of bubble baths and a relaxing scent. I haven't grabbed the Rocket wand yet, he looks so tiny for £4.95. Following the Santa theme I then grabbed a Santa's Sack, he's smells a little different to what I was expecting, think Glogg weakened mixed with citrus. For £4.15 you get yourself a chunky bubble bar complete with two presents made out of the harder bubble bar mixture the wands consist of. 
I was pleased to see that my favourite little guy The Melting Snowman was back, with an even better scent. This year he's dropped the snowcake scent and turned a little spicier, to me he smells strongly of Glogg which is retro this year and Christmas Kisses that sadly isn't part of the retro line this year. For £1.95 I'll be buying another 10 along with my Mum, I picked up one for her too. As I already have bottles of Snow Fairy from last year, one of Glogg and Twilight came a few days before I was needing to try out Ponche. Since you can rarely smell a Lush product in the shop without taking in all the other products I grabbed a small bottle for £4.25.
For my second trip to Lush I popped into my local, I grabbed two Cinders bath bombs. I buy Cinders every year and would truly be heartbroken if they banished it from future Christmas collections, just like Lil Lush Pud this year. Cinders retails at £2.25 one of the cheaper and best Christmas items from Lush. The last item from my festive haul is Party Popper, this bath bomb smells amazing, they've packed Lush into one product. I want a pile of these in my house to give out over Christmas and New Year because everyone always fires party poppers at me. Party Popper retails for £2.95, I hope to see a few of them in my stocking this year. 
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