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NEW // Accessorize // Enchanted eau de toilette

So far the new additions to the Accessorize beauty collection have got me hooked, so has this perfume. Like most beauty related items I'm a huge perfume junkie, I like trying new scents around my 'signature' scent. Enchanted by Accessorize has recently been released and it's the perfect dupe, if not better, for a well loved fragrance that was in my life while growing up. 
When I buy a perfume it's the design that always attracts me, if a perfume looks ugly I won't actually go near it. I want something that'll make me smell nice of course, but it's got to look good on my vanity. I love the Enchanted bottle, as you can see from behind the bottle, my wooden drawers have butterflies on, the perfect match for my vanity. For £15, the glass is strong and sturdy and I like the gold finishing touches. The bottle holds 50ml of perfume.
Enchanted is the ultimate girly scent that remains sweet without being sickly. This sweet, fruity floral accord contains Candy Floss < get guessing what my dupe will be. Raspberries, Jasmine, Violet and Rose. Followed by subtle notes of Chocolate Musk, Vanilla and Sandalwood. As far as scent descriptions go, this fragrance smells exactly how it's described on the box. For an Eau De Toilette the staying power is impressive and rivals some of my more expensive perfumes. Who ever catches this aroma will be Enchanted.
This scent is the perfect dupe for Britney Spears - Fantasy, though it's not quite as sickly < yay, most will know how sickly it is! I wore Fantasy to death growing up < ages 12-15, before replacing with Midnight Fantasy and many others since. I love this scent because I can essentially wear a scent I used to wear without the sickly part and memories of a particular idiot. Who else is like me?
Accessorize get 10/10.

Disclaimer: Sample.
Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.

Weekly Haul // The week I behave..

So this week I've behaved, I haven't done a Lucy and gone crazy, I'm saving that for next month, I'm already planning what I'm getting after my birthday, I'm actually excited for a birthday!? 
I purchased these brushes from CuteCosmetics for £11.05, free delivery. I highly recommend this site because I'm always flicking through. Ecotools are getting popular and have been on my list for quite some time, they ended up being cheaper than boots, eBay actually sells sets for £4 but I'm not waiting a month for my post not to arrive. You can find the set here.
These were a little later than expected, but I ordered them from BuyaPowa for £9.50. I already have one of them, but you saved a fair bit. Sweet Tart, Lollipop & Strawberry Shortcake. I love my bright pinks this 'summer'.
Lastly, BB cream freebies, get yours from L'oreal, I ordered these really for my Mum because I rarely get on with BB creams, so far just the MUA BB cream on a good day. If it's any good I'll let you know.

So this week you'll agree I'm sure I was rather behaved, for once...
What have you been buying?
Disclaimer: Unless stated all is purchased by me.

My Coconut Island // Treacle Moon

A little while back luck was on my side for once, I was lucky enough to win the Treacle Moon competition where you name a scent. I picked 'Mango Peach Salsa' because it's my favourite candle scent and I'd love to smell like that. My Coconut Island is my favourite item out of the generous amount I won! 
This smells just like coconut ice cream, I'm a little bit obsessed with coconut ice cream and it's pretty hard to find near me. This body butter smells good enough to eat and lasts on my skin all day long. It's not sickly at all, there's not enough coconut products on the market, thank god for Treacle Moon, I'll be buying the rest of this collection. This a must have product for those who fake tan or long to have silky smooth legs.
I like the packaging of the entire range of Treacle Moon, because they have cute quotes on the front of each product. I'm a sucker for cuteness when it comes to packaging. Though it's just like any other body butter when it comes to the tub that it's packaged in. It holds a very reasonable amount of 250ml, which with this body butter will last a very long time, I've used this pretty much every day since it arrived and it looks like I've barely touched it. I'd happily pick this over The Body Shop body butters. £4.05 it's amazing value for money.
It doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy, a few minutes and I can crawl into bed with smooth skin and smelling good enough to eat. If you love coconut scents as much as I do then you'll love this or at least go smell it. 
Disclaimer: This was a prize, I did not have to feature, nor did they know I blogged.

Go LUSH Yourself // No Drought

I'm always on the look out for a rival for Batiste, No Drought from Lush has been out for quite a while, but I hadn't used it, simply because the idea of  an actual powder dry shampoo scared me. I've used other powders before and they've just made a sticky mess on my hair and I don't get overly greasy hair, I'm more of a refresh user. No Drought retails at £6.50 for 115g. A fair bit more than your regular aerosol cans.
When it comes to Lush they make the packaging as simple as they can, it's packaged in their normal 100% recycled bottles that the shower gels are found in. I'm always a fan of their black and white packaging,  most of the products are pretty enough, obviously the powder isn't one of the 'pretties'. Despite being boring, Lush have packed this one with enough info. You won't have to google online to find out how to use, like most of the products.
I use this when I need a refresh, I have long hair and it's a pain in the bum to wash, dry and style. I keep mine healthy and it's not actually healthy to wash your hair everyday anyway. Shake very, very gently onto your hair, part your hair into a couple sections to get the best results. Use a small amount and add more if you need to, do not go over the top or you really will look like you have greys. If you want to be extra safe, puff some onto your hand and work it through your hair this way. Once you've worked the product through your hair, brush through to remove any excess powders and if needs be spin around a lot in the mirror to check every angle and ask someone. I'm still a little cautious using this one!
My favourite thing about No Drought is the scent. I'm a huge fan of grapefruit scents, this smells exactly like it.  Lush use grapefruit oil because it's refreshing & stimulating. Being June and still raining in England, it's a lovely pick me up scent. The main powder in this dry shampoo is cornflour, so your basically putting scented cornflour on your hair, beats baby powder I guess. Cornflour is super fine, so you're less likely to get white marks in your hair like Batiste, it also absorbs oil very well, it's quite surprising what natural products can do! Like the label says, cornflour is smooth, it's pretty silky smooth. No Drought is 100% preservative free & of course don't test on animals, do Batiste test on animals? I'm getting mixed answers on google. If they do and you're anti animal testing this is one to try.
Overall, this dry shampoo isn't as great as Batiste, but it's almost there, it's just not as cooling and refreshing as my favourite Batiste. However it smells amazing and isn't scary to use at all. I was pleasantly surprised. This bottle will last me ages. As for whiteness, I had none. It absorbed up all the oil and didn't leave any build up or my hair feeling sticky. 9/10 Lush. It really does smell delicious!
Disclaimer: Sample
Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.

Fuzzy Peach // The Body Shop

I recently picked up this bath and shower gel while on a shopping ban. The Body Shop have got an amazing sale on at the moment. A lot of their products are 50% off. So I picked this bottle of fuzziness up for £2!? I think I'm in love. I always adore their shower gels, but this tops the Pink Grapefruit that I've loved for years, Fuzzy Peach is always a bottle that catches my eye, but I was yet to try. Three uses in and I'm hooked. You HAVE to go and smell this in your local shop, especially as it's half price!
You need the smallest amount to get a lot of bubbles for a bath. It's so fruity and smells just like peaches. My skin felt soooo clean after using this and the scent lasted all day. The whole house smelt of this stuff after my long baths with this, just like Lush does. If only the body shop did a body butter in this scent!? It would heaven. Have you used this? There's lots more scents to pick from! Raspberry ripple smelt delicious.
Guess who got her macbook fixed already!? It was apparently fixed last night, so much for 5 days, it wasn't even a day. <3
Disclaimer: Purchased by me.

June Empties // 2012

I'm always the one who reads blog posts of how many products they've used up that month, while I haven't used up a single product. I chop and change a fair bit, so I always end up with half used products. Not this month. I have 6 empties to share. 6!? and one missing.
1. N-Spa - Vanilla Créme Brulé - Shower and Bath Gel. - I wouldn't repurchase. 5/10. It's far too sickly when you've used it a fair bit. The scent is the fake vanilla scent. I do like their other products though.

2. Lush - Almond & Coconut Smoothie - I wouldn't repurchase. 5/10. It's no longer sold in Lush, R.I.P, however it made my skin feel weird and I had a love, hate relationship with the scent. Good if you shave though. Again, I prefer to wax or epilate hair.

3. Lush  - Brazened Honey - Face Mask - I wouldn't repurchase. 6/10. It just doesn't like my skin that much anymore, it used to but I prefer a couple other masks from Lush.
4. Lush - Angels On Bare Skin - Cleanser - I would repurchase - 8/10. I will always love this cleanser. It's the product that saved me when I was 14 and I've purchased it ever since. 

5. Lush - Ayesha - Face Mask - I would repurchase - 10/10. Another Lush favourite of mine. It's perfect for DRY skin. Works a treat and tightens just enough, try it. My 5 pots to go back will be traded for this.

6. Lush - Rub Rub Rub - Shower Scrub - I would repurchase. 8/10 - I would buy again, not in a rush, it always reminds me of my holiday in Crete, back then it was in a bottle. It's a gentle scrub and very refreshing and relaxing.
 Have you used up any products this month? Did you know about the take 5 CLEAN Lush pots back and you can pick a free face mask? 
Disclaimer: All purchased by me.

NEW // Accessorize High Summer Nail Collection // Passion

A short while back saw me blogging about the new beauty products that Accessorize have added to their beauty collection. The first product I tested out was the nail polish, surprise, surprise. I already own 12 of their polishes, each polish retails at £2.95.
The NEW long lasting nail collection from Accessorize contains all the essential shades you'll need to kick start your summer, especially if you live in rainy England. The collection contains zingy oranges to a classic greige. Though I've been rocking this hot pink shade (Passion) since it was released.
You can find Passion in any of your local Superdrug stores along with First Dance, Ivory Lace, Festival, Utah, Colorado, Celebrate and Carnival. Other polishes in the new collection can be found in Accessorize stores.

Accessorize promised quite a bit with these polishes, the formula is supposed to be chip resistant, high-shine and the new Accessorize Nail collection is said to dry instantly for last minute touches. I applied two thin coats without a single problem. 
Guess what? It's 200% true, mine lasted 5 days without chipping, without a top coat, the only chipping was the usual tip wear. It also has a very glossy finish and the most important factor....they dry incredibly quick. I've never known a polish to dry so fast. It's obviously not as 'instant' as they say, however give it a minute and you can grab your bag and go.

I give this polish 9/10, the weather has been awful, so this brightened up the week, my weeks been busy, crazy and just horrid so a polish that doesn't chip and dries incredibly fast has been ideal. I'll be buying more of the new collection.
What do you think?

Disclaimer: Sample.
Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.

OOTD // My thoughts send me on a carousel

While you're reading this I'll be somewhere between Somerset & Plymouth because I'm needed to 'help' move my brother back home. Which really I'll just be the car/van watcher, carry a bag or two and pick when and where we'll eat. 
 The blouse is from Sugarhill Boutique, a big hit with many 'celebrities', they're always in the magazines. It's one of the items I won back along and comes in coral too. Since it's most likely to pour down a strap top is needed. Mines from Newlook and has lace detailing. I've featured the blouse before, I know, but I love it so I'll commit a sin.

Gap Legging Jeans in black, 25W, 32L. They're the comfiest things ever. If you haven't tried them watch out for their sales, because they usually reduce them. They range between £40-£50 full price, in lengths, styles, colours and material.

Since the weather is pouring down constantly, it's boots weather again. I don't mind, I get to wear these lovelies. They're from Newlook, so comfy and make my short-arsed self feel tall.
Disclaimer: Blouse - prize. Polish - sample. Rest is purchased by me.
Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.

Weekly Haul // Oops I did it again

I shouldn't bother going on anymore spending bans should I? However, most items were in fact heavily reduced...a lot of the beauty items were £2 or under. It would be awfully silly to miss out, wouldn't it?
O.P.I - New York City Ballet - £8.95 - Buyapowa. Arrived very quickly, deal was Friday, it was my first time using Buyapowa, I always see people moaning about dispatch times. I'm sure these will be shared between me and my Mum. She's always eyeing up O.P.I collections like me. Just waiting on my Revlon lip butters now!
Revlon - each polish was £1. Yes, I raided Poundland again. I like this place now. I limited myself, since I actually don't have much more room to store them. Shades L-R. Lilac Pastelle, Preview Pink (limited edition) and Girly.
Sally Hansen nail pen, Silver Chrome - £1 - Poundland. 17 Wild Curls mascara £1 with Boots vouchers they send out. Sleek lipstick - Peaches&Cream £2 blog sale here. No7 Summer Of Dreams Bronzer, £8 with voucher. Though breaking the ban got me harassed and scared to death by a creepy old man. 
Nail Rock nail wraps - Newlook - £2. Primark nail wraps, mine finally had two patterns in, £1.
Another Poundland bargain - Mark Hill - Holiday Hair - Dry shampoo - £1. I love this stuff almost as much as Batiste. It doesn't leave any whiteness to your hair and smells like cocktails. Cheap nail files for Primark - £1.
I helped food shop, so I chucked these in as they were £2 instead of £5. I've wanted them purely because they contain Gingerbread. They all smell lovely.
Body Shop - £2 instead of £4 each. Fuzzy Peach & Green Apple bath and shower gels. Cucumber Water. 
Lastly, a Playsuit that I tried on in Newlook and didn't think it'd suit me. It apparently looked so good on me that my Mum insisted in getting it and got it for me. Lastly, Primark black pumps because I don't own a pair, my only black pair have studs on. These are cute, super comfy for £6, everyone needs a pair, just go up a size.
Disclaimer: Unless stated everything is purchased by me because I don't waste my money on getting 'pissed', 'high' or stinking of smoke before anyone tells me off. :D <3
Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.

Top 5 // Body Moisturisers

Despite the appalling weather here in the UK, it's summer and we still need to get our skin ready for any surprise visit from the sun. These are my top 5 Body moisturisers out of the many I own, I'm sure there's a few most will love already. What's your favourite moisturiser?
Mama's Everything Body Balm - Shea Mooti, so I'm not a mother but I love their leg and foot cream and I do love this. It leaves my skin feeling a little greasy, but it eventually soaks in and my skin is left feeling beyond amazing. It's quite a herbal scent, so not for everyone. The smallest amount goes a long way!
Dream Cream - Lush, I've used this for years, it's an absolute must have in the summer months. Last summer I ended up getting burnt as lobster as you can get on my shoulders, I used this that night and every night until it calmed down. I didn't peel a single bit. It's also for the occasional small bumps I get on the tops of my arms and non greasy. The pot is one towards a free face mask.
 The Righteous Butter - Soap & Glory is my most favourite S&G item by far. Not only does it smell amazing, but it does a great job. In the winter I had awful dry skin on my face!? And I put a teeny dab of this on it and it worked and didn't break me out, despite being fairly perfumed. Use this before bed and you'll smell of it when you wake up still, it doesn't leave me feeling greasy either.
My Coconut Island - Treacle Moon is actually a fairly new love of mine. I love coconut scented products and this smells just like my favourite coconut ice cream. I've used this every single night since I won it, it leaves my skin silky smooth. It may even beat the body shops version, slightly.
Hair Minimising Body Moisturiser - Veet, a bit of an odd one, but it does actually work. I've used this since it came out and used every morning and night it does reduce hair growth though I'm not very hairy anyway! It's very runny, so you have to be careful when using, but it's so cooling, perfect for summer.
Remember to leave me your favourites, I love trying new products!
Disclaimer: All items are purchased by me but; Treacle Moon - which I won and Shea Mooti that I was kindly sent. I have not been asked to feature these items in this post. Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.

Fiorelli // Syd Large Wristlet - Peak into my purse

If you're anything like me then there's no better feeling when you have a new handbag or purse, especially when it's Fiorelli in my case. I've been meaning to give this beauty a feature for awhile now, but it's in use every single day. It matches the Camden bag I loved, though the purse is a lot more every day compared to a bag in this design.
I adore Fiorelli wallets/purses because they double as a clutch. This one is the perfect eye catcher. It never fails to get looks when I pull it out at the tills or when  used as a clutch. If the glitter isn't enough, the other side is bright coral, I love my coral. The front is finished with a famous Fiorelli London hardware piece and a sturdy zip protecting all my cash and need to be frozen or chopped with the rate I'm shopping lately. Sequel to confessions of a shopaholic anyone?
Inside we have plenty of slots for all your cards and money. Each side has one large note pocket where I keep receipts. Then the slots (8 in total) begin, two to each row. I use one side for the important cards and the other for valuable points cards, vouchers and business cards. The centre zip pocket holds lots of change, not that it stays long, I hate having change. The whole inside is lined with the famous Fiorelli lining and the back of the purse has one last pocket.
 Are you a lover of Fiorelli? £24.99 for something so high quality is pretty purse friendly. Also comes in black/indigo, leopard & red/orange.
Disclaimer: sample/gift - when I held the fiorelli giveaway.
Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.

GHD style // Final Shine Spray

I've used my beloved GHD's for years, in fact I had my first pair at age 11, I thought I was the bees knees owning a pair and my second I was gifted two Christmas' ago. You'd think I'd of tried their hair styling products if I love their straighteners so much, but I hadn't. I'm a huge fan of shine sprays, before James Brown not so kindly discontinued his shine spray I loved, I used his every single day, that gap has been filled by GHD's version. 
Info - Final Shine Spray:
We all want shiny hair and wonder how an earth that girl got hers looking so shiny? GHD's Final Shine Spray provides instant shine to all hair types. It won't overload your hair with product and promises to smooth out any fly away, static hairs that crop up throughout the day, providing the perfect salon style finish especially with curls. Each can contains 100ml, a reasonable amount.
How to use:
Style your hair as normal, then spray all over, 30cm away. Or spray onto a brush and brush through your hair, alternatively work through hair with your hands. I spray all over once styled like hairspray. If I have any static hairs I just smooth with my hand.
Pros of the product:
Gives plenty of shine to the hair
It's light on my hair, doesn't leave it sticky or crispy
Smooths out any fly away hairs and static
Packaging fits nicely in the hand and comes in a box
Free postage, everyone loves free postage
Cons of the product:
It's not my favourite scent, it does have the hairdresser scent most higher end hair products have, but at first it's a bit too scented of alcohol. A fruity scent would be much better.
What I think:
For a product that isn't 'drugstore' I think it's very reasonably priced. It did a great job and makes a great replacement for James Brown. I have instant shine and compliments whenever I use this. The scent isn't that awful, but it would be nicer if it was fruity, especially for summer. Despite the packaging being quite dark, I like it and it fits in any bag for day time top ups and the free delivery is the icing on the cake.

Have you used any of the GHD styling products?
Disclaimer: Sample.
Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.

Lush 101 // Bubble Bars

After the first Lush 101 went down well it's about time I do my second, this time I moved onto the all important Bubble Bars, my personal favourite. Who doesn't love a good bubble bath. As soon as I purchased my first Bubble Bar I was hooked, wherever I travel to, one always comes along with me.
What is a Bubble Bar?
Bubble bars are just a solid version of bubble bath. This way Lush need very little packaging, just a paper bag to put them in and a sticker. If you want the thick, creamy, luxurious bubbles that are always in the movies then grab yourself a bubble bar. They've been around since 1998 in various shapes, scents and colours.

What type of bubble bars do Lush sell?
Along with the ordinary bubble bars, Lush also do Bubbleroons, they're still fairly new, they're the bubble bar of Macaroons. They're two bubble bar halves held together by a creamy filling. Bubbleroons are a favourite of mine to use, they leave your skin feeling so smooth. Each bubbleroon will do 2-4 baths. As well as bubbleroons Lush occasionally bring out limited edition Bubble Bar Wands. I've had every single one and they're great, no more cutting or crumbling, you just swish the wand around to produce bubbles. Each wand will give you at least 8-10 baths. Christmas bubble bar dupes found here.

How do I use a bubble bar?
Simply start running your bath and take your chosen bubble bar and crumble under the running water. You add the bubble bar to running water so that it creates bubbles, where as bath bombs, you chuck in once you've ran a hot bath.

Can I get more than one use from a bubble bar?
Lush tell you to use the whole item or for their bigger bars to use half. Now this is just a case of getting you to use them faster and buy more. When I first started going to Lush I'd use the whole thing, now I feel like such an idiot, I wasted so much product. Depending on the size of your bar, will determine how many baths you get. Most bubble bars will give you 4 baths, bigger bars such as The Comforter or Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds will actually do 8 baths. Just break your bar into chunks, depending on the formula, you may need to use a knife, some bars are creamier than others. 

I don't get that many bubbles, what can I do?
If you want to get more bubbles, then make sure you crumble your bar finely under warm running water. You could hold your desired amount under the running water, it depends on your areas water. Some people grate their bars, but that's a bit too far for me. Lastly, just swish the water, this is what I do if I want extra bubbles and you'll be amazed by how any bubbles you get. You'll save a lot of product and still get creamy bubbles. Swishing is your best friend, just look back at my reviews and you'll see.
Where an earth do I start from the collection?
Start with what bubble bar attracts you, if you're new to bubble bars then I'd suggest buying The Comforter or Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds because they're the best value and so huge. They're the biggest of all the bars. The Comforter is a sweet, fruity scent that every girl loves, while Blue Skies is the perfect unwinding scent. Each retail for £4.15.

I have dry, sensitive skin what do I buy?
I'd recommend Creamy Candy, it's incredibly creamy. They dress it up at Christmas time, but I always think it feels creamier when it's not dressed up. It's the perfect girly vanilla scent, moisturising, gentle and relaxing. I've lost count of how many I've had over the years, Creamy Candy retails at £2.45. This bubble bar started off as an actual bath melt.

What products would you suggest for relaxing after a hard day?
If you want a bubble bar that will relax you, then you've got plenty of choice with Lush. First up you have A French Kiss, this is one of my favourites, I've always loved this, it's a purple and white bubble bar shaped like a Hershey kiss, with a stick of lavender to finish it. Next we have Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds which smells of patchouli and looks like a giant Swiss roll. Lastly Karma, Karma is the bar I always take on holidays with me, it's a mix of patchouli, sweet orange and lemongrass. Of course there are more to pick from.

I'm a girly girl, what shall I purchase?
Creamy Candy is the perfect girly scent, it's one of the first bubble bars I purchased, along with The Comforter. Sunnyside is another fun girly bubble bar because it's completely covered in gold glitter and is citrus heaven. Lastly, my favourite bubbleroon, Rose Jam. It's really not one of those typical, horrid smelling rose scents. 
Can you use a bubble bar in the shower?
You can use them in the shower, you can take a small chunk and rub it onto a shower puff, however I never do this, I think it's a waste. You might as well invest in one of their shower jellies. I do however use them when I have a foot soak. My favourite for a foot soak is Sunnyside. Just take a smaller chunk and use the same as a bath.

Can I mix a bubble bar and a bath bomb together?

Can I eat a bubble bar?
No, why would you want to eat a bubble bar? It's basically soap? I've heard about dares that go on with the Lush staff and it's vile surprise.

The shop smells far too strong and the staff are pushy, what should I do?
It's your money, you decide what you spend it on, the staff will try and sell you products regardless of your needs just like any beauty counter. You can easily say no and if your purchasing, why not ask for a small sample. If the scent is too strong for you then shop online, I'd recommend reading blog reviews rather than the reviews on the Lush site.

Reviews of some bubble bars are already on my blog, I review weekly with the Go Lush yourself, tag. I've again answered the most popular searches that I get on my blog. What would you like the next 101 to be about?
What's your favourite bubble bar?

Disclaimer: Not sponsored. All items are my own or borrowed from my Mums collection.
Photos are ick, bad bad weather hating brights :(

Denman // Head Huggers - Extra Large

Hey lovelies, you all know I'm still growing out my hair, I want a few more inches before I'm content with it, however this makes washing and blow drying my hair a nightmare. Blow drying takes forever, there's only so much work my Tangle Tamer will do. However my little life saver of the last few weeks? The Extra Large Head Hugger from Denman, retailing at £9.40.
Lucy's brush history 
I've tried cheaper alternatives since deciding to grow my hair, they have been terrible. I could sit here and list many brands that you should avoid, if you have long, thick, misbehaving hair. These alternatives wouldn't grip, provided no volume or root lift.

What makes this brush so special? 
The entire Head Huggers range contains Thermoceramic Technology. Denman have designed this brush so that the barrel of the brush is coated in ceramic, this dissipates heat across the surface area, enabling damage free styling and a smooth finish. The Extra Large brush is a whopping 53mm. This brush could do some damage if not used properly or to your visiting, 20 something brother who creeps up on you.
What does the design do?
It was the design of the brush that has always got me wanting to try out this range, I hadn't stumbled across any reviews of the range either, I still haven't now. The hourglass barrel is designed to stop hair from falling while in use because the ends are wider while the centre is narrow to give extra grip and control. Head Huggers 'hug' the contour of your head, where the bristles provide you with plenty of volume and root lift. The bristles are also crimped so they don't scratch your scalp like my cheaper alternatives did in the past.

How did I get on?
It took a few uses to get the hang of this brush and now I get the same result every time. I picked the biggest brush because my hairs getting longer and it's pretty thick. I'm glad I did, because I can imagine the smaller brushes wouldn't have worked so effective. The Head Hugger did everything it promises, I had smooth hair, full of volume and my hair didn't go fluffy the next day. It looks like it'd be heavy to use, it really isn't, for the size of the brush it's extremely light and the handle is so smooth to hold. Blow drying my hair is so simple with this brush, hair never slips off and if anything blow drying my hair has definitely got quicker.
Where to buy a head hugger?
If this brush has caught your eye you can purchase online on the Denman site, Boots also stock Denman and of course there's plenty more stores/sites that will.
This brush is available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. Starting at £7.82 - £9.40.

There's only so much I can write about a hairbrush, despite how wonderful it is, have you come across this range before? Would you use a head hugger?

Disclaimer: I do not condone such bad hairbrush antics. Sample.

Makeup Storage // Muji - June 2012

My new storage arrived before I left this morning and I'm extremely happy with it. Who knew I could get so excited about makeup storage. My old storage from WH Smith was breaking and I wasn't overly happy with it in the first place, it was cheap and did the job. I've been lusting over Muji acrylic drawers for quite some time and over the bank holiday made my order that came to £49.30, with delivery. Was it worth it? Yes. My new tower of makeup drawers consists of 4 sets of two drawers, however the top set of drawers have a flip top lid so I can stand the bulkier items and my brushes on the top.  
I know almost £50 is a lot to spend on storage, however it's my money and what I wanted. I look at them as an investment, they won't break, they're easy to clean and I can add to them for as long as Muji create them. My dressing table (melody maison) looks a lot tidier now, I'm sure you'll agree.
Disclaimer: some makeup items may be PR samples, however I ordered the storage and am not being sponsored for this.
p.s excuse dirty brushes, I'm off to clean them now!
Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.
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