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My Halloween Weekend // Incoco&Birmingham.

Evening lovelies, bit of a different post from me, still plenty of beauty in it, photos and cute cupcakes for you. Halloween weekend posts are popping up everywhere and since I've had a pretty different weekend to all of them I thought I'd join in.  This weekend has been pretty hectic, I'm feeling it now.  The next post will be back to normal, for you who don't like these, I personally love them. I hope everyone had a lovely Halloween weekend too and Halloween tonight! :)

Hasn't Joe got hot?!?!

Saturday: Hairdressers - so happy I didn't need much taken off, shopping - may of purchased 3 Christmas decorations, only three there, I felt like I had to. Paprika chicken, creme brulee - my favourite, baking cupcakes and X factor.

Sunday: Britney day. Back along, I won tickets for Britney Spears, I got the Birmingham tickets, it's easier to drive to there, rather than London. Just a bit further than London. Traffic there was a bit worrying at times. We got there on time. Wrist banded up and finally food time, I was so hungry. Then time to stand around and wait for it all to start. Catch up with my friend who I haven't really seen in ages. The first support act was so bad, it was hilarious, nobody knew who the hell they were. Poor things. Thank god they only did 3 songs, which only 1 was their own. And wearing ridiculously ugly outfits. Stylist Lucy needed there I think. 
The second support act, Joe Jonas, I went there hating Joe, I thought he was still Mr curly haired Disney nun. But no, Joe has well and truly improved. He is hot. He loses points for not chucking roses at our end however. Then a long 30-40 minute timer came on the screens to wait for Britney, she's had an extra hour to get ready yesterday!? God. 
Britney time for the non Britney fan and my friend. She was pretty good, for someone who doesn't know any of her lyrics. Mix of old and new. People near us started to smell at this point, I felt like I was gonna be sick. It was really awful. Oh and Mr peanut head getting elbowy. Thankfully I have boney elbows. 

I wanted to do a outfit of the night but I had no time, I basically wore, my super skinny black gap jean jeggings, coral-red sheer sleeveless top, shoe boots, Paris style bracelet and ring. Oh and a spritz of my Britney Spears - Midnight Fantasy - fitting for the night, don't wear it that often, I always get asked when I do, pretty cheap, but gorgeous. 

Followed with my nails that have been receiving so many comments on twitter and people I know. I'd like to say I drew all the leopard print, truth is I can do it, but nail wraps are the way to go. Mine are from a brand Incoco. But they aren't shipping to the UK just yet. Basically the design 'Femme Fatale' is what Britney's tour is called, they fitted the night. I was lucky to receive them. You can find some of them on Ebay, hopefully they will ship to the UK soon. My favourite nail strip brand now. Taken over my Nailease love. Thinner - easier, though go extra careful not to rip. Beautiful designs. You get the nail file and cuticle stick and 16 strips. The pack has done my fingernails and my toenails. The six that were left I cut in half minus the two for the big toe. Result for having small toenails. No heat needed. Lasting well, I know it's been two days, but its been hectic and out lasted, Britney, cooking, washing up and pumpkin carving. 


A Lush Filled Christmas Haul // 2011

Firstly can we say how appalled I am at my awful photography that I used to fill LW - also Hi from 2015, I'm editing all old Lush posts the best I can. I'm back with a large Lush haul for all you fellow Lushies out there, I go wild when it's Christmas time at Lush. I didn't bother with Halloween this year I'm disappointed with the selection, the same products and scents - minus the swamp flowers.
The first product I have to share with you guys is the gorgeous Gingerbread house. This is my favourite Christmas product from Lush. I saved one from last year just incase he didn't make it back. Thank god he did. There's nothing better than hiding under a blanket of gingerbread bubbles. Your waters turn an odd share of orange, lots of bubbles and the sprinkles obviously melt into the water. You'll get 3-4 baths out of this bubble bar, so at £2.95 you can't go wrong. Though I will say I'm missing my cinnamon stick chimney?

Next up we have candy mountain who is candy cane from previous Christmases OR Creamy Candy dressed up for the festive season. You can usually save some pennies if you buy Creamy Candy instead of the Christmas edition. If you adore sweet vanilla fragrances this guy is for you. In 2015 he is still around, with a minor update or shimmer, these guys loves their lustres still. I ended up with 10 CM last £2.35, it's another bath bomb worth picking up when you can get 3-4 baths. I also couldn't help but pick up two Cinders Bath Bombs, these are classics when it comes to Lush Christmas. If they were ever discontinued there would be riots I'm sure. Lie back in the bath, drop one in and your room will be filled with the sound of an open fire where the popping candy fizzles away in the warm waters. Bath water wise it won't look too attractive but who cares when you have the aroma of cinnamon and clove? At just £1.95 it's a weekly pick me up we can all justify right?

New comer for this year is The Magic Wand. A bubble bar on a stick which makes it even easier for you to get more uses from. The guy that sold this to use loved them too and said he had 7 baths from one. At just £4.95 it's a bargain and smells of the ever so popular Snow Fairy. Lush have also launched a festive cleanser who goes by the name Buche de Noel. If you love Angels on Bare Skin you'll love this cleanser even more, Dry skin sufferes needn't suffer anymore. Take a smell piece of cleanser and mix with water in the palm of your hand, apply to face and start cleansing. It honestly smells delicious with almond oil, cranberries and cocoa butter. At £5.95 a 'wrap' no black pot for this cleanser, though now in 2015 we have pots. The wrap was a total fail and didn't keep the product as fresh. The last item of my haul is a little different to my usual buys, Jilted Elf Shower Jelly has made an appearance for the first time. Fans of the Olive Branch will be all over this, in fact it's the same scent. Lush also threw in a sample of Grease Lightning, a spot treatment that I'll be going back for the full size. What have you been buying from the festive line? Lucy xox
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Finishing Touches // Melody Maison.

Hey my lovelies, so a few posts back I gave you the grand tour of my little 'boudoir'. Today I'm back with a few new final touches, of course I still need my walls to be wallpapered, still working on the man of the house, but I can cope with my pink walls for now. I adore the rest. I had a lovely week last week, a few troubles and finished with a great night at a friends 18th.

Back along I was checking my emails and got so excited when I saw an email from Melody Maison. Melody Maison, the company I got my furniture from, you can see here, if you've missed it. Since they saw my blog post featuring all their furniture, they asked if I'd like a goodie bag. How could I not say yes? We'd spent so much on my furniture and I was eyeing up my next wishes the day after my furniture came.

The first item I pulled out the box and tons of packaging, was this gorgeous sign. You'll either love it or hate it....mind if you hate it you've seriously got something wrong with you ;). This was the item I was most longing for, even my mum was on the site looking at it for me for Christmas. It's bigger than I expected. It's French, it's vintage, it's me. When my family saw all my furniture there was the joke of 'Lucy's Boudoir' and well now it is! It's pretty heavy, but it's up. I didn't want it on my wall, I hate having things on my walls. I don't think anyone will have to wonder what room is mine from now on! 

Item number two is this gorgeous flower garland. Now I was sat on my bed for 15 minutes trying to unfold this! It comes packaged in a circle, it was done up so tight. I was worrying I was going to break the flowers off. Thankfully I didn't. I'm ordering another of these soon. I decided to put this on the side of my bookcase, since the sides are open. When I order the second, both sides will match. I think this really finishes the bookcase off and matches it perfectly. Christmas I'm going to get some fairy lights and wrap round the sides too. There's already the perfect fairy lights I want on MM. Can I just live in your showroom please? 

The third item, seriously how generous were they and how pretty are these coasters. I've looked at their coasters before and totally missed these. Yet again, more french themed. I love them. My dressing table is white, so it can get marked easily. They're wooden and cream. You get four of these in a cute little box. I've chucked my old two that weren't matching. I used to shove them away when not using them, these are out on show all the time. The foam pads also help with not marking the dressing table. 

Item number 4?! How cute is this tea light holder. It's cream and has a bird on it guys! Instant love from me. It's now sitting with my candles and I need to get a Yankee candle tea light for it. Only the best. I love it. Matches my love bird furniture. It's super cute! I'm thinking one of the Christmas Yankee scents, any suggestions?

Lastly is this lovely little heart hanger. I've always looked at these and thought I might get one to hang on my drawer handles. Well Melody Maison beat me to it. But it's a bit big and hangs in the way for my drawers so at the moment it's hanging on the end of my curtain pole or on the door handle, haven't decided yet. When I get a new mirror it'll hang on that. It's simple, cute and matches my room again.

So, a big thank you to Melody Maison for sending me so many goodies, you picked the perfect items and I can't wait to get using the 10% code. I still want to fill the house up with your items and when I'm qualified and have a salon I'd love to fill it up. I'm already planning it. I'm not being paid to say all this, I truly mean it all, such a great company and great customer service. Though I warn you, if you ever look on the site, you will want everything like I do.

Weekly Haul // Fashion, Beauty and One Direction

Hey lovelies, I've just hit 230 GFC, thank you so so much! I've been blogging for almost 3 months now crazy! Thank you to everyone who comments, I love reading every single one. So as long as I continue to shop every week, I'll keep these posts going, they seem pretty popular! & I love sharing with you guys. I've picked up some bargains this week which is always good when your feeling crappy. I've got quite a few 'exciting' posts I'm sure you'll love coming up in the next week or two! I'm thinking of doing a give-away when I get to 300, since I did my last at 150. Oh and planning my Christmas series.

I've got some more goodies to show you guys, but I'm saving them for future posts. Because they're that amazing they deserve a post of their own. The amount of A/W clothes and shoes I've purchased lately, I think I'll be starting a A/W OOTD's series if anyone's interested, I know quite a few requested some back along. Now onto the bargains, I always ramble.

Photo from Dorothy Perkins site, bad lighting.
First clothing purchase this week is this sheer sleeveless blouse from Dorothy Perkins. Now you should know by now I love sheer shirts, my wardrobes getting pretty full of them at the moment. I think they're great pieces you can dress up and down. I was looking on Style Compare, saves looking on every single site individually. I found this gorgeous shirt for £10!! & they had smalls left! I had to order it. Just hated paying the delivery...£5 for delivery for a tiny, weightless shirt. They do put samples of beauty products in though, well one. Anyone else hate paying delivery at ridiculous prices.

Now I sort of went shoe crazy, in Matalan. I'd say they're getting cheaper than a lot of similar stuff in Primark at the moment. So many great deals, a few items over priced. I ended up purchasing three pairs of shoes!?! I sort of needed them, well two at the least. In a few posts back I said I was selling some heels, I've worn them once, still need to get rid. They're too big and I don't want peep toe shoe boots for winter. Matalan had these lovelies for £18. Cute black snake print around the tops, not very noticeable and had plenty of size 3's. Perfect. They're cheaper than Newlooks and actually fit. I'm sure I'll be able to walk miles in these thankfully if I need too. Anyone on twitter had a sneak peak. £18 you can't go wrong, they're padded inside too. So comfy. They do these in a taupe colour too.

The second and last pair of shoe boots are these, a bit hit and miss, you'll either love them or hate them, I'm a bit undecided. I do like them, but not sure about the tassel and fringe part. They were in the sale for £4.50!?! from £18...& they had size 3's left. Either way if I only ever wear them a few times it's worth it for the price. They're such good quality and a complete steal. I've wanted some brogue style shoe boots for awhile and now I have some! Complete bargain you'll all agree. They're from this years winter collection. Matalan are mad, selling these off.

Last pair of shoes, as you know, the last two pairs of winter boots I've purchased lately have been brown, when I originally wanted black. Well I've finally found some okay black boots. For £10!? bargain. I fit in the teen section still in Matalan, only because I stumbled across the same pair of shoes from the adults in the kids section for half the price!? Since then I always look here! They had no 3's. It was £1 more for size 4 and 5. Still can't go wrong. But I fitted into a size 2!?! I have such diddy feet! They're not too long, I like my legs, so I don't want to go covering them up with boots. The zip goes right down to the bottom and they're so comfy. Matalan are really winning this month for shoes, cheaper than Primark again. They had a lot of other boots in the teeny section, I suggest if your up to a UK5 in shoes to check them out.

Last purchase from Matalan, one pair of jean jeggings, my Juicy Couture jeggings have become too loose now. I always have trouble with them not being skinny enough. And as I don't want to pay another £40-£50 in gap for a blue pair, I tried these on. They had a brown, mustard colour, but not my size, they fitted perfect, just didn't do up. They were Age 11 though. I love these and if your a short arse like me, fitting into the teens section is great. They go up to age 13 or 14. So any girl up to a UK10? would fit into the kids, which is sort of crazy. These were £14. They're nearly as soft as my gap jeggings! So comfy and fit perfect. The zips aren't 100% perfect on them, but I usually have a top to cover. Even on the hangers they weren't right.

Senza, but there's zilch room for it, so Boots was calling. The new rimmel mascara looks amazing so I picked one up. I picked another of my favourites up and the waterproof version of another. Rimmels on 3 for 2 at the moment. The other offers were shoddy to be honest. Superdrug had the same deal, but I prefer boots. You get more points Oh and No7 Vouchers. They gave me another! Don't they know Aspirations of glam already thinks I need to go to rehab for them ;) I didn't spend it this time, withdrawal symptoms now :P
  • Rimmel London - Volume Flash, Scandal Eyes - Black
  • Rimmel London - Day 2 Night - Waterproof - Black
  • Rimmel London - Max Bold Curves - Black
I use the Max Bold Curves everyday at the moment, I was using Day 2 Night, I went off it, but waterproof mascara's seem to hold longer, so I'll try this one again. And Scandal eyes is new out, haven't seen any reviews of it yet, the brush is huge!!! Can't wait to test it out a few times and then I'll always do a review about it, if anyone wants one.

Lastly, Monday I spent the day with my friend Tom, I've known him since I was 4. All day we made cupcakes for my friends 18th, I say  all day, we really started at 1ish. And I say we, I mixed, I put in the cases all but 4 and I put in the oven! My friends obsessed with One Direction hence the design, so not many people will be able to say they've eaten them 24 times over. We aren't the best at decorating. Especially with one piping bag between two that cracked!! 3 Boxes of cupcakes, 2-3 hours of decorating and a balloon, some funny looks walking to hers. 

Hope everybody is okay and loves some of the items I purchased as much as I do! :)

Herbalife Review // Body Wash & Formula 1 Bars.

Hey lovelies, I'm back sooner this time with a review about a few products I was sent by the lovely Lisa at Immediate PR. Altogether I received six products and will be reviewing all six. Here's all three from the brand Herbalife. I had never heard of this brand before so I was super excited to test and taste. 

Herbalife have been operating in the UK for the past 27 years, really surprised I've never come across them since they have so many products with Aloe in, as well as a person keen on healthy eating. Herbalife are global and sell weight management, nutrition and personal care products that in course help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Their products are sold in 75 countries and have two million independent distributors!!

Herbalife Herbal Aloe - Everyday Body Wash: 'Rich foam lather formulated from whole leaf aloe to hydrate and cleanse. Simply massage over wet skin or apply with a cloth and rinse.'

At first when I saw this, I didn't think much, as the packaging is plain and simple. The bottle is clear plastic, has a white press down lid, green logo and green and black text. The text on the back of the bottle is rather tiny and in a green font. This colour font is readable however would be a lot clearer if it was black since the liquid inside is green. The bottle did leak, it was closed as much as it could. So don't leave it standing in a jiffy bag over night waiting to review like I did.

You get a fair amount for the price, 400ml. So comparing to the LUSH shower gels (large size) it's around about the same price and I'd happily pay this every so often since a little does go a long way. This product lathers up so well in the shower. I get areas of dry skin in the winter and I'm still quite sensitive to what products I put on my skin, not so much now I'm older. This is fine on my skin. No problems. I adore using this, it really does make you feel cleaner than all other shower gels I've ever used and without leaving you with that squeaky clean feeling some products do. I felt so refreshed after using this, great when your coming down with a cold/flu as I am. The product doesn't have a a strong perfume smell, hence made up of aloe, chamomile and calendula, which gives it that nice clean scent. 

I'm really impressed with this body wash, I've let other family members use it occasionally this week and they love it as much as I do! I know I'll buy this myself when it's ran out and try some more of the wonderful Herbalife products now winters arrived for my dry winter skin to feel nourished! 

Herbalife Formula 1 Bars - These are part of their weight management  range to keep your cravings under controlled. At around 207 calories per bar. More than my usual 'cereal/health' bars. They have a perfect mix of key nutrients, fibre and protein to keep you fuller for longer and to keep your energy levels sustained, making a healthy addition to your fitness regime. Out of the two bars I was sent, I prefer the chocolate to the berry bar. I thought it'd be the other way round.

The berry bar -  The packaging is your average health bar wrapper, easy to read. When I opened this it smelt like heaven! It smelt gorgeous! You could really smell the berries, very sweet smell. The bar was nice a golden colour, plenty of berries to be seen and the yogurt was intact, I hate when you open one up and it's all crumbled. It hadn't melted like some yogurt bars do. It looked so appetising and delicious. The whole bar isn't too hard, a bit to sticky when trying to break. But however nice the bar looked and smelt wouldn't be enough for me to buy a box of these, I really didn't like the taste and texture. A couple bites and I felt ill! It didn't taste sweet like it smelt, the yogurt felt powdery and the bar felt gritty and reminded me of a medicine I've had. I gave the rest to my mum to try, thinking she loves most things I hate, No, she didn't like it, she had less than me.I know these are weight management bars, but the price for 7 bars is rather too much! I couldn't pay £15.30 for a box. 

The chocolate bar -  What girl doesn't like chocolate especially when it's on a health bar! This was the bar I prefer overall. Rather than a yogurt coating on the bottom this has chocolate and small chocolate chips instead of berries. Same size as the first bar. And has the same texture as before. Smells not so nice as the berry bar, what could beat the smell of berries! I managed a few more little bites of this before I gave up and gave it to my mum to try as before. She agreed that this one was the better tasting one if we had to eat one. I wouldn't purchase this flavour either. It still had this weird taste we can't describe and still a gritty powdery texture in your mouth. I think I'll be sticking to my Cadbury's Brunch Bars. They're less calories and taste better.

These bars aren't for me, if they had tasted as good as they looked I still wouldn't buy. £15.30 is ALOT to pay for 7 cereal bars. After trying both of these bars I was left feeling quite sick. If your into your health bars similar to these then give these a go, you'd no doubt like them. The bars weren't winners for me but the body wash really was!
I'd like to thank Lisa for sending these 3 products and the 3 hair products I'll review next! I'm really impressed by them! 

Have you come across Herbalife before? Have you tried any of the body products they do? Or have you tried any of the formula 1 bars? Comment down below I'd love to know your thoughts or if you'd try them.

Items sent for review consideration. No Payment has been received.

The All Important Winter Coats // Newlook

I've been dying to get this post up for weeks, but the weather went crazy and decided that for the end of September and October it would be crazy hot. Thanks weather. Annoying when you've purchased boots, coats and other winter essentials and dying to wear them all & to blog about & when A/W is your favourite time of year. I still haven't worn the coats out yet. Hopefully the weather reporters are right for once and it gets freezing cold. Lucy needs to wear her coats! 

This week has flown by, I've been super busy, which stopped me posting every 3 days. I was on a role! Damn. I managed to catch up with everyone's posts. Had a lovely catch up with a friend in town, followed by a strange man staring at me while he rides his bike along, if only he had fallen off!?! & a few more weird occurrences. Still getting used to my glasses when I need them, I love them though, I love their design. I've been planning a little surprise for my friend, I'll show you after. I don't know if she reads this, so I'm not giving away clues. Managed to do a little bit of shopping, see my three year old cousin and spoil her. Finally BB is working again, it was a pain not being able to check emails and BBM when out of wifi. I've eaten way too much chocolate. Thanks Costa. Failed to go to London. Received some gorgeous surprises in the post. More to come on that soon. And got the Britney tickets for Birmingham.
I apologise in advance for the photos, I'm hardly erm posing lovely. I'm no model. My room had awful light and no long mirror. Hence why I'm stood in the next rooms bed. :P I'm still on a mirror hunt. The whole arm thing going on, didn't know what to do with itself. I included photos off the Newlook site too.
For me, it is so hard to find a winter coat normally. Every year I fuss around, nothings perfect, I hate how it looks on. I'm an idiot. Last year I lived in leather jackets till about the last month and then got a coat, which I wore twice. This year however I ended up with not one, but two coats. Both looked lovely when I tried them on. I couldn't decide, so while on a shopping trip with the mother, she bought me one and I bought the other. I adore both. Ones not so thick and heavy as the other. Perfect for as it's getting colder and then when it's warming up. I'm loving the A/W colours this year especially browns, mustard's and Burgundy. Another of my excuses of why I needed both, both were the only 6's left! Guardian angel out there somewhere. I just hope nobody gets the same. I always have that one person who always feels the need to get the exact same as me. Annoying. But that's what you get when you shop in a store that isn't one offs....& have expert taste ;)

Coat number 1 - Is a twill duffel coat in the colour Camel. They did do this in two other colours, these were a bit too bright. I wanted more neutrals so they'd go with everything. It reminds me of Paddington bear. I know it's the wrong colour, but it will still be referred to as my Paddington bear coat. This is the heaviest out the lot. Fits gorgeous. Looks even nicer in person. It has the all important toggles I wanted, I adore the fur hood and has a hidden zip. There is no way I will be getting cold this winter. Can't wait for it to get into the freezing temperatures to wear this one out.

Coat number 2 - The jersey snood coat. I had one of these last year in a cream colour, ever so cosy and warm. Yet it left fluff on everything. This year thankfully they changed the lining inside. No more fluff. And have better colours. They do two styles. One with buttons on the front and one without. Since I have one with buttons already I opted out, they really annoyed me last year. This one has two lines of poppers to do up. I love it, it comes up so high being a snood style coat. Saves me wearing one, though I'm sure when it snows I'll opt for another too. Again I picked another neutral so it can go with everything.  This is in 'mid brown' I love the simpleness of this coat. Poppers and a tie. Easy. 

The only trouble I'll have this year with coats is deciding which one to wear. I love how Newlook are super cheap for coats. I picked both up for less than one in Topshop. At the time I was looking - early September, Topshop only had the very very 'fashion' coats that to me are not fashionable. Everyone's taste is different however. Newlook has so many coats this year in gorgeous colours, some gorgeous reds and blues. 

Have you got your A/W coat or coats yet? Which coat do you prefer 1 or 2? I always love to know what people think. 

Lucy x

Weekly Haul // Fashion, Beauty, Glasses?!

Hey lovelies, I'm back to posting more often again! As nothing is ever on TV these days apart from X factor on a Saturday night, I might as well post. For me X factor this year just isn't any good. It's all same old. Saying that it is on in the background, just in case. I have sooo many post ideas, I just need time to write them all. So as my last 'weekly haul' was popular and I'm in love with a few of my purchases this week here it is! 
Saying that about X factor, I'm sat here commenting about it on Twitter.

  • Headphones - I seem to go through so many pairs of headphones, it's stupid. They either crack, get lost or the sound goes. For someone who normally isn't into pink as much, lately, I want pink everything nearly. Made sure I picked the brightest hot pink they had. What else can you say about headphones? They work? They come with 3 different sizes? Good when you have tiny ears. £9.
  • Impulse spray - £1.99 - Free Barry M Lip gloss - Boots. These are from the offers Boots and Superdrug started back in the summer. They were taped together back then, but I guess boots are selling them off cheaper and letting you actually pick the scent and colour. I always wanted the clear/glitter but it came with the one spray I hated. And I adore the pink. I have 3 or 4 of the pink now. Go through them so quick. Getting to the end of some. Gutted because it tastes and smells amazing and is a gorgeous colour. I adore Tease. It's my favourite scent from impulse. Followed by the other Impulse spray pictured. Still not as good as the So..? brand I blogged about.
  • Well I had another No7 voucher. So as last weeks Haul, I went back in and picked up one more nail varnish. Instead of £7, I got it for £2. I'm really loving the No7 nail varnishes and for £2 why not. They're so glossy when they go on. This is the shade - Highland Mist.

These are the boots I've been deciding whether or not to get for the last 2 weeks. Today I made the decision to buy. I'm glad I did. I'm in love with them and not just because they make me a few inches taller, every little helps when you short ;). These retail at £29.99 - have £5 off to £24.99 - and if you picked up a 20% off voucher in store back along, if you pay with your Newlook card, you have another £5 off. £19.99 for a pair of boots isn't bad! Now remember in my post with my other pair of boots I've recently purchased....I said how I want black boots...And yet again I've purchased brown boots! For me the black boots in the shops this year just aren't anything special. They do black in these boots, they look horrid. But each to their own? Shame Newlook doesn't ever have many size 3 shoes anymore. I had to get a 4, so they're a tad big, joy of having baby feet :/

I ordered this online a few nights ago, not impressed with Newlook's delivery anymore. Bring back Mr lovely delivery bloke, rather than some bloke who nearly breaks my front door banging and ignoring the whole door bell in front of him. Any way, I had two items to show you, that were complete bargains. One went back today, it didn't look anything like the image on the site and smelt horrid!? Disgusting. It was an 8, as there were no six's left and it was huge! Must of been 10 times too big. It was just a sheer white shirt with a few gems over. Looked nice online. Horrid in person. The item I kept was a bit of love and hate, I love the pattern, I think it's pretty damn cute and you know me I love my sheer shirts and of course birds! Now they sadly never made this in a 6. So for an 8 being the smallest you'd think it would be, it's a bit on the big side, but it looks alright on, I wore it today. Everyone likes it. And for an online exclusive/flagship not many will have it! Result. Why do sheer shirts always look big on the hangers in photos? :P Oh and did I mention it only cost £6!? Down from £18.99.

And lastly, Monday I went for an eye test. Turned out I needed glasses. Not all the time. Thank god. Just for when I need them or driving. I'm not blind yet ;). I hated the idea at first. But today I collected them and I don't mind them anymore. Such hard work picking these. I'm fussy. Seriously, out of the 173913917 pairs in the store you'd think there would be loads I'd like. No. Finally I found these. I only wanted black. Fussy about the shape/frame. And wanted something on the side. So a nice bit of bedazzle will do ;) Everyone loves these. I think they're pretty cute! Trust me to pick, pretty much the most expensive in store ;) I got another pair too, as you can see. These are tinted, perfect for when I'm driving around in the sunny weather etc.

What has everyone else been buying this week? I hear that now I've bought more winter boots, the weather is supposed to be getting hot again!? In October again?! Leave a comment if you like any of the above or if you've got any of it. :D


Monthly Favourites // September 2011

I know it's five days into October now and I should of put this up on the 1st October, but I'd rather of got my Room Tour up first. I won't plan to always do these posts every month, because I'm not always buying products, sometimes won't switch the products I'm using and buy more clothes. Though my monthly fashion favourites was popular. Who knows. Depends if I'm loving anything interesting!

This month I'll just mix in fashion and beauty together. Most of my favourite items have already been featured in my clothing hauls. All but one product are beauty related. 

Product number: Snow Fairy - Now you know me I'm a LUSH junkie. I've had 99% of their products. 200% know all their products. I'm the girl that received sooo much Snow Fairy last year that it kept me going all year round, well I went careful with it all, just in case. So now I've still got 3 tiny bottles and half a medium. Since I knew and heard rumours snow fairy would be coming back (I think they'd get riots of LUSH fans if they hadn't) I started using this a lot this month. It's amazing, The only shower gel to be honest I truly love from LUSH other than happy hippy. Smells all bubble gummy and sweet. Lasts all day. And pair it with snow fairy lip tint, you'll not only smell delicious you'll taste it too! This will definitely be on my Xmas list again this year. Snow fairy is me in a bottle. :P

As much as I'm dying to try a mac foundation, I refuse to pay £23 on the same amount of product my 'drugstore' gives me for half the price. With me I like to have a medium/full coverage but still look natural. I get days where I'll feel crap and fakeness makes me feel 100% better. I've had about 4 bottles of this, shows how god this product is. Maybelline Dream Satin liquid in Light Porcelain. < This may be the lightest shade. This has taken over my love for Maybelline Dream Creamy foundation I used all last winter. These two foundations I really do recommend. Especially if you have dry skin! They don't feel heavy on your skin. Never break me out, but I rarely do unless it's monthly time and that's about 2 tiny spots. (tmi) :P

Another makeup item, this month I've disowned all my false lash effect mascaras and gone back to an old favourite of last November. The Rimmel London, Max bold curves for extreme volume and lift. Love this. I was getting sick of my others. And found this in my makeup box that I'd picked up to try again back in July. It's earned my love again and shoved Rimmel's day2night mascara. I've had so many compliments while wearing this. Lasts all day. I love how it makes my eyelashes look. And I keep looking at them. ;)

Nail Polish time! I love painting my nails and I'm looking into course dates to start training. I always have to have my nails painted. I hate bare nails. In my latest haul I've purchased 3 no7 nail polishes. Two of them have made it to my favourites because I adore the shades. I know I haven't had them all month. But I adore beanie and oyster. Another favourite I've used this month is NYC Gramercy Glitz. It's gorgeous! I've been putting this over most my nail polishes. Failed to find a colour this won't go with. Another two favourites are two from MUA shade 10 and shade 23. I really do love shade 23! Shade 10 is lovely, everyone adores this one, even my Nan's loving this thanks to me! :) So cheap and such great quality as normal.

Hair products, the weathers been all over the place, even for September going into October. So to treat my hair and when I've felt pretty crap these past few weeks. I've been using my good old James Brown London, Rich Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner. My hair feels amazing after this! For an added treat again I used my LUSH American Cream, but this wasn't really needed. This stuff really does an amazing job on hair that uses a lot of heat, continues to feel soft the next day and shines. My hairs more manageable. And for anyone who has dry brittle hair, it gets your hair gorgeously soft, my mum's tried mine. She's struck by it too. I don't buy this all the time, because £7 a bottle is rather a lot. Packaging is dodgy, one leaked all out even though it was closed and stood up right. That's why I only have the one to show.

Deodorant, sort of a weird one to have, but I won all four of the new Sure deo's in a giveaway back along. I've used them all in and out of this month and love them. They're the best deodorant and scent lasts all day. I adore the blue's better than the pinks. But they all do an amazing job. Never keen on 'roll ons' but these are better than the sprays.

Next is the Body Shop's Born Lippy Lip Balm in Raspberry. This is pure amazing. Put this on your lips over night and by morning you have perfect soft lips again and they're still moisturised. Tastes great, smells even better. The pots nearly empty, just around the sides left. This is around £2. Cheap and does the job. Took over my love for carmex.

Last beauty product is the LUSH 9-5 cleanser. This is for when I'm to lazy to do my normal skin care routine. This gets every last bit of makeup off and quickly. Skin feels amazingly soft and smells good too. Very gentle. 

The only fashion favourite this month, because I've done quite a few hauls and have another little one coming by the end of the week. This has been shown on my blog before, but this month I've really loved this and worn it too death. The button on the back really annoys me it's so hard to do up and undone. Always make sure you have someone to hand or you'll be there for 5 minutes doing it up. I love the print, I love how it falls and I love the peter pan colour. And whenever I wear this everyone comments on how lovely it is. Some Newlook's may have this. It is a while back. I know they were out online when I got mine. This was about £22? It was awhile ago bare with me.

What's been your monthly favourites this month and have you tried any of mine?

Inside my Bedroom // Room Tour

Hey lovelies, writing this relaxing out in the garden on the loungers, the weathers mad for October! Slightly annoying when you've spent a lot of money on A/W clothes, coats and shoes! Strap marks are already back.

Quite a few of you have requested I do my room tour, especially after all my new furniture arrived. Now my room isn't completely done before I start, I still need my walls painted, wallpapered and this beading put round...Oh and the floor situation! As you can see I have a strip of lilac carpet, from when I was about 6 years old, this was covered in my old room design. Carpet fitters should of moved it out. Tut tut to the idiot who's idea this was. I want this to go too, wooden floor and a fluffy rug. I hate hoovering carpet. So since I'm not quite sure when it'll get done. Anyway yeah, excuse the messy walls, mirror floral tiles had to be taken down and a couple shelves. My rooms pretty girlie and I love it even if it's not quite perfect! Just hate the pink walls. :) Smallest bedroom, but I've grown to love it.

First we have my gorgeous new shelving unit! God words can not describe how happy I am I now have this furniture! I have wanted this range from December last year. I've finally got it, didn't think I would. It has a cute quote and birds and vintagey. Perfect for me. Exactly what I love. To the side I have my storage box, holding the very few books I own, I don't read much. The shelves basically hold 95% of my beauty products. The drawers have my current shampoo's and conditioner's. And the other is my LUSH drawer. Smells amazing. Then starting from the bottom we have, my hair box, perfume box, nail box, spare beauty box and then my skin care box. With my jewelry stand next to it. Oh one of those pots u put £1 coins in, yeah not many go in there, when you shop too much. Next to this is my bed. Sadly it's a single, but I'm a midget and you can fit like three of me in there. Comfiest bed ever. I always have bedding with this print on in various colours and similar designs. Followed by my many cushions. 

Then I have my entertainment area ;) and my beauty counter as my Dad calls it. The tall boy chest of drawers has five drawers, with the matching pattern as the shelves! Here I just keep all my underwear. Yes I have five drawers full. Told you I shop too much, Mostly La Senza. Drawers can be noisy since they're wood and no metal runners. They have bars/catches to stop the drawers coming out and is really strong. Everyone loves how gorgeous it is. You think it looks nice in photo's wait till in person :D As you can tell I'm a tad too in love with this! On the top is my box I chuck odd change in and my lovely TV. 

Onto my 'beauty counter' I adore my dressing table. This is where I'll blog most the time nowadays.  I know this is white and the rest is cream, but my wardrobe is white and I want my walls white. And I think it looks fine together! The company it's from is all about mixing the furniture on their site. This has two drawers, the left is where I keep my blog note book etc and the next is just chargers and wires, everyone has a wire drawer. Underneath notice the shoddy idiot's carpet idea and two boxes that hold all my DVDs. I have quite a few :D My gorgeous chair. And two boxes on top of my dressing table hold my makeup. Next at the other end, I have my 4 candles, two Yankee candles and two cheaper jar candles. They all smell gorgeous. Strawberry butter cream, mango peach salsa, cookies and cream and a cinnamon one! I love jar candles, and the little cream candle holder is just too cute! Oh and my mirror, that needs to be changed for a nice vintage Louis style one. :)

Then we arrive back at my big old wardrobe. On the back of my door I have these gorgeous hooks, where it holds all my snoods and scarves and umbrellas and the one hoodie I love to snuggle in. This is another great storage cheat for those of who don't have the biggest room. In the summer I'll put the odd belts and thinner scarves and my bag I'm using.

My room's not amazing, its small, pretty tidy, unfinished, hate my wallpaper and hate my carpet and door. But like I say when it's completely done I'll post an update but till then this is my room and I love it. Since getting all my new furniture and move around I have so much space! There's more space than there looks. And like I say when you're midget it's okay. If I've missed anything out then it's pretty self explanatory. :P

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