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Dressing Table // Lucyy Writes

My dressing table soon became my little relaxation haven, it wasn't easy to find when you don't have a lot of space to play with. Most dressing tables don't have a lot of storage when it comes to the typical white french furniture, though beautiful they just aren't practical. However once I spotted the Fleur Blanche range - designed with small rooms in mind it wasn't long before I was mixing creams and whites together. The entire area has been 'worked' on over the past 18 months with many shopping trips and rearranges.
My most recent addition to the vast French Style Furniture in my room has been this elegant stool. Since buying the table my previous black velvet chair was far too high. Every time you were to move you would bang your legs. I believe it's impossible to find a stool more beautiful than this mini stool* from Out There Interiors. The untreated cotton padded seat, brass studs, lace trimming and intricate detailing to each of the four legs is stunning. In a matter of minutes I sat proudly at my finally finished sat up....and my work is still in one piece!
The mirror to my set up ended up a complete bargain, I wish I'd looked here in the first place. At just under £20, Dunelm came to the rescue. The mirror I had before was ugly, small and up to high on the walls. To give the simple mirror some character I ordered a third garland from Melody Maison. Cream garlands are wrapped round my bookcase/shelf unit, with a white garland being more fitting and cheaper for the mirror.
You can't help but notice the large monstrosity sat on the right hand side of my dressing table. Here lives my entire makeup collection, minus a few products kept in the below drawer for review purposes. Each of the eight Muji drawers hold a particular product, Foundation, Blusher, Bronzer, Lipstick and so on. Muji drawers for me personally are the most practical way of storing everything. They're easy to clean, add to and rearrange. I used to store palettes in one of the drawers before needing more space, if you're familiar with Muji you'll know how fast double, wide drawers sell out and take forever to come back in stock. While shopping in Asda I noticed their home section had started to stock vintage pieces, one being this Letter Rack at just £7. Sitting behind the letter rack you'll find a beautiful fake bouquet from Melody Maison to fill in the gap between the dresser and wardrobe. My makeup brushes have seen some changes over the last year, once stored in sigma travel holders, they now sit in glass tumblers from Morrisons and wait for it....Recycled Lil Let's tubs that launched way back last year with floral clips from Newlook added for detail.
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Lucyy Bakes // Cupcake Cones

Ice cream cone cakes have been on my to bake list for a very long time, though the actual cones proved hard to find. Then, while out food shopping in an actual store (we're serial online food shoppers) I finally spotted them along with coconut ice cream - anyone else live on the stuff when they travel outside of the UK? So instead of using the cones for ice cream I've been creating batches of cake cones, proving to be a hit and mind blowing to some...
Making cake cones couldn't be any easier, simply make up one batch of your standard cupcake mix. If you prefer not to measure out ingredients use your favourite packet mix, you could go for chocolate? Add fruit to the mix? Rainbow the mixture? Split into different bowls and dye. With your smooth cake mixture fill up the cones, my mix made 12. You do not want to over fill the cakes, otherwise cake will overflow down the cones and ruin the whole idea. I filled mine to 2/3, which turned out perfect. Pop into the oven for 12 minutes at 180C or until your sponge is golden brown. The cones don't burn in the oven as you can see. Leave to cool and prepare your frosting.
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Meet Chester // Lucyy Writes

Meet Chester. My very photogenic syrian hamster who's partial to buttery toast, bowls of porridge and detests green beans. Quite a few of you have mentioned how you'd like to see Chester on my blog more, with dedicated blog posts instead of the odd pop up. I've grown rather attached to this little guy and until blogging hamsters always seemed over looked, they didn't count as a real 'pet' unless they barked or meowed. Picking the right animal is incredibly hard, do you have the funds, time, space and care? One day I will have my little Westie named Harry, my toy poodle named Alfie and giant rabbit named Humphrey but for now one Chester is more than enough.
Chester turns two in November, which actually seems crazy and sad at the same time. Hamsters as you know don't have the longest living expectancy, but he's certainly enjoying his pampered lifestyle with us. When Chester came home with me he was actually grey. I don't know how it happened, but gradually his fur changed, including the length. Going from a cute grey 'mole' with pale pink ears and little nose to blonde/ginger, significantly longer fur and whiskers. We've had hamsters before, many because we get too attached to their appearance as the toast pops up every morning but never have we had one change colour...we've had one escape and land in the bin before making a bed for the night...but never one to update his fur style. Chester must really be the beauty bloggers hamster.
Until three weeks ago Chester had a fear of his water bowl - unless he wanted to swim, we assume because of his extreme whiskers. He's also never managed to keep all four paws up while monkey barring, with only three successful, short attempts. As for the wheel, Chester prefers to hang out while we're on the phone, fall asleep and groom, instead of running. He did however master the hamster ball, rolling too fast off his little stand and onto the fall for a quick get away. He also hates one direction after Tom (slightly strange) sang 1D and bit his finger.
Quite a few of you mentioned how he must be the friendliest hamster around, he certainly is. He really doesn't bite, with there only being the time Tom and another when the builders scared him, clamping down on my finger before licking my hand as an apology. He always washes before getting a treat and while very young would squeak after receiving a treat. Every morning he's out for toast, unless it's a weekend where even Chester lays in and most importantly this little guy loves to sit down, cuddle up and listen to all your troubles....and partial to RiRi. Do you have any pets? Lucy xx

What's in your handbag // Fiorelli Jade Shoulder Bag

Since I can't stand clutter I regularly clean out my handbag, it also gets far too heavy for my chickeny arms to carry around. As I was taking photo's for this blog post and to share my latest Fiorelli addition (you guys know how much I adore the brand).
Moving on, meet my latest addition to arrive....the Jade Shoulder Handbag available to purchase from Bagable with £5 off, £44.10 and free delivery. The Jade Shoulder Bag has been an item on my wish list for quite some time, every so often it appears in their random sales and always sells out when I've talked myself into buying. I'm extremely pleased to own the bag in black, there's various colours and material options but you can't beat versatile and classic black. This incredibly deep bag fits both Macbook and iPad when I require them, with plenty of room for junk/essentials I insist on carrying - perfect for travelling, especially planes, god knows I need all I can cram to amuse me for those long hours and duty free buys. 
Inside we have one zip pocket in which I keep keys, energy sweets (I went through a fainting spree) and chewing gum. Attached to the mentioned zip pocket is another pocket. Instead of a zip there's a small flap, creating easy access for your phone or an A5 notebook and pen. Of course the bag carries Fiorelli's trade mark lining and high quality stitching with detailing on the front that will add glamour to the simplest of outfits. I particularly like how the overall bag fastens compared to other fiddly closures I own. Jade features two zips to secure all your belongings and easy access for any of us shopaholics and those who frequently use trains, though I'd recommend the back pocket of the bag for train tickets and cards. 
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Lucyy Bakes // Father's Day Edition // Find Me A Gift

Father's Day is just round the corner and I have just the idea for those of you stuck on what to buy your Dad or Grandad...even your Great Grandad if you're lucky enough to have one! Like always I've decided to add a small personal touch by combining with Lucyy Bakes. Over the last two weeks I've become some what of a Biscotti seriously though, watch out Starbucks. If I'm honest in my local they seem untouched, yet when making your own there's so many delicious combinations to try out. If you too have a coffee fanatic Dad this personalised coffee tin and Biscotti recipe will be perfect.
The featured Personalised Coffee Tin is from Find Me A Gift, an online store specialising in personalised, unique and quirky gifts for every occasion. Retailing at £14.99 the caddy is filled with one large bag of premium ground coffee while allowing you a name of 14 characters and message of 80 characters to personalise your gift. I gave my tin to my Dad early to share with you all. It went down just as well as I thought it would, he's a softy at heart (yes I put it from Chesington too - they're pals when it comes to breakfast). The coffee itself is FULL of flavour, incredibly smooth, fair trade, gluten free and organic. Once they've worked their way through the coffee and eaten all the Biscotti's they can use it store yet more coffee...or have you on call for a fresh supply of Biscotti's to fill the tin. Order by 9am June 11th for standard delivery and 12th June for express delivery, my tin arrived incredibly quick. If you don't have a coffee lover there's also the tea option...and a coffee and biscuit set if you're...jinxed in the kitchen?
Preheat your oven to 180 degrees, line two trays and dust with flour, do not grease them. After measuring all your ingredients out in advance, sift plain flour, baking powder and salt into a large bowl. Next add caster sugar, eggs and orange rind - warning your arm may fall off. Once your dough is formed knead in the almonds before rolling into a ball. Cut this ball into two halves, then form into two logs. They need to be 4cm wide. Bake in the preheated oven for 10 minutes, then remove and cool for 5 minutes. Once cooled slightly you'll be able to cut them into diagonal slices - 1cm thick. Arrange them onto TWO trays this time and return to finish cooking for another 15 minutes. Biscotti's should be slightly golden brown and harden when left to cool. I'll be popping up a few more recipes soon, all varieties differ a little in the making.
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Kringle Candle Company // Classic Apothecary Jars // Mango & Soothing Cinnamon

Recently I was introduced to the Kringle Candle Company, soon after seeing them pop up on various blogs. Already excited to try out various fragrances it was when I learnt that they're owned by father and son duo - the father being the creator of my favourite Yankee Candle. Just like Yankee, Kringle promise high quality goods for an affordable price and boy do they have me hooked!
Kringle Candles are made from 100% pure food-grade paraffin and are 100% dye free, coloured with pure fragrance oils promising the most luminous white light, long lasting authentic fragrances. The crisp white candles are available in 60 fragrances to fit every decor setting possible, especially in the popular Classic Apothecary Jar style. Kringle have other various designs ranging from Tea Lights, Day Lights (slightly larger diameter than a regular tea light), Votives, Wax Potpourri, Breakable Wax Potpourri, Crystal Pillars (coloured and uncoloured). Large Classic Jars (£19.99) burn for a very impressive 90-130 hours, while Medium Jars (15.99) burn for 50-70 hours. Medium Jars will make the perfect makeup brush holder - something that I haven't done before, since my usual candles aren't so slim and classy. Large Jars will also come in handy for many beauty essentials of mine such as cotton pads, hair bands, wax strips and nail files.
Soothing Cinnamon has by far become my favourite scent with me lighting it most days over all the candles I own. I personally enjoy warm, comforting scents all year round, instead of the typical snowy months. Kringle already had a Cinnamon scented candle, though this seems to be on clearance, being replaced by Soothing Cinnamon which has the familiar cinnamon kick with softening vanilla and coconut, to achieve a creamy scent enough to scent the entire house hours after - if I've lit them for a couple of hours before I sleep the scent will still linger the next morning. You don't have to light the candles, by leaving the lids off I've had 'Which one have you been lighting this time?'. Mango however is the perfect dupe for my beloved Mango, Peach Salsa, without being artificial. Kringle have blended fresh mango with citrus and Honeyed-Pear to capture this tropical wonder. With the lack of sunshine this year I've lit this candle mostly in the kitchen and dining room, a great help to stop the 'winter blues' from lingering.
Have you tried Kringle candles before or do you have an alternative brand you reach for? You can pick up various fragrances with 40% off at the moment, before six new AW scents are released. Lucy xx
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Crustless Quiche // Lucyy Bakes

Lucyy Bakes turns savoury today, like I mentioned in my previous post I've been whipping up a few items to help my Mum on her Slimming World mission. This also ended up being passed around, with my Mum whipping one immediately down to her friend. If you love quiche regardless of being on Slimming World, you'll be pleased to see the low fat content of these little delights and no need to pick up a supermarket alternative. Syn Count - 0.5 with cheese, without cheese FREE.
Preheat your oven to 160 degrees and grease your cases - I used individual silicone cupcake cases with Fry Light. One spray in each case is more than enough to remove your cooked quiches without leaving any remains behind. Crack six eggs into a bowl, followed by 100g of Quark - a fat free soft cheese Slimming World seems to be obsessed with. Take a whisk and beat until smooth - it takes a fair bit of beating but you get there. Next you need to decide on your fillings, we went for Bacon - fat removed and microwaved since it's the healthiest way to cook bacon. Thin ham chopped small along with sliced cherry tomatoes. Spread your ingredients between your cases equally, before pouring your egg mixture over. Season with salt, pepper & cheese and bake until golden brown. Let me know if you have a go at making the crustless quiches, they're definitely tastier than any pre-made quiches you'll find in supermarket s and dare I say restaurants. A perfect BBQ addition since we've been graced with the sunshine again. Lucy xx
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