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Radley Haul // My Latest Obsession

an image of my radley london haul
Who knew Radley did SO many things!? Last week I became fixated with the brand I'd only ever see or pass by in airports. When placing a recent beauty order online at HoF I came across an adorable makeup bag that started this craze. It arrived Friday before I made a short trip to the nearest store on the following Monday. Feeling pretty rotten again... I headed over to my nearest store with Harry in tow. Of course being Radley, Harry was one spoilt Westie with endless fuss and cuddles from the staff. I could have easily purchased half the store, even suitcases I don't necessarily need because the thought of jetting off somewhere without my fluff ball breaks my heart.

Radley Emerson Rose Scented Candle (22 hours) | RRP £30, Now £21
When walking up to the store I was most surprised to see a candle sat in the window. Needless to say the candle had to come with me as I read Rose Scented. With clear glass stamped with Radley dogs & roses it is the perfect addition to my bedroom, not to mention the beautiful box it comes packaged in. I'll be popping in each time now to see if any other candles make an appearance.

Radley Doodle Dog Small Cosmetic Bag (pink) | RRP £19
As I mentioned the item that created my latest obsession was the adorable cosmetic bag carrying the Doodle Dog print. Already owning my fair share of makeup & toiletry bags I'm now wanting to purchase the larger options as replacements. The small holds a lot more than I expected, with the oilcloth material being a godsend to keep clean, contain and avoid any major spillages.

Radley Doodle Dog A5 Notebook | RRP £15, Now £10
Another item in my nearest Radley store was one of their Doodle Dog notebooks. I spotted more designs walking around the store, I'll be back to pick more up as I'm impressed with the quality. I'm such a stationary addict. Each page has a Radley dog stamped, lined, perforated and again, such high quality of paper. I can't wait to get organised with LW again, recently I've been feeling too damn tired and stressed to keep up.

Radley Emerson iPhone 5 Case | RRP £25?, Now £17
I thought the only phone cases Radley sold were the leather pouch kind. With two designs to pick over I eventually settled on the Emerson, matching my candle. Thinking the case would be hard plastic, once home I'm pleased to see it's actually a think rubber/silicone case that fits perfectly. The quality is superb as I'm sick of having more cases crack on me, even my Accessorize designs are breaking.

Radley Doodle Dog Umbrella | RRP £22, Now £15
The last Radley purchase is most fitting for todays weather. Cursed with yet more umbrella breakages I decided to try one of Radley's, we'll see if the adorable chap will let me down or not. So far it seems strong, has a shorter handle than usual & has a case that WILL actually go back on. Please tell me I'm not the only one who can't resist the cute scottie dog? Lucy x
*own purchases

Home Touches // M&S Keep Cool & Sleepwell Range

an image of M&S Keep Cool & Sleepwell range
an image of M&S Keep Cool & Sleepwell range
an image of pea pod candle & lemongrass diffuser from M&S
an image of pea pod candle from M&S
From my recent interior posts you'll know that I switched over bedrooms, redecorated and now continue to personalise it with finishing touches. The most recent additions to the bedroom have been bedding. All of which take their place in the new bedding range from good old M&S. Keep Cool & Sleepwell features a brand new fibre technology, designed to regulate body temperatures all year round. Each and every item in the range has a smooth, silky feel and soft to the touch due to the sustainably sourced cotton and Tencel. While items needing filling are a blend of soft, supportive Tencel and Polyester for a comfortable nights sleep. It's a range I can't wait to share my thoughts on and one to watch for further additions and shades in the future.

M&S Keep Cool & Sleepwell Duvet Cover*
Since receiving the Keep Cool & Sleepwell range I haven't used any of my other duvet covers. Why? Because I haven't ever found a duvet cover to feel as silky without being silk. This guy is so, so smooth, cool on the skin and the purest shade of white. Having always hated when it comes round to changing bedding I'm pushing the set into the machine first thing in the morning to make sure I can have it all back on for the night. Other colours in the range include Natural, Cream and Duck Egg Blue.

M&S Keep Cool & Sleepwell Pillowcase x2*
Again, the natural fibre Tencel is cooling and keeps my body temperature regulated and balanced. I'm not tossing and turning as much, a bonus when it comes to combating bed hair in the morning. The 200 thread count makes an incredible silky surface for a luxurious nights sleep.

M&S Keep Cool & Sleepwell Fitted Bed Sheet*
Can we all thank M&S for creating a fitted bed sheet that doesn't ping off when you move onto the other three corners!? Usually the bane of my life, I can at last make a bed quickly as well as having such a silky haven to jump into every night. Oh M&S.

M&S Keep Cool & Sleepwalk Pillow*
We've always been a sensitive bunch and buy into the sensitive, anti-allergy pillows, not to mention my liking to sleep with three pillows!? I now have two of the Keep Cool & Sleepwell Pillows, which have an outer cover of natural fibres of sustainably sourced Cotton & Tencel. The filling of each pillow is incredible, plenty of 'squish' but neither too soft or too firm. The Tencel & Polyester blend makes a very supportive pillow for a comfortable nights sleep. I'm definitely less achy.

M&S Keep Cool & Sleepwell 10.5 Tog Duvet*
Available in various togs, the Keep Cool & Sleepwell duvet is my favourite of the range. At a high 10.5 tog, I'd usually find this too much for the time of year and when you account for the warmest bedroom I sleep in. Instead it's been the perfect example to showcase how incredible the Tencel technology really is. Like the pillows, the duvet is supportive, squishy and ever so cosy. I can't wait for winter mornings and pyjama days...if Harry allows it. For reference I have the double duvet as my bed is a Hemnes Daybed - single, sofa & large double when pulled out.

M&S Pea Pod Candle*
From chatter on twitter I always heard great things about the M&S candle range and since then could always be found scanning the home section in my nearest store. Excited to see one of their latest additions in my package I couldn't wait to light up the ever so adorable 'Pea Pod' candle. The porcelain candle fits perfectly into the decor of my room and if you notice how the front sticker states 'peel off' or the insert inside the pot, you'll discover another blank chalk board label allowing you to reuse the pot once all burnt. Oh M&S you think of everything. Single wicked Pea Pod burns really well, very clean and fills the room with such a delightful scent. The description of the candle from M&S couldn't describe the candle any better 'Perfectly green pea pods naturally sweet and bursting with goodness. Is given depth with precious woods and soft musk'. It has me thinking this wonderful candle is the perfect dupe for a certain popular brand's Green Tomato Leaf candle. It's also great to see that the range is completely cruelty free. AND you can also pick the candles up in a larger size at just £17.50 here as well as in a range of scents ranging from Rhubarb, Herbs or Lemongrass. Coming into autumn I really want to purchase the Rhubarb candle in hope it smells like a freshly baked crumble.

M&S Lemongrass Diffuser*
Following from the same style range we have the Lemongrass Diffuser. Now I adore diffusers, I featured a couple of my favourites a few posts previous to this one. If you're heading off to uni and can't have candles in your halls then I urge you to treat yourself...or hint at your family. For £19.50 you get an impressive 100ml to pour into your porcelain bottle complete with matching chalk board labels. Perfectly described as a vibrant and aromatic accord with sparkling citrus and tingling lemon, warmed by notes of ginger and nutmeg, you can understand the love I have for this home addition. Not only does the diffuser scent my bedroom but also out onto the landing and down the stairs - it's not at all over powering either. M&S have easily earned the award for best diffusers with this Lemongrass wonder. I have at least another months worth of oil left until I go to purchase another - which I most certainly am.
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Perfect Tea Party // AD

Today I have five tips on hosting your own tea party or garden party. Tea parties are such a cute way to get folk together. If you bake like myself it's the perfect way to get feed back on your latest creations...hopefully you don't invite anyone as harsh as Paul & Mary.

Tip 1 | Crockery & Tableware
The most important step to hosting the perfect tea party in my eyes is tableware and crockery. Without it you're stuck for a way to display your feast. Depending on your theme will determine if you are to go down the disposable route, or perhaps the more traditional tea party route, with many pretty, shabby chic Cake Stands at intervals along the table.

Tip 2 | "Food ideas" - with recipes
Again, there's no tea party this time without CAKE. A short while a go I published a blog post with many treats I'd created for a birthday afternoon tea. Of course miniature sandwiches are always a hit to accompany the masses of cakes you'll bake up. Personally I'd rather skip ahead to yet more CAKE and desserts. With the upcoming season change you'll have lots of different ingredients to play around with. 

Tip 3 | The Drinks Menu
Seeing as this is a tea party, a good variety of teas will be expected. Whilst we've been lucky in the UK this summer, it's now taken a turn in the opposite direction with a whole lot of rain. If however the sun returns and you get to throw your tea party outside you may want to try out my Blueberry & Green Tea Slush for a little twist.

Tip 4 | Decorations
Decorations are always the most exciting bit even more so than the baking aspect. Lets face it if you're hosting and baking from scratch it's going to be stressful. This summer I've jumped onto the bandwagon of Kilner jars.

Tip 5 | Inside or Out?
Living in the UK most parties end up being hosted inside, it's important to think ahead and make sure to have the place tidy if this is the case. In past posts you may have read that we recently tidied and revamped an area of our garden for this. Lucy xx
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A Beginners Guide To // Male Skincare

an image of house of fraser skincare haul
an image of house of fraser skincare haul
an image of house of fraser skincare haul
an image of house of fraser skincare haul
Today I have five spectacular skincare products to share with you, some of which I've used personally and others specifically for the men grooming. It's not just us females that benefit from a twice daily skincare routine. Men are prone to just as many issues as us, especially when you add shaving/grooming to the mix. Of course it's not just down to the products you use, you need to think about what you're putting inside yourself. It's important to have a healthy diet & drink plenty of water.

Kiehls Facial Fuel Sky Flyin' Foaming Multi-Gel*
2 in 1 products are always popular with the males I know, again the majority of them don't have the patience to have a skincare regime as full as ours. The Kiehls Facial Fuel Sky Flyin' Foaming Multi-Gel, not only is a mouthful to say but a great way to get your man taking his first step into creating a better grooming routine. Specially formulated for male skin, this product provides both a foaming gel shave-cream AND a foam gel cleanser. When used as a cleanser this product gently cleanses the skin and minimises the appearance of pores while also removing the surface oil due to the formula being enriched with bamboo, lemon and orange fruit extract. As for when used as a shaving cream, 
a rich lather is formed while boasting of caffeine, both vitamin C & E prepares the skin for a super smooth shave and helps to minimise any redness that may occur while grooming. If you're looking for a product to save time, hydrate and energise your skin for the 'ready to takeoff' look the Kiehls Facial Fuel Sky Flyin' Foaming Multi-Gel is one to keep in mind.

Origins Masks To Go*
Clear Improvement, an active charcoal face mask to clear pores is available in both 100ml tube form and in four single use pods. Perfect for avoiding the 'how much do I use' or finding your tube half empty the next morning. Designed for oily and combination skin, even at my skins driest I can still use this when I want to clear my pores from pollutants, dirt and debris without my skin left feeling tight. The china white clay and active charcoal really work a miracle absorbing and dissolving away the nasties, with results that match the name of this product. House of Fraser are currently giving away two more face masks with every purchase of two or more Origins products. Thinking I'd receive two more of the same mask I was pleasantly surprised to see one pod being my favourite, Drink Up Intensive overnight mask - a highly rich and nourishing moisturiser and Out of Trouble, a 10 minute mask for problem skin. Why not apply one while you're gaming? It's worth noting that Origins also have an active Charcoal body wash in their male range if you also suffer from body acne.

Kiehls Ultra Facial Moisturiser*
Kiehls appear again with yet another incredible product. Regardless of skin type you need a moisturiser. The Ultra Facial Moisturiser is more of a lotion, so light it has you wondering how an earth it works. The ultra light weight formula can be suitable for all skin types, with no worries about being shiny with excess oils and sticky residues. Formulated with Squalane, Vitamin A & E, skin is left hydrated and conditioned - even the most sensitive of skins can benefit from this moisturiser as there's no scent. Hooray!

Rituals Lip Treat Nourishing & Protective Lip Balm*
Who doesn't use lip balm? If you're looking to 'upgrade' your current lip balm I urge you to try Rituals, Lip Treat Nourishing & Protective Lip Balm. The Rituals Lip Treat & Protective Lip Balm is incredible at hydrating lips all day long. With simplistic packaging and a menthol flavour this is the perfect unisex balm. There are no preservatives in this organic Shea butter balm with vitamin E, healing Eucalyptus, repairing Chinese Camphor & an SPF of 10. If you worry about lip balms leaving a glossy residue on your lips, the kiehls Facial Fuel No Shine Lip Balm will be for you - though Lip Treat gets to work and does sink in quickly.

Origins Super Spot Remover Blemish Treatment Gel 10ml*
Over the years I've tried many spot treatment gels, trying to encourage my Brother into using them as he's always struggled with persistent acne. The Origins Super Spot Remover Blemish Treatment Gel comes in the tiniest of bottles, perfect for hiding away in the bathroom cabinet and pulled out whenever you have a little eruption before a hot date or fancy meeting. Many spot treatments not only dry out the spot but also the skin around the blemish, causing yet more issues. This gel contains Salicylic Acid which instantly helps spread healing while visibly correcting post blemish darkening. Caffeine and Red Algae make an appearance to reduce swelling and redness with their calming properties. If you're looking to curb the breakouts and keep your skin spotless, adding this little miracle into your routine will most definitely be of help as it even combats those hiding under the skin.
*This blog post is in collaboration with House of Fraser
All opinions & product recommendation 
are my own, though I do not claim to be an 'expert'
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Love Me Beauty // August Menu One

an image of love me beauty august 2014
an image of love me beauty august 2014
an image of love me beauty august 2014
an image of love me beauty august 2014
an image of love me beauty august 2014
an image of love me beauty august 2014
Today I have the August offerings from Love Me Beauty to share with you. Each of the three menus this month are made up of four full size beauty products and no surprises.

Marsk - Mineral Eye Shadow in You're Toast | £14.49
First up to feature in August's Menu's are mineral eye shadows from the brand Marsk. The 100% natural, mineral based loose powders are cruelty free and available in a vast shade range. The creamy texture helps the highly pigmented eyeshadow blend out effortlessly whether used wet or dry. I received the shade 'You're Toast' - a golden, neutral brown with the ability to be built up for more intensity. I'll be looking into more from Marsk, with their mineral foundations next on my list.

A La Carte - Smudge-Proof Eyebrow Definer in Blonde | £23 
A La Carte were introduced to me through a past Love Me Beauty box, where their Divine Lash mascara become the first high-end mascara to truly impress me. This month features another fantastic product in the form of an eyebrow definer felt tip in the shade Blonde. I've always preferred powders or pencil for my brows, so I'm most surprised to work this product enough to love it. Blonde won't work for everyone but for the majority it will as you can easily blend and smudge before it dries or use it as an eyeliner with that ultra skinny tip.

Oriflame - Ecollagen Wrinkle Correcting Eye Cream | £16.95 
Our only skincare item in this months box is an eye cream from Oriflame. I try many eye creams and find the majority of them to be incredibly heavy on the delicate skin. As I haven't used this product very much I can't say it does what it promises though I love the cooling roller ball applicator that dispenses just the right amount of product. The formula is incredibly light, clear and almost serum like, enriched with plant stem cell extract to help stimulate collagen production and re-plump wrinkles from within. 

Mirabella - Lip Lustre Liner in Bashful | £10.50
Mirabella, another brand for Love Me Beauty to introduce me to with a lip liner in the ever so beautiful shade Bashful. The sheer, pink-mauve lustre finish liner is easy to blend while containing Aloe Vera to hydrate and smooths my dry lips. Bashful makes such a great base for applying many of my neglected lip glosses over. Mirabella are also paraben free! The grand total for August is an impressive £64.94, for four full size beauty products. You can't fault Love Me Beauty, they certainly make great picks, month after month. Have you received your box yet? Lucy xx
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the one I get technical // AD

Come winter, autumn, spring and summer my tablet is my most used possession. Whether it be curled up on the sofa with a hot chocolate, ultra soft blanket and making one too many purchases. Flicking through my favourite blogs, youtubers, liking one too many Lush bath bombs and sharing one too many shabby chic snaps across social networks. Tablets do it all. I rarely use my TV in my bedroom. Taking inspiration for new recipes and my latest smoothie ventures. Wishing I had more rooms to strip out and start a fresh with the vast amount of interior apps. I can't not mention my liking of setting reminders over night, surprising myself the next day with alarms and notifications popping up. Summer time the tablets are taken outside, going a step further and installing four outside sockets around the new table area. We're always plugged in, charged and ready to provide music for every occasion and get together. Even Harry's known to catch up on The Great British Bake Off & Gossip Girl. Boy does that puppy think he's human. Quite often I'm able to actually keep up with the tedious task of organising my multiple emails and write the occasional blog post.

At an affordable £140 with many offers running at the moment, the Acer Iconia A1 is a great example of an affordable tablet. It does everything you could wish for. Why splash out if one does it all, saving you pennies... a lot of pennies. Especially when this tablet runs on Android, meaning the whole family can use it with the ability to have multiple user accounts for unique folders and apps. We find the best place to purchase tech items is good old John Lewis - here whether it be ordering to home or collecting at their sister supermarket. Encased in strong metal and with a white front the A1 is a pretty little thing, not too heavy and just the right size to be popping into your handbag. Not to mention the crisp, HD display, almost 8 hours battery life and two cameras. There's the option to expand the 16GB memory to 32 GB via microSD. The Acer Iconia A1 can't be missed. I hate to be one to cause yet more eye rolling but with the year flying by as quick as it is...the nights will be drawing in and the gift giving holidays will eventually be upon us again. A gift to bring a smile to every face, right? Acer have created this short video to show you how such a product can ease your day. Who's yet to make the tablet purchase? Lucy x
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