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Lush Boxing Day Sale Haul // 2014

an image of Lush Boxing Day Sale 2014
an image of Lush Boxing Day Sale 2014
an image of Lush Boxing Day Sale 2014
an image of Lush Boxing Day Sale 2014
an image of Lush Boxing Day Sale 2014
an image of Lush Boxing Day Sale 2014
an image of Lush Boxing Day Sale 2014
Finally our Boxing Day order has arrived to the LW household. I won't lie, I was definitely expecting a Christmas in July after the atrociously organised sale from the UK Lush website. Having woken up early on December 26th we found ourselves waiting & waiting for items to appear & the website to load. Alas the site didn't work and we placed an order by phone. Turns out Lush over sold products, making new products & struggled to provide any information on orders. Lush was the only sale both myself & Mum gave into as we couldn't head to the sales this Boxing Day with little Harry needing to be looked after while my Dad rested from working Christmas Day night.

As the UK Sale was 50% off we decided to include a few of the gift sets that had caught out eyes previously. For Christmas my Mum usually picks out the items individually and creates the most lovely beauty boxes, this years was incredible and in an adorable hamper basket. The first gift set to enter our 'basket' was Merry Christmas, one which features only bath bombs and bubble bars - with the all important Lord of Misrule bath bomb that stole my heart this Autumn-Winter. Santa Claus is Coming to Town was impossible to resist, attached to the box is a letter from the big guy himself, stickers to customise the box and naughty or nice badges. The contents inside featured some of our absolute favourites as well as the Snowman shower jelly which smells SO SO good. Cosy Christmas & Best Wishes also entered, these are slightly smaller gift sets but contained a mix of traditional Christmas scented products and the more fruity scents. I can't wait to start the large slab of Snowcake soap.

Lastly it can't be a Lush sale haul if you haven't included shower gels...and boy have we gone mad this year. It was impossible to pick a favourite from this years line up, Snow Fairy returned, Hot Toddy won all our hearts with my Dad & brother claiming a bottle each. Not to mention So White providing mornings with a refreshing start. I daren't even think about the mini 100g bottles included in all our gift sets too. If that wasn't enough there were a few smaller items to make it into our order, with a First Snow dusting powder, two cinders bath bombs, Yog Nog soap for my Dad & one Drummers Drumming bubble wand. Our house smells incredible and we're all be fighting for the bathroom. Did anyone else have issues with their order? Lucy xx
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Batiste Rescue Monday // #BatisteSOS

an image of batiste rescue monday
an image of batiste rescue monday
an image of batiste rescue monday
an image of batiste rescue monday 1
January 19th has been named the most depressing day of the year, that's right we haven't even completed one month of 2015. The bright side of this being we should all look forward to the rest of the year being fantastic. I've been a little down in the dumps this past week, everything seems to have gotten on top of me turning me into a big emotional mess. But fear not if you too are feeling the same Batiste are on hand with their fabulous Rescue Monday.

Batiste were lovely enough to send out bloggers their very own SOS Beauty Kit, mine arrived Friday and has already been put to good use between the household. Seeing such a large box land on my desk with a mysterious contents ready to be unwrapped did bring a smile to my face. Inside Batiste have every aspect covered to make those long days and early mornings more tolerable. I won't lie...the foodie in me was a little too excited about the food & drink items. I used to be hooked on the Little Miracles drinks, peach being my favourite. Everywhere seems to have stopped stocking them where we live & it's utterly heartbreaking. I'm also an avid Kallo customer but hadn't spotted the delicious Fruity Muesli & Yogurt Breakfast Thins. Other items included a miniature hairbrush from Denman (another of my trusty brands), the affordable and exceptionally great St. Moriz Instant Fake Tanning Mousse, a Mascara & Truly Radiant toothpaste - Dan's headed off with this. Now for the all important four products; Batiste Cherry scented dry shampoo, Batiste Argan based Dry Conditioner - smoothing and conditioning mist, not to forget the incredible XXL Plumping Powder & adorable handbag mirror.
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The Fragrance Shop // Discovery Club

an image of Discovery Club Birthday Box
Just before Christmas I was offered the chance to receive and review The Fragrance Shop's perfume subscription box, something a little different from your standard subscription services right? The Discovery Club has actually been around for two years, with four boxes throughout the year containing perfume samples for both male and females. Alongside the samples you'll find a booklet, this booklet has all the info you need to know about the fragrance samples and money off vouchers which you can use both in-store and online.
an image of Discovery Club Birthday Box
an image of Discovery Club Birthday Box
an image of Discovery Club Birthday Box
I received the last box of the year (2014) which was the celebration of The Discovery Club's second birthday. To celebrate their second birthday The Fragrance Shop have included a miniature bottle of Modern Muse, a perfume I've been dying to try and it's by far my favourite of the entire box. Other fragrances include Jimmy Choo EDP, one that is already in the collection from picking up in the 2013 sales. Lady Million has been a scent I've wanted in my collection for quite some time though having now tried the sample I'm very disappointed in the staying power and how it sits on my skin. Nina by Nina Ricci is one I associate with airports, the Snow White apples are always on display right? Having tested this a long time ago I'm now quite the fan of the enchanting floral and toffee EDT. I very nearly treated myself to Angel by Thierry Mugler just before Christmas, now that I've had the sample it doesn't quite cut it as well as Womanity. Lacoste Touch of Pink appears in the birthday box, I've never been fond of this fragrance it smells of pure alcohol if you ask me. My Grandma adores Jean Paul Gaultier fragrances & rightly so, Classique features, smells divine & came packaged in lace etched packaging. Our last female fragrance comes from Givenchy, the floral aromatic Very Irresistible EDT has an incredible staying power and the fresh, edgy Rose Blossom fragrance has made it onto my Mums wish list.

As you can tell the boxes are mostly aimed at females, though there are three male samples, perfect for finding a new scent for your partner or family member. My Discovery Box arrived whilst only myself & Dad was in, he's always interested in my mail and was actually intrigued by the male scents. Sadly none of them have wowed him enough to replace his signature scent. I feel like all the fragrances featured would suit my brother the best. If he had to pick a favourite it would be Paco Rabanne Invictus, I also really liked this one. Following closely behind is Issey Miyake L'eau D'issey Pour Homme while Hugo Boss' offering came last.

I loved receiving the Discovery Club box, I think it's a great way to sample fragrances without spending a large amount of money. Just £5 per box, four times a year and the ability to cancel at any time. If like me you live in a small town that lacks the latest launches at the best of times it's great to have previews and vouchers to use online. All the samples and miniature Estee Lauder perfumers will be making their way into my makeup bags. Happy Birthday Discovery Club! Lucy xx
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Lush Valentine's Day Collection // 2015

We haven't even finished the large amount of sweets and chocolates left from Christmas & Lush have already released their Valentine's Day Collection for 2015. Last year I shared a blog post with my overall thoughts on the collection and whether or not I'd be purchasing. In the end I didn't make a single purchase. However this year the collection looks far more exciting and contains one product I've been lusting after since seeing Lush Japan launch the limited edition treat last year. There are a couple of products returning but plenty more new exciting treats I'm sure you'll all want to get your hands on. I'm also hoping they bring back Ex Factor on Lush Kitchen which is Butterball bath bomb dressed up for the 'holiday'.
an image of lush valentines day collection 2015
Heart Throb bubble bar
Heart Throb is the first newbie to the collection this year and one I'm really wanting to try. The heart shaped macaroon takes on a squishier formula that makes it a 'bubbleroon' all of which I'm very fond of as the three on offer all year round are ever so nourishing. This red number contains skin softening Shea Butter and carries the ever so delicate fragrance of the African Paradise body conditioner. 

Lonely Heart bubble bar
Another new addition for us this year is Lonely Heart bubble bar. This little heart is covered in golden lustre with a passionate red bar peeping through. Not only will this bubble bar turn your waters into a shimmering red, but your bathroom will no doubtfully be filled with the uplifting fragrance of lemongrass, bergamot, jasmine and Ylang Ylang.

Unicorn Horn bubble bar
Unicorn Horn seems to be the item Lush fans are most excited for and who can blame them. The multi-coloured bubble bar promises a magical bath time while remaining vegan friendly & self-preserving. Fragranced with beautiful Neroli oil, calming Lavender oil, sweet Ylang Ylang oil while the rainbow swirl is decorated with sparkling lustre, colourful candies and rainbow swirls.

Floating Flower bath bomb
A new bath bomb to this years Valentine's collection is Floating Flower & one product going on my to buy list. The tri-coloured bath bomb contains sensual essential oils of Ylang Ylang oil, Cypress oil & Jasmine Absolute. I've seen so many videos from Lush stores on Instagram and it looks fantastic with such bright & uplifting colours filling your tub.

Love Locket bath bomb
Returning for its second year in a row is Love Locket which obviously was very popular though I did read & watch just as many negative reviews. At almost £7 it's a bath bomb I hope you can multiple uses from since when you crack open your locket you'll find a miniature heart inside as well as plenty of heart confetti and lustre's. Scented with Vanilla absolute, Jasmine absolute and Neroli oil it's one to buy for your sweetheart.

Prince Charming shower gel
While some of you may be mourning over Snow Fairy going into hibernation until the end of the year there's really no need for it. Prince Charming is back in all his sweet pink glory. He may not be as sickly sweet as the liquid candyfloss but with a blend of Almond oil, Marshmallow Root and Pomegranate Juice he'll leave your skin feeling silky smooth and smelling divine.

Cupid's Love soap
Cupid's Love soap is one to pop in store to see. The adorably designed soap carries an uplifting and very fruity fragrance of Bergamot and Rosewood whilst fresh figs, soya yogurt and passion fruit juice look after skin, leaving skin soft, silky and nourished. Having loved the rich, creamy lather of Yog Nog soap at Christmas this may be one to stock up on to take us through until summer.

The Kiss lip gloss
If you haven't tried this lip gloss from previous years you really must head into your local Lush store - I have several back ups in sat in my drawer. As someone who isn't a fan of lip gloss usually this gives lips a subtle pink sheen without being overly sticky while hydrating and nourishing them. The formula has fair trade Shea & Cupuaca butters with Guarana seed powder as an natural skin-plumper.

The Kiss lip scrub
How many more lip scrubs can Lush create I hear you ask? Arriving for Valentine's Day 2015 is The Kiss lip scrub to accompany The Kiss lip gloss. Usually I skip over the scrubs since my pot of Bubblegum lip scrub lasts a lifetime though if I'm passing by the store something tells me I won't be able to leave without one. Along with the usual lip scrub ingredients there is Sicilian Mandarin Oil, Organic Cocoa Butter and fine Sea Salt making this scrub the perfect sweet yet salt treat to get those lip mighty who can resist the adorable hearts & sprinkles they've packed in.

Since I'm still waiting on my Boxing Day order to arrive & I'm dying to get a haul post up with the success of last years, I won't be purchasing any just yet. Yes, even the Unicorn Horn's. What will you be picking up? Lucy xx
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The No-Bump Bobble // Review

an image of The No-Bump Bobble review
an image of The No-Bump Bobble review
an image of The No-Bump Bobble review
They say the best things come in small packages. Just before Christmas I received a selection of hair accessories from blogger owned The No-Bump Bobble, a snag and bump free bobble that is kind to our hair. If you're anything like myself you'll know just how annoying it is to get your hair perfectly straight before needing to tie it up out of the way and then having a huge bump & many knots to battle with later on. Each and every bobble has been handmade from the silkiest and softest material which comes in such a large array of designs.

Able to pick five bobbles I planned to create my own dreamy theme. In the end I went for a mix of vibrant shades & patterns. Having been sick for the last few days, it's been lovely to get that hair out of the way with such happy designs. The bands all vary in stiffness especially the glitter and lace options. First up we have the Red Lace bobble which retails for just 70p, it's been glued to my wrist or hair over the Christmas period. The White Glitter (70p) was another I couldn't resist considering the time of year I picked out my selection. This band is the stiffest of the selection, I can't see it ever losing its shape nor has it lost any glitter. Another glittery number was the Pink & Silver glitter bobble (70p) which looks so pretty when the light catches. The Mint Green & Pink Polka Dot bobble is perfect for spring/summer and retails for slightly less at 60p. Lastly...despite having entered my twenties I couldn't resist the Lilac Disney Princess bobble (60p).

If you hate having to tie your hair back with regular bands kinking or pulling your hair, I highly recommend replacing with The No-Bump Bobble style bands. Having used a few brands over the last couple of years I can safely say no other brand comes close to TNBB, there's not a collection as vast or wonderful. On top of the bobbles you'll also find thin headbands as well as Pom Poms to brighten up your bags or keys. Have you heard about The No-Bump Bobble? My hair is SO much happier and healthier with them and you really must check out just how large the collection is. Lucy x
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Miscellaneous Favourites // of 2014

an image of cable and cotton fairy light review
an image of m&s keep cool and sleepwell range
an image of radley london haul
an image of rhubarb crumble muffins
an image of miscellaneous favourites of 2014
an image of miscellaneous favourites of 2014
Following on from my The Best Beauty Products of 2014 I thought I'd share 14 miscellaneous items and memories I've loved in the past year. I can't believe how fast the year flew by. As hard as 2014 was at times, it all equalled out with an incredible Christmas to finish the year off. 

Twinings Warming Camomile & Spiced Apple Tea
I'm not a lover hot drinks at the best of times though this year I've dabbled in various types of tea - a lot collected from various beauty boxes. Towards the end of last year I came across Warming Camomile & Spiced Apple from Twinings. Having tried Camomile tea in the past and finding it the most vile tasting drink around I didn't have high hopes. Turns out this is the most delicious tasting drink around, I've loved curling up with a mug and shoving a box set on (which I currently am doing FYI) & it's thankfully caffeine free. I really hope this isn't going to disappear anytime soon.

Rhubarb Crumble Muffins
Thanks to a wonderful little lady we've gotten to know this year, September consisted of receiving & eating a whole lot of Rhubarb. Looking for new ideas to use the next fresh batch of Rhubarb in I came across various Rhubarb Crumble Muffins which soon became my most favourite sweet bake of the year. They really didn't stick around for long, the ultimate autumnal treat of sweet rhubarb and cinnamon crunch topping.

Banana Pancakes 
I became equally obsessed with making banana pancakes as I did with making smoothies and green tea slush's. Banana pancakes are delicious, easy to make & gluten free. I have a hard time avoiding and sticking to a gluten free diet - families don't seem to realise how much it really is in food but they're getting there. I definitely gave in far too much over Christmas and paid the price. To make the banana pancakes I literally use one banana and one egg, mix together and cook in hot pan.

Desperate Housewives | seasons 1-8
2014 was the year of the box sets thanks to Sky On Demand. Having watched a fair amount of Desperate Housewives in the past year finding out Sky had the entire season set available I spent a whole lot of time watching Bree, Gabby, Susan and Lynette. I really need to get myself the rest of the seasons as Mamma Writes picked up the first season as a Christmas gift for me.

Devious Maids | seasons 1-2
After finishing Desperate Housewives I also discovered Devious Maids thanks to wonderful Sky just in time for the second season to air in the UK. Many evenings of the second season consisted of pizza or Mexican food nights with my pal Tom. I really hope there will be a third season soon.

Scandal | seasons 1-3
I became OBSESSED with Scandal and whilst everyone wants to be Blair Waldorf, it's a toss up between Olivia Pope and her, OP has some serious power. Scandal couldn't be any different to the usual shows I watch, it's an American show and very political based, completely addicting and I'm not going to lie the third season definitely terrified me at times. I'm working on getting my brother into the show before season four starts this month. 

Gossip Girl | seasons 1-6
Gossip Girl seemed to do the rounds this year on my timeline and boy did I end up getting addicted. I ended up purchasing all seasons on iTunes, watched continually and repeated many a time when I've had long, hot bubble baths. Now if I could just have their wardrobes please!?

This isn't anything new but I made sure that in 2014 I drank a lot more water. Downloading Waterlogged (completely free btw) has helped me so much. I've gone from barely drinking plain water to drinking only water for the majority. The app is super easy to use, easily adjustable and one to definitely download.

Adventures with our little Harry
In June Harry turned one and August we'd had him for a year. My gorgeous little West Highland Terrier means the absolute world to me and I take him to as many places as possible. Our favourite places throughout the year have to be country house near us with so much land, woodland to explore & delicious food - one too many gluten free brownies have been consumed. We also revisited a seaside town a few times, that we hadn't been since we were super young & visiting my brother down in Devon. The places and adventures are endless & I can't wait for more with my little fluff.

Radley - Accessories
I became quite the fan of Radley and said goodbye to a fair amount of money. Thankfully the store nearby is an outlet & Harry is always welcome to come in rather than one of us having to wait outside with him. Each time he's fussed over by the sales girls & each time I come away with one too many items. My favourites have to be the notebooks and iPhone cases.

Cable & Cotton Fairy Lights*
I was lucky enough to receive some beautiful fairy lights from Cable & Cotton in 2014. Cable & Cotton lights are very unique, each fairy light is covered with a cotton ball which you attach yourself. You can either pick each shade yourself or pick a pre-selected design.

DIY - my new bedroom
I switched over bedrooms and so began the redecorating. I'd been dying for more space and to ditch the ghastly pink walls. My new room is heavenly, so relaxing and completely me. There have been various posts on LW, though not enough and I can't wait to get back into my interior side of LW this year. All the Christmas decorations have been packed away and I'm pulling out my usual accessories and eyeing up new buys.

M&S Keep Cool & Sleepwell Bedding Range*
I was lucky enough to share the launch of M&S' new bedding range - perfect timing with a newly decorated room. Since receiving this bedding it's truly helped me get a better nights sleep and I love how the plain white bedding brightens the room. Keep Cool & Sleepwell features a brand new fibre technology, designed to regulate body temperatures all year round. Each and every item in the range is silky smooth and soft to touch.

Lace Cross Back Push Up Bra's | NL
The past year was all about lace cross over bra's, my favourite being the lilac lace bra I picked up from Newlook. Normally I would never buy bras from Newlook as I find them to of a poor fit. However these bras have fitted so perfectly & I love the front opening. For AW they added a burgundy option which appeared in my stocking. Though the lilac remains my favourite for arriving and matching my nail polish exactly. What have been your miscellaneous favourites for 2014? Feel free to leave posts below.
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The Best Beauty Products of // 2014

an image of top beauty products of 2014
an image of top beauty products of 2014
an image of top beauty products of 2014
an image of top beauty products of 2014
Each year on LW I like to round up my favourite beauty based products and share with you all in a blog post. This year I feel as if I've been extremely hard to impress. But seriously there's been so many beauty launches I've felt overwhelmed, before being disappointed with those I have bothered with. I've still managed to pick out 14 products from various brands which hopefully varies from the vast amount of such blog posts filling your timelines.

Sensationail Gel Polish in Lovebite*
For the majority of the year I've been wearing gel manicures from Sensationail. Last Christmas I received the Deluxe Starter Kit from my parents & was impressed with the quality of the polishes and kit included. This has to be my favourite shade.

Makeup Revolution What You Waiting For?
If I'm honest this years favourites could have been made up entirely by Makeup Revolution products. The affordable brand only launched in 2014 but have racked up so much love and amazing releases. But it's the What You Waiting For? 18 eyeshadow palette that has won a place. When this palette arrived it had the entire family and MR office laughing once I filled them in on a particular event. Having just had my brothers car go rolling down our driveway, having been parked for many, many hours perfectly fine. Somebody up there thought to be a little devil and allowed it to bump our not so fond of neighbours car. So to open a palette to see such names as; Can't Find The Brake, Moving Car, Scary Conversation & Shut My Eyes, was pretty damn amusing.

Lush Ultrabland cleanser
This little tub has been a miracle this winter, having picked up this cleanser to try in July while shopping on my birthday I didn't know what to expect. Balm Cleansers have been doing the rounds this year, most I've tried have been disappointing. Ultrabland is nothing new, I've always walked past it but something that day made me want to place it in my basket. At first I wasn't quite sure if this cleanser was causing breakouts, I stopped using and came back to it over the last 6 weeks. You don't need a lot, apply to slightly damp skin, massage in and rinse off. My dry skin is left feeling ever so smooth and completely nourished. Maybe not one for summer but certainly an essential when it comes to winter skincare and boy is my skin needing it this week.

Lush Lemony Flutter cuticle butter
Again, another Lush product I've always dismissed until my Mum received a sample and I purchased her the full size. Since then I've been stealing her pot of Lemony Flutter to give my cuticles some TLC. Lemony Flutter is a very thick buttery cream, smelling of fresh lemon meringue pie. I get really dry cuticles as soon as September hits, along with the pesky dry little bits of skin. In a matter of days my cuticles are hydrated, looking presentable and no dry skin to be seen. Everyone needs a pot on their dressing table. Immediately. 

Origins Super Spot Remover blemish treatment gel
2014 has been the year I've really taken to Origins after receiving gift sets the previous Christmas. Origins Super Spot Remover is a blemish treatment gel contained in the tiniest of jars. I'd been getting a lot of hormonal breakouts and my usual blemish treatment wasn't doing the job. I always apply a tiny amount of the gel over an area where I can feel them coming, the spots either don't erupt or dry out by the end of the day. Another product everyone needs on their dressing table.

Vera Wang Princess EDT 50ml
I have quite the perfume collection and it's only grown more since sharing it via a blog post on LW. Once upon a time Vera Wang Princess used to my signature scent. Eventually it ended up sitting in my drawer, I would always be reminded of particularly bad memories. 2014 they all seem to have been thrown out the window, or at least enough for me to enjoy & love wearing my old favourite again.

Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara in black & non waterproof
After what seemed a never ending search to find the perfect mascara after my eyelashes became increasingly fussy I have finally found the one. If I dare try out another mascara in my drawer, once I've switched back to Volume 1 Seconde Mascara the compliments flood in - which reminds me I really NEED to get contacts this year.

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty First Base Foundation in Cool Fair*
Joan Collins launched her makeup line Timeless Beauty in 2014, it was something that took me by complete surprise when I checked my inbox. Timeless Beauty is home to an incredible range of products, which all look beautiful in their golden packaging. I've fallen in love with First Base Foundation in Cool Fair - which turned out to be a great match for my pale, pale skin. First Base is a very thick foundation, though feels light on the skin and provides a high coverage. I absolutely hate my freckles peeping through and this stuff covers ALL my imperfections without even needing concealer. It's also fragrance & paraben free.

Soap & Glory The Fab Pore 2 in 1 pore purifying mask and peel
This year I delved into more Soap & Glory skincare with The Fab Pore 2 in 1 mask being an absolute gem of a find. The Fab Pore is a clay based mask with fine exfoliating beads. The formula is fairly thick, with a little reaching a long way. It's also lightly tinted green with a menthol scent. I always apply when I'm in the bath, leaving on for as long as possible for the mask to really get to work. I then rinse off where the small exfoliating beads give a gentle exfoliation, leaving my skin radiant and clear. Formulated for oily/combination skin types I'd recommend for ALL skin types.

Odylique Coconut Candy Scrub deeply hydrating skin polish*
I was lucky enough to be introduced to a few Odylique products this year, a couple products did actually disappoint me though the Coconut Candy Scrub really stood out. Having completed a lot of DIY this year & switching rooms around I misplaced a lot of products, this being one of them. Having finally dug this pot of gold out again I've remembered just HOW amazing it is.

Percy & Reed No-Fuss Flawless Dry Conditioner
Until receiving this guy in a beauty box I'd written off Percy & Reed after a couple bad experiences. I could write for days about this product but I won't. All you need to know is I will never use dry shampoo for as long as Percy & Reed No-Fuss Flawless Dry Conditioner exists. No more grey cast at my roots, only soft & shiny hair with plenty of volume and the prettiest of fragrances.

Origins Masks to Go £8
A product I've given a lot of love on LW this year is Clear Improvement from Origins which I discovered could be purchased in handy travel size pods this year. Clear Improvement is an active charcoal & white clay mask which draws all impurities from the pores. If you're looking for a miracle mask that does everything I'd highly recommend Clear Improvement, my skin always looks so clear, smooth, tight (not uncomfortable) & hydrated after application. I do wish they'd start selling all other masks in these handy travel pods, they already give them out as samples.

The Body Shop Glazed Apple EDT 30ml
Having only just received The Body Shop's Glazed Apple EDT for Christmas I almost feel as if I shouldn't include the EDT in my products of 2014. But I have to, it's incredible and not at all what you'd imagine.

Argan Plus+ Unique 10 Leave In Treatment Spray
I'm a heat abuser when it comes to hair and in December I made a drastic decision to have 6 inches cut off. My hair now currently reaches the bottom of my bra which I'm coming round to slowly but I feel as if I've lost my security blanket. This spray has been a huge help to keep my hair looking good and not frazzled.

Which beauty products have made it into your top 14 this year? If you've shared your favourite products in a blog post or video I'd love for you to leave the link in the comments below.
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