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Products I've Used Up // #1

an image of products ive used up in april
an image of products ive used up in april
an image of products ive used up in april
Odylique Coconut Candy Scrub*
If a product is coconut scented there's a 200% chance I'm going to love it and that's exactly how I feel about Odylique's Coconut Candy Scrub. Having rediscovered it back along I was using it sparingly until this week where I decided to use it all up and repurchase ready for summer. If you're familiar with Soap & Glory's Sugar Crush, you'll love the texture of this scrub. A very thick, exfoliating scrub which smells absolutely divine - think Coconut Ice Cream and 100% natural.

Sure Maximum Protection Stress Control
For the best part of a year I've been an avid user of the Mitchum Ultimate, 48 hour protection in Pure Fresh. Recently I've found it to not be so ...err effective so I grabbed the Sure Maximum Protection Anti-Perspirant in Stress Control, if I start panicking I get SO ridiculously hot...attractive. Deodorant wise I've been quite impressed with it, the scent isn't as nice as Pure Fresh & I wish it wasn't so white mark prone.

Lush So White shower gel 250g
Having gone a little crazy in the Lush Christmas sales we've had Lush shower gels lying about everywhere with several scents taking place in the bathroom. So White is my absolute favourite from last years line, it's perfect for the morning with it's fresh apple & rose fragrance. Thankfully we have two 500g bottles waiting to be opened, fingers crossed this shower gel returns for 2015.

Lush Hot Toddy shower gel 100g
Hot Toddy won the hearts of the entire family with it's warming aroma of cinnamon and ginger. The red shower gel contains gold lustre which luckily doesn't transfer onto the skin...otherwise we'd have a couple annoyed males. We have a couple more 500g and 100g bottles to get us through until the winter collection launches again.

Impulse True Love body fragrance
I don't usually touch body sprays, but apparently I had one lying around? I stick to EDT & EDP on a daily basis and had left the body sprays behind in school day memories. Scent wise this was a nice refresh and smelt pleasant. It's not something I'd rush out and buy with a drawer full of perfumes to make my way through.

Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin concealer in Light
For the best part of a year this has been the only concealer I've used and repurchased. Despite being a loyal fan of the brand from my early teens I hadn't actually tried one of their concealers until the launch of Better Skin, where I also picked up the accompanying foundation. The concealer doesn't cake on my dry skin & covers every imperfection & blemish.

Yes to Blueberries Age Refresh Brightening Facial Towels
If there were a crown for the worlds worst product these facial wipes would win it hands down. I added a packet to an online beauty order last year, just before the Yes To range became stocked in Boots. After using a few they got shoved away ready for a bashing post one day on LW. While sorting the other day I found the pack, all dried out and yet to be reviewed. Both myself and my Mum hated these wipes, they even caused us to have reactions. How the brand is SO popular I'll never understand. 

Lush Fizzbanger bath bomb
Fizzbanger was a recent purchase while picking up the Lush Easter collection. I've cheated with this one as I personally didn't use it but I did RUN the bath and chuck this guy in. The bright yellow bath bomb has been a favourite of mine since it launched quite a few years ago, I think I may have even been at school!? Inside you'll find popping candy and surprise colours which provide such a fun, relaxing experience and of course a true pamper. If you're looking for a Snow White fix you'll most likely enjoy Fizzbangers scent.

Lush Hoppity Poppity bath bomb
The cutest item from Lush's recent Easter collection, Hoppity Poppity. Having read mixed reviews I was impressed with the little guy. From what looks like a dull bath....he actually turned the water into a milk pink, supposedly has popping candy and has the freshest of scents to appeal to almost everyone.

Lush Golden Egg bath bomb-melt
Another item I recently reviewed on LW is Golden Egg, I really enjoyed the sweet toffee fragrance it carries and have purchased both years its made an appearance. It makes for such a luxurious bath time since it uses both bath bomb and bath melt properties. If you can still get these in your local store I urge you to stock up.

Lush Lord of Misrule bath bomb
If I could only ever use one Lush product it'd be this guy. Lord of Misrule really is the superior of all Lush bath bombs. Only appearing at Halloween & Christmas he's one bath bomb I wished I'd stocked up on more. Alas I managed to grab a couple in the sales and use them for when I need an extra special pick me up. Looking at this guy you wouldn't think your waters would soon turn into a deep purple-red? If he returns this year I urge you to buy as many as you can carry...twice over.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream
Another product I'm essentially cheating with but have used myself...Having placed an order in December for various The Body Shop gift sets, I received their Vitamin E Cream for free. I passed it onto my Mum knowing how much she loves the range and little did I know that I would love it too. We're always flitting from each others dressing tables and sharing products. As much as I need moisture I hate thick facial moisturiser and find this one to be light weight, almost gel like and ever so soothing.
Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.

What Harry's Lovin' // #1

I mentioned in my Life Lately post that I wanted to include a few new post series to LW. One I've been wanting to start is about my little Harry, our West Highland Terrier puppy. Back when Harry moved in with us I used to write Adventures with Harry, documenting his weekly events and mischief. They always went down a treat, who doesn't like puppy photo's to brighten their day in the office? Harry is truly spoilt by us and those who know him, so why not share his favourite items along the way, every so often? Since he loves posing for the camera I'm sure you'll see his adorable little face too.
an image of Harry the Westie
an image of doggy monthly favourites
Pets At Home | Wag-a-tude Grey and Red Bone Pocket Dog Hoodie
We once purchased Harry the most loveliest of dog coats, a little red tartan coat from Pets At Home. He wore it a couple times before disliking Velcro and will run a mile if he catches a glimpse of said coat. Even though he has a thick coat of fur we wanted him to have something to keep him a little warmer through the wind, rain and true British weather. Over winter he's built up a collection of jumpers & hoodies which he adores wearing. He gets so happy and struts down the streets with extra bounce. The latest addition to his wardrobe is this fleecy number from Pets At Home. Harry wears a Medium and this fits perfect, neither too fitted or too loose. I'd recommend checking out your nearest Pets At Home, they're great for helping to fit items OR exchanging for another size. Having tried other brands and them being a complete fail or not even turning up it's safe to say we'll be sticking with trusty Pets At Home while Harry continues his Velcro phase.

James Wellbeloved | Mini Jacks in Duck 90g
As any puppy Harry has tried a fair amount of treats. Being a Westie he can be quite sensitive and sometimes a little fussy to what he likes. At the moment (I don't want to jinx my little man) he's not having any issues food wise & eats a variety or non hypoallergenic and hypoallergenic brands. While at his last groomer visit we wasted time by shopping and grabbed a bag of the James Wellbeloved Mini Jacks for him to try. The little bones are perfect for Harry, he's spoilt and likes biscuits broken into three!? These he'll happily crunch to himself.  James Wellbeloved are also a Somerset brand, we'll be purchasing from them more often.

Pets At Home | Buttons and Bear Duck Cutie
Since we're getting into Spring I couldn't resist this little toy for Harry despite it being in the puppy range. He's a puppy until he reaches three right!? Harry loves cuddly toys, he's a complete softy and carries one to your feet every time he requires something. He's not left this little duck alone, it squeaks and rustles what more could the little guy want.

Pets At Home | Willows Monstrous Snuggle Bed
Another item Harry's been making good use of lately is his cat bed. Yep, we purchased him a cat bed sometime last year. He kept taking us to the bed and after a few visits we decided to give in and let him have his own cat bed...even though he owns this one he still likes to sniff the others in the store. If he stays up late he'll usually go and snuggle down by the sofa on this or if we're travelling out of town with him, we usually put this in the back of the car, where he's attached with a seat belt and one of us always sits with him, don't worry. If they made them in human size I'd definitely have one for myself.

Purina | Adventuros Nuggets in Boar Flavour
A few weeks ago we came across the new range from the Purina brand. Last year Harry's favourite low fat treats were discontinued, the chewy bars from Pedigree. They were a weird texture that no other brand since had copied. They broke into little squares which came in handy when he had his op and wouldn't take his medicines. Thankfully Purina have created a low fat treat which is the same texture, just in little pillows which can be broken up into smaller pieces again. Being 'boar' flavour worried me initially since Westies don't get on with 'pork' but Harry's completely fine.

What Harry's not so fond of // Nylabone Nylaflex Wavy Arm Bone
Seeing the new Nylabone range in our local Pets At Home we grabbed the green Wavy Bone in beef flavour. Harry ran round the house for a good half hour with his new bone before leaving it alone ever since. The girl on the till said her dog loves it, since they don't splinter like normal nylabones. If they'd had the correct size of the other new bone we would have opted for that one & maybe he would have loved that more!? Who knows, he's a fussy little dog and will eventually chew I'm sure. Are these posts something you'd like to see more often? Lucy xx
*all own purchases

NEW // Batiste Eden review

Batiste is a brand I've grown up with and dearly love. I always love hearing and receiving their new creations. To this day I still don't know how they keep on creating the new fragrances they do, let alone the adorable prints they plaster their cans with. Eden is their latest addition, having launched in December. With all the Christmas preparation this one must have slipped past me until a can arrived Wednesday - with an equally cute cookie in tow.
an image of batiste eden
an image of batiste eden
Taking on the winter floral trend Eden £3.29 carries a soft, feminine print to match the light and fruity fragrance. The Sugar Melon and Honeysuckle scent has been developed to last longer. Batiste claim the new fragrances can last over 4 hours, which I can agree they do! Not only do you have hair that looks fresh but also smells incredible. Volume wise the dry shampoo gives you the amount any normal Batiste would and as of yet I'm not getting the typical dry shampoo grey cast. Eden's can couldn't be a better match for my bedroom. The can will definitely take pride of place on my dressing table. If you've followed my blog for a while now you'll know that two pieces of my furniture features little birds with similar colours. Eden makes a change from the brightly coloured designs we're all used to. Have you spotted Eden yet? Lucy xx
Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.

Fit That Thing with Sugru // Mouldable Glue

Yes. You read that title correct. Out of all the topics I branch out to on LW I never expected to go into such detail about glue. It's certainly different to most emails I have ping in each and every day but after seeing the amount of uses and handy DIY's this stuff can be used for I was pretty intrigued. Sugru is the worlds first mouldable glue that turns into rubber. It all started with a small team in London with a dream of fixing and modifying items.
an image of sugru mouldable glue
an image of sugru mouldable glue
an image of sugru mouldable glue
The patented silicone technology behind it is unique with Sugru feeling just like regularly play-dough and yet bonds to every single surface and cures by air for a secure and strong bond, from anywhere from the freezer, shower, home and outside. Able to stick to ceramics, glass, metal, wood, fabric and plastic you'll not have to worry when it comes to your next breakage. When it comes to needing to use Sugru simply shape as much as you need, seal edges and leave to cure. After 24 hours your Sugru has now turned into rubber and stays stuck unless you remove it of course. For speedier curing place somewhere warmer. Sugru won't fade in the sun and works in all weathers as well as sea water.

I was sent a Classic Colours eight pack £12.99 which features White, Black, Royal Blue x2, Sunny Yellow x2 and Classic Red x2. You can buy Sugru in various other packs including a pack of just white and black as well as singular colours and three packs with silver grey, wood brown, pink and green available. There's magnetic kits, tins, posters and t-shirts for those who really get into Sugru. Each pack comes with instructions, ideas, basic info and safety notices. So far I've used Sugru to repair my many broken iPhone cables. I'm either taping them or ordering new ones. Thankfully at last I have something flexible, yet durable to save those pesky cables Apple refuse to sort. We're always breaking items in this house, my Mum being the worst. I'm sure we'll be making use of Sugru over the next few months and ordering more in the future. Lucy x
Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.

Easter Chocolate Cornflake Tray Bake // Recipe

This year I've avoided jumping onto the calorific creme egg brownies, cookies and cupcakes by staying traditional. Each Easter for as long as I could stand on a stool to the kitchen counter I've made the super easy Cornflake Cakes topped with a generous helping on mini eggs. There's never just one on a cake in this house. Popping out to my Grandma's last night I was shocked to hear my littlest cousin (age 7) has never made cornflake cakes!? If it weren't for being 7pm and out in the countryside I'd had made them there and then with her. In case you haven't made them OR wondering which recipe to go for here's how I make mine which this year I decided to spread the mixture out into a tray rather than fiddly cases. A couple weeks ago I came across an adorable pastel range in ASDA, as well as it being super cute, they had them on offer. The wavy edged blue ceramic tray just HAD to come home and I still need to head back for the lilac. You couldn't ask for a better tray for an Easter theme treat. What Easter treats are you making this Easter? Lucy xx

Recipe for Easter Cornflake Tray Bake:
300g Dark Chocolate (the cheaper the better if you ask me)
150g Butter
9 Tablespoons of Golden Syrup 
300g Cornflakes
2 Packets of Mini Eggs (my favourites being Aldi's) Sorry Cadbury's!

Step One: Melt the Butter, Chocolate & Golden Syrup in a large bowl over a saucepan with little water & gentle heat.
Step Two: Take bowl off heat and gently stir in the cornflakes in small amounts.
Step Three: Spread the mixture into a tray prepared with cling film.
Step Four: Decorate with Mini Eggs and leave to set in the fridge.
Step Five: Once set slice into desired portions - I made 18.

Neom Happiness Reed Diffuser review // IWOOT

an image of neom happiness reed diffuser review
an image of neom happiness reed diffuser review
an image of neom happiness reed diffuser review
Recently I had the pleasure of receiving a diffuser from one of my most cherished British brands, Neom. Neom is one of many brands I've been fortunate to be introduced to since starting LW. I soon fell in love with their candles, room sprays and body products. In fact I rely on the Tranquillity room and pillow spray for a good nights sleep and usually stick to the same fragrance range. Unknowing which of their wonderful scents I'd be receiving from IWOOT (I Want One Of Those) I was over the moon to try Happiness (£38), it couldn't have been more fitting for the time. 

For those who aren't familiar with the brand Neom, they're a British brand who provide 100% natural fragrances for the mind and body to relieve stress, aid sleep, calm, relax and life your mood. The reed diffusers are made from a blend of the finest 100% natural ingredients and fragrances with 20-25ml of the purest essential oils. Reed diffusers work by filling the air with natural goodness providing many therapeutic benefits. Each fragrance range is classed as a 'treatment', so whichever treatment you require there's a very good chance Neom have you covered. Each of the reed diffusers have been hand poured in the UK into their sturdy frosted glass bottles. The packaging of Neom has always been simple but I'm such a fan of the redesign they completed last year. Happiness features a scent perfect for Spring with White Neroli, Mimosa and Lemon. A true key to a positive mind and happiness. I've placed the diffuser on my dressing table and each morning I turn the reeds to refresh and maximise the strength of scent. We've found the scent to head out onto the landing and stairs, without overpowering. The only negative to this diffuser is that the wooden lid doesn't screw on, DON'T go picking it up from the wooden lid like I almost did.

I'm really pleased with the Neom reed diffuser, with a whopping 100ml of high-quality oils this diffuser is going to be lasting for a long time yet (diffusers are designed to last 6-8 weeks) and well worth an 'investment'. The fragrance really has helped to uplift the mood of the 'dark' patch & anyone visiting comments on the lovely fragrance. Sadly IWOOT are currently out of stock of both the Neom Happiness Reed Diffuser and Neom Happiness Diffuser Refill though they do have plenty more Neom 'treatments' and fragrances to decide on. Have you tried any of Neom's home fragrances before?
Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.

Spring Primark Haul // 2015

an image of spring primark haul
an image of spring primark haul
an image of spring primark haul
I can't even remember the last time I set foot in a Primark. There was once a time I'd always be in there and always sharing via hauls on LW. My nearest is pretty small and despite a refit last year you're basically shopping in a jumble the dark. God knows why they've decided to make the place more cave like. I still managed to find some spring essentials and underwear I don't need but it's have to pick some up. If I'd had more time I wanted to hit the shoe section which for once looked actually half decent, whether they have size three's is another question. Despite being a pretty basic haul I'm glad I went in. All the items are surprisingly good quality and comfy - minus the fit of the pink blouse which apparently a UK6 does not fit my boobs!? I wished I'd picked up more colours while there. The tee's turned out to be such a bargain compared to Next wanting £14 per item. I seem to lose all my basic white strap tops, I'm sure my Mum's running off with them since I'd buy them in a size or two bigger. What have you found lately? Lucy xx

Lush // Golden Egg review

In my recent Spring Lush Haul I featured Lush's Golden Egg, I couldn't not leave without one after having falling a little in love with them last year. The bath-bomb melt was something a little different to their regular bath bombs and boy do they take the whole Lush experience to another level.
an image of lush golden egg review
an image of lush golden egg review
an image of lush golden egg review
Golden Egg is still featuring the same divine fragrance of Honey I Washed The Kids soap. Bath bomb-melts are relatively new to Lush, with a bath bomb being covered in a coating of bath melt before or at least in this case being rolled around in lustre's. During the Christmas collection they did the technique with Snow Angel & it worked brilliantly. You still use the bath bomb in the same way as you usually would but if you happen to break bath bombs to get more uses I wouldn't bother this time around. You'll be in such a mess from all the glitter. Once in the water you'll find the outer casing melting away, waters shimmering and slowly turning to molten gold. A rich toffee fragrance fills the entire house and lingers on the skin for hours after. Golden Egg isn't the most fun to watch, there's no hidden centres, colours or popping candy though your skin is left feeling incredible due to olive oil & cocoa butter.

Despite not providing such golden spirals as expected from other reviews, Golden Egg still filled the big hole left in my heart from Shooting For The Stars (Christmas). You will find a lot glitter around your bath, it's to be expected with so much stuck to the bath melt outer coating though you won't be turned into a glitter ball. A quick rinse around the tub is all that is needed and far better than Honeybee bath bomb that literally would leave the Sahara desert in my bath. At £3.75 (a slight increase from last year), it's a small price to pay for such a luxurious bath - if only Verruca Salt had waited. Lucy xx

How to Pass your Theory Test // Lucyy Writes

Following on from my How to Survive your First Driving Lesson blog post I thought I'd create a little series with today's being the nest step to pass your theory test OR how I did. The original post received a lot of traffic and twitter love, despite being out of the blogging loop so many of you have been super supportive when it comes to those pre-lesson nerves. March 24th was my test day and thankfully I passed. I was more nervous about the place rather than the actual test but upon arriving it all went away. After signing in I was given a locker key - lucky number seven and thus I passed with flying colours with 50/50 & 62/75.
an image of how to pass your theory test
Find the method that works for you |
For me it was a combination of an app and a trio of discs. For the Theory Test (multiple choice questions) I found using 'The Official DVSA Theory Test Kit for car drivers' App the best. The question side of the app has a digital copy of the High-way code, study section (shortened topic sections), practice questions & case studies and mock exams. I made sure to read the high-way code once, flick through the digital, answer every question on the app (even if it does say I've answered 99% - I've completed it all!?) to 100% accuracy, used the mini- tests for subjects and plenty of mock exams. Topics I struggled with I made notes and flicked through the morning of the exam & that's what worked for me getting 50/50 on the day. As for the Hazard Perception I didn't like the section on the app as it's nothing like the real thing and used the Hazard DVD disc from my trio Driving Test Success. Granted the clips on the disc are still nothing like the real test, it makes the real test a whole lot easier but you get the gist of what you need to do and plenty of mock tests, mini tests and practise sessions. I knew if I failed it would be from the Hazard Perception, luckily I had a good amount over the 44/75 mark needed to pass. 

What to take with you |
Take both your card and paper parts of your licence otherwise you'll be wasting that money you've just paid and not sitting that test. All your belongings then go into your locker, so don't take a bag girls! Mine would never have fit if I had of taken one.

Leave on plenty of time |
If you arrive late you've thrown your money away and you'll have to rebook for another day. Always arrive at least 15 minutes before your slot and if you aren't too sure where the centre you can always make a trip pre-test so you're 100% certain on where you have to be. I arrived early and was able to start early.

Use that Flag button in your exam | 
On your exam if you struggle with ANY question or even have the tiniest amount of doubt click the flag button and you can come back to it once you've made your way through the other questions. 

How My Lessons Are Going |
Lesson wise I think I'm okay, I still think I'm awful at times and I did have a bad week where I wanted to get out the car and walk because he'd stressed me out. My lessons go much better if my anxiety is lower & when he hasn't cancelled a lesson like today. Lucy xx
*not sponsored at all :)
© Lucyy Writes

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