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NEW // Batiste Graffiti Review

Graffiti is another new offering from Batiste and is exclusively available in Boots, whereas Paisley that I previously blogged about is exclusive to Superdrug. A 200ml can retails at the usual £2.99, worth every penny when it helps prolong the chore of hair washing. 
Graffiti is described as a light and punchy fragrance, with top notes of Apple, Wild Berry, Grape and Citrus, followed by middle notes of Jasmine, Lily and Iris, while it has Batiste's usually musk base accompanied with coconut and sandalwood. It has to be my favourite Batiste scent yet, topping the Lace! It smells slightly popcorn like to me, but you can definitely pick out the fruity notes along side.

Overall Batiste Graffiti is a hit with me, it's so different to all the past cans, the scent certainly has some edge. Unlike Paisley which I found to be more powdery, Graffiti seems to be less powdery while still leaving my hair refreshed and full of volume again. Have you tried Graffiti yet?
Disclaimer: sample
Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.

MUA // Nail Constellation in Gemini

I'm sure most of you have heard of MUA's Nail Constellations and probably own one or two if not all already. The Nail Constellations have been causing quite the stir in the beauty 'community' selling out extremely fast. Nail Constellations are fool proof and will see you through another party season.

When Ciaté launched their 'caviar' manicure last year almost every nail enthusiast out there hopped onto eBay and ordered cheaper beads because these wonderful constellations from MUA weren't created yet. I didn't get round to using my beads because they were too messy to apply in the packaging they arrived in. MUA have got it spot on again, not only are the bead varieties gorgeous they come in a plastic tube, complete with funnel.

Nail Constellations are super easy and quick to use, they do come with instructions but here's how. Paint your nails with a colour of your choice, I went for Avon's Romance, I love this polish at the moment I don't usually rate Avon. Remove white cap on the funnel and sprinkle over your wet polish, if you're feeling slightly crazy and want them all beaded paint one nail at a time. Once you've covered your nails, press the beads in gently and allow to dry. You can apply a top coat, I applied to the tip of my nail as I was looking after a 4 year old. It didn't change the colour in my opinion with Gemini*, they're also still intact. In person the gaps you can see on my nail don't show up as much and look rather great! To put your left over beads away unscrew the funnel cap to be mess free. My Nail Constellation nails should see me through till Monday!

Disclaimer: * item marked was sent to me for review consideration
Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.

NEW // Batiste Paisley Review

Batiste have recently launched yet more cans, it's a wonder how they can keep the creations and funky cans coming. Paisley* is exclusive to Superdrug, retailing at £2.99 for a 200ml can. Along with Paisley they've also released another, Graffiti which is exclusive to Boots.
Paisley is another beautiful scent from Batiste, this time around we have top notes of Grapefruit and Lime, middle notes of Rose, Apple and Patchouli and base notes of musk. I'm not huge on musk scents but Paisley definitely has a fruity bite appealing to many I'm sure. 
Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.

Go Lush Yourself // Creamy Candy Review

Creamy Candy is one of my old time favourites so over the last few days I've called on it to make me feel a little more human. Right now you can get a Christmas pimped version of this bubble bar - Candy Mountain, I still have a couple left from last year when they were white and pink. Personally Candy Mountain is no where near as creamy as the original creamy candy. 
If you love vanilla and candy floss scents you'll love Creamy Candy, it's not overpowering at all. I felt more relaxed than when I use any bombs and bars containing lavender. Creamy Candy is perfect if you want the moisturising goodness of a bath melt but the bubbles of a bubble bar. There's only one downside, if you like your Lush baths to bright and colourful then the Christmas version will be for you. Creamy Candy gives no tint to the water but you could just drop a Think Pink bath bomb into the water for an extra added treat. Have your tried Creamy Candy before?
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Go Lush Yourself // Fun Review

Every so often Lush create a new treat for us in support of the chosen charity, this time around Lush are helping children affected by the Fukushima disaster. Fun is an all new soft bath product with many uses, available in Pink, the candy fragrance of the five, Yellow a delicious vanilla inspired by Granny's baking and visits to the seaside, Green is for the tangy citrus fans, Blue will provide a relaxing lavender bath, while Red takes on the fresher, summer time citrus fragrance. A scent for everyone I'm sure, I'm pleased to have both yellow & pink. For the first year Fun is around Lush will take 10p from every Fun item sold and put into a funD which will go towards projects and activities for the children.
Fun is a '4 in 1' product, so here's what you can get up to with yours. 
1. Break off a small chunk, just like a shower jelly and use in the shower. 
2. Break off a small chunk, work up a lather and use as your shampoo.
3. Break off a small chunk, crumble into running water and use a bubble bath.
4. Or simply have fun, buy other colour options to create more exciting shapes, perfect if you have children or you've had a stressful day.
Used in the shower Fun is great, it creates a thick creamy lather all over the body. Work up a lather in your hand. They're certainly more moisturising than regular shower jellies and a lot less slippery. As a 'bubble bar' I'm not a fan, Fun doesn't create as many bubbles as regular bubble bars and isn't the easiest thing to crumble into water, it's a dough after all. The lasting power of both scents also seems to vanish when used as bubble bath. 
Disclaimer: sample
Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.

Pinktober // Look Beauty // Look Good...Feel Better

Throughout the month of October Look Beauty are donating an extra 50p per item to the charity Look Good...Feel Better. The extra donation is on selected pink products..5 in total, it is October of course. If you didn't already know for every product sold, Look Beauty make a donation.
Look Good...Feel Better are a charity offering free confidence boosting skin care and makeup workshops in 65 hospitals across the UK. LGFB was designed to help women combat the visible side effects of their cancer treatment. It's so nice to have a highstreet brand support cancer, I know from experience how lovely it is to make someone suffering feel as special as they are. Before my Grandma passed away, I'd paint her nails at least once a week & my Mum would do her hair. 'Lucy's Nail Parlour' wasn't I cute in Primary School.

I don't know about you, but I'll be making more trips to my Look Beauty stand for my makeup needs. If pink isn't for you there's plenty of other products that still support this great cause.
Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.
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Naked // Shine Shampoo & Conditioner Review

I've been testing out two hair products from the brand Naked, I blogged about their skin care not so long ago and was yet to try their hair range. Both products are from the shine range that contains Hydrating Shampoo, Hydrating Conditioner, Glossing Hair Treatment.
If you haven't heard of Naked, they're a brand that pride themselves and their products being 97% natural. Products are made up of naturally derived ingredients, you won't spot a single paraben, sulphate or petrochemical. Along with this Naked also refuse to test on 'Bambi, Lassie or Skippy.' The hydrating shampoo contains honey and mallow, both ingredients will work wonders on your dryness, keeping your hair hydrated. It lathers up incredibly well, with an option to use twice for an even better promised lather. The Hydrating Conditioner contains buttermilk and green tea. Both are great to improve your hairs elasticity and glossiness. I was expecting the conditioner to be a slightly thicker white cream. Both products smell lovely, the shampoo being my favourite its a little sweeter than the gentle, clean fragrance of the conditioner. 
The packaging is Naked's usual 50% recycled grey packaged (shampoo) & both can be recycled once used up. I've mentioned before I'm not overly fussed with how the packaging looks, as long as the product is great & easily dispensed. Though I do love how simple Naked are and the labelling on the back, think Soap & Glory but grown up. I've had no problems dispensing the product, if anything the shampoo came out a little too quick, despite me thinking it'd be another of those annoying flip up lids. When they both come to an end, I'll be able to make the most out of both products by cutting the plastic conditioner tube open and unscrewing the shampoo lid. I don't like wasting product!
Finding a natural/almost natural hair product that leaves my hair feeling clean and nourished is hard. I use a lot of heat on my hair, I've cut down recently but it still needs to be pampered. Since using this little duo I'm not the only one who's noticed an improvement with the condition of my hair. I'm due a hair cut in the next week or so and I barely have any split ends, it almost seems a waste. Fly away hair and dry ends are banished too, and of course my hairs lovely and shiny! Its great because I can cut down on how often I use my Macadamia products that I previously counted on for shiny hair. Not only are the products effective but they're also great value for money. I grabbed the bottles to review and realised how little I'd actually used, despite being all I've used. I'm just over 1/4 of my way through the shampoo & 1/3 through the conditioner. I have soft, shiny and swishy hair to give L'oreal a run for their money. Thanks Naked!

Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.
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How To // Blog Photo's

I was requested to share how I go about taking my blog photos by the lovely Rebeka. I don't own the hyped up snazzy 'blogger camera', I've used two cameras since starting my blog, three counting my iPad. I'm not professional and refuse to read instructions but here's what I do & I hope a few of you do find it useful, I really don't do anything complicated.
What camera do I use?
I use the Lumix Panasonic DMC FZ45 currently, I'll eventually upgrade again.....or add snazzy camera owner to the BF requirements. My old pink Fujifilm J30 is now retired to the  cable drawer until I sell it, it's practically brand new. I've been using my Lumix camera for most of the year, I'd recommend it. Occasionally I use my iPad camera, it's a lot better than I thought. I wouldn't use it all the time, it's not the best especially as winters coming. I'm already hating the dull, grey days for blog photos.
Where do I take my photos?
If you followed me from the start I've changed where and what I've taken my photo's on. I currently take them on my dressing table, in my make shift blog studio....white card. These pop up tents seem a bit ridiculous to me and take the fun out of blogging. I get a fair amount of natural light in my room but occasionally I move into the next bedroom, found in hauls, instagram photo's & eventually youtube videos.
How do I resize my photos?
Resizing is the easiest thing to do, I'll usually resize by simply using the preview on my mac or macbook. Other times I'll just upload to picmonkey and do all my extras along with resizing. I don't feel like I need photoshop, I don't need to edit professionally nor will I redesign my blog, I'll pay someone when I find the right person! 
How do I make my photo's pretty?
I use a combination of Picmonkey & apps on my iPad. 
If I did miss anything, let me know in the comments and I'll reply! 

Roger & Gallet // Créme Sublime Or Review

Meet the product I've been obsessing over for the past month or so, Roger & Gallet's Crème Sublime Or. I'm not usually one for shimmer body lotions and potions, I'm pale with freckles, I don't need glittering freckles..I hate them enough. However this product has completely changed my view and surprised me.
Crème Sublime Or is a luxurious perfumed body cream enriched with 6 natural oils; Argan, Macadamia < my two personal favourites, Camellia, Evening Primrose, Sesame See and Almond, no excuses for dry and unnourished skin. This rich moisturiser is quickly absorbed into the skin & the non sticky formula allows you to get dressed or jump into bed without any hassle. As for the important shimmer, it's extremely delicate, there's no way you'll look like a disco ball. It's especially good on legs, another reason why I've ditched the fake tan.

The scent is exactly how Roger & Gallet describe, it's actually incredible, possibly the best scent I've come across!? It's very addicting like they say, I'm constantly smelling my  wrist or the actual tube, you don't even need the perfume to smell great all day long. If you love your bergamot scents to be more of the  sophisticated side you'll be wanting the whole Bois D' Orange range for yourself. If only you could smell this over the internet!! Other notes include, orange, melon & cedar, you could certainly take this product into winter, I else am I to get a glow?
A 200ml tube retails at £15, a price I'm willing to pay when I eventually come to the end. My skin's nourished, I smell irresistible and the shimmer adds a glamorous touch. The entire Bois D' Orange range will be put on my Christmas list. This is a product I'll be cutting open to make sure I get every single last bit! Have you tried any Roger & Gallet products?
Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.
Disclaimer: PR sample

MUA // The Artiste Collection Review

The Artiste Collection is another of the latest products from MUA that ended up in my basket. I have quite the collection of their palettes and quads now, I use them every day, such high quality for ridiculously cheap prices. The Artiste Collection is MUA's first multi-use palette, giving us six shadows along with two blushers, a bronzer and a highlighter for just £6!? Like always this palette takes it's place in the pro range, I ordered mine online since my local Superdrug sadly lacks MUA all together now. 
MUA have finally started to name their shades, Pistachio is a shimmery white shadow with flecks of blue, perfect for the inner corner. Mocca is a great shade for all over the lid, though I actually would have called this shadow Cookie. Next we have Ice, Ice is a vibrant blue shadow, followed by Grape and Chocolate. I've been wearing Chocolate every single day, it's soon becoming one of my favourite shadows. Lastly Cookie, possibly the smoothest shadow out the lot! I've really got into merge shadows over the summer, this palette hasn't let me down.
Before my order I hadn't tried any of the MUA blushers or bronzers, they live up to the great reviews out there, providing great pigmentation, smooth application and great value for money. Pink Sparkle would go great with the newly released cream blusher Dolly, while Primrose is a gorgeous warm pink, perfect for A/W. I'm still on the hunt for the perfect Matte bronzer, Bronzed will do for now, I was REALLY impressed with it's staying power and pigmentation, while Shimmer Kiss is a pretty champagne highlighter.

Disclaimer: own purchase
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