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Roger & Gallet // Fleur de Figuier // Replenishing Body Lotion | NEW

The body lotion takes place in the all new Fleur de Figuier line, consisting of their usual three step rituals. You'll find plant based perfumed soaps, which actually take a week to make due to traditional methods. A gentle shower cream with an all new, free from soap and sulphates formula. Of course the replenishing body lotion and Eau Fraiche (natural spray), all of which come presented in beautiful coral packaging inspired by many botanical scenes.
This 24 hour replenishing body lotion remains extremely light on the skin, yet heavily Shea butter based. Glycerin has been added to the paraben free formula to provide the lengthy hydration and suppleness together with olive oil. Though it's not only the formula that has me shouting about the product and lusting over the complete range. It's the incredible scent Francis Kurkdjian has created, I'm not sure I've ever come across something so magnificent? Inspired by the Med, Fleur de Figuier was created. No matter how hard I try to describe the scent to you, I'll never give his work enough justice. Fig pulp provides the soul notes of the Med, while grapefruit adds freshness, caraway brings aromatic bitterness and cedar adds enchantment. It's one sensual and relaxing fragrance that beats my previous favourite, Bois D'Orange.
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Nair Brazilian Spa Clay // Shower Power Cream

Hair removal creams cause a lot controversy in the blogging world at least. Many love them, I myself being one of them while others detest them due to thicker hairs and sensitive bodies. One of the latest creams to hit the market takes pride of place in the Brazilian Spa Clay range from Nair. Since I've used their creams for almost a decade I was eager to test this particular product out, especially with summer starting to appear. Who doesn't battle to have the silkiest pins in town?
What sets Shower Power Cream apart from the rest of Nair's various creams? Being from the Brazilian Spa Clay range the cream contains a natural blend of mineral rich clay, soothing mango butter and nourishing acai palm. In return we receive glowing skin that's soft and supple, free of visible hairs. Like most of their creams this has been formulated to be gentle enough for legs, underarms and bikini legs. Avid hair removal cream fans will be pleased to know the 200ml tube doesn't have such a pungent smell that most creams have, a slight fruity twist can be detected.
To use a hair removal cream is fairly simple, though I believe you really should read all instructions since they're pretty powerful products. Brazilian Spa Clay, Shower Power Cream comes complete with a spatula to apply and remove a thick even layer of product. After applying this product to your chosen area wait 1-2 minutes before jumping into the shower and at least another three avoiding direct spray - never exceed 10 minutes.
I can't fault the Brazilian Spa Clay range so far, the product itself has delivered fast, fuss free hair removal with absolutely no pain or reaction. Not only do we have a 200ml tube (compared to 100-110ml) but the formula spreads further with 3-4 full leg applications, lasting 7-10 days at a time. Having such a mineral rich formula due to the clay really does give you silky smooth legs we're all after and even works on the shortest of hairs.
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'99' Cupcakes // Lucyy Bakes

Another recent creation in my kitchen happened to be the '99' cupcakes. These will be perfect when it comes to the sunnier weather. The cupcakes were part of the birthday selection last week, again they went down a treat at home and at work places.
Before you start baking, preheat your oven to 180C and line your tins with cases, this mix will make 8. Place the butter and sugar into a bowl, beat together until smooth. Next, add the beaten eggs and vanilla extract. Sift the flour and ground almonds into the bowl before folding gently. You're ready to now spoon your mixture into the cases for 10-15 minutes, all ovens will vary. While leaving to cool start making your buttercream, I cheated and used the electric whisk - my arms were already falling off from excessive baking. Then comes the hardest part of the recipe, piping. Fill your piping bag - I recommend Lakelands silicone piping bag with the largest nozzle. Try to make yours look as close to Mr Whippy's work as you can and top with a flake and generous sprinkle of hundreds and thousands. Let me know if you create these yourself! Lucy xx

Miss Glossybox // NEW beauty box in town

Having already launched 'Young Beauty' in the Netherlands and Germany, Glossy Box launch their new venture into the UK beauty box world. Miss Glossybox goes on sale today (April 22nd) consisting of their favourite brands and products aimed at the younger scale of the market.
I expected the contents of Miss Glossybox to be housed in their usual boxes instead a bright green drawstring bag featuring their logo, sat inside the green postal box. I personally prefer the drawstring bags since I'll have more uses for them. Younger subscribers will find them useful in school bags and sports kits while I'll use them for handbag essentials or protecting jewellery and shoes while traveling - I do have hobbit sized feet after all. You can guarantee products that won't break the bank and most importantly get more than your money's worth. 
Amie | Spring Clean Cooling Clay Mask | 10ml Sachet £1.95 
Amie are a brand I've previously mentioned here on Lucyy Writes, I'm yet to try the Clean Cooling Clay Mask. Cooling Clay provides clean, clear and smooth skin along with being free of parabens and sulphates. I'll be applying this later tonight and reporting back. Available in sachet form or full size 75 ml Tube for £4.95.
So...? | Dry Shampoo in Va Va Volume or Lovely | 50 ml
Despite not being full size this 50 ml can will be perfect for school bags. So...? Have three options on offer, with two appearing in Miss Glossy Box. Va Va Volume is the musky scent of the trio. The full size 150 ml can retails for £2.49.
Eye Rock | Eye Tattoos | Black Lace | £5.99 | Full Size
Having been a fan of Nail Rock, with many packets stocked in my drawer, I'm yet to try their Eye Rock eye tattoos. With summer, Proms and many after parties coming up the aimed audience will adore these I'm sure!! This was a non-listed product.
Beauty UK | Line and Define eye pencil | Black | £1.99 | Full Size
Can you ever have too many black eyeliners? From swatches alone the formula is pigmented and creamy. Usually beauty boxes feature exotic greens and purples that sadly end up deserted in the makeup collection. Will I be looking into the brand I've always dismissed?
2 True | Glitterati Nail Polish | Shade 6 | £1.99 | Full Size 
Appearing along Beauty UK's eyeliner, their brand new Glitterati Nail Polish in Shade 6 - a beautiful rose gold glitter polish. The polish reminds me of my favourite OPI Excuse Moi, though not quite so dark perfect for adding a sprinkle of glitter to any spring NOTD. 
Molly Mabel | Popband | £4-£8 | Full Size
Molly Mabel, home of vibrant, fun and funky hair brands. I've received the corn flower blue band (my favourite colour for spring). Made of soft, stretchy material your hair will be protected and knot free. They'd also make cute bracelets. Depending on how customised and size of pack will determine the price. I'll be looking into more Molly Mabel.
Stripy Nail Duo | Nail File | Nail Clippers | Full Size
How cute are these nail accessories? All beauty boxes should accompany nail polishes with at least a nail file! Perfect handbag essential if your nails keep on breaking like mine. This was another non-listed product.
Glossybox | Heart Lolly

Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.Disclaimer: Box provided by Glossybox 

Cream Tea Cupcakes // Lucyy Bakes

Over the last few years a tradition has started in my family, when your birthday arrives you'll be sure to have a birthday cake made by myself, or a few dozen cupcakes. Wednesday saw my Mum's turn, with me baking far too many treats for her, followed by a huge Indian and Chinese banquet. It was all delicious. Cream Tea Cupcakes turned out to be the favourite, who can resist fresh clotted cream and home baking? To start off my how to Lucyy Bakes it was only right to pick these lovelies. I've even made a sheet for you to print off or save.
Make sure to preheat your oven at 180C before you start, while lining your tin with cases of your choice. Taking a large bowl, add your butter and sugar intogether. Beat with a wooden spoon until fluffy. Gradually add in your beaten egg, followed by the vanilla extract - you could always swap the vanilla extract for any other flavour you fancy, orange would have worked well. Sift in the flour and fold gently, with milk and raisins. Spoon into your cases, before popping into the oven for 10-15 minutes. My cupcakes took 11 minutes in an electric oven. Leave to cool while you prepare your strawberries, you need to remove the stalks and cut into halves - one half per cupcake works fine. Mix your halves with strawberry jam ready for decorating. Taking a teaspoon place a generous scoop of clotted cream, followed by your strawberry mixture and you're done. They're incredibly easy and fast to make. If you have a go at recreating these tasty little cupcakes let me know, you won't be disappointed.

Lucyy Bakes // April Bake Off

Move over Mary Berry | Gluten Free Brownies | 99' Cupcakes | Cream Tea Cupcakes | Heart Cookies | Lemon Curd Doughnut Cupcakes | Cheese Scones | Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Banana Cookies | Place your orders? ;) Anyone else had a manic baking session or two? Lucy <3

Tropic Pure Plant Skin Care // Face Smooth Brightening Polish Review

Over the last few weeks my skincare routine has seen numerous of changes, one being this facial exfoliator from Tropic Pure Plant Skin Care, owned by Apprentice star Susan Ma. Despite not winning Lord Sugar is now in a 50:50 partnership with Susan. All products are derived from 100% pure plant extracts providing the  effective, natural care both body and facial routines need. Face Smooth brightening polish, isn't just a facial exfoliator, it also cleanses, tones and moisturises the skin. Containing many beneficial ingredients for the skin, Face Smooth retails for £15 per 100ml pot - with only a small amount needed each to provide radiant results. A few key ingredients include Acai Berries for brightening, Rice Flour used to combat blemishes, gentle Aplha Hydroxy Acids from Sugar Cane to stimulate renewal of the skin, Vitamin E to nourish and lemon and orange to provide the heavenly scent. 
Face Smooth Polish blew me away after one use, truth be told I could have wrote this review straight away. For months on end I'd religiously used my No7 facial exfoliator, Tropic have triumphed here. Not only is my face left nourished and so smooth I've been the annoying 'feel how soft my skin is' person but I've been left with a glowing complexion - something every dull, snow white needs. The products best used once, every 2-3 days, preferably at night to benefit from the slight oily film left. It's also the best smelling product in my vast collection, if you're familiar with Soap & Glory's Sugar Crush - you'll love the all natural, zesty citrus scent this scrub has to offer. To use Face Smooth Polish simply take a spatula or two in the palm of your hand, before massaging small amounts onto your dry face. Rinse with warm water, and use any left over product to exfoliate your hands. If you have sensitive skin, use on damp skin.

I can't fault the product itself, however the packaging needs some work. Since receiving this product I've only ever kept it on flat surfaces and up right at all times. Despite this a few surfaces have been ruined by grease stains, from what I can only put down to the high amount of essential oils rising up. The Brightening Polish now lives in a secure makeup bag, in between uses. However, this doesn't effect my opinion on this wonderful product, making this the best facial exfoliator to date. Have you tried Tropic Skincare? Leave me your recommendations. Lucy xx
Product C/O Tropic Pure Plant Skin Care | My views will always remain honest |
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OOTD // with She Likes // Lucyy Writes

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