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Lush // Hoppity Poppity review

With so much going on I'm a little late for the Lush Easter bandwagon though I was still eagerly counting down the days until the launch day. At long last I finally made it to my local Lush store to grab a couple items I daren't miss out on trying, you can find the Spring Lush Haul. In that haul I mentioned the item I wanted to try the most was the small bunny who goes by Hoppity Poppity & retails for £2.50.
an image of lush hoppity poppity review
an image of lush hoppity poppity review
an image of lush hoppity poppity review
Despite receiving mixed feedback on the Lush website they seemed to be selling well in my local Lush store. Two factors seem to be effecting this bath bomb, the fragrance and how quick it fizzes. Hoppity is a lot smaller than regular bath bombs, he also feels more powdery. Fragrance wise the scent won't be for everyone though I think compared to their much stronger scents this one would be more favourable to the majority. Described as a fresh herby fragrance by Lush I'd agree. We're reminded of Grass, Ultraviolet and The Boog (2010?), though not as strong & a little sweeter thanks to containing lime oil with lavender absolute and violet leaf absolute. 

The bath bomb fizzed within a minute, proving quite hard to snap photo's of. Dissolving so fast I couldn't really tell if he had much popping candy. This didn't bother me, as although he fizzed so quick he didn't leave the water as dull as expected with waters now a milky pink which left my skin feeling smooth and nourished. The scent also stuck around until the morning, the entire house smelt incredible when my Dad arrived in last night and bathroom when we all woke up this morning. If you're looking for something to put a little bounce back into your step I'd stock up on a few Hoppity Poppity's this Spring. Have you tried Hoppity yet? Lucy xx
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life lately // #1

an image of life lately
Having had a minor break from LW I thought I'd start up a few new series for the summer months at least. One of these being along the lines of a Sunday Summary - of course it's Monday now so 'life lately' it will have to be. As a post I personally enjoy reading by others, although I can't promise mine being always full of exciting news - I don't live the most exciting of lives but once in a while why not share the things that made me happy that week? This week has had a lot of family time, mine are ever so supporting and helping me through all my minor 'pickles', focusing on one problem at a time as well as encouraging me to get back into writing on LW. 
an image of life lately
Since getting Harry we do a lot more together and that's what this week has been. We've fitted in a couple of adventures for our beloved fluffy, managed to spend some quality time in the garden!? Yes, March and the garden furniture has made an appearance again. As well as plenty of home baking, shopping & passing that all important theory test, not forgetting an okay driving lesson...

My favourite place to head to as a family (including Harry) is our local country house & gardens - Hestercombe. We focus on the acres and acres of woodland, gardens, lakes and cascades to explore & usually end up in their courtyard cafe for the most delicious home baked goods. A firm favourite of mine has to be their gluten free brownies teamed with a bottle of Orchard Pig's Totally Minted. Each time the others have the brie and caramelised red onion paninis I'm almost tempted over to the dark side of gluten. Friday consisted of just that, with Harry dragging me up and down the steepest of slopes, him splashing in the stream & bumping into a few more Westie's while there. Despite having visited a lot over the years we're still finding new paths and hidden gems.

If we hadn't quite tired Harry out we even allowed him to come shopping, with him waiting with one of us outside each shop...that was until he could enter Lush for the first time. Able to at last pick out a few pick me ups, Harry received plenty of fuss while I decided on which Easter treats were coming home with me. All was not lost as we even made a trip for the little guy to pick another new Dad fears it when we go shopping. After a certain fluff jumped in said new bed and proceeded to roll around in the shop, we had to buy it...before he did the exact same in the car park. Only he would have all the stores staff in stitches and running from out back to see him. Our lives now revolve around this little guy for sure.

As mentioned there was time for plenty of home baking, from Molten Mini Egg Chocolate Puddings, Brownie Cookies, both Chocolate Chip & my famous Cheese Scones as well as delicious Pop Bakery cake pops for Makeup Revolutions 1st Birthday. With them arriving on Saturday morning, they didn't last long with all of us home. Who's interested in a mini egg pudding recipe to kick start Lucyy Bakes once again? Not to forget my theory test pass, all that's left is to stop being so terrified each Wednesday lesson. I'm sure I'm the student from hell :P. Lucy xx
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Spring Lush Haul // 2015

an image of spring lush haul
an image of lush hoppity poppity bath bomb
an image of lush golden egg bath bomb
an image of lush fizzbanger bath bomb
an image of lush sakura bath bomb
an image of ultraviolet bubble bar lush
an image of granny takes a dip bath bomb
Yesterday we stopped off on our way home so I could grab a few pick me ups from Lush. I hadn't visited my local in a long time due to always ordering online. There once was a time I'd be in there every week spending an absolute fortune. Having missed the Mother's Day collection, I didn't want to miss out on a couple of the Easter items. A very tired Harry even came along - I think he'll be visiting more often with the fuss he received from the lovely staff.

First to scoop a place in the basket was Hoppity Poppity bath bomb £2.50. This adorable little guy was the reason I wanted to visit, I couldn't face approaching Easter without a couple. From reading the reviews on the Lush website he seems to have had a mixed reception but having used him last night I'm glad I picked out two of the violet and lavender scented bath bomb. He might not be for everyone but if you suffer from sensitive skin & like a gentle fragrance, you'll be wanting to stock up to see you through spring. Hoppity reminds of a weaker The Boog (2010?) bath bomb, Grass & much weaker Ultraviolet.

Following in his little paw prints was the incredible Golden Egg bath bomb melt £3.75. Having appeared last Easter I was SO happy to the toffee scented, molten gold return for another. The sight of all that glitter may look daunting but I can assure you, you do not turn into a glitter ball once taking your long soak. This bath bomb is coated in a layer of bath melt before being rolled in glitter, meaning you get a slow fizzer & incredibly nourishing bath waters. If you love It's Raining Men shower gel & Honey I Washed The Kids soap you'll want a large stash of these zero calorie eggs.

A little late to the mark, Ultraviolet bubble bar £4.75 was still hanging around from Mother's Day. The perks of being a quieter Lush store perhaps? I didn't get a chance to get to Lush before Mother's Day to pick up one for my Mum. She's a huge fan of Ylang Ylang & Patchouli and finds a lot of products containing it become discontinued both in and out of Lush. Thankfully we can always count of the oils appearing in the majority of their Limited Edition collections and she just had to pick one up yesterday. Lush seriously need to keep this bubble bar on, it smells just like Parma Violets & having read reviews calming it to reduce anxiety I'll have to steal a couple pieces.

No Lush haul is complete without a Sakura bath bomb £3.35. I'd always pick one up when I was at school. Why did Lush ever get rid!? I'm so happy to have it back. Inspired by Japanese cherry blossom, Sakura carries the most perfect spring time fragrance that I personally think everyone should love. The calming mimosa & jasmine oils teamed with lemon and orange flower really do create a long lasting but gentle lingering fragrance.

Since MammaWrites was treating she picked out Fizzbanger bath bomb £3.35. She's had it before but couldn't remember. This large yellow bath bomb has a hidden surprise in the centre & plenty of crackling popping candy. It's one to make sure you pick up come October-November, for your very own firework display in the tub. We always say it smells like Toffee Apple with its cinnamon, apple and Ylang Ylang fragrance. 

I reviewed Granny Takes a Dip bath bomb £3.35 blog post here last year when it launched. It soon became one of my most favourite Lush products & sadly yesterday it's not for me but as part of our neighbours birthday gift. Now having her first Grandchild what could be a better bath bomb?! Have you made any visits to Lush recently? You can always count on their spring time collections to bring a smile to your face. Lucy xx

Converse All Star Ox // J D Sports

an image of converse all star ox jd sports
an image of converse all star ox jd sports
an image of converse all star ox jd sports
an image of converse all star ox jd sports
an image of converse all star ox jd sports
When JD Sports kindly got in touch to see if I'd like to pick out a pair of Converse from their website I jumped at the chance. I'm not always the *most* practical of persons when it comes to shoes. Sure in winter I live in boots and summer I have endless amounts of sandals, wedges and flip flops, but spring!? There's a big gaping hole for something other than my little pumps & loafers. I've also started to learn to as much as I love those pumps I need to be practical....or at least until I've passed.

Studying the large selection JD Sports stock I eventually settled on the All Star Ox's in Grey despite liking many of the bolder shades and textures. I have to say that now owning my first pair I'm tempted to order more. Why grey? Grey works with everything right and I could never cope with all over white shoes getting filthy. Harry will most certainly be trying to run off into the garden with them, maybe I'll settle and allow him their box. I'm really impressed with the quality of my pair, I always imagined they'd be the same as high-street fashion stores. Instead the soles are thicker and more grooved for better grip while the laces and overall structure feel sturdy. Most importantly my teeny tiny feet are happy. Having narrow size 3 feet can be a pain at times, just not this time round. Straight out of the box my converse were comfy and didn't require days of wearing them in....though I did have to wait for a few dry days to appear. Slouchy, cosy knits and converse's anyone? Lucy <3
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