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Lush // Rose bubble bar Review

an image of Rose bubble bar lush
an image of Rose bubble bar lush
an image of lush rose bubble bar
an image of rose bubble bar
an image of Lush bubble bar
an image of rose bubble bar from Lush
Another floral addition to the Lush Mother's Day collection for 2014 is Rose bubble bar. As a fan of all their rose scented products I had to order a couple, even if it does share fragrances with another of Lush's popular bubble bars. This glistening bubble bar has been dusted with the all new 'natural' plastic free shimmers while taking on The Comforters famous pink and white swirl, not forgetting the adorable candy leaf to finish the rose bud. I decided to use the entire bar for my bath, it's really disappointing how small this product turned out to be. Despite this the bar created a mountain of rich, luxurious bubbles and tinted the water much more than I'd imagined. Combined with sweet orange oil and lemon, a sweeter fragrance to what you'd usually associate with the flower fills the entire house. As beautifully moulded as Rose bubble bar is I wouldn't repurchase after using my remaining bar. However I would purchase the old favourite and scent twin Amandopondo bubble bar - Lush even state this online. Rose bubble bar measures half the size of the popular bubble bar with Lush charging more for Rose. Are their new glitters/shimmers THAT expensive!? Lucy x
*disclaimer; own purchase

Lush // Inhale Exhale Review

an image of Inhale Exhale Lush
an image of Inhale Exhale Lush
an image of Inhale Exhale Lush
an image of Inhale Exhale Lush
an image of Inhale Exhale Lush
an image of Inhale Exhale Lush
Newcomer Inhale Exhale takes its place in the Lush Mother's Day collection, I decided to give the oddball of the collection a chance, going against the online description which would usually be the opposite of my preferred fragrances.

A bath bomb of two halves, Inhale Exhale has been designed to fizz at different speeds to provide a long lasting therapeutic soak. Containing Breath of God split between the two colour coded sides, Inhale (red) fizzes much quicker and releases Neroli and Rose oils while Exhale (blue) follows with a slower, frothier fizz. Unpacking my Lush order I was sure I'd made a mistake even thinking this bath bomb could win me around, how little did I know that once in the water this bath bomb provided a fun fizz to watch and overall freed me from a migraine. If I'd actually visited my local then I'd have put this bath bomb down in a hurry. With such a 'smokey' body due to Exhale's half when dry, it's only once mixed with water do the contrasting oils come together. I will add that this bath bomb is supposed to a message hidden away inside...mine didn't, but the one waiting can be seen pre-use.

At £3.25 it's not one of Lush's cheapest bath bombs, especially when it's the same size as Think Pink and Butterball. Having purchased two bath bombs I can't wait to use my last and would repurchase if made permanent. Twilight will always hold the crown for de-stressing pampers but Inhale Exhale definitely follows behind in second. Lucy x 
*disclaimer; own purchase

Home Touches // Bedroom Wishlist

Like most topics on LW, home decor has lacked recently. I haven't felt my usual self amongst many other problems, when its down to blogging or having a cuddle with Harry...he wins every single time. Feeling more refreshed with an updated blog design - a few final touches to go and of course the reason I'm writing this NEW decor project. So instead of blog posts making use of what I already have by accessorising, I'm in the midst of switching over rooms at long last. To kick off the interior series of LW, I'm sharing the items I'm planning on ordering.

Ikea | Hemnes Day Bed | White | £260
Moving rooms calls for a new bed, I could quite easily fit a double bed into the room though I want to prioritise space before a larger bed. I've set me heart onto the famous ikea daybed...with three deep drawers for me to cram full, the use of a sofa, single bed and double. Of course being a daybed means you need to purchase two mattresses.

Ikea | Trysil Wardrobe | White | £170
Wardrobe shopping has proven hard, having the smallest room was always a pet peeve of mine though I've realised how privileged it was with such a ginormous wardrobe. It earned the nickname of Narnia, I can't even imagine how many pretty shabby chic numbers I would have needed to fit it all in...I don't even know if this Ikea will fit it all in one alone. The Trysil wardrobe comes in at a affordable £170, it may not the prettiest thing but with four drawers, two shelves (fitting the skubb boxes six pack) and plenty of hanging space I'm hoping I'll have a new Narnia. 

Next | Scottie Dog Table Lamp | £35
I've spotted a few Westie lamps on the market, even The White Company have their own take at £70 though none can better Next's offering. This lamp would take my Westie obsession to a whole new level. The amount of Scottie and Westie items since Christmas is ridiculous. I've become such an easy target for the marketing, though I'm sure Sara (at Pretty In Pink, one of my favourite blogs) would also love this. 

Next | Floral Four Drawers | £45
I almost ordered this set of drawers in the summer but decided on a vintage jewellery holder instead. My strict organisation seems to have vanished, whether I use this for small amounts of paperwork or beauty products, it'll fit anywhere in the room and follow my theme.

Next | Scroll Detail Mirror Shelf | £55
Having browsed the site for this post I've just spotted this beauty, I'm unsure what I'm doing with either of my current mirrors. As much as I love my huge white mirror above my dressing table I feel as if it's just too big...while this wouldn't match being cream and shelved. I'm also planning to keep items on the wall to a wallpaper is far too pretty to ruin with holes. Decisions. Matching items are a bin and wooden boxes, if you buy one you need all three right?

Ikea | Lack Table | £5-£10
A few weeks back I ordered a little white table for a ridiculously small £5, with two black-brown tables at £8 as part of Dan's moving in gifts - more to come on them if requested? It'll make a change from my usual shabby chic, white and floral infested pieces. Having always stayed away from Ikea in the past, these little tables have encouraged me to definitely go for the pieces I'm after. They look great in Dan's bachelor pad and an easy step into DIY for him.

Live Laugh Love | Heart Jewellery Box | £16.95
I already have this item and can't wait to show its pretty design off in upcoming blog posts. My Mum ordered this as a surprise knowing how much I adore Live Laugh Love from reviewing a few items for them in the past. Along with these pretty drawers she ordered this antique silver glass tea light, it's absolutely beautiful and HUGE, perfect for holding my excessive makeup brushes. Sadly the unique design smashed in delivery, tempted to try again but will DPD smash it again!? Do you have any decorating planned? Lucy x
*absolutely not sponsored or affiliated 

Love Me Beauty // March | Menu 1

Again, it's only when the Love Me Beauty menus land in my inbox that I realise how fast the months are flying by. With the usual three menu's proving hard to pick from, I settled on menu one for March. All menus contain 6 products compared to the usual 5, an equal amount of full size and sample sizes. It was menu ones bath product and generous Murad sample that swayed the decision as you'll agree. You can subscribe to Love Me Beauty here, for £10 a month plus postage.

Murad - Sheer Lustre Day Moisturiser with SPF15 - RRP £9.60 (7.5ml sample size)
First up for March we have a small sample of moisturiser from one of my favourite skincare brands, Murad. I've been introduced to a few Murad gems since receiving LMB boxes, with Sheer Lustre Day Moisturiser soon becoming one of them. This light weight moisturiser promises to maintain a youthful glow, deeply hydrating skin while protecting from the sun with a SPF 15. Granted there's a very small chance of me actually repurchasing the full size since it retails for £64 per 50ml tube, though I can see how the price can be justified.

BlanX - White Shock Toothpaste - RRP £2.25 (15ml sample size)
I've heard such wonderful things about this toothpaste by BlanX, though sadly this paste is blue and I'm highly allergic to 99% of items with blue colouring -especially in toothpaste. White Shock is the only toothpaste in the world to contain ActiluX, a non-abrasive peroxide free formula that whitens teeth. Remaining active all day, this paste reacts to the light to whiten your teeth naturally - the more you smile, the whiter your teeth will be. Oh to not be so sensitive.

Nip+Fab - CC Eye Fix in Light - RRP £6 (full size)
Every month Love Me Beauty seems to contain an item I'm in need of, this month being a new under eye concealer. Having tried a few Nip+Fab products in the past, I was keen to try out something from their CC range, though I don't see how you can truly call this a moisturiser AND concealer in one. The formula remains light, easily blendable and does brighten under my eyes with oat extract, light diffusing pigments and beeswax to 'protect' delicate skin.

Deep Steep - Moisture Stick in Lavender Chamomile - RRP £3.60 (full size)
Bringing yet another new brand to my attention, Deep Steep follow in last months footsteps with multipurpose balms. This time around they take form in a stick applicator, perfect for keeping in your handbag or by your bedside for a quick fix before bed. Said to be Deep Steep's best seller, this moisturiser stick in Lavender Chamomile has been a lifeline for my dry hands, cuticles and elbows.

Quintessentially English - Bath Salts in English Rose - £2.13 (50g sample size)
If you've followed my rambles you'll know I became quite a fan of rose scented products thanks to good old Lush. I'm always on the look out for cheaper alternatives. With a small 50g pouch I expected to only have one relaxing bath, instead I'll have at least another two. Whether you use them for a relaxing bath or mix with an oil to create a luxurious body scrub, you won't be disappointed. I'll be looking into more Quintessentially English products.

The Vintage Cosmetic Company - False Lashes in Gracie - RRP £6 (full size)
Our last product comes from a 'beauty bloggers' favourite brand, The Vintage Cosmetic Company. Yet to make my first purchase from them I'm excited to use their false lashes. Gracie will create fuller, longer lashes yet remain natural, perfect for both day and night. Now I'm definitely not a false lash pro just yet, but I'll definitely be letting you know how I get on.

With a total value of £29.58 Love Me Beauty have fast became my favourite beauty box. Personally there's no other beauty box service out there that can offer the same friendly service and great value for money, each and every month. You won't find any silly perfume samples nor the slightest bit of disappointment, I can't wait to see what delights April brings. Lucy x
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