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What I Had For Christmas 2015 // Lucyy Writes

an image of what i had for christmas 2015
an image of what i had for christmas 2015
an image of what i had for christmas 2015
I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and got to spend time with all your loved ones. I can't believe we're saying goodbye to 2015 already!? Following on with the tradition on LW I've decided to finally share with you what I had for Christmas this year. I personally love to read about everyones Christmas Day's and to see what presents they received - it's lovely to see the thought and creatively put behind gifts. I know not everyone likes these posts but to be quite honest you have to be a bit of a negative ninny to think that right? Just be happy for people.
an image of what i had for christmas 2015
an image of what i had for christmas 2015
an image of what i had for christmas 2015
This year was always going to be different, we lost my Grandma at the end of October and none of us knew what to expect. The day started off with myself and my brother opening our stockings upstairs, along with a few gifts from friends and neighbours. Then we headed on down to the doggies, well my Dad let them up while we finished before the four of us and the dogs headed into the living room to exchange gifts. Come Christmas Day morning I was so excited, I had no idea what I was receiving this year as none of us had any ideas to give. We managed a morning dog walk before around about 11ish my Dad had driven out to the village to collect my Grandad, who was to be staying the night as we didn't want him going back to an empty house. We again, exchanged gifts and spoilt him with a new pipe, black cherry tobacco, car books and his classical music - not forgetting the chocolate.
an image of what i had for christmas 2015
an image of what i had for christmas 2015
an image of what i had for christmas 2015
an image of what i had for christmas 2015
The Christmas Day dinner was incredible, the turkey was by far the best we've ever had - obviously the new oven was worth the money and trouble in the end. Christmas Eve I'd been manically prepping food to help my Mum, as well as a Christmas Eve buffet and Tom popping in to exchange gifts. It was definitely strange to have an empty seat at the table but we coped and all enjoyed the day. I was also surprised with a small gift that my Grandma ordered just weeks before she passed. I've been the strong one for everyone throughout and I think only now is it really hitting me.
an image of what i had for christmas 2015
My Grandad had Harry glued to him ALL the time & didn't have to worry about getting back home before it was dark.... He loved staying, we hope he does it more often. Boxing Day my Uncle and his partner popped by to pick my Grandad up, where they were going to have a buffet style dinner back at my Grandads. We don't usually do Christmas Gifts with my uncle & his children but his partner picked me out a few yankee pieces and an adorable notebook from M&S. She's honestly so lovely & we get on like a house on fire. It's all a little complicated with one of his girls being awkward/rude towards getting to know her so I always make sure to make her feel extra welcome.
an image of what i had for christmas 2015
an image of what i had for christmas 2015
an image of what i had for christmas 2015
The one slight negative of the day was mother nature arriving just after dinner, like really? You couldn't have waited a day. Dosing up on pain relief and then my many glasses of bubbly I was the one asleep on the sofa come Christmas evening before getting into my new PJ's, settling down with bad Christmas TV and my adorable Christmas colouring book. Oh and Mollie was such a babe come Christmas Day, she was so well behaved and managed to overcome her fear of wrapping paper to enjoy her presents and take them behind the sofa. The pair also were glued to their antlers, the new pointed one being demolished within a matter of days. 

Christmas Eve I was lucky enough to receive the most incredible festive package from Char over at   Charlotte Jessica X who ran a Christmas Giveaway. If you don't already follow her youtube/blog I highly recommend you do, she's absolutely lovely. I've included the items in this haul, honestly it was full of the most adorable Christmassy theme snacks, accessories and even treats for Harry&Mollie. <3
an image of what i had for christmas 2015
an image of what i had for christmas 2015
an image of what i had for christmas 2015
SO, here's what I received for Christmas which most items will definitely be reviewed on LW in 2016, I want to improve LW majorly in the new year I feel awful for the neglect this year but we had so much going on. I'm also going to carry on, fighting and getting myself back on track battling away my fears and determined to make 2016 a happy year. If you've posted about your Christmas or Gifts I'd love to read them, leave your links in the comments below. Happy New Year <3 - Lucy xx

Lush Christmas Dupes 2015 //

an image of Lush Christmas Dupes 2015
Can you believe it's time for yet another Lush Christmas Dupes post!? They're by far my most searched and requested blog posts throughout the year. This years collection had a whole host of new products with a lot incorporating the NEW Oxford Street fragrances. If you can't make your way to the Boxing Day Sales this year OR you were put off by last years minor failure of an online sale you'll be able to find a good ole dupe for your favourite limited edition products below. Enjoy <3

Bath Products //
Yog Nog Bath Bomb | Honeybee Bath Bomb, Honey I Washed The Kids Soap, It's Raining Men Shower Gel
Dashing Santa Bath Bomb | Sunnyside Bubble Bar
Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb | Hottie Massage Bar, The Rough with the Smooth Body Scrub
Golden Wonder Bath Bomb | Dragons Egg Bath Bomb, Avobath Bath Bomb, Lemon Sherbet Showder
Father Christmas Bath Bomb | Think Pink Bath Bomb, Creamy Candy Bubble Bar, MMM Bath Melt
So White Bath Bomb | Fizzbanger Bath Bomb
Star Dust Bath Bomb | Butterball Bath Bomb, Pink Flamingo Reusable Bubble Bar
Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb | Twilight
Butterbear Bath Bomb | Butterball Bath Bomb
Cinders Bath Bomb | Fizzbanger Bath Bomb
Shoot For The Stars | Honeybee Bath Bomb, Honey I Washed The Kids Soap, It's Raining Men Shower Gel
Snow Angel Bath Melt | Floating Island Bath Melt or Ceridwens Cauldron Bath Melt
Five Gold Rings Bubble Bar | Pink FUN, Think Pink Bath Bomb, The Experimenter Bath Bomb
Peeping Santa Bubble Bar | D'Fluff Shaving Cream, Strawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar
Holly Golightly Bubble Bar | Karma Bubble Bar, Karma Soap and Granny Takes a Dip Bubble Bar
Bar Humbug Bubble Bar | LE Bath Bomb - Skydancer, Dirty Massage Bar, Sugar Scrub
Candy Mountain Bubble Bar | Creamy Candy Bubble Bar
The Magic of Christmas Reusable Bubble Bar | Fizzbanger Bath Bomb,
Magic Wand Reusable Bubble Bar | Creamy Candy Bubble Bar, The Comforter Shower Cream, Candy Floss Showder, Melting Marshmallow Moment Bath Melt

Bars of Soap & FUN //
Snowman FUN | Sultana of Soap - Soap,
Snakes & Ladders FUN | Respect Your Elders Soap, The Comforter Bubble Bar
Magic of Christmas FUN | The Green Bubbleroon, Miranda Soap
Santa FUN | Blue Skies & Fluffy White Clouds bubble bar, Blue FUN
Reindeer Rock Soap | The Comforter Bubble Bar, Rockstar Soap, The Comforter Shower Cream
Yog Nog Soap | Honeybee Bath Bomb, Honey I Washed The Kids Soap, It's Raining Men Shower Gel
Snowcake Soap | Dream Time Bath Melt, Ceridwens Cauldron Bath Melt
Baked Alaska Soap | Sexy Peel Soap, Bohemien Soap, Apandapand Soap
Old Father Time Soap | Beautiful Shower Cream, Beautiful Wash Sheet

Shower Products //
Rose Jam Shower Gel | Rose Jam Bubbleroon, Ro's Argan Body Conditioner
Snow Fairy Shower Gel | Creamy Candy Bubble Bar, The Comforter Shower Cream, Candy Floss Showder, Melting Marshmallow Moment Bath Melt
Snowman Shower Jelly | Sultana of Soap bar of soap
Santa's Belly Shower Jelly | Layer Cake Soap, Fizzbanger Bath Bomb
Christingle Body Conditioner | Intergalactic Bath Bomb, Dirty Springwash Shower Gel
Salt & Peppermint Bark Shower Scrub | Dirty Springwash Shower Gel, Sugar Scrub, Rub Rub Rub
Icing on the Cake Roulade Shower Smoothie | Olive Branch Shower Gel

Skincare Products //
Buche de Noel Cleanser | Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser
Cranberry Festive Fresh Face Mask | Love Lettuce
Santa's Lip Scrub | Bubblegum Lip Scrub + all others
Santa Baby Lip Tint | It Started with a Kiss Lip Tint

Body Products //
Celebrate Body Lotion | Dragons Egg Bath Bomb, Avobath Bath Bomb
First Snow Dusting Powder | Dragons Egg Bath Bomb, Avobath Bath Bomb
Fairy Dust Dusting Powder |  Creamy Candy Bubble Bar, Candy Floss Showder

Halloween Products //
Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar | Blackberry Bath Bomb, Respect your Elders soap
Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb | Hottie Massage Bar, The Rough with the Smooth Body Scrub
Lord of Misrule Shower Cream | Hottie Massage Bar, The Rough with the Smooth Body Scrub
Nightwing Shower Jelly | Refresher Shower Jelly
Monsters & Aliens FUN | Hottie Massage Bar, The Rough with the Smooth Body Scrub, Granny Takes a Dip Bubble Bar

What was your favourite product from this years line? Don't forget to look back at previous Christmas Dupe posts if a favourite of yours didn't make this years cut either. Lucy xox
Previous Lush Christmas Dupe Blog Posts //
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Candy Cane Brownies Recipe // Lucyy Writes

an image of Candy Cane Brownies
Who's feeling the stress of Christmas now? I know I definitely am. This year I had planned to feature many festive bakes on LW though when it came around to it I just didn't have the time. I decided if there were one bake to feature on LW that it would have to be brownie related. I'd spotted the ever so popular pinterest Christmas Tree Brownies way back in the spring, though when it came round to making them I soon discovered my brownies don't cut neatly enough. With a crunchy topping - the way we like them they wouldn't resemble neat triangles, ready to ice.

With Candy Canes still hanging around I decided to use my ultimate brownie recipe that I've featured on LW previously and switch it up a little. I removed the fruit and nuts and replaced them with 6 crushed candy canes in the batter. Then another 6 crushed candy canes to sprinkle over the brownie as soon as the brownie had left the oven. The heat from the brownie allows the candy cane pieces to stick firmly. They're quite sticky to cut though so incredibly good. If there's one thing to make this Christmas it's my Candy Cane Brownies. What bakes have you planned? Lucy xx

Introducing Sabai Soaps // Lucyy Writes

an image of a review of Sabai Soaps
an image of a review of Sabai Soaps
an image of a review of Sabai Soaps
It's Christmas Eve, Eve, Eve!? I can't believe how quick it's crept upon us nor can I get over how I've kept up with my Blogmas posting. I was recently introduced to Sabia Soaps, a company that pride themselves on using only the finest natural ingredients. The small family run business have been bringing back the scents and beauty products of Thailand to the UK and Europe for years. The soaps in their fabulous range of products are handmade in Northern Thailand where they are committed to creating, high quality soaps, using locally sourced pure essential oils & natural colours. All products are ethically produced, with Sabai Soaps also donating 20% of their profits to their partner charities working in Thailand. It's worth noting all products from Sabai Soaps are Vegan Friendly with bars containing natural vegetable oils & Vitamin E, not to mention coconut oil for a fluffy lather while the olive oil nourishes the skin and Aromatherapy oils enhance your pampering routine.

As my introduction to Sabai Soaps I was lucky enough to receive the Unwind Handmade Gift Pack £15.99. Inside this wonderful Thai handmade box are three individually wrapped bars of soap. Each 100g bar comes wrapped in beautiful Thai print paper. The three soaps to feature in Unwind are Lemongrass, Green Seaweed and Sesame Scrub. The stand out soap from this trio in my opinion is Lemongrass £5.95. The refreshing scent makes for a great aromatherapy product which relieves stress, anxiety, irritability and prevents drowsiness - I basically need this soap by the kilo. Lemongrass Soap is also rich in Vitamin E, which is perfect for nourishing and protecting your skin. The uplifting fragrance is just what we need to beat the winter blues. Sesame Scrub £5.95 is a moisturising body exfoliator scrub, which contains sesame, spearmint, cedar wood and eucalyptus. I'm really fussy with body scrubs, as sensitive as I am I still want a scrub to well 'scrub'. Sesame Scrub does exactly that, it's moisturising and gently exfoliates without being abrasive OR weak. Spearmint is especially good for awakening your mind after a long day, while eucalyptus helps to relax and calm you + sesame is also an excellent antioxidant which helps battle ageing. Then we have our third and final soap to feature in the trio, Green Seaweed £5.95 which is seen as the more 'luxurious' bar of the three. Green Seaweed contains coconut oil which is great for softening your skin, hydrating dry, hard skin and many other skin disorders. Having suffered with eczema as a child I occasionally get small areas during winter which this soap will be perfect for. There's also A LOT of peppermint oil in this bar, the aromatic herb gives a strong minty aroma leaving you feeling refreshed while seaweed is great for rejuvenating skin.

Had you heard of Sabai Soaps previously? Lucy xx
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Have a Berry Merry Christmas with Linea //

an image of Linea Winter Berries Collection
an image of Linea Winter Berries Collection
an image of Linea Winter Berries Collection
an image of Linea Winter Berries Collection
One of my favourite things about the holidays is the array of winter fragrances hitting stores. As a Christmas Tradition my mum and I will usually pick out a new candle to burn. Today I have the full fragrance range to share with you all by one of my favourite home fragrance brands who I've featured on LW in the past. Not only do I love their beautiful fragrances but also their affordable pricing thanks to House of Fraser always having offers on.

Taking inspiration from the essence of Christmas, the three fragrances Linea have created for Christmas 2015 have all been developed to ensure we all have the ultimate festive feeling. With Winter Berries, White Christmas and Cinnamon & Ginger on offer it was Winter Berries that took my fancy, though I have to say White Christmas sounds just as delightful as I'm sure the Cinnamon & Ginger fragrance is, it is Linea after all. All three scents are available in various fragrance forms, all relatively affordable due to varying sizes & offers. As you can see I received all four products from the Winter Berries line, where there's really something for everyone as well as a trio which contains three votives, one of each festive scent.

Linea Winter Berries Large Botanical Candle
I can't get over just how large this Botanical Candle is!? I've never owned an item quite like it. It's definitely an item to keep as a centre piece, with five wicks I daren't get to work burning this one - apparently I'd set the house a light. It's also far too beautiful to attempt to burn, though if you were to you'd get a whopping 130 hours. For now the Botanical candle will be our centre piece. Who could honestly burn them? They're basically pieces of art with twigs and berries set into the fragranced wax.

Linea Winter Berries Botanical Candle
While I may not actually burn the large Botanical Candle I did however receive the much smaller pillar Botanical Candle in Winter Berries. This candle has a burn time of 60 hours and only one wick, something we'll find a lot easier to burn without the worry. Though again, the pair look stunning next to each other in a Christmas Display, let alone taking pride of place on the Christmas Dinner table. 

Linea Winter Berries Jar Candle
Stepping away from the larger candles, I was also lucky enough to receive the Jar Candle from the Winter Berries line. We always seem to pick up similar candles depending on our theme, usually they're a bit cheaper and don't have a scent. I'm so glad we have the wonderful fragrance of Winter Berries to replace a few of the unscented. Even when not lit this candle fragrances the area and has a burn time of 50 hours.

Linea Winter Berries Diffuser
I absolutely love Linea for their diffusers and Winter Berries is definitely my favourite I've ever had. Like all reed diffusers, the fragrance oil is absorbed through the natural reeds to gently scent your home. The Winter Berries fragrance works so well as a diffuser, the mouth-watering fruity concoction of cranberry, cherry and blackcurrant mixed with citrus and spices (cinnamon & clove) creates quite the seasonal surrounding. We have this in our hallway, as soon as you walk in from the porch you're greeted with this beautiful fragrance that's neither too light, or too heavy. At just £10 for 200ml this diffuser is absolutely incredible value and quality for your money, you can bet this will last me well into the New Year - in fact the fig diffuser I had towards the end of summer is STILL going in my bedroom proving Linea's estimate of four months really is accurate and very impressive.

Are you ready for the big day? Lucy xx
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Lush // The Comforter Shower Cream Review

an image of Lush | The Comforter Shower Cream Review
In previous blog posts I mentioned Lush launched a whole host of new products when they opened their Oxford Street store. Slowly some of the products made their way online & into our local stores. The one product I was intrigued to try out was The Comforter Shower Cream (£4.95 per 100g), having used The Comforter bubble bar (£4.95) since I was at secondary school.

While Shower Creams may be packaged just like the regular Shower Gel's from Lush, they do differ ever so slightly. The formula is much thicker, not so much *creamy* but thicker. They're a lot more pigmented, with the comforter having a little shimmer to the mix - nothing that will stick to your skin but enough to make it look pretty when standing in your bathroom. I find they don't lather as much as a shower gel however the lather they create is creamy, feels more luxurious and definitely leaves the skin feeling nourished and scented beautifully. Out of the two shower creams I picked out I prefer The Comforter. As much as I love the incredible scent of Lord of Misrule it didn't create as much lather.

If you aren't familiar with The Comforter it's the ultimate sweet/fruity fragrance, totally different to the likes of Snow Fairy with it's distinctive scent of Ribena due to containing Cassis Absolute and uplifting Bergamot. I would always purchase the bubble bar as a teen, in time for the time of the month. There was nothing better than to come home after a horrid day of cramps, to then jump into a hot bubble bath, overflowing with bubbles - the bar stretches a long, long way. Both the bubble bar and shower cream are items I'd happily see in my Christmas Stocking - especially now Lush do 1kg bottles. Who else loves The Comforter?  Lucy xx

Keep Cool This Christmas // with Right Guard

an image of Right Guard at Christmas
With the party season kicking off Right Guard have you covered with five fabulous products to choose over to make sure you avoid losing your cool & remain feeling fresh & confident this party season. Lets face it there'd be nothing worse than to become the hot, sticky mess heading straight to the party from the office.

The new innovative formula of Right Guard Total Defence 5 has been designed (as the name suggests) to fight the five signs of preparation; odour, wetness, stickiness, bacteria and yellow stains. Thanks to the NEW Lock-Fresh Technology on the Right Guard Total Defence 5 cans, antibacterial molecules fight odour for longer and active fragrance molecules will continuously release a fresh scent throughout the day. All five products are completely 100% alcohol free, perfect for those of you who are sensitive as well as being dermatologically tested. Sensitive Power has been designed with an anti-irritation formula while the scent remains very fresh & unique to similar products on the market. Sport has been designed to give you all day confidence no matter what the activity is. Floral Power carries the most beautiful fragrance of Orchid and Viola while as the name suggests Invisible Power states it'll give protection to not only yellow marks but triple stain protection - white, yellow and oily stains. Pure is the unscented product of the bunch, I know plenty of people that hate their deodorant to have a fragrance though I have to say Right Guards fragrances are very different to your stereotypical anti-perspirant fragrances. I also really like the can design, they're much larger than the compressed cans & cream sticks that sit in my drawers but they're SO much easier - there's no fiddly locks, breakages and stiffness.

What did I think? When it comes to anti-perspirant I'm incredibly fussy and I always end up switching what I use, usually settling on the pricier scale of products. We're all pretty sensitive in our family and like to use brands who are 0% alcohol. I was kindly sent all five of the women's offerings, splitting them by fragrance between myself and my Mum - with my Dad nabbing the unscented can. My favourite out of the five has to be Floral Power, the scent is beautiful so when in a rush and I've forgotten to spritz my perfume this scent gets the compliments on it's own. I'm not usually one for floral deodorants, but this one much sweeter than I imagined. The formula is gentle, keeps me fresh throughout the day and not once have I yet had any awkward white marks/powdery accidents. I don't know about you but I'm sick of deodorants not sticking to they claims, for them to only resemble powder despite shaking before use.  How do you keep your cool in the run up to Christmas? Lucy x
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Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree //

an image of oh christmas tree oh christmas tree
an image of vintage crochet star decoration
an image of vintage metal tree christmas decoration
an image of vintage lace glass heart tree decoration
an image of fairy decoration
an image of crochet bird decoration
an image of Vintage owl tree decoration
an image of vintage santa tree decoration
an image of robin christmas tree topper
Today's post is short and sweet. I wanted to share my favourite decorations I've collected over the last few years since I found my adorable Christmas Tree from Homebase. I usually get my more special decorations from my local shabby chic, home accessory store - it honestly feels like walking into a Christmas Film set when December comes. To the point where I'm sure the north pole is hiding behind a door....she even has two adorable Dachshunds.

My Tree Topper doesn't really fit my theme of my tree though I always associate Robins with my Grandma, so it's like having a little piece of her at this time of year, she lived and breathed Christmas. It's no wonder I'm so crazy for it. She always said she'd come back as a Robin and each important moment a Robin appears. Who knows what my other Grandma will come back as. Christmas without either of them will be very strange this year. 

My most favourite decoration on the tree has to be the vintage santa, I picked him out last year from the little shop. He was the only one left and I'm kicking myself for not picking up a similar decoration they had a couple weeks ago - he's been snapped up. He looks so magical sitting at the top of my tree. Others from this store include the Norwegian Owl, who was the store owners favourite last year! The few she had flew off her shelves. I also grabbed the metal, crochet/lace covered star up last weekend while getting the last of my Christmas Shopping done. Previously, I'd been in the shop with my Mum for our annual decoration trip. The metal tree decoration was what I thought would go on our main tree but my Mum surprised me with a new decoration. I also picked the glass, lace effect locket style decoration which actually opens!  Where do you buy your decorations to? Lucy xx

Christmas Gift Guide // For Her

an image of Christmas Gift Guide | For Her
an image of Christmas Gift Guide | For Her
an image of Christmas Gift Guide | For Her
an image of Christmas Gift Guide | For Her
an image of Christmas Gift Guide | For Her
an image of For Her Christmas Gift Guide
an image of For Her Christmas Gift Guide
Following on from my For Her Stocking Fillers I've gathered together my top picks to wrap up under the tree. How are we a week away from Christmas!? Who else is starting to stress out? Although I've finally managed to pick out gifts for those who are extremely awkward to buy for I know I'll be having mountains of others wrapping dumped onto me soon. 

I don't know about anyone else but I have the habit of breaking so many pairs of headphones, I recently broke yet another pair which gave me the perfect excuse to try out wireless headphones in hope that with no wires involved these should last a whole lot longer. Spotify recently teamed up with Urban Ears to offer a 50% offer.

In my Gifts for Grandparents I mentioned the I love you Grandma colouring book I'd picked out for my Grandma on her birthday in September. She loved receiving this, though sadly the cancer stopped her from enjoying/making use of this. Inside you'll find a whole host of pictures for your Grandma to colour, with quotes on the opposite page. I read many of the quotes out to her. There's also a version for Mum's too. Another book I've found helpful this year has been the Mindfulness For Creativity - my anxiety and panic attacks have been so high this year but this definitely has helped and I definitely need to make more use of this.

You can't go wrong with a Christmas Jumper, especially if you're buying for someone who prefers to stay casual on Christmas Day. My favourite pick this year is this Jingle Bell Bling Jumper which I'll be sporting come CD if I don't fancy a dress.

Beauty items to place under the tree? You can't go wrong with Sensationail, they're a brand I've used for quite some time now and really does save you some serious pennies by allowing you to create salon like gel manicures at home. There's always offers floating around in the run up to Christmas. Another item I'm sure will be on a lot of wish-lists this Christmas is the Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette from Urban Decay. I feel SO lucky to have been sent this, it's honestly so beautiful. The shadows are are just what you can expect from UD, buttery and pigmented. Perfumes are always a lovely gift to receive, we always stay away from gift sets although a lot love them. We just don't use the products that come included. Here I have Anais Anais & Ghost Deep Night, both for my Mum. Anais Anais is what she always wore when I was a child, while Ghost Deep Night is her absolute favourite. The perfume shop had incredible deals during the Black Friday weekend. Don't forget Boots for creating your own beauty hampers, they have 3 for 2 running across most areas of the store with my picks here being from Lee Stafford AND The Sanctuary.

Any dog lovers out there? It's no secret that Radley is a firm favourite in this family. They have a brilliant range of gifts this year with some beautiful festive designs for collecting. Here however I have one of their more ordinary purses. I also couldn't resist including this dog quote sign I picked up from a local home accessories store. What's on your Christmas List this year? Lucy xx
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Christmas with Label M // Lucyy Writes

an image of Label M Christmas 2015
an image of Label M Christmas 2015
an image of Label M Christmas 2015
an image of Label M Christmas 2015
an image of Label M Christmas 2015
If you've read my recent For Him & For Her Stocking Fillers you may have caught on to the current Label M offer that's come in perfect time for Christmas. If you aren't familiar with Label M they're an award-winning fashion inspired haircare range developed by professionals, led by Toni Mascolo and Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck. They're also the official haircare product of London Fashion Week. 

In the run up to Christmas I was kindly sent one of their male gift sets, featured in my For Him gift guide last week. Inside the Grooming Kit (£22.45) feature three products from the Label.Men line, all of which smell incredible. First up we have the Deconstructor (£11.95), a 50ml tub of a versatile creme paste for creating thickness and root lift allowing you to create lasting style with a matte texture and definition. This product was actually shortlisted in the 2015 Pure Beauty Awards. You'll also find the Grooming Cream (£10.50), which is a lightweight cream designed to create natural definition and control. This is perfect if the man in your life is looking for a product that won't leave their hair feeling gluey and heavy. As a versatile product it can be left in as a styling product and used on wet & dry hair to gradually build up thickness. Lastly in the set you'll find the Label.Men Scalp Purifying Shampoo  (£9.95) which has already snapped up the 2016 GQ Grooming Award for Best New Shampoo. This shampoo is gentle enough for daily use but also helps build up strength and thickness with it's unique and exclusive ingredient blend of the EleMENts complex and Micronization Technology.

What is the current offer? A free limited edition scarf designed by Giles Deacon, which comes packaged in the cutest of gift boxes - perfect if you need a spare present kept in OR to treat yourself after all this Christmas madness. The scarf is beautiful, made of the softest material & carries the print you'll see on Label.M gifts this season. Whether you buy two or more singular products OR two gift sets, you'll receive your scarf for free. There's still plenty of time for delivery in time for Christmas as well as Free Delivery on orders over £19. What offers have you been taking advantage of this holiday season? Lucy x
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