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Lush // Fairy Dust Dusting Powder review

an image of Lush Fairy Dust review
an image of Lush Fairy Dust review
Dusting Powders always seem to be one of Lush's overlooked products. If it wasn't for a sample a couple summers back I probably wouldn't be so into them as I am now. When you first shop at Lush it's usually the bath bombs & bubble bars that have swept you in. Gradually you move onto their vast range of products. 

Out of all the wonderful products Lush have launched in their 2015 Winter Collection Fairy Dust Dusting Powder £5.95 was the one I wanted the most. I've been getting into their shower/body products more recently due to not having the time to enjoy as many long, hot soaks. Their Christmas line this year has a whole host of shower products to get you in the festive mood. For those of you who don't know what Dusting Powders are, they're a very, light powder which usually contains lustre's - environmentally friendly glitters. You apply a Dusting Powder after your shower/bath, or again throughout the day. Your skin is left feeling baby smooth as well as beautifully scented.

What's so special about Fairy Dust? If you're familiar with Dusting Powders you may remember there once was a powder that carried the Candy Fluff scent, very similar if not the same to Fairy Dust. Fairy Dust is a very light, pink powder which contains the famous Lush lustre's that seem to be in everything - especially as Christmas. You don't have to worry about being turned into a disco-ball with this one though, there will be some 'glitter' though it's nothing out there & perfectly acceptable at this time of year. The sweet 'Snow Fairy' fragrance lingers on your skin for hours after, I'm always having compliments. If you too were saddened to hear Snow Fairy perfume wouldn't be returning to the kitchen this is a product that may *just* make up for that. You can even sprinkle dusting powders on your bed sheets - imagine getting into a bed that's scented with the pear drop fragrance of Snow Fairy!? Heavenly. A bottle also lasts for literally forever too. Other products that will help you to layer up the fragrance are; The Magic Wand, Snow Fairy Shower Gel, Melting Marshmallow Moment Bath Oil & Father Christmas bath bomb. 

Tips for Passing your Driving Test //

Whether you're thinking about booking your driving test OR you're on the test countdown I thought I'd share a few tips and pieces of info that may make the anxious time a little easier. 
an image of tips for passing your driving test 2015
Finding the right instructor //
If you've read my previous driving post you'll have heard about the horrendous instructor I started off with. Finding the right instructor is harder than it seems, I think you're very lucky if you've managed to hit it off straight away. The difference changing instructors for me was pretty significant, my confidence shot through the roof & my driving improved rapidly. It's important to make sure they're fully qualified, reliable, patient and have the right attitude.

Regular Lessons //
Having regular lessons is so important, it's best to budget to see if this is what you can do. This will help build your confidence and you'll progress consistently. You won't forget all that you've learnt on that regular two hour slot. Some learners opt to have private practice with a family member or friend, for me this wasn't an option I didn't want to pick up bad habits, neither did we need a family fallout. While learning to drive I had more than my fair share of cancellations, at some points it'd be two weeks to a month without a lesson. I was expected to carry on where he'd left off - it was impossible to remember in the early stages. Once I had a reliable instructor who was able to give me regular lessons my driving improved rapidly. 

Plan your time //
You only have to google to find helpful tips on your particular test centre/town. The best times of day to aim for are just after the morning rush hour. Everyone should be at work & children will have been dropped off at school. It's also a good idea to avoid lunchtime & the home time rush hour, I found my time of 11:21 to be perfect which in this time I followed signs for the motorway, countryside and a housing estate before heading back to the centre. If you're particular worried I'd avoid booking a test when schools & colleges are on holiday. Remember to always make sure your date/time is fine with your instructor as they may already have someone booked that day.

Rearrange your test //
If you aren't ready for your test you can easily log back on and rearrange for a few weeks times. You're able to rearrange your test date 6 times before you lose your money. You needn't worry though, if you cancel the test altogether on your last 'chance' you won't lose your money. Remember to cancel within three working days of your test day or you WILL lose your money.

Staying Calm on the day //
The one thing you'll be fed up of hearing when it comes to your test is everyone telling you to stay calm. Leading up to my test I decided to get it into my head that I couldn't drive, lessons started to go wrong & insults from a previous instructor were still rolling around. However come test day I felt incredibly calm, to the point where as I started my test I thought if I fail, I fail. Thankfully I had a first time pass. I found having a relaxing bath the night before really helped. I'd saved Lord of Misrule especially for the occasion. Pair with fresh bedding, new PJ's, manicure and making sure all my clothes & items needed for the morning were ready. You'll usually have a lesson before the test which helps with nerves & gets all those silly mistakes out of the way. Other options are Rescue Remedy on the days leading up to your test!

Show Me Tell Me Questions //
The Show me Tell me section of the test can seem daunting though it really isn't something to worry about. The majority of questions you'll already know, with only a few that your instructor will need to run through with you OR show you on their car. You'll be asked one 'show me' and one 'tell me' question before you drive off. If you do happen to get one or both wrong you only get one minor for the pair. Despite remembering them all I was asked the most easiest on the day - car manual & horn...

Independent Driving //
The Independent Driving is a fairly new section added to the test and was different to what I expected. Having watched the video and read online I assumed they'd show me a few maps, pulling in each time for a new one. Instead I was just following signs for the motorway, another town and back to the test town before the examiner started with directions again. It's no different to what you cover on your lessons. If you go the wrong way you won't fail, you'll only fail for too many minors OR a major. Talking to people after 'I failed for going the wrong way' long as you carry on driving safely you won't be penalised. Never be afraid to ask the examiner again to make sure you're clear on where you're going, they're always more than happy to repeat & really aren't that scary. Is anyone else learning to drive? What do you remember from your driving test? Lucy x

Yankee Candle Advent Carousel // Internet Gift Store

an image of Yankee Candle Carousel Advent Calendar 2015
an image of Yankee Candle Carousel Advent Calendar 2015
an image of Yankee Candle Carousel Advent Calendar 2015
an image of Yankee Candle Carousel Advent Calendar 2015
an image of Yankee Candle Carousel Advent Calendar 2015
Fear not Yankee Candle Advent Calendars have returned for another Christmas with even more choice. If their seasonal fragrances don't leave you feeling festive I don't know what will. Each year I've always left it too late to grab myself one of their Advent's, this year however I was kindly sent their ever so beautiful Carousel Advent Calendar  (£32.99 NOW £26.99) to review from the Internet Gift Store. 

If you haven't heard of the Internet Gift Store they're an online retailer of a wide range of gifts from popular brands like Yankee Candle, Ted Baker, Disney and more. They offer free delivery on orders over £35, with delivery on orders under this starting at just 99p as well as promising fast delivery and an optional next day delivery service. There's also the chance to personalise gifts, making sure the Internet Gift Store can truly cater to your needs - you'll also find yourself some bargains with a regularly updated clearance section. Being big Yankee candle fans we're loving this years collection with the Yankee Candle Votive Christmas Cracker gift set & Yankee Candle Wax Melt Bauble gift set on our wish lists - both of which currently discounted at the Internet Gift Store, along with a free Santa Hat in each order to spread a little Christmas cheer.

As mentioned Yankee Candle have returned with plenty of designs (a carousel, house, wreath & snow globe) this year, with previous designs on sale if you're willing to search for them. Internet Gift Store have both the carousel & house for 2015, the house may have actually sold out by the time this post goes live. I was over the moon when I opened the box to see the glistening Carousel countdown waiting for me. All of Yankee Candle's advents are beautifully designed, the carousel however really is something special. The hexagonal box is held together by the large red bow at the top, with intricate sleighs and carousel 'reindeers' printed all over, with glitter detailing, making it a decoration itself and most definitely a talking point for any guests over the festive period.

For those of you wanting the fragrances inside to be a complete surprise I'd skip ahead now. The Carousel Advent definitely has the most varying fragrances this year. Behind each of the 24 doors a tea light or votive will be revealed in one of eight fragrances. I've only actually purchased one of the featuring scents before - Snowflake Cookie which leaves the house smelling of freshly iced cookies. Bundle Up is a new scent for 2015, this one sounds pretty intriguing by the description online - a touch of citrus, fresh linen and snow. Another scent to feature is popular Candy Cane Lane which smells of peppermint, cookies and creamy vanilla icing. Icicles returns, this one supposedly smells of crisp snow covered forests with a hint of cinnamon. Other scents of the tea lights are Spiced Orange, which always causes a debate between myself & my mum when we go pick out our Christmas scent. I personally like the blend of citrus and ginger, it's the perfect winter warmer. The last fragrance to feature as a tea light is Winter Glow, a clean & fresh wintry fragrance. Going by the calendars doors it seems every 6th day you receive a votive/sampler. A votive burns for around 15 hours compared to the 4-6 a tea light provides. Bundle Up and Winter Glow both reappear as two of the four votive's. I can't wait to burn Berry Trifle & Cosy By The Fire which is described as a warm mix of ginger, clove and orange with woody notes. 

Yankee Candle advent calendars are perfect for the entire family, everyone will enjoy seeing what's behind each door rather than your regular and highly repeated chocolate shapes. What could be a better excuse to get the family together on the December evenings than a new candle to burn, Christmas films & plenty of chocolates.
Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.

life lately // #3

It's been a while since my last 'life lately' post, in fact the whole of LW has been neglected due to a number of things. If you follow me on Instagram you'll have already read some of whats been happening.

Family | Since the summer we've been dealing with eventually losing my Grandma. After a lot of neglect from the GP an ambulance was at long last called and she was rushed into hospital in May, leaving to come home in August. She's been such a fighter, surviving an operation at 78 with just  30% chance of surviving. Advanced ovarian cancer, primary peritoneal cancer, organs stuck together, organs perforated & peritonitis. To see such an independent woman become bed bound & rely on everyone in the space of a few months has been heartbreaking. None of us could have predicated spending this year as we have. At the beginning of the year my Grandma was my little rock, promising to be there for me always. Instead I was always there for her. Friday saw her funeral, we couldn't have asked for a nicer send off. We're all shattered this weekend, the evening ended with 11 of us staying on, taking over a skittle alley for a men vs womens game of skittles. If my Grandma were still here she'd have loved to see the Yorkshire relatives, our little household and my Grandad, Uncle and Uncles girlfriend getting along fabulously.

Driving Lessons | After making that all important switch to a calmer instructor I managed to pass my test first time. I honestly thought I'd fail with everything going on, my lessons started to go "brilliantly" then my Grandma passed away. The lessons started to go horrendously, cue me panicking being so close to my test date. Manoeuvres weren't sticking in my head. The funeral was to be held the day after my test. The viewing of her would be the evening of my test day. Mother Nature also arrived on my test week, leading me to not sleeping, unable to eat, I felt 'seasick' 24/7 and had severe pain constantly. Then come test day I felt completely calm - much calmer than I'd ever felt with the old instructor. I came out with just two minors - one for a mirror & one for correcting my bay park - I'd only learnt in the test centre car park that very morning. We took great pleasure in texting my old instructor of my pass.

LW Wise | I'm behind SO much but now that the driving test & funeral are over I plan on getting my Christmas content going again. I'm excited to write blog posts and have some incredible opportunities coming my way. 

Home Comforts | I've loved pulling out the winter scents, I started off burning my salted caramel Yankee Candle & hauling Lush Christmas products. It's been so hectic that I've only used the shower products - minus Lord of Misrule the night before my driving test.

Harry & Mollie | I still can't quite believe we have two westie's in the house. Getting our latest bundle of joy this summer has been one of the best decisions we've made as a family. Over the last few months they've brought so much happiness to everyone. Tell me something good that's happened to you recently? Lucy  x
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