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Introducing LP Planners // The Beauty Type

an image of LP Planner review
an image of LP Planners review
an image of LP Planners review
an image of LP Planners review
an image of LP Planners review
an image of LP Planners review
Who else has been hooked on the whole planner trend that seems to be taking over Youtube, Blogging and Pinterest? It got to the point that I created my own board on Pinterest dedicated to my favourite snap shots of those who are able to get their hands on such planners by Erin Condren and Plum Paper - both are pretty inaccessible to those in the UK unless you want to pay high shipping.

This is where Lisa decided to create her own planner to fulfil the gaping hole in the UK market, creating the perfect organiser all while working, attending Uni and running her beauty and lifestyle blog The Beauty Type. LP Planners launched this week with Lisa being so kind enough to let me have sneak peaks along the way. It's been so exciting to see them come together and I'm so happy for my blogging friend. With a choice of two designs these planners will hold your everything to make sure your day is organised through the academic year, 15-16. The 210mm by 210mm planners feature a week spread over two pages with note sections and days split into three. There's also lined pages front & back of the planner rather than useless owner detail pages. At the beginning of each month there's also a monthly calendar view. 

Cover wise, Lisa created the Rainbow option which features multicoloured stripes with colour coded months inside for £20. She then created an even more affordable option being the Monochrome which retails for just £10, including all the same pages just black & white - even easier for customising with countless stickers and the one I have to show you all. The cover of the Monochrome is SO shiny with it also having a plastic transparent front and white wiro binding. The paper quality is superb, suitable for all pens - with no bleeding. I much prefer planners with wiro binding, they easily fold over allowing you more hand space and the ability to write on a flat surface. 

Whether you're looking for the perfect office organiser, teaching organiser, personal planner or scrapbook I'd highly recommend heading over to Lisa's Etsy Store. I love how I can fit in both my personal life and blogging into one planner at last.
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Burt's Bees // Squeezable Beeswax Lip Balm review

an image of Burt's Bees Squeezable Beeswax Lip Balm
If you've followed my blog for quite some time you'll know there's only one brand for me when it comes to keeping my lips hydrated throughout the year. I have an entire drawer of my Muji storage dedicated to lip balms with the majority being Burt's Bees - I love making my way through all the flavours they have to offer, not to mention their incredible tinted lip balms. Until now my top Burt's Bees lip product would have been the Ultra Moisturising Lip Treatment though their latest squeezable may have just stolen the title.

With their original lip balm already available in both stick and tin formula's, Burt's Bees have whipped up an easier to use version in a squeeze tube saving us from having to dip our fingers into a tin as well as being a little more hygienic than a regular stick. Burt's Bees Squeezable Beeswax Lip Balm £4.99 is slightly smoother while still maintaining the 100% natural formula of beeswax, vitamin E and a dash of peppermint for a little lip tingle. The slanted tip gives a precise application, while the clear balm remains non-sticky and neither too heavy or thin on the lips. I've been keeping my makeup to a minimum recently and regularly wear the balm on it's own. As someone who usually avoids lip products that 'tingle' or 'plump' I've been able to withstand due to the natural formula from BB and highly recommend stocking up on this fab little lip balm to see you through the harsh UK winter. What's your holy grail lip balm? Lucy xx
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The Body Shop // Summer Haul

an image of the body shop summer haul
an image of the body shop summer haul
Back in July I made a little trip out to the local outlet village with Harry in tow and hit the The Body Shop outlet store. Harry's always welcome in the store, he receives so much fuss while I get to browse the products - saving a good chunk of money on all purchases. Would you believe me if I said I actually shop more in The Body Shop than I do in Lush these days? The savings of my recent visit were too good to not share with the entire 'haul' coming in at just £22 - including a gift set.

I've been a huge fan of the Coconut range from The Body Shop this summer and needed a back up of the Coconut Body Butter. Heading into the store I was greeted by mountains of coconut scented gift sets which were just too good to turn down. The more you buy in an TBS outlet the more you save on already discounted stock - perfect if you love the regular ranges AND if you've taken a shine to the Christmas stock - Cranberry & Gingerbread are always in stock here. My gift set features four full size products - body butter, body scrub, body spray, lip balm and a body polisher. As someone who always neglects the mountains of body moisturises and butters in my drawers I adore The Body Shop's Coconut Body Butter. It smells incredible - not at all fake and sinks straight into the skin, leaving my skin feeling nourished. The Scrub has also been a daily essential, in the past I've used other scrubs by The Body Shop and haven't been won over but the creamy texture of the coconut has left me not wanting to use anything else - well other than the Brazil Nut Body Scrub that I also grabbed. Fans of Soap & Glory's Breakfast Scrub will adore the Brazil Nut Body Scrub, though I'm not too sure if it's actually discontinued. Having owned the Satsuma Body Spray I couldn't wait to have another at home, at first it smelt a little too much of alcohol but the further I get through the bottle the better it smells. My last item in the gift set is one I've purchased several times over the years, the coconut lip balm and essential if you have incredibly dry lips - miles better than the brightly coloured options I'd always pick up on my way to the till.

As mentioned the outlets are great if you prefer the permanent collection of scents and products, while new launches take a good 6 months to hit the outlet. By now the Honeymania line has reached the outlet and while the girl sorted out a new stamp/card for me I picked up my 'free' or 'birthday' gift deciding on finally trying the range I'd previously written off after sniffing in my regular store. At first I wasn't a fan but it's grown on me, the formula isn't too thick and sinks straight in and the overly floral scent settles into a sweet fragrance. Other purchases were the Olive Shower Gel, my Dad swears by the soap so with my eczema playing up I purchased the largest bottle of shower gel I've ever purchased. The Brazil Nut Scrub is heavenly, if it is discontinued a petition needs to be started asap and another body sorbet hit my basket this time in Grapefruit. Lucy x

Bubble T Cosmetics // Spice Infusions review

an image of Bubble T Cosmetics Spice Infusions review
If there's one thing I've made sure to fit in-between all the comings and goings recently it's been my pamper nights. I was lucky enough to receive a trio of products from Bubble T Cosmetics, the brand inspired by the Taiwanese tea, fruit and tapioca based drink that soared into the UK. As the latest product to hit the range of bath and body products, Spice Infusions are a foaming bath powder which can be purchased separately as well as in a boxed trio, retailing for £8 & £22. Stockists include: Holland & Barrett, Urban Outfitters, Topshop, Harvey Nichols and Boxpark with Beauty MART - not forgetting the online Bubble T Cosmetics store.

If you're familiar with the brand you'll already know they have three scents. The first of the three being Moroccan Mint Tea, a refreshing peppermint infused with white jasmine and sweet spearmint to energise and revive. Hibiscus & Acai Berry Tea is renowned as the restoring scent, with a sweet scent of hibiscus, acai berry and wild strawberry - perfect if you suffer from insomnia. Lastly, yellow is for Lemongrass & Green Tea, the stimulating scent to inspire and motivate us all with a blend of gooseberry & pineapple to create a tropical infusion.

I didn't really know what to expect from the Spice Infusions at first. As someone who uses bath bombs and bubble bars I wasn't overly sure how much powder to sprinkle per bath. My first use I could have used a lot more. I still had plenty of fragrance and the water was slightly tinted, it just lacked any form of bubbles. After another few uses I've gotten the amount down to a tee, plenty of bubbles - not quite as many as other products but more than enough to have an unwind. Would I say £8 a tube is worth it? Completely. You'll enjoy a whole lot of baths from Bubble T. I've had about three from one, two from each of the others and I'm not even close to half down the tube. The packaging literally is an extra large spice shaker, with a sprinkle side or a pouring side. Just flip whichever side you prefer to use and get turning on that hot water.

I've loved having the Spice Infusions from Bubble T Cosmetics, I'd even go as far as saying they're my most loved product from the brand. My favourite of the three fragrances has to be the Moroccan Mint Tea due to the current UK Weather. It made for such a refreshing bath on a hot, humid day - especially teamed with the matching Shower Gel I had stashed away. Are you a fan of Bubble T Cosmetics? They're such a fun, loving brand. Lucy xx
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Debenhams Flowers // Cornish Rose Bouquet review

an image of Cornish Rose Bouquet Debenhams Flowers
an image of Cornish Rose Bouquet Debenhams Flowers
Is there anything better than receiving a fresh bouquet of flowers on a Friday afternoon? I was ever so kindly offered the chance to receive a bouquet of my choice from the summer line of bouquets from Debenhams Flowers. With the place looking a little dull since my birthday flowers departed (minus the orchid,I've surprised myself by keeping it alive this long) I was excited to have some pretty blooms delivered to my door.

The bouquet to catch my eye was the wonderful Cornish Rose Bouquet - £39.99 which features a mixture of pink hydrangea's, white blooms, esperance roses and hard ruscus. I received the standard size bouquet consisting of two large hydrangeas, three white blooms, five roses and five hard rescue's. Debenhams offer you the option to upgrade bouquets to large for £10 extra and £20 for extra large. You can also add gifts such as balloons and chocolates, cake, wine and even a vase. I know ordering flowers online can be worrying though all Debenhams Flowers Bouquets and Planted arrangements come with a 7 day guarantee. I can happily say my display lasted 10 days in my little office. The only negative I have would be the roses of the bouquet didn't match the photo online - which obviously will differ but I loved the colours. Online the roses are a coral, where as here I have pale pink. It all worked well together, regardless and made a beautiful bouquet.

Not only was I impressed with my lovely choice of bouquet but also the delivery service. Debenhams offer Next Day Flowers up until 9pm, on any weekday with the option to have flowers sent via post - royal mail Or courier like mine did. Which surprisingly got here despite it being DPD. Every bouquet arrives fully hydrated in a purple cardboard box with cardboard inserts to steady it and ensure you have the perfect bouquet to mark the occasion. Everyones loved the bouquet, we can safely say we'll be using Debenhams Flowers again in the future.
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Cheerz App Review & Giveaway //

an image of Cheerz products
an image of a Cheerz photo box
an image of Cheerz individual print
an image of CHEERZ DIY Book Review
an image of Cheerz DIY BOOK Review
an image of Cheerz DIY BOOK Review
With so many memories trapped inside my iPhone I was so excited to hear about the launch of an easy to use Photo Printing App from Cheerz. Already popular in other European countries the Cheerz App is available for Apple & Android phones ready for us Brits to start printing from our Camera Rolls, Instagram, Facebook or Dropbox accounts. I'm sure we're all familiar with companies offering Polaroid style prints? Cheerz have a whole tonne of other ways to present our special snaps including DIY Photo Books, Crafting Sets, Photo Booth style strips, Individual Prints, Magnets, Mosaic Posters, Frames and their unique Cheerz Boxes.

After flicking through the selection of products Cheerz have to offer on their fantastically designed app I decided on two products I think you'll all love. The first of my selection being their classic Cheerz Box, a patterned box containing 30 3x4" photo prints for just £13.95. With a choice of three patterns I decided on Chic Pea, featuring white polka dots on a background with blue detailing and 'Say Cheese' printed on. Other designs include Big Stripes, multicoloured thick stripes OR the Cheerz Love theme which carries a 60's inspired design featuring a black and white photo and cutesy quote - the perfect gift to show someone how much you love them. Selecting 30 photo's was a lot easier than I originally thought, I could easily select and deselect photo's while keeping counting on the amount I'd selected. Each 'polaroid' snap has been printed to a high-standard, super glossy and clear, once you've selected your 30 photo's you have the option to add text, font and colour options as well as arranging your photo by dragging or cropping. The Cheerz Box is the perfect way to catalogue your memories from your Phone, Instagram, Facebook or Dropbox. 

My favourite of the two  items has to be the DIY Book £16.95, a hardback book with twenty incredibly thick pages and twenty photo's printed. It was between this book or the La Boîte Å Photos (a box containing 40 prints and supplies to decorate the photos), I preferred the option to have them in a book and to then customise it as a scrapbook. All the prints arrive in a yellow envelope at the back of the book. You could easily opt to have more photo's printed and kept here. Each of the twenty black pages has a self-adhesive square for you to stick a photo down. Be warned that these squares are VERY sticky...a few of my photo's went a little off centre. You then have the option to customise the DIY Book with your own craft supplies, I'm planning on getting metallic pens to add quotes and memories to each page when complete I'll share with you all the finished project. The book is just the right size for sitting beside my bedside, great for when I need a little cheering up to see all my little adventures and adorable Westie Pups. If you have someone hard to buy for I'd highly recommend creating a book for them, there are so many ways to customise and make this a truly special gift.
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