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What Harry's Lovin' // with Not On The Highstreet

an image of noth iron dog bowl
an image of noth iron dog bowl
an image of noth iron dog bowl
an image of noth iron dog bowl
With Not On The Highstreet getting in touch not so recently *I'm a little behind with spending the majority of my time at the hospital* I couldn't help but use the opportunity to pick something out for Harry my now TWO year old Westie pup!? Can I still call him a puppy? If you haven't heard of Not On The Highstreet they're an incredibly awesome online website selling everything and anything. They're basically Aladdin's Cave...quadrupled and always saving me when it comes to gift buying. With this in mind if you're anything like myself you'll love the vast amount of brands and products Not On The Highstreet have for our four legged friends - note some of its even a little TOO crazy for me to ever purchase for Harry. Eventually after several hours of searching it all came down to the Cast Iron Dog Bowls or a Dog Tipee. In the end the bowls won, I wouldn't have lived the Tipee down.
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life lately // #2

Life lately has been pretty draining, stressful and pretty upsetting. There's been a lot of drama and comings and goings however there has been just as many things worth smiling about. June started with my Grandma finally getting admitted to the hospital. The end of June was pretty scary, with a final diagnosis for my Grandma and emergency surgery which is a miracle she's still here. Despite a tonne of neglect she's now on the road to recovery or at least for now. Things are never going to be rosy but thank god she's a fighter.
Driving side of things? Yep. Still not legally allowed alone on the roads. My instructor loves to cancel and with the latest being the best part of a month today or who knows when I'll eventually get round to posting this but I've booked a trial with another driving school. I'm hoping it's the guy with a polka dot A1 and that he doesn't cause me anymore anxiety OR shout at me. There's been far too many negatives with my current driving instructor that I've brushed off, excused or blamed myself for. Nobody deserves to be fighting panic attacks and feeling like the worst driver in the world. Considering I've not missed a single lesson with everything going on I'm hoping tomorrow will be the right thing to do and I'll be a completely different driver :P

The rest of July has seen a few little adventures, a lot of retail therapy though no summer holiday with all the time spent visiting the hospital and the dogs. I turned 21 (yep promise I'll quit mentioning that soon) and managed to have a nice day - 21st birthday 'haul' here. A matter of days later we had a new dog in the house (Introducing Mollie post) who's brought so many smiles and laughter to the house already. She causes some mayhem but at least it distracts us. Mollies most definitely the most exciting thing to have happened, I love her to bits (not forgetting Harry). I can't take her anywhere without people running at us. The day we collected her and took her for a collar etc, we had everyone going mad and men hanging up on their phones and running to see her. It's hilarious. Harry has some serious competition.

LW wise? I've had a lot of exciting opportunities and can't wait to get stuck back in the world of blogging now I've a new macbook to get the most use out of. I feel a little out of the blogging 'circle' but I'm still here guys! Oh and I've finally just started to use my pinterest probably not using it correctly but I'm giving it a go. In fact I don't think it'll be long until MammaWrites gets an account. She's hooked on the nail art tags, let alone the food and decor. What've you been up to so far this summer? Can we even call it summer still? Lucy xx

What I had for my 21st Birthday // Lucyy Writes

Just over a week ago I celebrated my 21st birthday. I wasn't too sure how the day would pan out with everything that's been going on however I had the most loveliest of days. Everyone went out of their way to make sure it was special and that I was truly spoilt. I kept things low key, the way I like them but had plenty of visitors all throughout the day and night with far too much food, cake and drink being consumed. The best bit? I still have belated birthday plans to get through. I thought I'd share a few snaps, the majority of items have all been put away or consumed. There'll be instagram shots for sure. I was super lucky to receive a Macbook Pro 15", Apple Superdrive & Gold Case. A week before my birthday we headed up to Bristol to pick it out - it literally was SO hard to get on time with online taking too long and Exeter chopping and changing whether they had them in stock or not. BUT I have it and I absolutely love it. My white macbook was really starting to die on me, I'd had it since 09/10 with a couple repairs and upgrades. AND a big thank you to everyone who sent me lovely birthday messages on the day <3.
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Lush // Bella Fruta Gift Set review

an image of LUSH Bella Fruta gift set review
an image of LUSH Bella Fruta gift set review
an image of LUSH Bella Fruta gift set review
an image of LUSH Bella Fruta gift set review
Birthdays aren't complete without a little Lush Cosmetics right? This year I turned 21 and received the ever so beautifully presented Bella Fruta gift set which retails for £20.95. I don't usually pay attention to the Lush gift sets unless I have to buy someone one, making the times I receive them a complete surprise - especially as Lush always seem to give them a little revamp come Summer. If you've anyone with a summer birthday or perhaps you just want to brighten someones day, Bella Fruta couldn't be anymore perfect. Inside the brightly wrapped box are six Lush products varying from bath bombs to hand & body lotion which all feature tropical fragrances to get you in the summer time mood whether it be the bath or shower - this gift covers all.

The first product I was happy to see was a miniature The Comforter bubble bar. This has to be my all time favourite  bubble bar  due to the sweet scent & the amount of product you get for your money (full size). I always keep a bar in for when it comes to that time of the month, where I just want to hide away in a mountain of bubbles. I've always described this bubble bar to smell like blackcurrant/Ribena but I think this miniature bubble bar smells like the multicoloured Swizzle sweets? Fitting to the tropical theme of the box Avobath bath bomb had to be include to the tropical concoction. Avobath bath bomb is another long time favourite, though I don't buy this one too often - saving it for when I really need an uplifting pamper. With Lemongrass, bergamot, avocado and olive oil you're left with bright green waters, hydrated skin and hopefully feeling a lot more human! Don't be put off by the bright colour if you suffer from sensitive and dry skin, this contains mashed avocado and olive oil so you can count on dry skin to be soothed away. With a bath bomb and bubble bar it's only right to follow with a bath melt? You've Been Mangoed has been around for years and was actually one of my Mum's favourites before I eventually got round to trying. I always thought the small bars were overpriced...until I eventually tried one and fell in love with the citrus fragrance of lemongrass, lime and lemon oil which instantly lifts your moods. Skin is left replenished and oh so soft by avocado, mango and cocoa butters. 

Moving away from 'bath' products we have FUN in Red. Lush do various colours with more in Lush Oxford Street and others appearing around Christmas time. I haven't always been the biggest fan of FUN, when launched I received a couple bars and fell for the novelty before getting a little fed up due to how big the full size bars are. It wasn't until my brother gifted me one of the Christmas knot wraps which included four bars in that I became the fan again. Gift sets usually contain a smaller bar of FUN, easier to use before it dries up. The Red is actually my favourite, the scent is citrus based (as you'd expect to appear in Bella Fruta) but it's almost a little fizzy without being childish? If you're passing I urge you to go in and have a sniff. As for FUN it's literally a product with endless uses, you can clean and wash whatever you like with the shower time play dough. Next up I pulled out the bar of Miranda soap, I'm not a bar of soap girl but there's a few Lush bars that I do rate - Miranda being one of them. The bar of soap I have here is actually the old formula and in my opinion looks far better than the new design/formula. With Kiwi, Ylang Ylang, Juniperberry and bergamot it's summer in a bar and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. The last product to feature in Bella Fruta is Sympathy for the Skin, hand & body lotion which I haven't had in such a long time. It's been much needed with all the hospital visiting and new puppy, I'm constantly washing my hands and using alcohol gel. My poor hands, dry skin and poor cuticles are over the moon to see this light weight, slightly runny, custard scented lotion again.

Bella Fruta has definitely got to be my favourite gift set to receive and considering this was my Uncle's first time in a Lush store I think it's fair to say he did really well. All the items in my box are items I adore and again, the perfect gift for summer with uplifting fragrances and across the board products covering showers, baths and body care. Lucy x
*birthday present from family

Introducing Mollie // Lucyy Writes

an image Mollie and Harry the wastes
It's been almost two years since I wrote a blog post introducing my little West Highland Terrier puppy and if you'd asked me back then I wouldn't have expected to be writing another so soon. This weekend our family had a new bundle of joy. A second West Highland Terrier has moved in, going by the name of Mollie. We hadn't planned for a second dog, we'd wondered what it'd be like and at the time of getting Harry my Dad half joked about getting his little brother too. All changed last weekend when I saw Harry's breeder had one puppy left. Suddenly my Mum's interested and the texts to my Dad who's at the pub they did with Harry. Within a matter of minutes my Dad's agreeing and I'm texting the breeder.

Saturday morning felt like torture. Worries whether we'd be doing the right thing or even if Harry would like her. Pulling up to the farm we had the meeter and greeter woofing away, the farm dogs all coming to say hey and little baby Mollie in the arms of their lovely breeder. It was lovely that Harry could come to see Mollie, his breeder was so impressed with how he's come along. He met Mollies mum and dad who were absolutely crazy and so loving. The next thing we know Mollies won us all over and she's in the car coming home. Mollie came from a large litter, the first from her Mum & Dad. The family specialise in breeding West Highland Terriers, with over 50 years experience. It's crazy to see photo's dating back over the years and happy families with their little additions. I think the only reason Mollie was left was because part of her tail is dislocated but she has no problems wagging it, with both vets giving the all clear. She's such an amazing character, so loving and happy. Seeing her bounce, skip and run around the house is the cutest thing especially when you reward her. Oh AND it works out Harry's Dad is Mollie's Grandad, it's great the pair have a true family connection.

It's so lovely to have a girl this time around, it's going to be 'hard work' but very rewarding considering the tough time we've been going through recently. I've got issues that need a lot of fixing, I'm learning to drive which is very up and down, we've got my grandma in hospital still which has been an absolute rollercoaster. I can't wait for all the puppy cuddles and play because Harry's so chilled these days and set in his routine. She's taken to toilet training really well but not so great at sleeping through the night, basically the opposite of Harry. I can't believe we'll have had her a week this weekend, poor Harry with his tail, legs and paws being nibbled and licked. She adores him so much but he keeps playing hard to get. The times they do play however are utterly adorable like right now they're huddled under the dining table from the sound of torrential rain. Lucy xx

Iconemesis with Fifi Lapin // review

an image of Iconemesis Fifi Lapin iPhone 6 case
an image of Iconemesis Fifi Lapin iPhone 6 review
an image of Iconemesis Fifi Lapin iPhone 6 review
an image of Iconemesis Fifi Lapin iPhone 6 review
Ever since upgrading to an iPhone 6 from my iPhone 5 back in April I've found it incredibly hard to find cases that I like but also sturdy enough to put up with my pure clumsiness and bad luck. With my previous iPhone I'd gathered quite the collection of 'cute' cases, yet here we are reading about the next iPhone launches and brands haven't quite jumped into creating cases for us yet. 

With yet more failed searches, I was over the moon when the kind folk at Iconemesis got in touch recently to see if I'd like to pick out a case from their website. I obviously headed straight on over in hope they'd fulfil the need of iPhone cases. For those of you who haven't heard of Iconemesis, they're a British brand which focuses on fashionable iPhone cases featuring unique artwork from artists and illustrators. Having launched in 2011 the brand has grown due to its community of artists, bloggers and social media followers. 

There were a few designs to catch my eye (okay more than a few, practically all of them were my style) but I eventually settled on one of the adorable Fifi Lapin cases. With my birthday coming up this week (July 15th) what better design than the £15 Fifi Lapin Bunny Cupcake? When I started out blogging I'd always see girls featuring adorable Fifi Lapin designs, how the brands slipped my mind we'll never know though at the time I probably still had my awful Blackberry. As you can see the design features a lilac background, black and grey teardrops with the 'it-bunny' dressed as a cherry topped cupcake. The case fits like a glove, covering the whole back of the iPhone 6, including sides with a little 'lip' which seems to be more protective than my other cases - all buttons, cameras and 'slots' are easily accessible too. Now what do I love most about the case? The material. I hate having iPhone cases which are just plastic. They really don't offer that much protection, with chips and cracks appearing before I've even managed to drop the phone. This particular Iconemesis has a smooth matte/rubberised finish which allows the design to last and offers a lot more protection from slipping, sliding and drops. Having only had the case since Wednesday I can easily say I'll be heading back to the Iconemesis site for more cases when I fancy a change from my adorable cupcake design. Everyone seems to be loving the case too, I've had so many compliments about the design AND quality.

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My 21st Birthday Wishlist //

an image of my 21st birthday wishlist
For those of you who don't know I turn 21 on July 15th. Turning 20 mortified me last year but I've finally come round to the thought of entering my 20's, I put far too much pressure on myself to be in a certain stage or place in life. I'm also not entirely sure how this years birthday will turn out, the past few weeks have been incredibly tough for the family & I just hope we can all enjoy the day. *OH and because there's always that one person on social media...I don't expect a single item come July 15th..I'll probably repeat that a million times in the post just to be clear ;).*

The most unrealistic item to appear on my wish-list would be a beautiful Fiat 500 which obviously will not be happening...especially as I still haven't passed yet. I keep getting stalked by Fiat 500's, especially if I've had a bad lesson riddled with anxiety. I adore the mint Fiat 500's, along with a beautiful navy with tan roof. There's also a gorgeous grey convertible one on sale nearby...breaking my heart being a total klutz when it comes to learning to drive. Oh to go with said car it'd need some Radley accessories in the form of their adorable keyring. and another unrealistic in the bottom right....miniature dachshund puppy.

No birthday is complete without treating myself to a stash of Lush products and a new perfume, 21 being the perfect age for a new signature scent. I've been wearing EL's Modern Muse a lot recently along with my beloved Narciso Rodriguez For Her EDT. This morning I received part of the Summer Sensationail collection which features pastel shades, including a cornflower blue named Intriguing Iris that I would love to get my hands on. Other beauty items include one of the many GHD Curlers because I'm so boring with my hair, a new Naked 1 palette as many shades are almost used up along with Nars Sheer Glow foundation. Another perfume I've heard a lot  about has been the Roger & Gallet Fleur de Figuier, I loved the body products in this scent. My last beauty item would be more Real Techniques can never have enough.

Back to the other crazier items with a camera upgrade to the 700D, a Macbook Pro upgrade because I've used this white Macbook forever - he deserves to retire peacefully. Poor Macintosh sounds like a aeroplane at times. I'm still a huge fan of the Frends rose gold headphones along with a new iPhone 6 case as mine just seem to break without being dropped. Ted Baker have beautiful floral cases but it's the plain white/pink, flip cases with a mirror inside that's caught my eye. Who else has a birthday coming up? Perhaps we share a birthday? I'd love to hear whats on your wish-list.
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