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Weekly Haul // NewLook, Jane Norman, La Senza & LUSH

I am back with my 6th weekly haul! What can I say I am a shopaholic. No meetings or help will do any difference to me. It runs in the family. Shopping certainly fixes any sickness or bad days. This week I've done quite a fair bit of shopping. Started off with a trip to my local Newlook. I thought that would be it, then yesterday I went to Bristol 'Christmas shopping' But most I won't get till Christmas. I like to pick out my own, so it fits and I love it. Who wants to return presents in the new year and waste valuable sales time shopping. It was so hard saying goodbye to most of this. I won't show you everything. I've picked a few bits I could snap a photo of before most of it got put away in the Narnia Wardrobe till December 25th. Sigh. 

First stop of this week's shopping. Newlook. I'm having a love hate with Newlook of late. It was really great. Now it seems lacking of nice clothes. Or when there are a few nice items. The 6's or 8's are out of stock. Fun. I saw the first item and wanted it immediately. I tried it on. I fitted perfectly. Last 6. Guardian angel was around again. I always moan I have no tops to wear. I have a bursting wardrobe. But you know. Fussy. I love this colour. I love the lace. It's a crop top with cropped sleeves too. The detail on the back is lovely. You could most likely get away with wearing it undone over something rather than a top. This was only £16.99 which I didn't think was too bad. Annoying how the 20% off started the next day. Always the way it happens.

Next up, occasionally I pick up a few pairs of underwear in Newlook. They do seem to have some really nice pieces in the mix and match. Shame about their other underwear sets being so shoddy. Their bras never fit properly. I'll stick to La Senza for bras. Nobody wants bad fitting bras. The offer is 3 for £7. I picked out 6 pairs. It was nice to see a pair I picked up about a year ago was back as a thong. So I picked out two of these in cream and 1 in black. They're super pretty and lacy. Then a purple lace pair, followed by a hot pink pair with lace back and another black lacy. For someone who doesn't like 'cutsey' underwear these are pretty 'cute' but the lace makes them acceptable by me.

Lastly, the accessories are by the till area, these were next to me, I need more earrings, mine keep breaking. Though I'm not keen on the surgical steel backs, I normally have silver. Let's see if these don't mess my ears up. I love bows, similar stud earrings broke this week and the flowers are cute.

La Senza time, I picked up a few pairs in their 3 for 2. I love their mix and match section. Most the time I'll have a bra they match with. They have loads of really nice Christmassy underwear for those who like it. I decided not to. Basically more lace ones and a pink glitzy pair. I've shown enough underwear on here for this post. You get cute bags and it all wrapped up still. Then put in another La senza bag. Over the years it's certainly one thing I love about La Senza, the way they package everything for you. Plus it won't go flying out on the train home. Oh and guess what by the till were two designs on nail wraps, a weird dotty pattern or pretty lace. I of course picked the lace ones. Can't wait to do a nail design with these! So cheap too and no heat needed. Hopefully they are better than the awful Fearne Cotton Nail Wraps that I have a review coming up on.

Now I won't get these till Christmas, unless it snows, lets hope it snows because I only picked these out for snow. Last year snow was coming over my little ankle boots and was slipping. So wasn't prepared. I don't like to wear Uggs normally. I went through that faze when I was at secondary school. Everyone's different. Though now I've got these. They are so comfy. The amount of fur they are lined with and I won't be slipping anywhere with these soles so anyone with 'UGGs' from other high street shops, put those away and get your hands on these, though Jane Norman only have the 7's or 8's left online. Bristol only had one size 4, a bit big for my size 3's. Though I did spot some Bearpaw boots I liked, similar soles and in black, but they only had size 10!? I've never met a woman with size 10 feet! I did however fit into Bearpaw's size 2 (in the kids section) but the soles were the awful foam bottoms. So Jane Norman won. Bit of a fur overload. But who cares. They're quite cute in their own way and so so comfy. Come on snow. Please.

My favourite time of year, you already know is Christmas, especially because I love LUSH. I've nearly had every item from the Christmas line. It's not even December yet! Somebody get me to rehab. So what did yesterdays trip include. A huge bottle of snow fairy. A small bottle of flying fox, a lil lush pud, Satsumo Santa & Northern Lights soap.

Snow fairy is my favourite shower gel ever. If not favourite scent. I am the girl who gets so much she will last all year round. Plus use the little bottles for holidays and sleeping over. With the magic wand too, that I have reviewed already, I am a real snow fairy. Look how pink the snow fairy is! I've never known snow fairy to be this bright. They all were yesterday. Good sign that it's fresh! Next up Flying Fox, not my scent, though it's very popular, if you have awful PMS then get this it's supposed to help, this is for my mum, she loves the scent. Though I might try some of this around the time of the month. I find the comforter bubble bar is amazing for PMS. I can talk about anything on my blog, doesn't bother me. Next item was this old fat thing! This has been around for many Christmas's, everyone loves him. Your bath will be bright red! And you guessed, it smells of oranges. This fella comes from a Japanese tradition of splitting a orange in half and chucking in your bath. Erm I'd rather LUSH.

Last two items from LUSH, my old time favourite, I swear I call loads my favourite, but it's super hard! This is a different scent to my normal. It is sweet, just not girly. This would be great for guys too. I love it! Matches snowcake soap. It's basically marzipan. This has been out for over 10 years. It's super popular. Pick up a Secret Santa gift set to get this and the matching soap! Perfect gift for someone. Last item is not for me, it's for my Dad, we fill a Christmas Stocking for him alongside his presents, in fact we all have one in my family, your never too old! He doesn't like to admit, but he's quite a fan of the soaps, only if I pick some up for him. So, he's still got one piece of SnowGlobe left, I did pick up a very large piece last year for him. But he'll like this scent. Then ask where it's gone half way through the year when it's used up. I want some of this for myself. It's full of lime oil.

What have you picked up this week? Who's got their Christmas shopping completed? I'm starting to wrap up gifts, I'm the elf in this house. Everyone gets me to wrap theirs up.


Boux Avenue // Bath & Body Products in Pink Taffeta

So about a week ago I was invited to a lovely event. This event to me was heaven. For those that have followed me for a while will know I am huge underwear addict. I'm always buying underwear. I have 5 drawers bursting with it. I'd say just like some people have a lot of love for shoes, clothes or handbags, but I sort of have a love for them all. I'm a girl who likes shopping and especially underwear. If you have gorgeous underwear, you feel automatically better even on a horrid day, right? Now you can see how perfect this event of Boux Avenue's new store opening was for me! As I couldn't make it I was sent a box of goodies which was super kind of them!

Boux Avenue, isn't as huge (just yet, fingers cross they get more stores) as other rivals such as La Senza, which is my ultimate favourite and then there's Ann Summers. If you ask me underwear on the high street at the moment is lacking, it's dull, it's not that sexy or it's just the same old or I own it already. Boux Avenue are the answer, when I first came across their site during a bloggers chat, I came across so many items that I love and want. This hasn't happened for awhile.

The items I received were the following:
Pink Taffeta Body Butter - 175ml - £12
Pink Taffeta Bubble Bath - 300ml - £10
Pink Taffeta Single Soap - 125g - £5

When the products arrived, they were packed so lovely ! They came in a Boux Avenue gift box and wrapped in bright pink tissue paper! The gift boxes will come with your purchase from the company! I love it when your items are gift wrapped, it makes them feel more high end. The boxes are simple and classy. A white lid, with a black border and the simple name and website. The other half, bright pink. Oh and the bath and beauty products are currently on 3 for 2! Perfect for Christmas gifts!

Onto the products your all waiting to hear about. Every underwear company has their own range of bath products along with any other clothing store. Most of the time they're naff or over priced and disappointing. I personally think Boux Avenue have got theirs right. Some may think the prices are high, yes I wouldn't pay this for a bottle of bubble bath all the time, though I do go to LUSH and spend a fortune on bath bombs, with one use. The body butter I think is spot on for price. Most brands I use charge this. And finally the soap, I'm not a big bar of soap fan, but if you go into LUSH again, you'll end up paying similar and this comes packaged lovely and looks more expensive than it is.

The Pink Taffeta fragrance is a floral sent, not an 'old lady' floral, I'm not a big fan of heavy floral, this is perfect. This contains sensuous notes of rose, amber and peony. This is a scent that will last all day, I love how I received three of the same fragrance and how many other products there are in this range! The scent always lasts longer when you use more than one product.

Pink Taffeta Body Butter.
I'm a big fan of body butters, since I fake tan quite a bit and in the winter months to beat dry skin! Body butters are much better than regular body lotions. With the Boux Avenue body butters they contain the wonderful Shea butter & cocoa butter and are infused with silk protein. The formula of the body butter is very rich and thick. Compared to other body butters this one is a lot firmer.  Once on the skin it smooths out to leave your skin incredibly soft and velvety. Oh and you'll wake up in the morning feeling amazing. This works wonders on dry skin getting rid of it completely over night! I've never had this with a body butter, it always takes a few uses to get rid. The scent lasts yes, but for those with sensitive skin like me, it won't affect you! (Don't hold me against if your super super super incredibly sensitive) I'm just sensitive. I've even used this under my chin, no reaction. Perfect. The little dry patch vanished. This is by far the best body butter I've used. It's so good my Mum comes into my room and asks for it. She's used it every night since I received this miracle product. I best get ordering her some for Christmas! Look how simple and high end the packaging looks. I am in love with how they package their products. These will look great sitting on your dressing table.

Pink Taffeta Bubble Bath.
By far the best product out of the lot! Followers on twitter may of seen a photo a few days ago of all the bubbles this product created! I saved naming it till this post! I used the smallest amount of product and look how many bubbles were created. It was crazy. I was lost. I do love my bubbles. People thought I'd poured half a bottle in. Nope. I used such a small amount. The water became a clear but shimmery delight. You won't come out shimmering though. You'll come out smelling gorgeous and feeling so moisturised. The whole upstairs of my house smelt of this lovely scent! Heaven! Can I just come live in a Boux

Pink Taffeta Single Soap.
I haven't used this soap yet, one because it looks too nice wrapped up and I can smell it so strongly still! I'll leave it to scent some drawers for awhile and I have lots of LUSH soaps to use up! From a photo on the website, this is a plain white bar of soap with the Boux Avenue name engraved in. Simple. This will bring you frothy loveliness and the perfect partner for any bath time. The soap contains the famous silk protein again. Which will do wonders to your skin. £5 is quite a lot for a bar of soap, especially when it's only 125g, however the scent is so strong, from all these products, which I gather was mostly the soap, I could smell before I even opened the jiffy bag and the gift box inside. Not an over powering horrid strong scent. I really do love it.

Would I buy these again?
Yes! Especially when they're on 3 for 2. I wouldn't use them everyday, £12 for a bubble bath could add up, though it is wonderful. I wouldn't mind trying the hand wash, body wash and the perfume purse spray! Adding them to the never ending Christmas list. There is another scent available 'White Chiffon' which is full of fresh scents of lily, jasmine and elderflower. I am very impressed by the products. Thank you Laura for sending me such lovely products, it's a shame I couldn't attend, the store looks incredible! Have you come across this company before or used any of these products?


Lush // Rocketeer Bath Bomb review

Hey lovelies, I'm back again with another LUSH review.  Rocketeer is from the Christmas range, but it's got to be the least Christmassy item and smelling. At first I didn't think I'd be impressed by it. How wrong could I be. Again, the postman managed to smash this one!

This lovely product was featured in one of my LUSH hauls, I've only just got round to using it this past week. This sells at £2.75, it's one of the pricier bath ballistics from LUSH compared to the Cinders and So White from the Christmas range. For a product that looks rather 'boyish' and one for kids, since it's matches in with the all year round Iccle baby bot and Space girl, I'm rather surprised I liked this one! It smells Delicious and once in the bath is one of the more 'fun' bath ballistics. And compared to the Magic Wand this one is more for the guys. Why not get your man into LUSH this Christmas?
Wondering what the scent of this bath ballistic is? The unusual product in the Christmas line caught your eye? Well this smells exactly like the candy cane sticks you had as a kid. It's gorgeous. Not sickly. This ones for everyone. And guess what, this one includes a bit of popping candy! You know how much I love Cinders that includes the popping candy. Makes it so much better.
If your not familiar with bath ballistics, you run a nice warm bath, add some bubbles if you don't like a bath without. Once you've run your bath, chuck in the chosen bath bomb. In this case, you'll see this bath ballistic 'take off' around your bath, lie back with a yellow trail fizzing until the blue rocket starts burning through the baths atmosphere followed by sprinkles of glitter and crackling of the candy. This is a bath ballistic to watch and take you off to your adventures while you relax. Now I used half of mine, since mine was broke up.  As for the strength of the scent, this will linger, you will smell this on your skin for ages. So imagine if I'd of used a whole one. As for colour strength, see for yourself, half a bath ballistic, the colours are great! So bright! I love how the froth bubbles look like you've just landed on the moon! 
The froth leaves a thick layer on top of the bath water, with crater like bubbles. For a added treat, why not add a Iccle baby bot, this would be a great night time bath. Iccle baby bot is a relaxing bath bomb. 
With all the stress of Christmas I hope you guys take some time out with an adventure with  Rocketeer. Who's already tried one? Lucy xox
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Other Christmas Lush Review by Lucyy Writes

Lush // The Magic Wand Review

Afternoon my lovelies, after last nights post I decided to share another Lush review as while I'm not feeling too great I've been pampering with Lush products. The magic wand has already featured on LW in my haul. It's definitely a firm favourite from this years line, I can't quite decide who I love more the magic wand or the gingerbread house. 

Fans of snow fairy will love this bubble bar wand, the liquid candy floss fragrance has been poured into this bubble bar and will fill your entire house with the gorgeous, sweet vanilla scent. The stick makes sure you can get more uses than a normal bubble bar teamed with a firmer texture. Sometimes the wand may break though so hold up higher on the stick and swirl gently. I didn't even have to swirl for too long, a couple minutes and I had a bath tub overflowing with bubbles. The pale creamy waters left my skin hydrated and sweetly scented for hours after. Seven baths are rumoured to be the most you can get, I think I'll be able to get a few more at this rate. originally I wrote glitter would make this product better and guess what? Lucy xox
Other Christmas Lush Review by Lucyy Writes
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CLOSED // Lush 12 Days Of Christmas Giveaway

Hello my lovelies. Are you excited? I sure am! I've teamed up with Lush to host an amazing giveaway for you all. I have this very gift set on my Christmas list this year, it's full of my favourite products. Inside are 12 products from this years line, all wrapped up in a beautiful box worth keeping.
The gift set up for grabs is the gorgeous: 12 Days Of Christmas! If you can resist opening up this lovely before Christmas, it'll look great sitting under your tree! Products inside are;
  • Superstars Bubble Bar
  • Christmas Eve Bubble Bar
  • Gingerbread House Bubble Bar
  • Candy Mountain Bubble Bar
  • The Melting Snowman Bath Melt
  • Golden Wonder Bath Ballistic
  • 100g Snow Globe Soap
  • 100g Candy Cane Soap
  • Lil' Lush Pud Bath Ballistic
  • So White Bath Ballistic
  • Cinders Bath Ballistic
  • Satsumo Santa Bath Ballistic
The rules all of you are dying to know!
Must be 16 years or older, under 16 you must have parental permission.
Be following my blog through GFC.
Leave a comment below, with your favourite item in the box and email.
Leave your GFC name as well.
Follow my blog because you love it, not because you want to win this super amazing prize.
These all make up one entry.

For extra entries
1. Follow me on twitter @LucyyLouise +1
2. Tweet the following statement on twitter: 'I've just entered the 12 days of Christmas giveaway on! @lucyylouise' +2
3. Look out for tweets on my twitter about the giveaway a RT will give you +1
4. Blogging about this giveaway will give you a whopping +5 because it's Christmas soon.
5. Add this to your sidebar of your blog and you will get +3
The competition starts from the time this post goes up and will end 9am 1st December! So it will arrive in time for the run up of Christmas! I hope whoever wins will enjoy it as much as I would. And a big thank you to LUSH for providing the prize who will be sending this out to the winner! So make sure you watch your emails and twitter. Lucy xox

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October 2011 // Monthly Favourites

This month, I'm surprised at how many more new products I'm loving, last month's favourites had a lot in, this month I'm having a hard time cutting them down, so we're not here all day. This months is nearly all beauty, one fashion item and a few food items, the inner fatty in me ;) & I'll continue my monthly favourite songs. I think most of my followers will guess who the artist will be after last weekend!

Beauty items of the month:

I think these two products have been the favourite of everyone in our house and everyone who's visited. They smell delicious. Vanilla Milk & Raspberry. This is original source's best scent personally. Reminds of some of the pick a mix sweets you'd get when little. Lathers up so much. Scent lasts so long. And moisturising. The most moisturising shower cream and hand wash ever created. Sorry Lush but this has taken some of the snow fairy love this month. Even the hamster loves this one, forever licking you after you've used this. Cute. You can buy these in any supermarket or 'drugstore' They always seem to be on offer for £1-£2.

My new favourite mascara, when I first tried this mascara out, I thought great I've wasted my money, but I have a 5 use rule. If I can't get a decent use out of it then, I know it's awful. Third time using it, it was amazing! It's Rimmels biggest brush. The tube is similar to the colossal. It's the best mascara around at the moment, I know it's got a lot of hate, but keep trying different techniques. I hold it right at the bottom of the lashes and really curl it up firmer than I would normally & I'm done. (It's hard to explain.) Volume, length and non clumped lashes instantly. Both eyes in under a minute in one coat. Somebody left a crap review on the boots site, I disagree with it all, it dries quick, great brush, and the formula is perfect. £4.99 in boots at the moment.

Nail wraps, you all know I love my nail wraps, I was sent some gorgeous nail wraps, featured in my Britney post. They are so thin, perfect for your nails, but after 5 days, they've started to chip quite badly, so not as long lasting as Nailease, but better designs and thinner, easier application. And they're the favourite way I've had my nails all month, but I've lost one on my toe nail wraps, 16 nail wraps did 20 nails. Incoco - Femme Fatale. 

A new lush favourite of mine which was featured in my LUSH haul part 1, Superstar bubble bar. Strawberry goodness, makes so many bubbles from the smallest piece. You'll get 4-5 baths out of it. The water goes basically the same colour as the bubble bar too. Scent lasts for ages. £2.25. Cheap. Since you get so many uses.

The famous dupe for the naked palette. Heaven & Earth palette. 12, neutral, earth shades. Like the naked palette there are a lot of shimmers. The blend so well. Have incredible pigmentation. & if you don't fancy paying £36ish for the Urban Decay Palette, this is your friend. I own both. I love my UD naked palette, but this month I've used this more. £4, you can't grumble. I love the MUA range. Finally brings better quality than most high end drug store brands. Cheap and very affordable.

Snow fairy lip tint is back this year, so hopefully I can stock back up again. I had two of these last year, once Christmas was over, I decided I'd hardly wear them and see if they came back. Now the lip tints back, I've been wearing snow fairy lip tint to death. It doubles as a blush, as long as you don't go crazy and blend it nicely. Nobody wants to look like a clown. Use with snow fairy shower gel and smell and taste amazing. Looks quite scary, with how bright it looks, but I'm super pale and pull it off. £4.25 from LUSH.

Hairspray time, two monthly favourite hair spray's from me. I was sent these back along with the Herbalife products to test, I've been using these two since and love them! I struggle to find a hairspray that actually works, my hair loves misbehaving. These two are incredible, 90% of the time using these, my hairs stayed great. They don't leave that horrid feeling on your hair, don't make your hair look greasy, don't leave any white in your hair, easy to brush out. My ultimate favourite is the glamour queen. I will be searching online to find these when I'm finished with them. I really recommend trying them out. I'll have a full review on these soon.

Last beauty item, I mentioned in one of my latest lush hauls, I got a sample of this while at LUSH. I broke out, not badly, just one or two bad spots around the monthly time and a Chanel foundation broke me out. Thanks. This is the answer to all your worries, notice a spot coming put this on straight away. Goodbye spot. Have one pop up over night? Pop this on and it'll be gone by the end of the day. It sort of dries out the spot and vanishes. Grease Lightning is the answer! LUSH fix everything.

Fashion item of the month:

I only have one item, haven't shopped as much for fashion, but these boots have been worn to death this month. I wore them to Britney, I needed height, being small and I'm not wearing a thin high heel for hours. These though were giving me a dead leg and foot ache towards the end. But I love them. I've properly worn them in now. I love brown boots this year. I'll link you to the site and my haul. They're still reduced - £5 off. 

Food items of the month:

Coconut M&M's! So this old sweet shop that sells american imports too, opened up in the next town. Happy Lucy. I finally got to try them. No horrid coconut bits like bounty leaves. Just coconut flavour chocolate M&M's. Perfect. Bigger than normal ones. Bright green, white and brown. Taste like heaven. Come with a price of £1.99 per packet. I shan't be having many of these! Damn America always having the best. They had quite a few other flavours.

Skinny water! Now before anyone goes off and comments why do you buy it, it won't make you skinnier. I drink it because it tastes amazing. And it has added benefits. I'll do a whole post about this stuff, because i know it causes quite a fuss, well it does round here. It tastes delicious, pomegranate. I hate pomegranates normally but in this drink, it's heaven. Tastes like a drink I used to have called Beauty Water, that got discontinued. I'm someone who hates plain water unless I'm abroad, don't ask. I need flavouring.

Song of the month:

So anyone who has read my Britney post, will know last Sunday I saw her live and Joe Jonas. I'm loving Joe Jonas, I'm not a creepy fan however. It's perfectly acceptable, he's 22 and no longer Mr Disney curly haired nun. He's got incredibly hot and he sounds great. My guilty pleasure. I have Love slayer, it's been on repeat. He was amazing live. Definitely has talent. Though I'd love to wax his eyebrows, he'll end up like the American version of Charlie Simpson soon...

What are your monthly favourites for October?
Are any of mine yours?


Another Lush Christmas Haul // 2011

Guess who's been hauling the festive Lush products again? Lush were kind enough to send over some goodies from the new line. I'm so excited to share the six products with you guys. Have you been shopping in Lush recently? I'd love to hear what you've been picking up.
First up we have new product Superstar Bubble Bar, available in two colour options Pink or Yellow with the star being the alternative shade. I received the pink, which for colour pay off in the water is most preferred. This bubble bar has a delicious strawberry fragrance, not something you'd usually put with Christmas but equally enjoyed. The bubbles produced are so rich and creamy. At £2.25 this bubble bar is well worth picking up when you're passing.
Also in my goodies was Phoenix Rising, this purple lustre covered bath bomb has now been retired in 2015 though I adored receiving him. He arrived a little smashed in 2011, but still provided a wonderful bathing experience. Waters are turned into a majestic purple with white froth and plenty of shimmer. The scent is SO unique, delicate, fruity yet a little spicy. Priced at £2.95 it's the perfect treat.
Rocketeer is another new comer this year, not exactly christmassy but hey? It's Lush they get away with anything. If you loved the candy sticks as a child you'll love this bath bomb, it smells exactly like them, while turning waters blue and leaving trails of glitter as it dissolves for just £2.75.
Golden Wonder whom I have now reviewed is huge! This giant golden present smells like a champagne cocktail while containing hidden surprises inside. Pick one up in store and give it a little shake, hear the rattle? Coloured beads of ballistic mix are awaiting to explode in your tub. Oh and I was also lucky enough to receive another bottle of Snow Fairy. This stuff is liquid candy floss, you all need to try if you haven't already. Who else spotted the ghastly free lip scrub Pow Wow £5 in stores yet? Once you get passed the green you'll find it's a very good scrub and smells incredible too - there's even Argan Oil packed inside. You can expect more Lush posts coming soon on LW. Lucy xox

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