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Dead Sea Spa Magik // Mineral Magic

Spa Magik have always been a brand I've wanted to try out, they're regularly appearing in all the hyped up beauty boxes. The products from Spa Magik have been sold worldwide in Spa's and Salons since 1981 for those to bring the luxury of a spa trip home with them for pure relaxation and battle troublesome skin conditions.
Dead Sea Spa Magik - Mineral Shampoo

This mineral shampoo has benefits for everyone, whether you have a dry scalp, suffer from dandruff, need to nourish your hair from all the heat you use, balance your oils or want bounce. How can one product do all that? 

First of all, it smells amazing and the scent lasts in your hair, nobody will know you were really at spa Le shower. The sachet does contain two uses, though it's messy to keep an open sachet safe, I also needed more since I have fairly thick, long and heat abused hair. The formula is fairly runny, much more than my ordinary shampoo's, it's skin friendly, contains harmonized water which is packed full of those dead sea minerals, allergen free fragrance, and no parabens.

How did I get on? I feel like a tramp saying this, but I really don't get dirty, oily hair, I'm also not using many products on my hair at the moment, but I did manage to go two extra days washing. It was tangle free, smooth, silky, full of volume and bounce, everyone noticed, wanting to know what shampoo I'd changed to. It's brilliant. This was after using the following product with it of course.
330ml bottle retails at £8.26. 

Dead Sea Spa Magik - Hair Magic Serum
This product can be used on both dry or wet hair, I used this on wet as a conditioner. For dry hair, take a small amount and use you every other hair serum. 

The conditioner smells the exact same as the shampoo, I used the whole sachet for more of a hair treatment. I left it on for a few minutes while I showered and scrubbed away. The formula is a lot thicker than the shampoo, I expected it to be runny because of how thin the shampoo was, but this has a little bumps in. They all washed out, my hair felt incredible.

The way it left my hair, L'oreal should hire me, I had smooth, very shiny, bouncy hair with no tangles, I still don't have tangles. It's really sorted out my hair, definitely an investment to your hair care routine if you too like to abuse your hair with heat. 150ml retails for £16.60.

Dead Sea Spa Magik - Salt Brushing
Salt brushing is made from 100% pure dead sea salt mixed with citrus aroma oil to give you that luxurious and relaxing spa scent. Like all the products, this contains no parabens, just plenty of coconut oil and vitamin E to nourish, hydrate and even 'anti age', not that I have to worry about that yet. I used the whole sachet in one go and concentrated on my arms and legs, they're the most important.

Despite being all salt, the product wasn't at all rough to my skin, it was incredibly gentle and while exfoliating you could feel the coconut oil nourishing, especially when it came to rinsing off. Though it's not oily like all other scrubs I've used, but it's there, slightly.

I still can't get over the results of the Salt Brushing, the redness and little bumps I find incredibly hard to battle against are still on holiday after a week of using this scrub...once. I'll be investing in this product for years I'm sure. It puts all Lush, The Sanctuary and even Soap&Glory scrubs to shame! A 500g pot retails at £13.30 through the linked site on Spa Magik here, with loyalty points, however Amazon do sell all three for a lot less with free delivery. 

Have you used Dead Sea Spa Magik products before? 

Disclaimer: Samples.
Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.

Weekly Haul // I only went for a facemask....

While only heading to Lush to collect my free face mask I ended up buying more Lush and hitting Newlook, I've instagramed the first set, but yesterday I popped into Newlook for a nose and left with a bag full of A/W goodies! I had 20% off.

Lush - Catastrophe Cosmetic - Face Mask - RRP £5.95: I had this for free, because I took back 5 clean, empty pots. It's my most purchased face mask and best smelling. I'd recommend this to anyone, dry or oily.

Lush - Fizzbanger - Bath Bomb - RRP £3.20: I used to buy this all the time when it arrived in Lush. It's my all year round Cinders, just a little more fruity & fun!

Lush - Rose Queen - Bath Bomb - RRP £2.50: I've reviewed this bomb before, but I needed it for a future post I'm planning. It's not your average 'granny' rose scent.

Newlook - Pearl Sandals - RRP £19.99 - Sale £8: I couldn't resist them, especially as they had them in size 3. If you have small feet you'll know how bad Newlook are for never having size 3's. They're beautiful, everyone loves them.

Newlook - Snakeskin Sandals - RRP £8 - Sale £4 - I originally wanted the coral in size 3, but this style is cut awful, thankfully they had the snake skin print in size 4 for £4 extra. They're ridiculously comfy and a bargain. 

Dorothy Perkins - Skull Bracelet - RRP £6.50 - Sale £2 - Till £1: Yes, £1!? I'm wearing it all the time. It's really good quality too, doesn't feel at all cheap.

Newlook - Shirt - RRP £19.99: I picked this up in a size 6, it fits perfectly, the material is so soft, the sleeves roll up and it needs an iron obviously.

Newlook - Tweet Jumper - RRP £14.99: I couldn't walk past this item, I had to buy it, especially as it was the last 6!? My local does not get enough 6's or 8's. I can't wait to wear and OOTD it.

Newlook - Black Jumper - Generation - RRP £8.99: This is from the Teen section, I had my eye on a similar version in the Next sale, but sadly not in my size. Though Newlook have it in 3 different colour choices, so I opted for a darker shade. I picked up age 12-13 and it fits perfectly with a strap top under. Highly recommend you checking out the Teen section, items are usually half the price.

Newlook - Gold Plaited Belt - RRP £4.99: Some idiot had put M/L onto a small hanger, so I'll have to go and switch it. I needed it for a planned OOTD. Annoying.

Anything catch your eye? What have you been buying?
I'm trying not to buy any makeup at the moment. 
Disclaimer: All purchased with my own money, apart from the face mask which I explained.

Monthly favourites // July 2012

July has been fairly rubbish until my birthday, I was completely spoilt, so that cheered me up. I've loved way too many products, picking the ultimate favourites was hard! I haven't even included fashion items, but I'm sure I'll do more OOTD's if people enjoy them, does anyone actually like them? How has your July been? What have you been reaching for?

Revlon - Lip Butter - Strawberry Shortcake - I've been wearing this lip butter so much during July. It's a great every day lip and super moisturising. 
Lush - Liquid Lips - Passionate* - This was released last weekend worldwide, but I've been testing it for around a month. I love using it as a blush, though you only need a few dots. It's such a beautiful colour, I reviewed it here, see how amazing it is on my lips!
No7 - Summer of Dreams Bronzer - I adore this, the pretty shimmers have worn off due to use, which is a shame, but it still remains a brilliant bronzer, I reviewed it this week for more detail here.
Sally Hansen - Diamond Strength - Flawless - This is amazing and it was only a pound in poundland. If you missed my Ombre Nails here, I used this as my topcoat, I've had no chipping for the best part of two weeks. I highly recommend you give this a go.

Body Products:
Lush - Shower Smoothie - Turkish Delight - I picked this up the day after my birthday, I haven't been a fan of the smoothies in the past, but Lush have got this one to perfection. I also had a little demo in store so that sealed the deal. It's so soothing and moisturising.
Lush - Body Conditioner - Ro's Argan Body Conditioner - The second item the lovely Lush lady got me to buy after a demo. This is beyond amazing, the scent lasts all day and works great with Turkish Delight and Rose Jam, my favourite bubbleroon. 
Lush - Hand Cream - Helping Hands - My hands have been neglected due to still feeling not quite right. They've needed a lot of moisturising so I cracked out Helping Hands. It's a very rich hand cream that works wonders.
Natural Collection - Body Spray - Mango & Papaya - My favourite scent of July. This is summer in a bottle and it's £2. I read so many blogs raving about it, I had to pick one up for me and another for my Mum. She loves it too. 
Dead Sea - Spa Magik - Salt Brushing* - I've always had tiny little bumps and slight redness on my arms, if you're like me, don't wait till I review this, buy it. I still have no redness and little bumps. Best scrub of my life, cheaper than a spa, leaves me feeling like I've just stepped out of one. 
Dead Sea - Spa Magik - Hair Magic Serum* - This is their conditioner, I used the whole sachet in one go. Incredible, so many compliments and my hair feels amazing. Better than any salon treatments. I'm really loving this brand, I want to buy it all.
Dead Sea - Spa Magik - Mineral Shampoo* - I wanted a pick me up and ended up using the whole sachet, though you get two uses, but keeping an open sachet is messy. Again, this is just brilliant. I'll be repurchasing and reviewing it all.

Hair Styles:
I've been using less heat on my hair this month, messy buns and loose curls/waves have been my go to hair styles. Messy buns are perfect for this heatwave and my loose waves required me putting my hair up in a turban towel for an hour, then taking out, work OSiS+ Body Me through and leaving to dry into loose curls/waves.

Gavin Degraw's album - Sweeter, I used to listen to him so much & then there's Landon Austin, the youtube sensation.

Food & Drink:
I'm deprived of bread etc; but I'm feeling a lot better without it, suggestions of replacements would be great. However two items that are the new ways to my heart, Little Miracles, Organic Energy - Black Tea, Ginseng, Peach, Acai & Haagen-Dazs, Secret Sensations - Créme Brulé unlimited supplies of Dominos Chicken Kickers.

Items marked * were sent to me.
Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.

Summer // Where do you buy your bikini's?

When it comes to bikini season, I'm pretty fussy, I lack enough body confidence, let alone when there's a super model tanned twig parading around with her bum cheeks out. When I go away I don't spend all day by the pool, I find it a waste, I go on my little adventures, plenty of shopping and come back late afternoon to chill out before dinner. I've picked out my five favourite bikini's that I feel fairly comfortable in whether I'm wearing them under sheer items in the day or by the pool. I don't need a lot of support because I generally lack in the chest area. I'm only a B, so I'm lucky to not have to splash out on them.
I love Topshop for bikinis and underwear, I usually have to go up a size but the quality is brilliant and the prices aren't that bad. Bikini tops retail at £12, while the bottoms retail at £8. They come in various colours and other designs, but I love the gold metal detailing. The tops come with detachable straps too. I picked up a plain black pair of bikini bottoms to mix and match with my following items.
When it comes to Newlook I'm not a fan of their bikini's and underwear, especially bra's. However I've had this plain black bikini top for a couple summers now and it looks brand new still. I guess we just don't get the weather here that often. The top came in a two pack, but I threw the other away, I didn't like the shade of pink. I'm sure they still do them, if you want a simple, cheap, padded bikini top.
Dorothy Perkins:
I had this bikini last summer, it was my most loved and still is, down to the leopard print and coral inside. It has a little padding, just the right amount and fits me perfectly. I wish I still had a DP's in my town. I mixed and matched with the black bottoms or wore both together, I was staying in the most amazing African hotel, so I fitted in very well. Prices were a little more than Topshop.
Now out of all the items this one will be the one that you're most likely sat there thinking is she crazy!? No, I think it's pretty cute. I love my sparkles and I think this will look amazing away on holiday. Topshop had a few sparkle infested bikini's last year. I wouldn't wear the two pieces together, that's where my black bottoms and top come in. I'd mix and match and make it look a lot more classy. I have a size small and it fits great, if not a little big! I love it.
Where do you buy your bikini's from?

Disclaimer: I purchased all these myself unless marked with *.
Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.

Lush // Emotional Brilliance Eye Right Mascara

Eyes Right is another new addition to the Emotional Brilliance collection that launched last weekend. It retails for £12, found online or in your local Lush store worldwide. Like all mascara's it has it's pro's and con's.
All you need to know:
Eyes Right is packed with ingredients to nourish your lashes and just one preservative. The buildable formula contains Japan and Carnauba wax to help the formula set, it isn't going anywhere. Wheatgrass nourishes your lashes from the 4-6 preservatives you've coated your lashes with for years. Perfect for those with sensitive eyes or those who have always been too scared to try.
Like the eyeliners, shadows and liquid lips the mascara comes in a glass bottle, with the black cap lid that you can take back to Lush to recycle. If you've read my previous reviews, you know I'm a big fan of the packaging for this collection. I think it justifies the price while keeping to it's Lush basics. The wand is your fairly standard mascara wand, it would have been nice if Lush had took the game up a further notch and added a curve to it or larger brush. You'll see the mascara wand is also incredible short to fit the bottle.

How I got on: 
Eyes Right has it's pro's and con's with a little work I think the mascara could be brilliant. The first negative being the length of the mascara wand. It's short. As soon as the cap finishes the brush starts. Now this makes application tricky, fiddly and a little bit messy, not one for days you feel shaky or in the car! However the lashes this brush reaches, it coats pretty well, I used two coats. The formula is probably one of the blackest mascara's I've owned and it only has one preservative. It also doesn't smudge in the rain or while working out, it's been tested during my odd workouts and the monsoon I got caught in, in Bristol the other week. No smudges at all. For me it's 50/50 it's pigmented, it's gentle, it's monsoon proof but the wand lets it down. 
£12 for 5g and an awkward brush is rather a lot. However it's Lush, it isn't drugstore and it's not full of complete rubbish, plus drugstores aren't that far behind. It's the only item in the range that I won't repurchase, or at least not in a hurry, I'd use it with another brush . Great formula, wrong wand. 3.5/5. The stores have disposable applicators, so try before you buy, our preferences are all different.

disclaimer: sample
Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.

No7 // Summer of Dreams Bronzer

While needing a pick me up in June, yes June, this is how long it's took me to finally ruin this beauty. I decided to purchase the No7 Summer of Dreams Bronzer  for £8, instead of £13, thank you vouchers. 
As far as plastic packaging goes, this is really sturdy and can happily sit on show, the pattern you see of the casing is the same found on the bronzer itself. Inside No7 have provided you with a good quality mirror, perfect for on the go touches. Despite being beautiful the pattern is only sprayed on, which is fairly standard, it's took me this long to finally get the courage to ruin the design. The two spray on shades are a lot more shimmery than the main bronzer, though all three work wonderful together, for the few uses you get them. If you're pale like me you don't have to worry about looking like you've been swimming in mud and showered in glitter. I use my usual sigma bronzing brush, for a sun kissed glow. The formula carries on the greatness of this bronzer, it's very creamy and pigmented, the swatches above are from lightly touching the bronzer. 

Did you manage to pick one up?
Disclaimer: purchased by myself, with a handy No7 voucher.

Nourish Skin Care // Protect Range

I've been testing out this skin care range for quite some time, the Nourish protect range is aimed at Dry skin, though there are 3 more ranges made up of four products for mature(radiance), oily/combination(balance) and sensitive(relax). Nourish are proud to avoid all unwelcome chemicals, such as parabens, silicone's and sulfates. Instead they use organic, plant derived ingredients to enhance and 'nourish' your skin to fit around what your doing. They do not test of animals, suitable for vegans and all products are made in the United Kingdom. Prices range from £8.95 to £15.95

I've always used cleansers that require a lot of work and water, however like the Herbalife cleanser I like, this requires a single cotton pad. The formula of this cleanser is between a gel and cream. It smooths onto the skin, leaving it feeling silky smooth and doing a damn good job at beating my dry skin. It's also amazing at removing makeup, I usually use Bioderma, but occasionally just use this to remove my makeup, when I'm sleepy. It smells just like Calippo's which makes the range a whole lot more enticing to use. The cleanser is so gentle and kind to the skin that you can use it all over and not worry about your eyes. This blend of citrus extracts gets a thumbs up from me.

I'm always loyal and haven't really changed my toners around, I've always used my trusty Lush toner, however that has been replaced. I'm really liking how this makes my skin feel. I use the toner straight after cleansing, my skin feels cooled and refreshed because of the aloe it smells delightful. Dry skin is usually banished by now, the active blend of antioxidants and plant extracts work together to protect your skin to keep it moisturised. 3-4 spritz on a cotton pad.
I'm fussy with moisturisers, I only like to have one to use both at night and in the morning. My skin also gets sick of the same one eventually. I really love this moisturiser, when it arrived it was the first product I tested on myself and I could feel a difference just on my hand. They packed this with rosehip oil which is the ultimate oil for dry, sensitive skin, because it provides instant hydration, stops irritations and swelling. The cream isn't too heavy, perfect for double use and again has a gel like feel when moisturising in. I don't always need step 4 with this.
This is my most favourite item out of the four, it's the one that makes all the difference. For 50ml this retails at £15.95 not entirely purse friendly, but you really only need half a pump. The gel is fairly runny and is designed to give you a richer and rejuvenated look. I usually use this just around my nose, where I get the most dry skin. This is the product to try from Nourish if nothing else, it's simply brilliant! It hydrates without leaving my skin feeling greasy and it's almost instant.
I'm really impressed with Nourish skin care, I wouldn't have tried this brand if I wasn't given the chance to receive these items. My skin is at the best it's ever been and I'm really happy with it. All the items work brilliantly alone, but together is where the magic happens, the odd breakouts I get have rapidly reduced and my dry skin is so easy to beat with this range. The items add up, but I'm not even half way through them, especially the moisturiser. I can see the intense gel lasting a lot longer than the rest. The packaging looks good, the products smell good and I'm left with amazing feeling and smelling skin! I'd repurchase.

Have you used Nourish before?
Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.

OOTD // You're just as hot as radiation

APRIL 2016, I miss how skinny I used to be! Cry. Also how full of myself to pick such a title. Kidding, I love me some Gavin Degraw.

Blazer - Glamorous*
Legging Jeans - Gap
Grey T-shirt - Newlook
Shoes - Ellos*
Accessories - Cutey & Soph & Newlook

What are you up to this weekend? 
Who's got sick of my Lush reviews this week? ;)
Disclaimer: Glamorous sent me the blazer to feature, I am not being paid for any links. Ellos shoes were provided quite a while back and do not know I'm featuring, nor do Cutey.Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.

Lush Emotional Brilliance // Feeling Younger

Feeling Younger is the second of the two skin tints from the Emotional Brilliance collection. I wouldn't go as far as calling it a skin tint, it's far too pale, however it's the 'highlighter' of this collection. 20g will retail at £12, just like Charisma from July 21st.
All you need to know:
Feeling Younger is Lush's answer to a cream Highlighter, it'll reflect light to brighten up your complexion without leaving you looking like a disco ball with it's 'magic orange pigment'. Apply to your brow bone & eyelids to open up your eyes, something I need, I never get enough sleep. For a more youthful look apply to cheek bones and to battle any under eye dark circles. Along with the 'magic orange pigment' Feeling Younger is packed with cocoa butter, jojoba oil and almond oil, this makeup won't be so harsh on your skin, providing a silky smooth finish. Sexy it up and apply to your decolletage mixed with your moisturiser.
It's the exact same as Charisma, colour supplements and lip scrubs. Glass jars, with lids that can be taken back to the store to be made into new black pots or lids. I'm quite fond of the Lush glass pots, I have around 10 products that come in them. They're easy to keep clean, they're secure and they're great for decanting.
My opinion:
I haven't highlighted for that long, I normally use Daniel Sandler - Eye Delight - Ice, but like Charisma I've used Feeling Younger every day since I got my hands on it. I really like it. It takes longer to blend in being a cream, but it reflects light so, so good!! It's an every day essential for me. It's more effective used on the cheek bones, but I apply to my brow bone too. This pot will last me for quite some time, but I'll be sure to buy it again. I simply just apply with my fingers.

Disclaimer: Sample
Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.

Lush Emotional Brilliance // Charisma

Another product that will be hitting Lush stores worldwide on Saturday will be Charisma, one of two skin tints in Emotional Brilliance. Charisma is the darker of the two, to give dull skin a glow. For £12 you get 20g of product, that I can see lasting a fair while.
All you need to know:
Charisma is Lush's version of a cream bronzer with a few variations of how to use. You can either use it how I do as a bronzer, perfect for brightening up your complexion and contouring. You can apply before your foundation to give more of a glow & prime or simply mix into your foundation for a summer time tan. Of course use varies to what skin tone you are. Being as pale as I am I doubt I'll pull off wearing this under foundation. Charisma is light on the skin and is extremely pigmented, it contains oats, jojoba oil and almond oil, it won't stick to those dry patches. Apply with fingers or your choice of brush, I use a mixture, I apply with a brush, then blend with both till I'm happy. Charisma will give you the warm, healthy glow all of us in the UK are missing.
The packaging:
The packaging again is glass, exactly like the lip scrubs and colour supplements Lush sell. The pot is secure and strong. I usually reuse the pots for travelling, that way I never have to take a full size moisturiser and cleanser with me. Or just simply recycle and take the lid back to Lush for it to be made into a brand new pot or lid. Lush packaging is always going to be simple, it's what I love about them. They do actually fit in my Muji drawers, only just. 20g is a fair amount of product, a little goes a long way and this jar is easy to carry around whether in your makeup bag or loose in your handbag, the product won't be leaking.
My opinion:
I personally think it's a great bronzer for someone pale like myself, I've worn this every day since I got my hands on it. I wouldn't sit here praising it if I didn't love it. Bronzers are personal, I've tried many over the years, they're either too dark, not pigmented enough or too shimmery. Charisma isn't shimmery, but gives your skin a great glow and works well for my attempt of contouring, I'm no pro. I haven't felt great lately, but the glow this gives you, I've actually looked normal. It blends out nicely, it takes a few uses to get used to, just start off small. I haven't mixed it in with my foundation, we haven't had the sun, nor have I worn it under my foundation. I'm sure this will be popping up in my monthly favourites.

Disclaimer: sample
Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.

Lush Emotional Brilliance // Liquid Lips in Passionate

So the exciting worldwide launch is approaching quickly, July 21st sees the amazing Emotional Brilliance collection from Lush. The collection contains the most pigmented lip product you will ever come across, Liquid Lips will retail at £14.50 for 5g of product, 2g more than hyped up Mac.
All you need to know:
Liquid Lips come in a range of 13 colours, not all shades are as bright as Passionate featured. there are plenty of reds, pinks and purples, there's even an orange if you too are jumping on the orange bandwagon. The Liquid Lips formula contains their well loved product Ultrabalm as the base, it' super softening and contains blends of organic jojoba oil, candelila wax and rose wax. The pigmentation is incredible. Passionate is a bright pink, with a blue undertone/shimmer, it's exactly like the Ciaté nail polish Jellybean, slight 'dupe' alert! They'll stay on your lips all day long, make sure you have your Bioderma at hand when it comes to correcting mistakes (my applicator is a little wobbly)
The Packaging:
Since Lush are all environmentally friendly, the liquid lips come in glass bottles. You can either keep once you've used the product up or just put in your recycling box. The cap can be taken back to lush, which is sent back to the supplier and made into a new cap or black pot! The applicator however is not recyclable however you could keep it and reuse. The bottles look great stood together on my Muji drawers, I love this cute packaging!
My overall Opinion:
I really love them, liquid lips are simply amazing. They stay on your lips, the colours are the same on your lips as in the bottle and Passionate is the ultimate bright lip! If you have dry lips like me, these will be fine since they contain the Ultrabalm base. Perfect liquid lipstick, with brilliant staying power. 

Will you be lusting over these?
Disclaimer: sample
Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.

Weekly Haul // 18th Birthday Haul

Despite fighting off a stomach bug, I had an amazing birthday on Sunday, since I was ill photos were the last thing on my mind, so no outfit posts like I planned. Thank you for all the birthday messages, I hope my birthday Triplets had a great day. 
I think it's fair to say I was extremely spoilt, so I'll now be another Instagram lover - Lucyylouise if you have it & leave me some app suggestions! 

Disclaimer: Items are either gifts, purchased with my own money, birthday money and a few PR that I'll be sharing soon! 
Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.

NEW // Accessorize // You Are Everything Palette

You Are Everything is one of two palettes from the latest beauty launches from Accessorize. This 32 shade multi tonal palette is all you need to achieve any required look this summer. It's full of cool, warm, brights, nudes, mattes and shimmering shadows.
As always Accessorize have packaged this palette beautifully and it's standing on top of my Muji drawers, matching my room very well. Inside the palette contains a mirror and the 32 shadows arranged in their shades. Four for each colour. The shadows aren't as pigmented as other palettes I use every day, they also aren't as creamy, push too hard and you'll crumble and ruin this palette, go careful. However their pigmentation is brilliant, some shades are better than others, I especially love the purples!? Who would have thought boring neutrals girl would be stepping out and using purples, blues and pinks. Despite the shadows being quite hard, I haven't had any fall out while using them and used with my usual primer the pigmented looks last all day long and blend out nicely. With 32 shades you'll never struggle to get out of your usual eye makeup rut.
What do you think?
Disclaimer: sample. Oh and Happy Birthday to me, hopefully my stomach bug has passed and I'm getting on with my celebrations! ;)
Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.

NOTD // Ombre Nails Dip Dye

I'm currently stuck in bed with a stomach birthday is tomorrow...just my luck, I needed something to amuse me for a short while and to brighten my mood. So I thought I'd have a go at the ombre|dip dye nail hype. It's my first go and after this goes up I'm off to tidy them more. Here's my little how to. Let me know what you think?
What I used:
Models Own - Wah Nail Art Pen - White
Ciaté - Paint Pots - Jelly Bean (pink)
Ciaté - Paint Pots - Purple Sherbet (lilac)
MUA - Love Hearts - U & I (yellow)
Sally Hansen - Diamond Strength - Flawless (clear)

How To:
Paint your nails with a base of white, so the colours stand out more
Cut sponge to fit the size of your nails roughly
Paint polishes onto the sponge in stripes, any colours, as many as you like
Then dab the sponge onto your nail, to cover all the nail roll the sponge across
Then tidy up the mess around your nails, with que tips & remover, it's a pain
Once you're happy & they're dry, apply your favourite top coat

Disclaimer: All items are my own, purchased by myself.

EOS Hand Lotion // Sheer Petals

EOS everyday hand lotions aren't blogged about as much as the lip balms are, they deserve to be. Though the hand creams aren't exactly cheap to those of us who live over in the UK, a 44ml pod.
The creams come in three different scents, Sheer Petals (blue), Cucumber (green) and Berry Blossom (pink). I've been using Sheer Petals. The lotions are 97% natural, paraben free, phthalate free, lanolin free, dye free, dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic and for all skin types. The lotions are infused with a whole lot of Shea Butter, Oat Extract, vitamin C & E, which are all amazing for dry skin sufferers, making this the perfect hand lotion?
We're all packaging lovers and when it comes to EOS they keep it simple and a little different from the rest of the market. I love their pod designs. They fit in your hands great, they dispense the right amount of hand lotion, it doesn't come flying out and perfect for in your makeup bag. Printed on the back you'll find the expiry date, 3 years and a label with all the ingredients. 
How I got on:
Sheer Petals is a very gentle floral scent, think of a weakened soap and glory hand food. EOS hand lotions are possibly the best hand lotions I've come across, they really don't leave your hands greasy, they sink straight in and still moisturise. Use them yours regularly and you'll be blessed with smooth, silky soft hands. £7 is a lot to be spending on hand cream despite how amazing it is, I'll buy this as a treat for my hands and in between Soap&Glory Hand Food will be used. EOS win the best hand cream award in my books! Amazing! 
A cream that really isn't greasy!

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Shea Mooti // Mama's Everything Body Balm

Mama's Everything Body Balm is another product from the brand Shea Mooti I was raving about back along, their soothing leg and foot cream is the answer to everyones long days of shopping. This usually retails at £16.99 but Shea Mooti currently have a sale on, you can pick this up for £11.89, there's also a couple sets with even better savings, including this item! Don't be put off if you aren't a Mum, I'm not, unless you count Chester ;), but my skin sure is sensitive! 
Mama's Everything Body Balm is a blend of Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Baobab and Vitamin E oil. I haven't come across a body butter as thick as this before. Like all of the Shea Mooti products the ingredients are all ethically sourced, another great reason to try out this brand. The balm is fragranced with lavender oil to soothe your skin, while Mandarin oil helps moisturise, stop itchy skin and improve elasticity. Shea butter, Cocoa butter and Baobab oil nourish your skin, making it perfect for the little ones too.

I always love the pastel packaging from Shea Mooti, they always put all the information you need onto their products. They label that it's made&packaged in the UK, with ethically sourced ingredients, not tested on animals and how long the product lasts..just 3 months, however they only use natural ingredients.
How to use:
As far as body balms go, you use them exactly like body butters, they're the same. The Body Balm is pretty solid in the tub (reminds me of clotted cream...), once warmed a little goes a long way and it can get greasy so go careful. Use it on your elbows, knees, feet and even your lips. The formula helps you reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scar tissues, which in turn should leave your skin silky smooth.

How I got on:
When we did have sun in the UK I used this on very mild sun burn, it worked a treat. I didn't peel or itch. It makes a great hand cream too, it gets rid of any dry peeling bits of skin on my hands within a couple of days. Though the body balm is very greasy, it's one to use before you go to bed, it really needs time to sink in. If you suffer from dry lips then try it on yours, it works a so fast, the weather is also making my skin (facial) horrendous so I've been applying this and no breakouts, just use a VERY small amount. The scent won't be for everyone, smells exactly the same as the leg and foot cream, it's fairly herbal, but again fine for after a bath. It's a great all rounder and not just for Mums.
Have you used Shea Mooti before?
Disclaimer: Sample
Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.

Lush Emotional Brilliance // Translucent Face Powder

Since the launch of Emotional Brilliance is creeping up on us, it's about time I get on reviewing the products for you. I thought I'd start off with my most used and favourite of the bunch. 
Before you powder your nose:
Emotional Brilliance Translucent Face Powder is one of the four supplements Lush have created to complete their new range. It's a loose, translucent, ultra-fine light reflecting face powder,that is suitable for all skin types...what a mouthful. Being a translucent powder it can be used to either set your foundation, provide shine free finishes & even out your skin tone. If you have dry skin like me you'll be pleased to know it contains plenty of softening jojoba oil that allows the pigments to be delivered onto the skin smoothly. It also protects your skin from any elements. There are absolutely no preservatives or mineral oils in the powder, so it's very unlikely this would irritate those who are sensitive. 
How to use:
Like any loose powder it's best to use a brush. The brush I get on best with, with this powder is my favourite Sigma large powder brush. A little of this powder goes a LONG way. 

As lush like to keep their packaging to a minimum the powder comes in their usual glass pots, that the lip scrubs and colour supplements come in. The glass pots are perfect to keep and use when you travel, I normally do this or just recycle as you normally do. Keep the caps and take back to the store for them to send back to the supplier. There's no sifter with this powder, so go careful and don't over load your brush.
How I got on:
I have dry skin, so finding the right powder can be a little tricky, I've tried many over the years. I've used the same powder for the past 5 years. There aren't many powders out there that won't dry my skin, however this hasn't. I've had many compliments and even I couldn't stop looking once applied. My skins been naughty this month, it's decided to have a few days where it joins the oily crowd, which I used to my advantage, this powder worked on those days too. My skin looked and felt good! This powder leaves your skin smooth and silky. It's actually pink, I was expecting it to be plain white, but once blended out, it's a great translucent powder that reflects the light a little, you won't be a disco ball and it's no replacement for your highlighter. It didn't break me out, it isn't heavy on the skin, it doesn't cling to dry skin, it sets my foundation for the whole day. As much as I adore Lush, I wasn't expecting it to be this...brilliant! 
 Disclaimer: sample
Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.

Products I wouldn't repurchase // 2012

I'm always blogging about my monthly favourites, well here's some of my not so favourites that have gathered up in my room.
1. Inika - Liquid Mineral Foundation - Beige - I won this on Inika's twitter, to be blunt this foundation stinks. It's revolting. It actually made me gag and I had to go wash my face again. It was nasty. As for colouring, it's too orange for me. However I know a lot of people love other products from this brand, I just didn't get on with this foundation. It was incredibly thick, orange and smelt disgusting. Sorry Inika!
2. Murad - Skin Perfecting Primer - Dewy Finish - This was in my first glossy box. The disastrous beauty box. It was far too orange for someone pale like me and I didn't think it did anything. It's far too much money for something ineffective. I'll always pick my 17 primer.
3. Urban Decay - Eyeshadow Primer Potion - I've had quite a few over the years and I just feel this stopped working for me or I just found better. It doesn't make my shadow last any long than it does without primer.  I love my MUA eye primer over this.
4. NYC - Kohl Eyeliner Pencil - White - I picked this up by mistake and thought I'd try out the white eyeliner, but it's way too harsh and the liner does not last at all.
5. Lush - Maple Taffy - Lip Balm - I love the smell, but it's a little bit too gritty and sticky to be a nice lip balm. I like the rest of the lip balms Lush do. It was a Christmas item anyway.
6. Garnier - Skin Naturals BB cream - Light - This is the worst BB cream I've come across. It didn't work for me, so I gave two samples that were left to my Mum, she hated it too. Never again, give me foundation any day.
7. 17 - Miracle Matte Foundation - Soft Ivory - I used to like this foundation, but lately my skin hates it. It's just too thick for my skin. But it is the perfect shade. It's more of a winter foundation but I've found much better foundations since.
8. Nivea - Visage Young - Be Beautiful - Tinted Moisturiser - This is the worst product I have ever come across in my life. It's been sitting in my drawer for god knows how long. Despite being natural it's so orange it makes my face look dirty. It does the opposite of everything it says.
9. Revlon - Nail Polish - Girly - I love this shade but it chips like crazy and peels off my nails. It's such a shame. Even with my favourite top coat. If I find a top coat that makes this polish behave I'll share it.
 10. The Body Shop - Body Butter - Cranberry Joy - This is the most disgusting scent the body shop have ever created I'm sad to say. This has been around for about 18 months in my house and it's practically full. Nobody likes it because of the scent, if you like it and want it let me know, it's still a great moisturiser, just not sweet enough.
11. James Brown - Photo Fabulous - Firm Hold Hairspray - I've used this a couple times and it's not for me, it really doesn't hold my hair and can get crispy. I'm fussy with hairsprays though, others may love it.
Do you like any of the products I hate? Do you want more of these?
Disclaimer: unless stated all items are purchased by me.
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