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Miss Glossybox // September - October

It's time for another Miss Glossybox, already!? The bi-monthly arrival makes you realise how fast the year sure is flying by with the next box to be out in the festive holiday season, eeek!! Miss Glossybox welcomes Autumn with plenty of on trend affordable beauty products and not just for the aimed Teen market of course, this contents could all easily fit into your makeup bag on the go.
First up in the Autumn box we have the dreaded perfume sample, I'm really not a fan of companies including the sample as one of your products however this months is pretty incredible. Katy Perry recently launched Killer Queen, a playful 'floriental' fragrance with notes of dark plum, wild berry and bergamot though it's the red velvet flower and patchouli heart that make this fragrance so delicious. Killer Queen gently takes the fruity, summer fragrance fans into the deep of fall. Over the last week I've actually used up my sample and came across many mixed reviews in magazines and newspapers, some suggest it doesn't last very well, others hate the full size packaging...where I personally think it lasts well. MGB size - 1.5ml of EDP, 50ml - £29.50 & 100ml £38.50. 
Next we have an eyeliner from the JvG, makeup brand of the Netherlands and available from Monushop. Not so easily accessible for a majority of the MGB recipient's however at £6.95, soft, creamy and waterproof you can't fault. I'm always impressed with the shade selection MGB offer compared to other beauty boxes. You can never have too many black eyeliners (shade 10), especially those of you at school who have to limit the makeup.
I was over the moon to spot Skinetica's Anti-Blemish Gel in my little yellow bag of goodies. Despite it's small sample size compared to all others being Full Size this sample will last a fair while. Although marketed as an anti-blemish gel this also doubles as 'super toner' and makeup base depending on skin type. Having used a lot of spot treatments this makes it into my top three, it's impressive that even used a toner it hasn't dried out my skin and managed to beat my beastly spot. A Full Size 80ml retails for £9.99.
Included also were two polishes from NYC, I hadn't had much experience with the brand apart from a few glitter polishes but none from the 'In a NY Color Minute' range. As predicted the range is fast drying in 60 seconds - I'd say 2 minutes to avoid any smudging and your brush evenly dispenses the right amount of product. Included in MGB is shade 224, Times Square, a glossy, bright red that in my opinion will look great on ALL skin tones. A 9.7ml bottle retails for just £1.79 with no chipping for 4 days. The second NYC product to appear isn't listed on the MGB card - extras are always welcome especially in the form of nail art. Unlike the previous polish Show Time Nail Art, Nail Art Creation, Shade 002 - Silverism (what a mouthful) has a much thinner consistency though remains very pigmented for a metallic.
Our last beauty product comes from Beauty UK. I hadn't jumped onto the chubby stick dupe wagon so I'm pleasantly surprised that Beauty UK have created the impressive Posh Pout's retailing for just £2.99. Included in MGB was shade 4 in How Nude! - shades seem to have varied between boxes. If you too have taken a shine to the baby lips recently you'll love Posh Pouts for their lasting colour and hydrating, velvety formula's - they smell of mint too! 
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Storage Ideas // Tu // Washed Wood

While food shopping in Sainsbury's I decided to make yet another probably not needed home purchase. Browsing through all the aisles I came across a section that matched a previous purchase in Next. I'd originally purchased two grey washed trays that I keep essential bits and bobs in around my room. You'll have seen them in blog posts such as favourites and Glossybox reviews. With a growing stash of products to review I wanted to get organised because since my wonderful fluff ball Harry's arrived home along with migraines that keep on appearing (humid for anyone else? It's vile here) I'm not getting enough to time to plan and prep - I could sleep A LOT. Matching in with the grey/white washed accessory theme and Parisian/shabby chic vibe my room follows I grabbed two....they were 25%'d be rude not to.
a photo of sainsburys heart baskets
a photo of shabby chic dressing table and storage
The boxes themselves are pretty large, holding a lot of product. They fit neatly away on my shelving unit and sat on my dressing table, my room now doesn't look so much of a bomb site...though with old man Chester now living in my room he's partial to chucking out a pile of shavings every so often. At the moment one houses my favourite polishes, which all need to be found a new storage nook - I think I've found a way. The other holds, as mentioned the products I want to review or feature in combined blog posts. It's tempting to grab another for all my cables to live in but heck I may as well stick to the hidden away cable drawer, all they ever do is tangle up over night. If a time comes and I don't need them, they stack into each other perfectly. They worked out at £7.50 each, a complete bargain in my eyes and my store has plenty left.
a picture of how i store opi polishes
a picture of blog storage

Cargo // Last of the Summer Nights // Candles

It's no secret how much I love burning candles, is there a blogger who doesn't? Though when it comes to burning them outside you won't catch me carting out my stash of Yankee or Kringle candles in fear of breakages and fragrances. As a family, along with friends we spend a lot of time together in the garden before winter hits us.
For those of who may not have heard of Cargo they're a brilliant home decor store with many high street stores - mainly focussed London-Midlands way. Us south-westerners don't miss out with their vast range of furniture, bake wear, gifts and finishing touches available online with superb delivery. Cargo certainly have the fastest delivery I've experienced with home decor items, with the featured candles wrapped with so much care. If you're heading off to uni, needing a few last home comforts and furnishings to make the most of bland student houses Cargo still have their sale running.
Cargo kindly sent over four of their Lowboy Candle Jars that retail for £2.50, though now they're reduced to £1.25 - perfect time to share with you guys right? With a total of nine colours to choice from and one scented option they're the perfect size to create the relaxing ambiance after long days and BBQ's. The embossed glass and bright colours look gorgeous lit up at night, the garden has been transformed, reminding me of many summer evenings spent over on the IOW in Shanklin's magical Chine - slight exaggeration ;) My favourite out of the four has to be the yellow jar, being the only scented of the candles. For an outside candle you don't want anything to overpowering, Cargo get it spot on with a fresh, light zesty fragrance. How many hours can you expect? I'd say 60+, the wax burns slowly and equally, there's nothing worse than a wick that disappears leaving you with a pot of wax. When these candles eventually get used up I'll be cleaning them up and using them to store items, they'd be cute additions to dinners outside whether it be holding cutlery, nibbles (breadsticks or after dinner biscotti's) or popping tea lights into them.
I'll be hoping for a few more drier evenings to make the most of these candles but all is not lost, I'll still light the brightly coloured jars on the dreary winter days inside.
Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.

Adventures with Harry // #4

I can't believe it's actually been four weeks since getting Harry, he's now 12 weeks old and getting so big! To be fair most of it is his crazy amount of ridiculously soft fur but still...he's not the little teeny puppy I placed on the kitchen floor four weeks ago. 
Harry started the week off with another vet trip, this time for his Kennel Cough vaccination. We were proud as punch when it came to waiting for the nurse to weigh him. Harry now weighs almost 4kg!? Thank god he is starting to 'walk' round, with his little legs he prefers to run or lie flat on the pavement. He started off so well at the weekend on his first proper morning walk...he made it the entire way round before later on he preferred to be carried on his two others. Seeing different vets have had different opinions on how big Harry will be, the latest is that he'll be as big as his Dad which by the looks of how he's growing must be true. The thick, silky fur is crazy next to a shaved Westie but come winter he'll be in his element. I'm sure he'll have his first fur-cut when we've found a suitable place. Right now his growing fur is too adorable, especially after waking up. Above photo's show him feeling sorry for himself after the vets...despite getting into the flower pot..
He's a pretty well behaved puppy most of the time, he's ended up ripping my Dad's trousers twice in a matter of days and has started to pull off Dan's socks. Usually Harry sits by the gate when he hears a dog coming, they say hello if it's a chatty owner or a Westie they come up the drive and will only bark if they don't notice him. There Harry sat with Billy the JR on the other side, chatting away while they enjoy their dog biscuits and along comes a huge husky....Billy starts barking because that's just Billy and low and behold Harry has now caught on from Billy and actually barks at it constantly. Needless to say they didn't come up our drive. His little girlfriend down the street keeps appearing at the gate, she can't walk by without saying hello either.
While out in the garden Harry likes to creep back inside if the doors open (above showing the opposite) and then proceed to close the kitchen door over and stand up showing all through the door. When my Dad's due home from work - after we've had dinner, Harry will still sit by the gate with his toy sheep and wait for him.  Back inside the house Harry pulls his blanket off his crate...the first time he did this was a nightmare but the second...he just wanted his lead. Little footsteps came to find me where he sat with the lead in his mouth waiting to go out for a walk...we'd only been in an hour from the last, but off we went. The largest mission of the week has to be the attempt to climb in the large flower pot, we've had to move pots around again so he can't climb into one and get in the next. My Dad's even put the big plant pot on top of bricks so he can't climb in.  Harry seems to have caught on we eat off plates and now won't eat out of his food he now has small plate for meals. 
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