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Love Me Beauty // October 2013 | Menu 3

It really doesn't seem time for another Love Me Beauty box, where Harry sets his eyes upon the box for an evening of destruction and I get to trial my new set of treats. As mentioned in last month's post Love Me Beauty is the new name given to Beautecobox, my favourite beauty box subscription out there. No other service provides the choice of three beauty filled menu's, it may take the surprise away but it also takes the disappointment away. This month's menu's all feature the same two Lord & Berry products, a brand that has appeared in previous boxes though neither of October's products have appeared.
a photo of October Love Me Beauty contents
a photo of love me beauty menu
a photo of love me beauty October menu three
Amie Skincare has previously featured on LW before, as an affordable skincare range designed with younger skin at heart. The gentle yet effective formula's are free from parabens, sulphates, mineral oils and animal extracts. Amie Skincare have also won many awards as well as being suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Basically an all rounder brand? Having yet to try Bright Eyes it was the first product I tested out with high standards to match if not beat. Compared to my usual Bioderma, Bright Eyes doesn't have as much strength when it comes to removing waterproof makeup - a shame when waterproof makeup is included in October however it didn't irritate my eyes - something Bioderma actually does. I may have to use slightly more product than I would normally do so however for non irritated eyes you can't grumble when a 125ml bottle retails for just £4.95 - this bottle of blue magic smells delicious too due to containing coconut, grape and cucumber. 
a photo of amie eye makeup remover
Following the full size route we have two more Lord & Berry products, both in wearable shades and differ from previous L&B products in past boxes. I'm still new to L&B and don't mind the repeat brand however some may? You can't please everyone. First of the two we have one of their Smudgeproof Waterproof Eye Liners in shade #719 Smoke. When it comes to eyeliners I stay loyal to my Urban Decay Zero and Bourbon, most irritate my eyes, smudge on contact or just lack any sort of pigmentation. As the name suggests Smoke is a highly pigmented, soft smokey grey that stays on my eyes at least. Note - some L&B pencils had sunken nibs and rumours say Love Me Beauty will be making up for this in the next box. Next up to feature from Lord & Berry was their Scuba Extreme Waterproof Mascara retailing at £10 while the liner retailed for £7.50. 
a photo of lord and berry packaging
a photo of smoke liner swatched
a photo of lord and berry mascara
I was really excited to see a bath oil included in the box this month, especially when it contained Ylang Ylang and Patchouli. Indulge Bath and Body Oil 5ml retails for £6 from Balm Balm's own website. Now I didn't use this myself as this product went straight to my Mum - as I've mentioned before these two aromatherapy oils are her favourite. Years ago Boots actually had a range of various mixes which included Ylang Ylang & Patchouli as one of the lines of products in tow. This sadly ended up discontinued, followed with a lot of Lush's heavily scented products she loved. A 5ml provided four relaxing, skin softening breaks from the madness that October has been for us all. A definite repurchase for Christmas this year, she works, worries and puts up with so much that I'll be making sure she gets twice as much pampering.

Weleda are an old favourite in my family, though we were yet to try the Millet Nourishing Shampoo. Since an 18ml sample came with October's Menu's I kept this purely for myself to test out as my hair needs some serious attention, though having such a sensitive scalp proves hard when finding new products. Containing organic macadamia oil, organic millet husks & sage I'm not only left with cleansed, nourished hair but also a non irritate scalp. At £8.95 per 190ml this could be a possible repurchase once I get through my large hoarding stash.
a photo of millet nourishing shampoo
a photo of balm balm bath and body oilLet me know if anyone has subscribed to Love Me Beauty since last months feature and which October menu you ended up going for since I'm a little late to the scene this month. Lucy xx
Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.

Lush // Rudolph Fresh Face Mask review

I've always been fond of the Lush Fresh Face Masks, in fact they were one of the first few products I actually tried. My first experience with Lush consisted of two bath ballistics by the name of Champagne Supernova and their famous Cupcake Fresh Face Mask. Despite this mask not working for me, it encouraged me to try out a few others before I stepped into their full skincare range finding some absolute gems. Over the last few years I've wondered if Lush would actually create a festive face mask to accompany the two cleansers Buche De Noel and Let The Good Times Roll (which is now permanent, no need for me to actually rush out and grab a tub now). This has been the most requested since posting my Lush haul last Saturday, I'll admit it was the first I wanted to get testing too! I've been applying every other night since as a pick me up. I've been feeling SO run down and my skin is now paying the price along with how ridiculously freezing it's gotten all of a sudden making my dry skin go CRAZY.
a photo of lush rudolph face mask 2013
a photo of rudolph lush face mask
When it comes to picking my Lush face mask I head towards smoother, blended and usually clay based masks over the fair few rough and oaty formula's on offer. Rudolph sits in between both categories, containing oatmeal, tofu, organic lavender oil and cucumber. The mask remains easy to apply, though you still get a little mess come application so using your fingers is your best option rather than a flat foundation brush. You really don't need much of this mask, in fact I'm surprised with how little I've used from using every other day this week. I'm about a third through the tub though I did squish the novelty jelly 'nose' Lush added in to make this the 'Rudolph' face mask, no fun in the bathroom mirror for me or festive Instagram shot. Not only is this mask packed with soothing, nourishing and calming benefits but it smells incredible thanks to the organic lavender oil, fresh cucumber and extra virgin coconut oil. This mask is primarily aimed at those who have dry, sensitive skin I'd go as far to say combination skin would benefit from the balancing properties and gentle exfoliation come removal.
a photo of Lush rudolph face mask
a photo of lush rudolph face mask
Rudolph Fresh Face Mask retails for £5.50 and can be purchased online at Lush or in your local Lush store. Remember to save those black Lush pots, clean them up and return five for a free face mask - a free chunk of Christmas Lush!! I've 10 pots to take back when I'm passing where I'll be exchanging for two more while they're around. My redness and stubborn dryness around my nose are reducing rapidly thanks to this 5-10 minute treat. If you're reading this AFTER the season and sale then Oatifix or Brazened Honey are great dupes. Have you picked one up yet? Lucy xx

Lush Christmas Haul // 2013

Once Easter and Mother's Day have flown by every Lush fan starts their countdown for the big release of the year...Christmas. I've been eagerly waiting for the launch since reading through the press releases before placing my order late Thursday night and it arriving this morning much to my surprise. This year sees a lot of new products varying from brightly coloured bombs, melts and bars to skincare and body care. It's not one of their cheapest years, long gone are the days of Cinders, Lil Lush Pud, Snow White (old) and Candy Cane (now a 'pimped' Candy Mountain or Creamy Candy - all year round) ...Lush upped the game with larger products, enhanced formula's and techniques, it sure is fun! 
a photo of a lush haul 2013
First to take place in my basket had to be the new skincare for Christmas 2013, Rudolph Fresh Face Mask at £5.50. I've always loved their fresh Christmas cleansers and have longed for them to create a face mask just like this. If I had more time to head over to the next town I would have saved myself a few pennies by returning pots but we'll see how this goes, I've enough pots for another two free masks. Rudolph has been created to soothe and nourish from the harsh winter chills with fresh Cucumber, Oatmeal and Tofu!? I'm keen to see how this will tone down my redness, along with my dry skin. It doesn't smell too differently from Oatifix and Brazened Honey but you can bet this will be put on and reviewed after I've finished writing this haul.
Next to fill my basket, Star Light, Star Bright retailing for £3.30. This ghastly lustre covered bath melt smells incredible but has been the most awkward product to take photo's of...there is glitter everywhere, thanks Lush. I can't wait to see my waters turn into a Mermaids dream - Lush have packed this one with a surprise centre and plenty of cocoa butter. Eczema sufferers will appreciate this hydrating melt.
a photo of a Lush Christmas Haul 2013
Another new bath product for 2013, can you notice I've tried to only concentrate on the new rather than repeat my reviews and features? Shoot For The Stars ballistic retailing for £3.25 had to be ordered, this guy smells of the incredible Honey I Washed The Kids. This is the product you can smell walking into my room, Chester must be in his element while still rooming it with me. It seems a lot of this years collection isn't all about the warm, spicy and cinnamon scents that personally make Christmas...well Christmas.

My old Christmas favourite has returned with a rather colourful makeover. Who else would buy countless butterball scented snowmen every year? This little guy was always the reason I looked forward to Christmas at Lush, even more than old favourite Snow Fairy. Obviously you can buy the little bomb of butterball all year round but frosty is now in 3D rather than his former lack of derriere. At £2.50 Snowman can easily be a weekly buy for the forth coming winter months.

Following the snow theme I ended up ordering a bottle of Snow Fairy and her new form...Snow Fairy Sparkle Bar. These two were originally ordered as a surprise treat for my mum, but from smelling a fresh bottle of Snow Fairy this year I can announce I'm a fan of the sickly sweet, candyfloss gel again. Snow Fairy is the cheapest of the Christmas show gels this year, Lush kindly popped me in a sample of the Rose Jam shower gel - if you hadn't looked it up you'll see the 500g bottle is ridiculously expensive but just as ridiculously beautiful. A 250g won't last that long with two Lushies in the house but at £6.85 you can't go wrong Lush wise - someone will mention £1 bottles of shower gel ;) As for the new Snow Fairy addition it's your average massage bar, full of shimmer (just like shimmy shimmy) and scented with Snow Fairy, just not so strong. We personally think it smells like Fruit Salad sweets while from reading others accounts of the VIP, local previews/late openings it smells slightly chocolaty. Snow Fairy Sparkle Bar retails for £4.95 - a little high in my opinion for how teeny it is and also make sure you pick one up in store mine came a little...smushed?
a photo of Lush Christmas products for 2013
My other old favourite Creamy Candy, Candy Cane and Candy Mountain reappeared with a slight upgrade of shimmer and polka dots. Did I order any last year? I'm not sure, I think I may have had one lying around from the previous Christmas. If you haven't already tried Creamy Candy or Candy Mountain you must, it is perfect paired with Angels Delight, Snow Fairy and of course the after bath treat of Snow Fairy Sparkle Bar. This bar will create oodles of bubbles, froth and pink, shimmering water for just £2.65.

I made sure to add a Christmas Eve bubble bar to my basket for £2.95 purely for my Mum. She adores this bubble bar, a couple years back it actually didn't return and she was gutted, every year the collection comes out I pick a few bits for her ready to decide her Christmas Lush wish list. The scent won't be for everyone, I don't particularly like it, but if you enjoyed Lush's regular heavy ylang ylang & patchouli products you'll love Christmas Eve. P.S It'd be great for little ones on Christmas Eve rather than one to excite them even more.
a photo of Lush Christmas collection 2013
Bombardino is another new addition to this years collection, I ordered this £2.50 bath ballistic expecting him to be slightly bigger, sitting between the small and large bombs. However he still seems worth it with plenty of cocoa butter and Sicilian lemon oil. I'm not sure he's entirely that Christmassy but inspired by an Italian Alps drink this will be a pick me up without the calories.

The Christmas Penguin HAD to be ordered, who could resist this little guy? Apart from when he looks like mine there's a possibility you actually could but going by the website image they looked adorable. Sadly mine looks more like a blue and white candy mountain than a penguin with his nose missing. This aside Pingu here smells just like The Olive Branch which was used in the Jilted Elf Shower Jelly. At £2.95 The Christmas Penguin will bring plenty of glaciers to your baths.
a photo of the 2013 Lush Christmas products
My last item is the most exciting bath product from the collection, taking Crackersnap's space on the 2013 shelf. Secret Santa is HUGE and so it should be at £5.75. You do however get at least three baths out of the delight modelled on the original Poole store. This morning we were mentioning how it smells *just* like your first time in a Lush store...reading more about the item, Lush created the fragrance to emulate the rich smell of oils inside the store. Inside you'll eventually find Santa hiding away from you, a few more will be purchased to decorate my room come December.
Have you ordered any of the Christmas 2013 items? I hate to be one of those people but it really doesn't seem that long ago that I was reviewing the 2012 items. IF there's any items you'd prefer me to review first let me know, or something I haven't already purchased above. Lucy xx
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