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Yankee Candle // Lip Balms!?

These two lip products received a lot of attention on Twitter and Instagram yesterday. I'd spotted them in a few hauls last summer from people who had just got back from the US, however the lovely Cole from coleyyyful had blogged about finding some from a UK eBay seller.
I ordered myself the Sweet Strawberry and Christmas Cookie lip balms. They retail at £3.99 each with free postage and packaging. Now for a US product, hard to get your hands on, £3.99 is pretty amazing? Each lip balm has 4g of product. The Sweet Strawberry is my favourite of the two, it smells amazing, it doesn't have the cheap sickly strawberry scent. It smells just like the candle. Christmas Cookie is nice, it's basically vanilla but again smells exactly like the candle version.
They're easy to use, you lift the lid off them like a normal Yankee Candle and twist the bottom like a normal lip balm. They're a bit awkward to use on your lips, since they're wider than most lip balms. But they do an amazing job. They seem as moisturising as my EOS lip balm, that I'm addicted too. They're clearly great enough for my Mum to steal, I mean 'borrow' the Christmas Cookie. I might as well give it to her! I'll of had them for only a day when this goes up, but they did the job, dry lips were banished and still are, plus they taste delicious, now you can actually taste a Yankee Candle.
Disclaimer: Purchased by myself.

Bioderma // Créaline H20 Review

Last month my Nan set off to Paris for the week....with my Bioderma shopping list. My list only contained a twin pack of 500ml Bioderma Créaline H20, as well as in travel size because the travel size bottle is so damn cute! Bioderma is yet another craze floating around the beauty community, along with many other french skin care brands. 
What is Bioderma Créaline H20?
Bioderma Créaline H20 is known to be one of the most gentle makeup removers and cleansing solutions around. It's becoming an essential in a lot of peoples routines for being so effective. For a liquid that just looks like water, it certainly battles and triumphs waterproof mascara and my urban decay 24/7 eyeliner. The solution is perfume free and hypoallergenic. It contains cucumber extract to soothe irritated skin, enables dirt to be emulsified and surface hydrolipidic film to be reconstituted.

How I rate the packaging?
I again like the packaging, it mixes my two favourites of packaging. Simplicity and pinkness. It's a clear bottle, which is great to see how much product I have left and a quick squeeze onto a cotton pad is all that is needed. You decide how much you need and the bottle doesn't leak or break. It's sturdy and I love having this stand out on my dresser rather than shoved away with my other skin care products. Every skin type has a different colour cap. French isn't my strong point, I was 14 at the time when I took it for a GCSE and it has since then been removed for many vital years of beauty space, it is however pretty simple to understand the bottle.
How I got on:
I wasn't sure if I'd get on with this product, everyone was raving about it and my skin is dry and fairly sensitive. However this is the most gentle makeup remover and cleansing solution I have come across and used. It hasn't dried my skin out, it doesn't tighten my skin, my skin hasn't got any redder. This has got to be the easiest my makeup has ever been removed. When I have a full face of makeup it will take two cotton pads to remove, then I'll cleanse as normal, or on a lazy day I'll just use this. It's brilliant!! & if you don't have the same skin type, check out the other coloured bottles! How could anyone hate this product!?

What would I rate this?
I'd rate this 10/10, I have never used such an amazing makeup remover before in my life and I will continue to always buy this, especially in mini size...for the pure cuteness. I adore this and want to look into more products from the same range. I'd highly recommend this. It's a must try. Have you?

Disclaimer: I sent my Nan with my old euros to purchase this & provided her with an extremely reduced manicure. She insists in paying me as well as bringing me back holiday gifts. Nans, eyy. ;)

OSiS+ Flatliner // Review

As a heat using junkie I've used my fair share of products. I use heat at least once a day, sometimes twice. I have misbehaving hair, it's probably trying to punish me for the excessive heat. One of the latest products I've been testing out has been OSiS+ Flatliner. A Flattening Iron Serum. I'm a huge fan of the OSiS+ range from Schwarzkopf already, their Glamour Queen hair spray is a keen favourite of mine and will continue to be repurchased again and again.
Flatliner is a heat protectant flattening iron serum with hold. It contains heat proof ingredients up to 200 degrees and also contains humidity protection. This flattening iron serum allows you to achieve long lasting, sleek and glossy locks. 

The packaging is always one thing I love about OSiS+ products. It's the same as my Glamour Queen hairspray sitting upstairs. The products are always clear to read and display the control strength on the front. In this case Flatliner is number 3 out of 4. Flatliner also has a open and close swivel catch. It won't start spraying on it's own when put away or travelling like some products have done to me. As for the spray nozzle, it allows the right mist of product out, without over loading my hair. It's great, some nozzles have that 'dribble' the trigger is sturdy and strong and will remain this way, if anything like my Glamour Queen. OSiS+ always keep their packaging looking classic, sleek and professional.
Smells nice, it has that 'professional hair product scent'
Lockable nozzle and attractive packaging
Keeps my hair straighter all day
Less split ends and reduced frizz, I haven't had frizz during this hot weather!
No sticky residue or build up
I'd have to order online, which isn't a bad thing, but I can't just walk to my local Boots and grab one, especially when offers are on.
Over the £10 mark, however it does a wonderful job
What it does for me: 
This has protected my hair well, I prefer this to my Aussie heat spray that I've been using religiously for months. It's coming up to my hair cut and I really don't have any split ends and my ends are frazzled. They feel smooth and silky. Being a serum you'd think your hair is left feeling sticky? Not at all it's brilliant and 'soaks' in quicker than a spray. A few spritz all over and a few minutes wait, I can then have straight smooth hair. I've had compliments of how well behaved my hair has been and I have to agree. The humidity protection in this spray has been put to the ultimate test with the weather this week too, it passes 200%!

Have you enjoyed the OSiS+ range before?
Would you try this?
Disclaimer: Sample.
Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.

Go LUSH Yourself // Eau Roma Water

Evening lovelies, since the past few days have been ridiculously hot this product has been my saviour. Being pale the hot weather gets annoying I'm just not made for it. So while I've been relaxing in the garden I've been spraying this on my face.
Eau Roma Water is one of the few toners Lush sell. I've actually used this for years. It has to be almost 5 years now. It's brilliant and has a few uses. To use it as a toner, you simply spray onto a cotton pad and wipe over cleansed skin, then moisturise. However I have been using it to stay cool, so a quick spritz over my face and neck in this weather has been perfect. The last use, if you happen to over do your foundation in a rush or bad lighting, spray lightly, dab with a tissue.
This toner is perfect for me, as I have very dry/dry skin. I haven't found a better toner. It contains plenty of rose water and lavender which helps to control my redness and refresh my skin. You can see below all the ingredients and how very few it contains. If your skin isn't dry then try Tea Tree for oily skin and Breath of Fresh Air for those in between and lucky to have behaving skin.
The toner smells like Angles On Bare Skin, just not as strong, which makes the perfect partner for my old every day cleanser I used religiously. If you happen to be in a rush, just use this rather than a cleanser, it does the job if you usually take care of your skin.
Have you used any of the toners before?
Disclaimer: purchased by me.

Lush 101 // Bath Bombs/Ballistics

A little while back I mentioned I was going to start my own little Lush guide, since I always get questions and searches of how to use products and multiple questions on Twitter. The guide will contain information about the product category, how to get the most out your products and an idea of what your after, lets face it some of the staff are pretty pushy and occasionally recommend the wrong products. I first started with their fail safe bath ballistics/bath bombs.
What type of bath bombs do Lush do?
Lush are always bringing out new products, especially when it's time for the holidays or for charities. There's always going to be a bath bomb no matter what preferences you have. There's your plain Jane bath bombs - for no colour, regular bath bombs - a little colour, not much else and out of this world bath bombs - colour changing, popping candy, glitter bombs. They all vary in price, so check them out online.

How to use?
Run your bath to the temperature you like, then chuck it in and enjoy the show, unless you've got one of the duller bath bombs, but they're still just as relaxing.

Can I cut a Lush bath bomb?
You can cut a bath bomb up, I wouldn't recommend it. If you do you'll need a big, sharp knife or a chain saw...they're pretty chunky and I'd say it's more for a bubble bar than bath bombs. Bath bombs will go powdery. If you want to get more from your bath bomb, then put it in a plastic bag and bash it against something, or simply put in your bath water and take out once it's half way through fizzing and let it dry out. I just tend to chuck them in whole. It's a much more enjoyable bath. 
If you have the Immaculate Eggception set, just gently bang this to open the egg, to reach the smaller egg inside. The egg shells are thin and can actually be cut without crumbling.
I have sensitive skin, what would you recommend?
I've always had sensitive skin, I think most people have. One of the best decisions I've made was becoming a Lush addict. I've never had a reaction to Lush. I use it every single day. Out of all the bath bombs on offer Butterball is your number one product to use, it's gentle, moisturising and lightly scented with vanilla. It's one of their best sellers. Ickle Baby Bot is another bath bomb perfect for sensitive skin, he's a cutie and designed for children, though he remains one of favourite products, he's also very cheap and gives a great nights sleep. If you place an online order you can pick items from the retro section, Waving Not Drowning is a great bath bomb for sensitive skin and again provides a great nights sleep and a very gentle scent.

I like sweet girly scents, what should I try?
I was into the sickly sweet scents when I started going to Lush, the ultimate girly bath bomb is Think Pink. It's a lot more compact than it used to be, but it's heavenly. Provides bright pink water and cute hearts inside, that dissolve, so no mess. Next I'd say try Space Girl, it's super cheap and smells similar to the Blackberry bath bomb, just a little smaller and contains popping candy and a sprinkle of glitter. Lastly, Rocketeer, it was originally a limited edition item, however Lush decided to make it part of the permanent collection after Christmas. It smells like candy sticks.

I'm not into sweet, strong smelling scents, what do you recommend?
Lush cater the best for you, there are many, many bath bombs to pick from, some have already been mentioned in the sensitive skin topic above. However a Tisty Tosty is lovely and provides a great relaxing bath. I actually made one in store once. Rose Queen is fairly new and is a little stronger than Tisty Tosty, but it's great for an unwind. Sex Bomb is the most sensual bath bomb of the lot and I love it. Can't afford a relaxing day at the spa? Then Geophyzz is the answer. It's not the most attractive bath bomb but it works it's magic every time.

What are the out of this world, popping candy, glitter bombs?
The out of this world bath bombs are the colour changing bath bombs such as Twilight, Dragons Egg, Fizzbanger, Phoenix Rising and Rocketeer. Some are better than others. I personally think Twilight is the best out the bunch. It's a gorgeous bath and very glittery, I need to review this one. Dragons egg is another gorgeous bath bomb, with a gold centre. Phoenix Rising and Rocketeer have had small reviews on my blog. While Fizzbanger is a great dupe for the Christmas Cinders.
How do I stop bits getting in the bath water?
For bath bombs such as Big Blue, which turns your water into a tropical blue ocean you'll need to wrap tights round it unless you like A LOT of seaweed touching you constantly. Tisty Tosty isn't too bad, you can easily pick them out if you don't like roses  in your bath. Honey Bee would also be a good bath bomb to put in tights because it can get pretty gritty.

Are there any Christmas bath bomb dupes?
Yes, I've wrote a whole post about Christmas Dupes. Because I wouldn't survive other wise.

I can't face the smell of the shop, but I want to try Lush.
Personally yes the scent can be strong at first, but it's hardly a disgusting smell. It's coming from lovely fresh made products to give you the ultimate bathing experience. I'm so used to the shops now that I rarely smell it. If my Dad can shop in there for us, anyone can. 

Are they safe for kids?
Of course, obviously check to see if your child is allergic to any of the ingredients. I'm sure if your child is anything like I was and still am towards baths they'll love to pick out their favourite. Ickle Baby Bot and Space girl are perfect as they're more affordable while Butterball is perfect for sensitive children.
Reviews of some bath bombs are already on my blog and I review weekly with the Go LUSH yourself, tag. I've answered pretty much all I can think of and the popular searches. The next 101 will be Bubble Bars, my favourite. :D
What's your favourite bath bomb?

Disclaimer: some purchased by me, some gifted and one a sample.
Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.

Shamballa Bracelets // Cutey

Shamballa bracelets are one of the biggest crazes at the moment, with more and more brands bringing out their own & even a few bloggers are getting in on the craze, crafting their own. I have two designs from the company Cutey, who I've mentioned before on LucyyWrites. They originally sold the Pandora style charm bracelets, now they've joined in on the hype and have 9 designs to pick from, all retailing at £18.99 with free delivery.
The first design I have to share with you, the Multi Coloured Shamballa Bracelet. This contains a bead of every colour. I really like this design, it's actually my favourite out of all nine designs. It featured in my last OOTD/OOTN post. The bracelets will go with every outfit, whatever day or occasion. Having tiny wrists makes it hard to find a bracelet that won't slip around. But with Shamballa bracelets they have an adjustable catch, I have mine closed as far as it shuts once on and it doesn't slip, nor come undone. It's secure and there to stay.
The second design I have, the Pink On White, this is my second favourite because of the cute candy stripes. This was the first of the two I wore, however they look great worn together. I've had no problems with the bracelet like the previous, it doesn't come undone. They're incredibly secure and very affordable. Each Shamballa contains 9 beads, each has 84 crystals on. With all this sudden sunshine they're certainly a talking point when they start twinkling.
Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.
Disclaimer: Sample.

Weekly Haul // Spending Ban? What Spending Ban?

So apparently I wasn't going to spend for awhile....I guess I shouldn't jinx myself. There's always something I end up wanting when I follow so many tempting blogs. 
In my last haul I mentioned my Nan was on her way back from Paris with my Bioderma, she actually got me a twin pack and I'm loving it so far, it's got me wanting to try more French skin care. Then the lovely Jo held a give-away for these rather peculiar things, Pedi-sox. I'll have freezing cold feet in the middle of July, even when on holiday, I'm a cold feet freak, they're designed to wear when you give yourself a pedicure, I'll see how I get on, thanks Jo! Everyone has been reviewing these face masks that I'd ran out of, I failed to find most of the new masks. Having a Body Shop outlet 20 minutes from me is heaven. I had about 40% discount off of these and there's nothing wrong with them. I've heard amazing things about the banana hair range, smells like the old glitter babes range in 'funky monkey' I used as a child, if that brand was still around/as good as back then I'd still be buying it to this day. 
I have never been in a poundland before, plus it's in the next town over. So I popped in after I saw bloggers posting how they'd picked up Revlon polishes and other brands. They had Sally Hansen in there!? For a £1!? Crazy. So I ended up getting one of every colour, minus the horrid yellow there! Followed by two Revlon polishes. Boots still have Natural Collection as 3 for £5, so I grabbed more to try, 2 blushers, blushes, whatever you call them? What is the correct term, everyone says different. I picked Peach Melba and Pink Clouds. Followed by a gloss in Cherry Drop which smells amazing. The No7 vouchers are back....wish I'd split my buys into groups to get more. £2 for a pack of wipes. I'll be stocking up on them. Maybelline have new products out, I passed at the polishes and picked up one of the Popsticks in Pink Sugar, it's the best out the lot if you ask me. It smells good enough to eat and reminds me of the Topshop lipstick I wanted. Cue blogging craze.
I also visited the Gap outlet store, hoping they'd have my legging jeans there, no they had every other jean there, but the jeggings. I ended up attracted to the joggers, then wanted the same colour in a hoodie. I wanted something to go home and snuggle in, after having horrid cramps. I may have picked coral because I'm a coral lover and it matched my nail polish exactly...
Then I hit Clarkes, which I never like going in, I just feel like I'm too young/too old for it. Maybe it's just mine, I know a few bloggers find stuff in there. Mine are okay if your 40 years older or into the flashing trainers. I found these for £4.99. They match a pair of shorts I own. Can stores stop making items to match what I own please?
Last clothing store of the week, Primark,I don't know what has happened to my's actually improved minus the army of mothers and pushchairs. Despite improving, there weren't many 6's. I picked up this shirt for £7 and a strap top for £2, they're always in the wash when you need them. 
I also happened to win Treacle Moons scent suggestion give-away on their website. I suggested Mango Peach Salsa and it won. I don't have a Tesco near me, so I haven't been able to try out any of their products, reviews are to come.
What have you been buying this week?

Disclaimer: Some items were purchased by me, others won and others treated. There may have been more items I've lost in my Aladdin's cave...

Nails Inc InStyle // Bluebell

Every blogger and their Nan have rushed out to buy InStyle magazine this month. I personally never buy the magazine, however since Nails Inc seem to give away only their dark wines & blood red polishes normally with magazines, I had to rush out and find a copy for myself as the shades were actually wearable! There was three shades to pick from, Bluebell, featured here and two others I'm sure you'll have seen, if not then here's a blog with all three. The polishes normally retail at £11, the magazine £3.80, perfect excuse to buy all three, if you aren't in nail polish rehab like me.
The packaging is no different than the normal Nails Inc polishes, other than a little personalisation for InStyle. The bottles are always a hit, I love the roundness, they easily stand out in my collection. The brushes are reasonably good, they aren't the best, but they do the job fairly tidy, for £3.80 in this case I'm not complaining at all!
The photo above of the polish on my nails required only two coats, the polish dried quick too. It's my second time wearing this polish and it's always shiny without a top coat and lasts a good week with no chippage, just slight tip wear.

Disclaimer: Yes, I purchased the magazine purely for this polish. 
Note: any mistakes, blame the two bees that are currently getting buzzy. Nature. -.-

Womanity // Thierry Mugler

Last July I became the owner and addict of this scent I'd lusted over for the past 6 months, I purchased the 50ml bottle of Womanity - Thierry Mugler. Womanity has always been quiet on the blogs, Angel is always raved about, a small Womanity blog craze began&ended, at the end of last year, when Lady Gaga revealed she wore it. While away in Gran Canaria last July I picked this up in a set, including 50ml, 100ml body lotion/cream and a clutch, it was so much cheaper than back at home, with 30% sales and some cheeky bargaining. It was time I gave the sweet, fruity, girly scents that I still love...a small break and wear a scent suited for a 'Woman'.
I wanted this perfume before I had even smelt it and used up my tester. The bottle is beautiful and certainly the most unique perfume bottle I have ever seen. The design really does show how strong us females are and makes all my Vera Wang perfumes look wimpy. Womanity is a refillable perfume, regardless of the size you have. So whenever I need to fill up, I save about £12. The bottle is one of the heaviest in my collection, the glass is strong and the metal doesn't scratch. I love how the 'lid' is attached, I always lose them. 
Womanity's scent lives up to expectation, with the scent of figs and caviar it may sound odd, it does however contain top notes of citrus, while the caviar and sea water scents remain the heart of the fragrance and cedar as the base note. The description of the scent sounds off putting, it's just a grown up version of a citrus based perfume and I love it.
The lasting power of this perfume is ridiculous. It will last till the next morning when your showering, especially if I use the lotion and the perfume together. Since it's a little pricey for the perfume back at home, I don't use it every single day, I have many other perfumes to pick from, but even just wearing the lotion alone, the scent will last all day. One or two sprays of this perfume and you're good to go. I really do love this perfume. 
Have you smelt this perfume?
Disclaimer: I purchased this myself & all prices are taken from The Perfume Shop, I am not affiliated with them, this is for your own reference.

MUA // BB Balm Review

Every makeup brand out there has now created their own version of a BB cream, even MUA, the ever so affordable makeup brand found in Superdrug or on the MUA store website. If you still aren't sure what the whole BB cream/balm craze is all about, they're an all in one product, that started off in Asia, that is supposed to work wonders to prime, protect, conceal and even out skin tones, a more effective version of a regular tinted moisturiser. 
The beauty balm is available in 3 shades, light, medium and dark and comes in the 'traditional' MUA professional packaging colours, black and silver. I'm quite a fan of MUA's packaging, since the products are so cheap, they make them look more expensive. The tube is fairly easy to get your product out, though at times the air inside causes it to spit. The product doesn't leak and stands up fine on my vanity. Ingredients are clearly stated on the back with a brief product description and will fit in your handbag perfectly.
The shade I've been using is actually medium. Seeing how dark the product is compared to my skin was slightly daunting. However, once blended in, it looks fine and I certainly don't look orange. I'm normally the lightest or second to lightest shade in foundation. The formula is thicker than I expected, but with extra buffing to the skin, I actually get a natural look. I had about 6-8 hours wear.
Now I'm not normally one for a 'lighter' coverage, I'm normally hiding all the freckles I can, but I've been wearing this out and feeling great. Despite being thick it's light on the skin. It covers my freckles fairly well, a little powder over the top or some extra concealer and I'm good to go. As I get redness, it's dealt with it okay, it hasn't concealed it completely, but it's certainly the better of the BB creams I've tried. There's only one catch, having dry skin, I have to be having a good skin day, other wise I find that the product does in fact cling to the small dry areas around my nose. However apart from that, it does give me a smooth, fairly evened out finish. 
I'd still pick foundation over BB creams 8/10 times.
I'd love to know if anyone else has tried this BB balm yet?
 Would you recommend this?
Disclaimer: PR sample. Opinion is honest as always.
Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.

Angelica Polish // Sorbet

One of the latest nail polish purchases has been from the nail polish range that has appeared in Primark. Now my local doesn't stock them, it's awful, however I did pick this one up in Bristol. For £2.50 you get 10ml of polish, pretty good. But are you getting what you pay for? Yes. 
I went to use this polish and the brush wasn't even attached to the cap. Great. I've had a few OPI polishes do this though. So I had to paint without the cap as a handle. Application isn't the best. Not a run out the door polish. To dry it takes  a little longer than most polishes. As for the brush it's pretty big for my liking and not sturdy enough. I like more control, I had to tidy.
Despite the brush not being that great and falling out the cap, I do like the colour. I love peach and coral polishes and this sits perfectly between the two. I haven't had any tip wear yet or chipping. So it's not all bad, they're pretty glossy too. I'll give this polish a 7/10. Could be better, but could be a lot worse.
I added a moustache to each ring finger for a little fun, while in a rush to go out. A how to is here.
Have you tried the Angelica polishes yet?
Disclaimer: Purchased myself.

Go LUSH Yourself // It's Raining Men

It's Raining Men is one of many shower gels from my favourite store in the entire world and has slowly taken over my love for Snow Fairy. I haven't always been a fan of this scent, last year when this was added to the Lush's valentines collection&then came back to stay, I hated it. However I can't get enough of this stuff now. Snow Fairy is lying in the drawers and It's Raining Men is out all the time.
The scent of It's Raining Men is just gorgeous. You really need to go smell a bottle of this at least. It smells very toffee like. Along with a lot of honey, it contains the exotic flowers, tiger lilies and lotus flowers. Then thrown in is Sweet wild orange oil and Bergamot oil, my favourite. It's incredibly soothing to the skin and your skin will feel 10 times softer, well mine did. The scent lasts all day, when you get used to Lush it's sometimes difficult to smell the scents on yourself a lot, but with this I really could. 
Why not pair with Honey I Washed The Kids soap, you know the soap with the honey comb. And for the ultimate bath experience, Honey Bee bath bomb.
Clearly I don't need to sit here and tell you how to use a shower gel, however those who wonder if you can actually use Lush's shower gels as a shampoo, yes you can. I occasionally use this as my shampoo for my hair to smell extra delicious. Or I'll mix a tiny bit with my regular shampoos.
It's Raining Men comes in three sizes, as normal. Small - 100g - £4.25, Medium - 250g - £8.50 and Large 500g - £14.95. Large is going to be on the to buy list soon. I keep getting smalls  to chop and change, but I'm picking this every time. Sometimes the small bottles from Lush don't allow the product out, I haven't had this with mine for awhile but my Mum apparently has with her last bottle. Bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic. So definitely chuck in your recycle bin after or save the smalls for when you travel. You can also recycle the bottle top at your Lush store. 
Have you tried It's Raining Men yet?
Disclaimer: Purchased by myself.

MUA // Lip Boom in Doin' Good

MUA - Lip Booms are a four in one product created by Alexandra Burke. Whether you're a fan of her or not, you can still find yourself loving them. They come in a variety of shades, eight. Being pale I'm always weary of the colours I wear, however I've stepped out my comfort zone and started loving so many bright and bold shades this month, my drawer of lip products is now over flowing. Lip Booms are a lip stick with an accompanying lip gloss to be used as a highlighter. The highlighting gloss is incredibly glittery however helps give you that extra volume to your lips. The shade reviewed today is Doin' Good. A lovely matte lipstick. I've already reviewed one - Cheeky, and loved it, it's the perfect Barbie Pink. Lip Booms retail at £3 each, an absolute bargain. 
As Lip Booms are a 4 in 1 product, you can wear the gloss alone, all over the lipstick, the lipstick on its own, or you use it to just highlight. I prefer to highlight the top of my lip/cupids bow. Colour can be built up. I've now enjoyed wearing this product most days this week a lot darker. I found the gloss in this Lip Boom to be a bit more gritty than others. This lip boom lasts around 4 hours. A perfect matte lipstick, which is how I wear it mostly.

Easy to travel with and easy to store. The packaging is very sturdy for the little price of £3 and I like it. They're super easy to store and take up less room than two separate products. 

Every Lip Boom comes with a small pot of product at the bottom of the lipstick. Just use a lip brush to apply. They have a great range of shades and I really do love this shade, it looks great on pale skin. They're incredibly cheap for two products, or three if you count the little pot. I love the taste of Lip Booms, if you're a fan of vanilla you will too and they don't even dry your lips. What a perfect matte lipstick.

Gloss is extremely glittery and doesn't apply that well with this shade, I find that it actually can rub off some of the lipstick. The gloss is pretty gritty when on, so I've preferred to wear this shade alone rather than be a glitter ball.

I still give this product an 8/10. I love the Lip Booms and can't wait to get my hands on more. MUA you never fail to amaze me.
What do you think?
Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.
Disclaimer: PR Sample.

Fudge // Rocker Wax

A short while ago there was a call on Twitter for bloggers and any men in their lives to test out Rocker Wax from Fudge. Dan (my brother) was coming home the next weekend, I was lucky enough to be sent a tin for him to test out and for me to joint review on here with him. I know how great Fudge is and he couldn't wait to take it back with him to test out, I may have also pinched a bit out of his tin to try for myself. 
Info: Rocker Wax from fudge, one of the latest releases, with a unique formula allowing you to rework your day time hair into rocker worthy hair for the night. Have great hair whatever mood you're in, with 24 hour hold, it's a long lasting formula. Rocker Wax contains the dark desire scent, sweet and spicy, keeps your hair fresh wherever you are. Work it, flick it, mess it and make it unique.
Though the packaging is aimed at males, I love how they've packaged the wax. The tin was fairly sturdy, the flip top lid kept itself closed with no spillages. It's a nice change from a boring plastic tub or pot most hair products come in. We both think how it's packaged makes it look more expensive than £5.99. It's certainly a product he'd buy.
How to use: 
You use this just like any other wax out there, work through dry hair in small amounts to achieve the style you want. Then rework your hair to go from day to night, without your hair feeling stiff and sticky.
The wax is easier to use than most waxes, styles quicker
Provides long lasting hold to all styles created
The wax does not leave hair feeling sticky or looking greasy & washes out easily
Hair does not feel stiff nor is any whiteness left
Provides plenty of texture to styles while remaining lightweight
The packaging gets a 10/10 for attractiveness
Reminded me of PVA glue at a first glance
Smelt a bit like PVA glue, though did have a slight spicy scent along with
Unless you use it for your fly away ends, it would only suit short/medium hair
Too bulky for a back pocket, that it suggests, I can't imagine anyone carrying it unless your female and keeping it in your handbag
Dan's opinion: 
I'd purchase again, it's hard to find a decent wax to style my hair. I tend to stay away from them nowadays as they take a lot longer than a gel. But this wax was quicker for me to style and washed out easy. During nights out at Uni this kept my hair styled all night. It's not the best smelling hair product I've used, but it's certainly a lightweight wax that I was able to restyle.
My opinion:
Since I pinched a small amount to try before Dan ran off back to Uni with it, I thought I'd test it out on my ends. It smoothed my ends and stopped all fly aways. It lasted all day and didn't leave any whiteness in my hair and washed out fine that night. There was no stickiness or stiffness to my ends.
Disclaimer: PR sample, both opinions are 100% honest.
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