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Mexican Tortilla Bake // Lucyy Bakes

Lucyy Bakes took a little holiday and in my latest giveaway some of you mentioned you'd like to see more of my food posts again. Last night I cooked dinner for everyone. While puppy proofing took place in the garden I whipped up one of my favourite meals. I decided to make it slightly different, I usually have to reduce some ingredients with my Mum being on Slimming World though she'd barely ate that day and therefore I didn't have to count. Turns out yesterdays meal was delicious, one of the best I've made. Everyone loved it with no waste at all.
Gather all your ingredients, if adding in extra vegetables (which we do most times) prepare them before you start cooking. Brown your mince beef (550g) in a saucepan with NO oil, you never need the oil!? It produces enough of it's own juices along with a pinch of salt, dash of pepper and chili powder depending on how hot you like your food. Once browned add in your vegetables, brown for a little longer before adding in your passata (two mini cartons), kidney beans (one tin, in chili sauce) and more chili powder. Stir for 5 minutes before adding in grated cheddar cheese. Now simmer for 15-20 minutes. Once your timer goes off turn off the heat, but leave on the hob. In a oven friendly dish line the bottom with wholemeal wraps, mine takes two. Before adding your chili, followed by two more wraps then more chili and one last layer of wraps. Next spread on your sour cream topping, followed by a sprinkling of cheese - we don't go too heavy though it sure does look better with more. For a crunchier top crunch up tortilla chips and sprinkle over before baking for 15 minutes at 160 degrees. Carry your dish over to the table and let everyone dish up their own size piece. You won't need any extras with this dish, especially if you cram veggies in there. Let me know if you give this a whirl, you don't know what you're missing!! Lucy xx

How To // Jewellery Storage Holder

Can you believe that my birthday has been and gone, two weeks later I've barely shopped. Amongst various gifts and money sat a Next voucher, even their vouchers are pretty!? Next may as well be my second home when it comes to finding new pretties to add to my room. This new addition definitely explains why I love them so much. Originally I had my eyes on a narrow drawer set though delivery dates seem to increase, then decrease and so on. Measuring up - always wise would be too small, though I'm determined to find a use for it. It is then that I settled on probably the most beautiful piece to date in my bedroom.
My previous storage for jewellery was ridiculously crammed, so crammed I didn't dare to hunt through each day. Retailing at £45 I've not only got an amazing piece of 'furniture' but somewhere to hang my favourite pieces and a noticeboard to keep me organise via blogging. Next's delivery service really impressed me, being my first order I had no idea it would really turn up the next day, let alone three time slots! After arriving home from seeing our soon to be puppy, the door bell rang with my new piece. Cue a very excited Lucy, almost as excited as I were about little Harry. I suppose in hindsight getting a noticeboard/jewellery holder is safer since Harry will chew my most loved belongings.
As you can see the entire board is surrounded by a distressed creamy picture frame with intricate detailing. Criss-cross note holders across the notice board and distressed hooks attached to said frame. Previously I had a cream set of hooks which have been bolted into my wardrobe to store belts, hair turbans and unneeded umbrellas. Fitting of the organiser looked simple, of course I didn't do any DIY, I probably owe my Dad after Monday. Harry, fitting my organiser and completing puppy proofing. Of course the flower heads and charms (broken bracelet) weren't included, they're from trusty Newlook, I have quite a few attached to various pieces in my room. What do you guys think? Lucy xx

Miss Glossybox // July - August

How is it already time for the second Miss Glossybox, a bi-monthly beauty box subscription service aimed at younger beauty lovers - or those of us who can't quite afford to splurge £50+ on an eye cream. This months box arrived in a purple postal box and matching drawstring bag - a DIY post for leftover packaging will follow soon! 
On opening my purple postal box, delving into the purple drawstring bag I finally discovered what had been scenting my room. Packaged inside a stripy paper bag sat 'Starlight Macaroon', a bath fizzy from Miss Patisserie. Designed to look like a Macaroon the two halves are sandwiched with a similar creme as do Lush Bubbleroon's, along with its scent being a great dupe for Lush's Phoenix Rising. An exotic scent soon filled my bathroom, while still lingering on my skin the next morning. Sadly though unlike Lush this bath fizzy wasn't quite moisturising enough to convert me, nor did the colour pay off. My bath water barely had a tint however the glitter ended up being a nice touch. Each bath fizzy retails for a reasonable £2, with Miss P offering a free lip balm to those who spend £20+ before August 31st. It's very tempting to order a bowlful purely to scent my room.

The next product being from VO5, Plump It Up Dry Backcomb Spray retails for just £3.69. I'm interested in seeing how this fairs out since I'm always trying out new dry shampoo's and volumising products. Lets see if VO5 live up to the 'genius in bottle' promise in a blog post soon! Following VO5 we're greeted with an alarmingly bright set of nail wraps from Kiss. I love trying out new brands of nail wraps, in fact I've probably tried most available in the UK, I'll be looking forward to trying these out at the weekend. Each pack contains 18 bejewelled strips complete with nail file for £5.99. As far as value for money goes you could easily do finger & toe nails with one set alone.
I'm not usually a fan of perfume samples in beauty boxes however Beyonce Midnight Heat reminds me of something I wore in my school years. I've even had my family trying to work out what an earth it smells like, yet only now I've realised it smells very, very similar to Vera Wang Princess. Which makes no sense since I started wearing Princess after I left!? Needless to say this is one perfume sample that won't be passed on or thrown away regardless of what fragrance it's copied. Lastly, in true Glossy Box tradition...a Glossybox set of eyelashes. You can never have too many falsies, especially when you're still an amateur when it comes to applying. 
Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.

My Summer Essentials // Lucy Writes

Here in the UK we've been struck with a ridiculous long heatwave compared to our usual summers of flooding and need to hibernate. Instead we're all flocking to the nearest beaches, large parks and sunning ourselves at BBQ's while it lasts. I thought I'd share some of my essentials when it comes to those times, especially sun protection.
LYDC are known for their on trend and affordable range of handbags. Each bag I've owned have always impressed me with high quality and attention to detail. With plenty of designs on offer at Brand Village - handbag heaven to you and I, I ended up welcoming the Tote Bag in Camel complete with adjustable/removable shoulder strap, cream trim and twin woven handles. I'd recently welcomed another bag, one by Fiorelli featured in my latest What's in my bag blog post. I'd almost ordered the tan addition but thankfully didn't. Out of the two I prefer the quality of LYDC, it's a much sturdier bag, though it makes up for it in weight. If you're limited to hand luggage allowance then this bag wouldn't be for you. The over all classic shape and branded logo reminds me very much of a MK number, minus the excessive price tag. Ideally I would have preferred the bag itself to have a few zip pockets inside like my others but you can pick up bag organisers in most places. I also pack most items into makeup bags so I'm not the girl rummaging around in her handbag for the keys. Overall I really like this bag and can't wait to show you how much it holds! If I don't use the bag out and about I'm using it carry my 'office' into the garden. 
Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.
When it comes to sunbathing I'll apply my factor 50, grab my ipod, phone and a book. Despite loving my iPad I'd feel safer with a book at hand and my old ipod. Billy and Me is my latest book purchase, though I haven't had the time to sit down and read it just yet. La Roche Posay, Anthelios XL appears in yet another post!? This SPF Oil is simply incredible, it soaks in, moisturises and most importantly I haven't burnt. The entire family has been reaching for this, negatives of living at home! Even my own Dad has wandered into my room in search for this and therefore Anthelios XL has to live downstairs now when it's not in my bag. If only they made smaller bottles.... If I'm by a pool salt spray is an essential, without this the chances of my hair drying curly are slim. L'oreal surprised me with this product, it doesn't feel heavy, greasy or drying in my hair. Denman's scented hair brush - in Green Apple. It smells so strongly of fresh apples, my bag smells heavenly. Lush Eau Roma Water has been in every beach bag of mine since Lush first came to town, tones, refreshes and goes a long way.
As for makeup, I'm not one to always touch up my makeup. Other's I'm sure frown upon wearing makeup by the pool. Sadly not all of us look our best makeupless. Vichy's BB Cream is another reappearing product, one I'll repurchase. Rimmel's Accelerator Endless Mascara isn't labeled as really should be. If I'm not wearing a full face of makeup I need my brows filled in, shaped and set with a kit from FashionistA. My last makeup staple, Burt's Bees tinted lip balms rather than the hassle of keeping applications of lipstick. Why I have a mirror when the kit contains one I'll never know but it doesn't hurt to be prepared....along with glittering nail files.
Hand Maid will always be one of the most reached for products when away from home, you'll always catch me applying this not only to kill bateria but beacause it smells incredible...and it's pink! I'm always one to injure themselves hence the plaster and my latest obsession Popbands's. The largest sunglasses I own are cheap sunnies from Dorothy Perkins, can't forget the paracetamol's, Caspar doesn't deal with a lot of sun. What would we expect to find in your bag this summer? Lucy xx

FashionistA // The Lucyy Writes Palette

Recently FashionistA got in touch after relaunching onto the MUA online store asking if I'd like to create 'The Lucyy Writes Palette'. Already familiar with their trusty 4 pan palettes I couldn't wait to create another. This customisable palette is FashionistA trademark product in my eyes despite having a vast collection of other products you may have previously seen on Lucyy Writes. Since picking my original they've even added a 6 pan palette - perfect for travelling light.
Custom four pan palettes come in two shades, black with FashionistA printed all over and metallic red. Now that I own both options I do prefer the red option, it seems to stay much cleaner than black. As I've stated before on my blog the only negative on the palette is that you buy the products in cases...once placed into each of the wells you're left with casing lying around...or in my case to be binned. However I do love that each well has a centre hole not only allowing easy removal but also easy to see what shade I'm using for further blog posts.
To fill The Lucyy Writes Palette I opted for three blushers and one bronzer, all of which weigh in with 2.5g of product a reasonable amount considering how pigmented, non chalky and affordable each and every shade is. Bronzers however are hard to find when you're pale. They're either full of shimmer or incredibly orange, until Paris popped through the letterbox. This matte shade looks great on my pale skin when paired with Vichy's Idealia BB Cream fetching quite a few compliments for my 'lovely skin'. After I'd selected my bronzer I opted for a matte blush, saving the last two pans for my favourite merged blushers from FashionistA. Glowing - Shade 11 makes a lovely every day blush, I adore dusty rose shades on pale skin. Next I stupidly went for New York - a blush I already own. Though despite this since being a merged/baked blush it looks completely different to my well used original. The second merged blush, Milan is by far brighter with much more shimmer.

Denman // D3 // Green Apple

With the heat wave still sticking around in the UK I couldn't think of a better time to mention the tropical range of brushes from my favourite brand Denman. The D3 regularly receives various makeovers with the scented variety being the best by far available in six fragrances, six plastic brushes and one wooden. At first I imagined the fragrance to stick around for a day or two, but instead the brush that lives in my handbag - always a talking point, is still smelling like it did when it arrived in the mail. It also reminds me of the dolls I had as a child. Who else had them?
My Green Apple addition has had it's cushioned pad replaced with a bright green number and its handle covered in green apples. D3's are perfect for styling, shaping and blow drying hair. The light weight brush and small handle fits perfectly into all hands. If Green Apple isn't for you perhaps one of the following will be; Orange Tango, Strawberry Shortcake, Lemon Sherbet, Wild Dewberry or Coconut - plastic or wooden.
Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.

Lucyy Bakes // Crustless Egg Custards

I've another Slimming World friendly blog recipe for you all today, one that's been a hit with the SW goer and the rest of us. Usually you wouldn't catch me eating Egg Custards but these crestless Egg Custards have hit the right spot, especially warm out of the oven. From looking on the site there's two ways to make them, this recipe and another, which I also tried out this past weekend. Out of the two we all prefer the lower syn version, it's certainly tastier. The entire recipe is fool proof, you simply mix all the ingredients into a bowl, before pouring onto a tray of your choice. I recommend silicone since they pop straight out. Bake until golden brown, be warned though soon after they shrink. It was a race to get the photo's before they halved. Despite this they're delicious.
Ingredients - 1 Vanilla Muller Light, 1tsp Vanilla Essence, 3tbsp Stevia, 6 Eggs. Syn free I believe? ;) Let me know if you have a go at making these, blog posts could be out of 'schedule' still, my Macbook seems to hate me with yet another problem. Lucy xx

Cosmo Blog Awards 2013 // Best Interior Blog | Lucyy Writes

The unexpected happened earlier on this evening, while scrolling through the short listings for Cosmo Blog Awards I spotted myself!? Little old me. COSMO. Short listed. It's absolutely crazy. Lucyy Writes sits in the Best Interior Blog category with my personal favourite - Abby over at Un-observed. I know LW started off purely for my beauty buys & loves but it wasn't long before decor posts started to appear. I'm over the moon enough of you enjoy them as much as I love writing them, let alone to then nominate. Voting has officially opened and it would mean the absolute world for you to vote for Lucyy Writes. Thank you so much to those who did nominate. You can expect more interior posts coming your way very soon....I'm still checking I'm actually short listed!? :D Lucy

#CrueltyFreeKisses // Go Lush Yourself

To celebrate International Kissing Day (July 6th, this Saturday!) Lush will be attempting to set a new Guinness World Record for the most lip prints collected in 12 consecutive hours. Most importantly they want them all to be cruelty free since they're proud supporters of the Be Cruelty-Free campaign. To take part in the record breaking attempt, head to your local Lush store from 11am July 6th. All those taking part will then be able to prep their lips with the cruelty free range of products, including the most important Liquid Lips. The Emotional Brilliance range is also celebrating it's first birthday. You can read my thoughts about the collection last year, before its launch here. 
Step one of #crueltyfreekisses preparation, Lip Scrub. I've used Lush's lip scrubs since my very early Lush days. They gently scrub and buff away dry skin consisting of Castor sugar and many nourishing essential oils. All three scrubs on offer taste phenomenal, if you like Mint Aero you'll be opting for Mint Julips. You can find out more by reading my Lip Scrub 101. All scrubs retail for £5.25. To condition your now smooth lips pick from Lush's newly formulated lip balms. All  four balms are now preservative free and aerated retailing for £5.50. Despite Lip Service being the 'classic' balm I hadn't tried it, the formula needs some warming before it turns into a smooth, buttery texture. Before you pucker up you need some colour! Here I have Believe, a matte raspberry pink. All Liquid Lips (£14.50) look scary however can be toned down depending on you apply them. Applying with the doe-foot applicator will give you the boldest look, while lightly dabbing or applying straight onto lip balm will soften. If you still aren't feeling the brightness there's always their lip tints! Read my previous Liquid Lips review, featuring Passionate.
Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.
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